GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Two – My Kingdom, My Army

Arena: Raw

John Cena heads to the ring to begin the show. Cena says last night was insane, and he’s not talking about the WWE Championship match he lost to Dolph Ziggler. Cena is referring to to fact that there is not just one but now TWO Big Boss Man’s roaming the WWE Universe. Cena also says that their fearless leader Shane McMahon just disappeared in thin air. Cena claims that Shane did exactly that, disappear into thin air, and he’s got the proof. The Fashion Police’s music hits as Breeze and Fandango head to the ring. They reveal they were undercover as Triple H’s office plants the past week or so, and they got footage of what happened to Shane last night at Payback. The Fashion Police roll the awful cell phone footage – which shows Shane, Triple H and Big Boss Man ’91 in the back office. The footage shows Triple H pull something out of the briefcase Boss Man was holding. Triple H opens the item as a huge flash of light blinds the screen. When the light fades back to normal, Shane is gone with a ton of smoke in the room. In the back corner of the office, a shadowy figure is seen with a cane and a top hat. They pause the image and claim either Triple H is a magician, or Shane evaporated into the air. Triple H comes out laughing. He claims that Shane is out sick tonight, and that the Fashion Police are very good video editors. Triple H jokes about the magic of television and editing software – claiming the Fashion Police should switch careers and start working in conspiracy theory movies. Cena tells Hunter that he’s not an idiot and knows he did something with Shane. Triple H says he is tired of having a childish conversation, and that he has to leave to prepare for his NXT TakeOver event this weekend – or as he calls it ‘adult work’. He tells everyone Stephanie is in charge because he’s leaving, and Shane is… out sick. Triple H laughs and walks away as Cena and the Fashion Police look frustrated in the ring.


R-Truth vs. Kevin Owens (with Big Boss Man ’99)

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens

After the match, Owens grabs the microphone and complains that last night he didn’t lose the Raw Tag Team Championship. He blames Big Boss Man for losing, and demands Triple H give him another opportunity. Sami Zayn comes out instead, and tries to tell Kevin that he is better than this. Zayn tells Owens that as his former best friend, he has to let Kevin know he is more than just a servant to Triple H. Owens tells Zayn he has accomplished way more than him because of his career choices. Owens claims Sami is out here to take his spotlight. Owens tells Boss Man to go beat up Sami, but Stephanie appears on the big screen. She tells Kevin that he can prove his worth when he takes on Sami Zayn on Smackdown Live tomorrow night. Stephanie’s phone rings. She answers it and is not pleased to hear whatever was told to her.

Renee Young is interviewing new Cruiserweight Champion Akira Tozawa, who is with Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neil. She asks how it feels to be the new face of 205? Neville quickly interrupts with a slow clap. He congratulates Tozawa, but informs him that Stephanie McMahon has given him a rematch, tonight. Neville asks Tozawa what makes the King of the Cruiserweights so dangerous? Crews mentions Neville can fly, which Neville says ‘exactly’. He tells Tozawa he hopes his aerial game is as good as his ground, because Tozawa will defend his Cruiserweight Championship in a Ladder Match. Neville walks away, as Tozawa looks focused – Titus and Apollo are worried.


Curt Hawkins vs. United States Champion A.J. Styles

Objective: Win with AJ Styles

After the match, Samoa Joe viciously attacks Styles with a chair. After a few whacks to the back, Joe grabs two tables from under the ring. He sets them up inside the ring, and tosses Hawkins over the top rope. Joe stacks the tables on top of one another. He picks up AJ who begins to fight back. Styles hits a Pele Kick as Joe goes down. Suddenly,  Big Boss Man ’91 comes from behind and assaults AJ Styles with the briefcase handcuffed to his wrist! Boss Man and Joe beat down the Phenomenal One, as Joe Powerbombs AJ through both tables, off the top rope!

The Miz, with Maryse, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel are in Stephanie’s office – asking when The Miz will get his rematch against Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship? Stephanie reveals it will be at Backlash which is only a few weeks away, but Orton’s contract allows him to pick the stipulation. The Miz is overall satisfied and leaves with his entourage as Kevin Owens walks in. He wants to know why Stephanie put him in a match against Sami Zayn, when he thinks he should get a title match. Stephanie replies that both Big Boss Man’s will be in his corner and they’ll talk about another title opportunity later. Owens says that neither Big Boss Man have helped him yet and he needs to do it alone. She disagrees, not taking any chances because the Board of Directors called and are sending someone to replace Shane. She’s not sure who it is, which concerns Stephanie. Owens claims Triple H will be back soon, so everything is fine. Stephanie reveals that the person the Board of Directors is sending will actually be here tonight! Owens is very frustrated and leaves in a rage.


Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Summer Rae & Nia Jax

Objective: Win with Bayley & Banks

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss comes down the ramp after the match. She sarcastically applauds both Bayley and Sasha Banks. Sasha & Bayley have their backs to Summer & Nia Jax, who flatten the duo off of the Bliss distraction. Alexa hits the ring and begins pouring down right hands onto Sasha Banks. Alexa grabs a microphone and tells Sasha that last night she put herself on Stephanie and Triple H’s radar. Alexa has been ordered to take care of Sasha before she becomes a bigger problem. Nia flattens Bayley & Sasha with a body splash as Alexa poses with her belt in the ring.

Cena is in the locker room talking to someone. He says that he needs help and thinks he can trust whoever it is he is speaking to. Turns out he is talking to Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins. Cena tells Seth he tried to warn him about Triple H. Seth believes Triple H used the Shield to take the belt off of Lesnar at Wrestlemania, but then when Heyman cut a deal – they took it right back. Rollins says nobody uses the Shield for their own personal agendas, so they’re in. Roman tells John they got his back as WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler walks by. He laughs at the fact they’re trying to make themselves feel relevant by going to war with their own bosses. Ziggler calls them sad and pathetic wrestlers who can’t deal with the fact that times are changing. Roman gets eye-to-eye with Ziggler and says he would’ve lost that belt to Cena if it wasn’t for Big Boss Man. Ziggler tells Roman he couldn’t lace the showoff’s boots. Roman says he probably can’t – but can beat Dolph in the ring. Dolph refuses at first, but gives in after Cena makes a few remarks about his manhood.

LADDER MATCH – Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Akira Tozawa vs. Neville

Objective: Win with Neville

Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews come down to the ring after the match. Titus is clearly upset and doesn’t take the loss well. Titus begins kicking the ropes as Tozawa looks ashamed that he lost. Crews helps Tozawa up as the Titus Brand walk out disappointed. Neville celebrates on top of the commentators table with his championship back.

Raw Tag Team Champion The New Day celebrate in the catering room, pouring milk and Booty-O’s all over the place. Stephanie walks in and says ‘typical, childish’ New Day – claiming that’s why their relationship never worked out. Woods argues they had a great relationship, but the power of the fans pulled them away from the corrupt actions they used to perform for Stephanie and Hunter. Stephanie regrets ever bringing The New Day into their inner circle, even if they are one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Xavier says he knows she’s lying, because New Day is fun and more different than anyone Stephanie or Hunter have worked with. Stephanie knows their not stupid, so she warns them that if they get in her or Triple H’s way, she will destroy them and their legacy. Kofi suggests that since they currently hold the Raw Tag Team Championship, they are already in Stephanie’s way. Big E says The New Day doesn’t work for her anymore and that they earned the belts they currently hold. Stephanie reminds The New Day of the power her and her family gave them, and they would be wise to step down. Woods gets in her face and tells her that if she wants to dance, then to find the floor – because New Day will tango with anyone who threatens them. Stephanie smiles and says ‘have it your way’. She goes to leave, as Kofi stops her by saying ‘who is coming to take your job tonight, by the way?’ Stephanie looks back and replies – ‘You’ll be meeting your new tag team challengers very soon.’ Stephanie leaves as The New Day go back to celebrating.


WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar hits the ring after the match and destroys Roman Reigns. Rollins and Ambrose come down to stop Brock, but they’re overpowered by both Brock and Dolph Ziggler. John Cena’s music hits as he runs down to try and help the Shield. Lesnar and Dolph flee the ring as Cena goats them into getting back in and fighting. Suddenly, Daniel Bryan‘s music hits as he comes out on stage to everyone’s shock! ‘Yes!’ chants fire up around the arena as Paul Heyman grabs a microphone, asking what the hell Bryan is doing here? Daniel interrupts Paul as he soaks in the ‘Daniel Bryan’ chants from the crowd. He apologizes for interrupting this very entertaining brawl, but he has an announcement. Ziggler grabs the microphone from Heyman and says no one cares that Daniel Bryan is returning from retirement. Ziggler says the WWE has moved on from his sad and pathetic career, and have turned to legit athlete to be the new face of the company. Daniel Bryan simply replies that he missed Dolph too, but reveals he’s not back to wrestle. He received a call from the WWE Board of Directors to come back and work for them, as the interim co-commissioner to replace Shane McMahon of both Raw and Smackdown Live! ‘Yes!’ chants fire up everywhere as Lesnar, Heyman and Dolph look pissed off. Bryan says he’s their new boss now and that he’ll see everyone on Smackdown Live! ‘Yes!’ chants erupt in the arena, as Stephanie looks on angrily in the backstage area with Big Boss Man ’91.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Daniel Bryan’s music hits as the new replacement for Shane McMahon heads towards the ring. Bryan starts off by saying he is lucky to be back in the WWE. He tells everyone that the Board of Directors contacted him when Shane didn’t return any of their calls. They haven’t heard from him in almost two days, so they are concerned. Bryan says he isn’t there to enforce power, but rather oversee it until Shane’s return. Stephanie McMahon comes out and is also concerned about Shane’s whereabouts. She tells Bryan she can handle running the show herself, and her husband will be back next week. She first makes it clear that nobody will be defending their championships at Backlash other than Randy Orton, The New Day and AJ Styles. Daniel Bryan says that is an awful idea and makes no sense. Daniel asks the crowd if that’s a good idea, and they all chant ‘No!’. Bryan instead says that the winner of Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn tonight will face Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship at Backlash. That causes a large ‘Yes!’ chant throughout the arena. Stephanie doesn’t hate the idea. Although she warns Daniel Bryan not to follow to closely in Shane’s footsteps, or he may disappear himself. Bryan asks what Stephanie knows about Shane’s disappearance, to which she replies ‘all I know is I miss my brother’ before leaving. Bryan looks unconvinced as Stephanie scurries away.

Optional: Go to ‘edit teams’ and change Breezango’s team name to ‘The Fashion Police’


The Fashion Police vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champion Gallows & Anderson

Objective: Win with The Fashion Police

The Fashion Police pull of a huge upset, but it’s short lived as the lights go out. The Wyatt Family appears on the big screen television. Bray warns the two that their fun and games are going to lead to them getting seriously hurt. Bray issues a threat to the Fashion Police, that if they continue digging into secrets with John Cena then they will suffer dearly. Bray takes a light jab at his other family members for the way they mishandled Kane at Payback. Bray laughs it off though and says he trusts the Fashion Police to do the right thing… and RUN! The lights turn back on as Gallows & Anderson hit a Magic Killer onto both Breeze and Fandango.

Renee Young interviews United States Champion AJ Styles. Before she can ask a question, Samoa Joe jumps AJ again… leading to a backstage brawl…


Samoa Joe vs. United States Champion AJ Styles

Objective: Win with Samoa Joe

Joe gets the upper hand on AJ. After they fight, Joe screams at AJ that he will have his rematch on Monday Night Raw next week. Joe wonders if AJ’s Calf Crusher is better than Joe’s Coquina Clutch, and he’s so confident in his technical skills – Joe makes it a Submission Match! Joe walks off as medical officials check on Styles.

Becky Lynch is in the trainer’s room battling a flu. The doctors tell her she is cleared to compete in her rematch against Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya tonight. On cue, Natalya walks in laughing. She tells Becky her career isn’t worth putting at risk for her championship. Natalya says she will never lose her belt, and that the top WWE officials will make sure of it. Naomi walks in ready to slap Natalya, but she cowers behind the doctor. Becky says she still doesn’t feel 100%, so asks Naomi if she wants to fight in her place tonight. Naomi accepts and tells Natalya she’ll see her in the ring later. Natalya slaps Becky before running, as the doctor restrains Naomi from retaliating.


Raw Tag Team Champion The New Day (Woods & Big E.) vs. The Colons

Objective: Win with The New Day

After the match, Stephanie comes out onto the stage. She congratulates New Day on winning, and offers them a chance to be partners with her and her husband once again. Xavier tells her she can go to hell, because the New Day are their own team. Stephanie says that’s unfortunate, and introduces them to their opponents at Backlash. On cue, The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) destroy the New Day from behind. They hit the Fall of Man on Xavier Woods, then drag Kofi Kingston up the ramp to Stephanie’s feet. She nods to take Kofi backstage, which they do. Stephanie walks off with an evil smirk.


Naomi vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champion Natalya

Objective: Win with Naomi

Daniel Bryan comes out after the match and says Naomi was so impressive, that she’ll get a Smackdown Women’s Championship match at Backlash. He also announces that next week Becky vs. Natalya will happen – and that if Becky wins, she’ll be added to the match! A large ‘Yes!’ chant breaks out as Natalya looks on displeased.

Sami Zayn is in the locker room getting ready for his match when WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler enters. Ziggler tells Sami that he may as well not show up for the match tonight, because Stephanie will make sure Kevin Owens wins tonight. Ziggler tells Zayn he should storm Bryan’s office and demand some sort of justice. Zayn knows Ziggler is trying to manipulate him, and it won’t work. Sami says that he will beat Kevin Owens tonight and then take the WWE Championship off of Ziggler’s undeserving hands. Ziggler gets in Sami’s face until John Cena pulls him away. Cena advises Ziggler to leave, which he does – but claims it’s because he wants to and not because John is making him. Dolph leaves and John tells Sami this is a big opportunity, because if he wins he can help prevent Stephanie and Triple H from holding the WWE Championship. Sami asks John if he knows what is going on? John says all he knows is that Shane magically disappeared at Payback, and it seems Hunter & Stephanie are hunting all the championship belts. John wishes Sami the best of luck, and says he’ll be rooting for the underdog tonight.


Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens (with Big Boss Man ’99 & Big Boss Man ’91)

Objective: Be either of the Big Boss Men and help Sami Zayn win

The Big Boss Men accidentally cost Kevin Owens the match, which irritates Owens beyond belief. Zayn hauls out of the ring before The Big Boss Men can get him. Zayn laughs up the entrance ramp as Big Boss Man ’91 chases him away. Big Boss Man ’99 turns around as Kevin Owens kicks him right in the groin! Owens screams at Big Boss Man, saying it’s this is all his fault. He Popup Powerbombs Big Boss Man and leaves the ring in fury. Before the show goes off the air, Michael Cole reminds everyone about the NXT TakeOver event taking place over the weekend!

Arena: NXT TakeOver

Triple H is already in the ring when the show starts. He welcomes everyone to his brain child, NXT. He hopes everyone enjoys the match card he has put out for tonight, and welcomes everyone to witness the future of the WWE! Triple H takes a moment to welcome in any investors watching the show, hoping they will see his vision for WWE’s future tonight.


Eric Young (with Alexander Wolfe, Sawyer Fulton & Nikki Cross) vs. No Way Jose

Objective: Win with Eric Young

Triple H is on the phone in his office. He is talking to his wife, telling her the night has started off in the right direction. He says Sanity can hold their own and they’ll be great ‘bench’ players that add depth for them. #DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) enter the office, as Triple H tells his wife he’ll call her back. Triple H hangs up and welcomes the two, saying he knows they’re disappointed they didn’t get an NXT Tag Team Championship shot tonight – but they’re going to be stars in the business. Gargano thanks Triple H for the kind words, but he was wondering if there was any room to be on the card tonight? Ciampa expresses the same concerns. Triple H says everything is booked, but then remembers something. He chuckles and mumbles ‘Undertaker, Kofi, Kane… I got an idea’. Triple H says that there are some open roster spots on the current main shows, so he decides to put Gargano and Ciampa in a match tonight – the winner getting an automatic call up to Raw and Smackdown Live! The two are ecstatic, but realize they have to face each other which will lead to them splitting. Triple H knows where they are coming from, so he adds Kassius Ohno to the match which makes it a Triple Threat Match. Tripe H claims he is doing it so that way there’s a possibility #DIY both stay on NXT together without splitting up. The two accept and leave with glee, while Triple H’s fake smile turns into a sinister grin.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – NXT Tag Team Championship

(C) Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar with Paul Ellering) vs. TM61 (Nick Miller & Shane Thorne)

Objective: Win with Authors of Pain

NXT Champion Bobby Roode enters Triple H’s office, saying tonight is absolutely glorious! Roode thanks Hunter for the opportunity, which Triple H says he earned. Triple H talks about the importance NXT has in his life, and the fact the entire NXT brand represents himself. Roode understands that he has a large role to play, and will do it gloriously. Triple H tells Bobby that because NXT is so important, and the NXT Championship represents that importance – he is going to make sure Roode walks out tonight champion. Roode tells Hunter that he can count on him, but Triple H clarifies that he will be accompanying Roode to his match tonight. Roode, a bit hesitant, accepts and leaves to prepare for his match.


Ember Moon vs. Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce vs. Billie Kay

Objective: Win with Ember Moon

Ember Moon wins the vacated NXT Women’s Championship. Renee Young interviews Moon after the match, asking about her victory. Moon knows that she has large shoes to fill, revealing Asuka was the prior champion and vacated the belt in order to move to the main roster. Moon promises to make the NXT and WWE Universe proud to call her their champion. Everyone applauds, but Triple H who is watching in his office. Hunter says to himself that Moon shows traits of an enemy. He turns around to see Finn Balor behind him. Triple H, excited, brings Finn in for a hug. Triple H is happy to see him, ever since he left to run Raw and Smackdown Live he hasn’t seen Balor. He asks how he is doing, and tells Finn that he made NXT more money than any other superstar that came through the system. Finn says he is happy he could provide Hunter with success, but tells him that they’ll be able to see each other a lot more. Triple H is confused, but Balor reveals that he has just been called up to the main roster. Triple H, clearly acting happy for Finn and not really meaning it, congratulates Balor. He then asks Finn who called him up? Balor says Daniel Bryan did, which clearly gets to Triple H. Triple H tells Finn he is proud of him and that he can’t wait to see him soon. Finn hugs Hunter one more time and tells him that Triple H was the only one to bring him success. He thanks Hunter for helping him make his dream come true, and that’s becoming a WWE superstar. Finn leaves as Triple H stares with both disbelief and anger.


Kassius Ohno vs. Tomasso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano

Objective: Win with Johnny Gargano

Gargano wins the match, which clearly upsets Ciampa. Ciampa begins to cry, as he and Gargano embrace for a hug. Ciampa says he will miss Gargano and is proud of him. He suddenly head butts Gargano, cracking his skull open. Blood pours out as Ciampa begins punching the hell out of him. Ciampa grabs a chair and drills Ohno across the back, sending him outside the ring. Ciampa destroys Gargano. Ciampa opens the chair and sticks Gargano’s head inside. He then climbs the turnbuckle and jumps on top of the chair. Gargano’s neck cracks as he rolls on the mat in complete agony. Doctors run down to the ring as refs try to pull Ciampa away. Ciampa grabs a microphone and says that due to a serious injury, one that has no timetable, Johnny Gargano’s main roster spot has just been vacated. Ciampa volunteers himself to fill the void, and if anyone has a problem can come let him or Triple H know. Ciampa leaves as Gargano is attended to by medical staff.

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Championship

(C) Bobby Roode (with Triple H – use manager attire) vs. Roddy Strong

Objective: Be Triple H and help Bobby Roode win

Triple H interferes and costs Roddy Strong the match. Strong begins to argue with Triple H after the match, until Roode hits him from behind. Very condescendingly, Triple H asks Roode to stop his attack on Strong – but Roode hits a trio of Glorious DDT‘s. Triple H tells Roode that’s enough and their job is done. The two leave the ring as Finn Balor walks down, giving dagger eyes to Hunter and Roode as they cross paths. Finn checks on Strong as Roode holds the championship high in the air, with Triple H holding his arm on stage.

Arena: Raw

Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. He says he has many things to get off his chest, but first apologizes that he was not around last week. He says that despite The Miz’s attempts to take out The Viper, he is still standing strong and is still the Intercontinental Champion. He tells The Miz, his entourage and Triple H that no matter how hard they try to take the belt off of him, he will never yield to either of them. The Miz, accompanied by Maryse, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel come out onto the stage. The Miz tells Orton that Triple H has given him just one more chance to win the Intercontinental Championship off of Orton. Miz warns Randy that because this is his last chance, he will stop at nothing to claim the belt that is rightfully his. Orton says he will love nothing more than to bust open Miz’s pretty face, the way Miz busted Orton’s with a chair weeks ago. Orton says he gets to choose the stipulation for their title match at Backlash, and Orton wants a First Blood Match! Miz looks scared, as Maryse begins to scream. The Miz sends Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel towards Orton…


Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton vs. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel

Objective: Win with Randy Orton

Orton wins the match as The Miz immediately attacks him from behind. Orton begins to fight back, but Maryse low blows Orton before slapping him in the face. The Miztourage begin to brutally beat Orton down, until John Cena makes the save! Cena clears the ring and grabs a microphone. Cena says there is an internal war within the WWE right now, and many people, especially champions, must pick a side. Cena offers his hand to Randy, who is a bit confused on what’s happening. Cena tells Randy he can trust him, and that they’re the two biggest superstars Triple H and Stephanie fear. Orton comes to his feet, but doesn’t shake Cena’s hand. Orton leaves the ring with his Intercontinental Championship, saying the Viper ‘works alone’.

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are in the locker room hanging out when Triple H walks in clapping. He says it feels good to be back, and says his NXT show over the weekend was even better than when The Shield were in NXT. Triple H makes fun of their time in NXT, calling them puppies too big for the yard. Roman steps in Triple H’s face and asks if he came here for a reason? Triple H says he did… a distraction. Suddenly, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar comes out of nowhere and destroys The Shield. He throws them into their lockers and ends up F5ing Roman Reigns onto the floor. Triple H leans into Roman’s face and warns the three to stay out of his business. He tells them they won’t get a shot at Brock Lesnar’s championship if they continue to align themselves with John Cena. Triple H reminds Roman that he works for him, and would be foolish to defy their authority. Triple H tells the three that when they were The Shield, they worked for The Authority. Triple H hopes they can see things that way again, otherwise he claims they will perish. Triple H and Brock leave as The Shield lay beaten in their own locker room.

NORMAL MATCH – Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Neville vs. Akira Tozawa (with Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews)

Objective: Win with Neville

After the match, Titus and Apollo approach Tozawa over his defeat. Suddenly, Titus begins stomping Tozawa. Crews pulls Titus off and asks what he is doing? Titus barks at Apollo to move as he continues to beat Tozawa. Titus tells Tozawa their contract is officially null and void, and that the Titus World Wide Brand doesn’t represent losers. He tells Crews it’s time to go. Crews reluctantly follows O’Neil, while looking back at the damage done to Akira.

A limo arrives, as Daniel Bryan gets out. Raw Tag Team Champion The New Day are dancing around and spot Bryan. They approach him and discuss the fact that they were ambushed last week by The Ascension, something Stephanie orchestrated. They are also concerned where Kofi Kingston is. Daniel Bryan tells New Day he saw what happened, and therefore will have Big E take on Konnor tonight. New Day dance away satisfied as Bryan continues to make his way into the arena. He is cut off again by Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, who tells Daniel Bryan that since he’s in charge he needs to make her happy. She starts by asking Daniel for the night off, which he gives Alexa. Before she leaves satisfied, he tells her that she should use the night off to watch Bayley fight Sasha Banks, because the winner gets a shot at Alexa’s championship at Backlash! Alexa, irritated, throws a temper-tantrum then storms off.


The Fashion Police vs. The Usos

Objective: Win with The Usos

The Fashion Police help themselves up after losing. The lights turn off. When the lights turn on, Strowman, Harper and Rowan are in the ring. They don’t attack as Bray’s voice is heard around the arena. He begins laughing and tells the Fashion Police they may dress like cops, but they aren’t brave like real cops. Bray gives the Fashion Police a chance to crack the case, by attacking his Wyatt Family members. Before they can, John Cena comes out again. He gets into the Wyatt Family’s face as the Fashion Police confidently follow. Bray laughs as the lights go out. They turn back on and the Wyatt’s are gone. Bray appears on the big screen. He tells John that he is foolish for trying to save the WWE Universe. He says the Fashion Police don’t know better, but John should. He tells John that his declaration of war earlier doesn’t go lightly. or unnoticed. Bray tells John that on behalf of the devil, he accepts John’s declaration of war. He tells John and the Fashion Police they should… RUN!


Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

Objective: Win with Sasha Banks

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss watches backstage, not happy. Stephanie McMahon approaches her and expresses her displeasure as well. Stephanie says she has an idea of how Alexa can hold her championship belt. Stephanie introduces Alexa to Nia Jax, her new personal bodyguard hired by Triple H. Alexa says she already knows who Nia is, but Stephanie says she doesn’t know who this person is… as Tamina enters the scene. Stephanie tells Alexa that they have never been properly introduced. As Stephanie leaves Alexa looks at her two new bodyguards, satisfied.

Daniel Bryan is in Triple H’s office, arguing over who is really in charge. Bryan questions why Big Boss Man ’91 is even in the office with them? Triple H tells Daniel it’s too much for him to understand, and that he has a wife and kid he needs to be looking after. Bryan tells Triple H he isn’t afraid of him, reminding him he beat him at Wrestlemania. Triple H laughs and asks if Bryan can still compete in a ring, to which Bryan says he wishes he could. The WWE doctors won’t clear his neck injury. Kevin Owens barges in, upset there’s another Big Boss Man around. Triple H isn’t happy Owens Popup Powerbombed one of the Big Boss Men, but confirms to Owens that he has been ‘dealt with’. Bryan questions what that means, but Triple H tells Bryan its not his concern. Bryan tells Kevin that he seems to have a problem with the Big Boss Men, so he schedules Owens to face one in a match on Smackdown Live, to Triple H’s displeasure.


Raw Tag Team Champion Big E. (with Xavier Woods) vs. Konnor (with Viktor)

Objective: Win with Big E.

A video of Kofi tied to a chair with a bag over his head is shown after the match. The New Day look up, concerned with their friend. A voice over tells New Day they must lose their Raw Tag Team Championship to The Ascension, or they will never see their friend again. The Ascension ambush The New Day as they are watching the screen. They hit the Fall of Man on both of them, before leaving the ring. The video cuts off with Kofi still tied up and bagged.

Paul Heyman and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar enter the backstage office. Heyman asks Triple H if he is happy with his beast’s services? Suddenly, The Shield barge in and begin throwing punches at Lesnar. A huge brawl breaks out in the office, until Daniel Bryan calms everyone down – telling The Shield they will be in a Triple Threat match on Smackdown Live and the winner will get Brock Lesnar at Backlash. Triple H is livid that Bryan made the match, but he said it was the only way to get The Shield to stop fighting and causing anymore damage. Bryan berates Triple H for not dealing with something like this more maturely, and storms out of the office as Triple H looks unhappy.

SUBMISSION MATCH – United States Championship

(C) AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with Samoa Joe

Joe poses with the United States Championship in the ring until WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler comes out. He goes to shake Joe’s hand, but Joe doesn’t trust him. Joe instead pushes past Dolph Ziggler and leaves the ring. Dolph shrugs it off as no big deal, then turns to AJ. Dolph takes his jacket off and begins to prepare his attack, until Sami Zayn’s music hits. Zayn runs to the ring as Dolph retreats, holding his belt in the air proudly.

Arena: Smackdown Live


Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya vs. Becky Lynch

Objective: Win with Becky Lynch

Naomi is watching the match backstage. She laughs that Becky won and says Natalya had it coming. Naomi walks away, as Tozawa is seen speaking with Daniel Bryan. He asks for a match against Titus O’Neil tonight, which Bryan makes official. Neville approaches the two, bragging about how he ruined Tozawa’s relationship with Titus & Crews. Triple H enters the scene, applauding Neville on his impressive reign as King of the Cruiserweights. Triple H says they have a lot in common, they are champions, they are kings, and are respected by everyone in the locker room. Triple H asks Neville if he is a prideful man, to which Neville claims he is. Triple H says Neville should shelf his pride, because when he asks Neville to hand over the Cruiserweight Championship he expects him to do so. Neville laughs and tells Triple H he may be the King of Kings, but he’s not the King of the Cruiserweights. Neville leaves as Bryan tells Triple H he tried hard, but just like whatever his big plan is – it will fail. Triple H gives Bryan a dirty look before leaving.


The Colons vs. The Fashion Police

Objective: Win with The Fashion Police

Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen after the match. He tells everyone not to get too excited over The Fashion Police, because their ignorance is their downfall. Bray tried to warn them that if they followed John Cena’s path, it would be their destruction. Because Breeze and Fandango have chosen the ‘foolish’ path, they’ll be punished in the form of a match. Bray reveals that at Backlash, the Fashion Police will face his Family in a 2-on-3 Handicap Match. Bray laughs hysterically before saying they could fight his family, or instead they can… RUN!

AJ Styles is being interviewed backstage by Renee Young. He announces that he is officially using his rematch clause for the United States Championship at Backlash. He tells Joe, from wherever he is watching, that they’ve been in some of the most epic WWE matches the past month. AJ says there is only one way to settle their rivalry – Last Man Standing! AJ walks off emphatically as the crowd erupts.


Akira Tozawa vs. Titus O’Neil (with Apollo Crews)

Objective: Win with Akira Tozawa

Tozawa wins, but is quickly ambushed by a masked man from the crowd. A surprised Apollo pulls the man off of Tozawa, but O’Neil then pulls Crews off of the masked man. Crews pulls the mask off of the man, revealing him to be Titus’ old tag team partner Darren Young. Young hugs Titus and the two raise each others hands as Apollo looks confused. He is clearly not in on the plan nor convinced that their treatment of Tozawa is necessary. Titus and Darren peer pressure Crews into leaving the ring with them. Crews reluctantly leaves with them, as Darren Young is officially part of Titus World Wide.


The Miz (with Maryse) & WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Sami Zayn & Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton

Objective: Win with Orton & Zayn

Triple H is in his office, as Daniel Bryan decides he is leaving for the night. Bryan leaves as Big Boss Man ’91 enters. He tells Hunter he can’t find Kevin Owens anywhere, as he stormed out of the building refusing to fight tonight. Triple H says that’s not the worst thing to happen, and thanks Boss Man for his service. Big Boss Man asks where his doppelgänger went, but all Hunter says is that we won’t be seeing the other Big Boss Man anytime soon. Triple H says it was a mistake to bring them out into the public’s eye. Boss Man doesn’t understand the problem, and Triple H says he wouldn’t expect someone from a different time period to understand what’s going on this day of age. He excuses himself as Stephanie enters the office. The couple prepare to go see who Brock Lesnar’s opponent at Backlash will be.


Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar’s music immediately hits as the Universal Champion comes out on stage. Paul Heyman tells Roman Reigns that he must be proud to brutally beat his brothers just for a shot at the Universal Championship. Roman stops Heyman, saying not only is he fighting for the belt, but he is also fighting to stop Triple H from whatever his devious plans are – that include Brock Lesnar being the Universal Champion. Roman says all their collusion and corrupt policies end at Backlash when he becomes the new Universal Champion – and to believe that!

Arena: Raw

Triple H comes down to the ring with Big Boss Man ’91 by his side. Boss Man still has the briefcase cuffed to his wrist. Triple H tells everyone that he has been trying to be a good commissioner by putting together wonderful matches. He says that Daniel Bryan is interfering in what’s best for the company. Triple H reminds everyone that when the going got tough, Shane walked out on the WWE Universe. Triple H thinks it would be unfortunate for Daniel Bryan to suffer a similar fate. On cue, Daniel Bryan comes to the ring with a piece of paper. Bryan is not threatened by Hunter at all, and tells him that he’s not as clever as he thinks. Daniel Bryan is holding a notice from the WWE Board of Directors that if he should suddenly disappear like Shane did, then the WWE Board will send someone to permanently replace both Stephanie and Triple H! Triple H barks at Bryan that it isn’t possible, but Bryan shows him the notice that clearly states the Board is ready to vote Stephanie and Hunter out of their timeshares if things don’t get cleared up soon. Kevin Owens comes to the ring and complains to Triple H that none of this would’ve happened, if he had just trusted him to get the job done by himself at Wrestlemania. Triple H, not happy with Owens, tells him what is done is done. He suggests that Owens and Boss Man get on the same page. Bryan agrees, and puts Owens and Boss Man in a tag team match to work out their issues, right now! Owens is livid he has to partner with Big Boss Man again.


Kevin Owens & Big Boss Man ’91 vs. Raw Tag Team Champion The New Day (Woods & Big E.)

Objective: Win with The New Day by pinning Big Boss Man

Owens immediately walks out of the ring as Boss Man is being pinned. He heads to the back as The New Day celebrate their win. The Ascension’s music hits, but no one comes from the stage. The Ascension try to sneak attack The New Day, but The New Day get the upper hand. They go for the Midnight Hour, but the big screen turns on to show Kofi tied up again. The voice over gives The New Day a friendly reminder that if they don’t lose their belts this Sunday, Kofi won’t return. Distracted, The Ascension are able to escape as The New Day look worried for a change.

Backstage, Crews is telling Young & O’Neil that he’s not comfortable with how they treated Tozawa. O’Neil calls Crews a rookie that doesn’t understand the business yet. Young claims their not bad guys at all, but says Tozawa was dead weight and that if they expand into the cruiserweight division then they need the best. Cruiserweight champion Neville walks by laughing. He claims he is already the best and he would never sell his kingdom to Titus World Wide. Stephanie approaches the group and asks to speak with Neville alone. The two leave as Titus likes the idea Darren had, and thinks they should look for another cruiserweight to represent their brand.


Nia Jax (with Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss) & Tamina vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks

Objective: Win with Bayley & Sasha Banks

Alexa tries to attack Sasha after the match, but Bayley stops her. Bayley Bayley-to-Bellys Alexa as Sasha puts her in the Bank Statement. Alexa taps out, but it doesn’t stop Sasha from breaking the hold. Nia and Tamina finally come to their feet as Sasha and Bayley escape the ring as the two bodyguards check the champion.

The Fashion Police are backstage speaking with John Cena. They say the deeper they get into this investigation, the scarier it becomes. John understands if they want to quit, but says he can’t quit himself. The Fashion Police joke that they never get this much involvement on the show, so they’ll stick it out and take on the Wyatts at Backlash. Daniel Bryan walks by and commends the trio on their courage for sticking up to Triple H. He tells the Fashion Police it seems a bit unfair that The Wyatts get an extra fighter in their corner on Sunday, so he asks if they would like a partner to make it a 6-man tag match? They eagerly agree, as Bryan suggests John Cena. The Fashion Police look at John for approval, as John says he’s been part of this war from the start and will help lead the Fashion Police against The Wyatt Family.


Dean Ambrose vs. Sami Zayn

Objective: Win with Sami Zayn

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s music hits after the match. Dean runs out of the ring and goes up the ramp to see what’s going on. Sami is watching from the ring. WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler comes from nowhere and is waiting behind Sami Zayn. He drills Zayn with the belt as he turns around, busting his head open. Ziggler continues to beat Sami Zayn down, and hits a vicious Zig Zag on him. Ziggler climbs the turnbuckle and poses with the belt before looking at the commentary table below. He decides to strip the commentary table and bring Zayn outside the ring. Dolph goes to DDT Zayn through the commentary table, but Zayn reverses it with a Blue Thunder Bomb through the table! Officials immediately run out to check on Dolph as Zayn looks at the carnage before him, a bloody mess.

Backstage, Dean is upset looking for Brock Lesnar. He sees Paul Heyman running down the hallway so he gives chase. Dean gets to the end of the hallway where Brock Lesnar is waiting. Heyman closes a metal gate, that traps Lesnar with Dean…


Dean Ambrose vs. Universal Champion Brock Lesnar

Objective: Win with Brock Lesnar

Lesnar destroys Dean. The metal door opens as Heyman and Lesnar leave the scene.

Kevin Owens is storming out of the arena as Stephanie is trying to talk him into staying. Owens has a temper tantrum about how they don’t trust him to get the job done and that old, pathetic wrestlers from the past just get in his way. Owens storms out. A stressed Stephanie turns to see Dean Ambrose beaten and laid out. She smiles a bit and says that at least the total night hasn’t been a failure.


United States Champion Samoa Joe & The Miz (with Maryse) vs. AJ Styles & Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton

Objective: Win with Samoa Joe & The Miz

The Shield find Dean Ambrose beaten and yell for help. Medical gets there along with Triple H and Daniel Bryan. Triple H is amused, while Bryan is not. Triple H says it’s a shame so many superstars are disappearing or getting hurt. He mentions Shane, Undertaker, Kofi and now Dean. Daniel gets in Triple H’s face and says he will pay for his sins. Triple H laughs and says he won’t, but Brock clearly did this. Triple H washes his hands clean and says he’s just enjoying the show before walking away. Roman gets in Bryan’s face and says he wants Lesnar tonight. Bryan says that’s impossible because the show is over, but he tells Roman that his match with Brock Lesnar at Backlash will be a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Roman is satisfied as he and Seth Rollins tend to their fallen friend.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Paul Heyman and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar hit the ring. They are not pleased with Daniel Bryan’s decision to make his title match on Sunday a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Heyman is concerned other Shield members will become involved which would taint any victory Roman Reigns has. Heyman tells Roman if he were really ‘THE GUY’ or the ‘big dog’ he claims he to be, then he would agree to terms that no one interfere on his behalf. Daniel Bryan comes out instead and tells Heyman that they made this mess themselves when they decided to align themselves with Triple H. Heyman understands the concern coming from Bryan, but says he is a business man making the best business deal for his client. Bryan says he won’t ban the Shield from ringside, because instead of a Falls Count Anywhere Match – Lesnar and Reigns will be locked inside a steel cage! Huge ‘Yes!’ chants fire up as Heyman tries to calm Lesnar down by talking to him.

TItus O’Neil and Darren Young are talking backstage as Apollo Crews approaches them. He’s excited he has a match tonight, although he doesn’t know his opponent? Titus and Darren say they know who his opponent is. Ironically, it’s who they want to join the Titus World Wide brand. Apollo asks who it is, but Titus and Darren don’t tell him – only saying that he needs to take the dive tonight so his opponent will be more likely to sign with them. Crews doesn’t agree immediately, until Titus reminds him that he signed with the Titus World Wide Brand. That means Apollo must do anything Titus says. Crews nods in agreement, reluctantly.


John Cena & The Fashion Police vs. Curt Hawkins & Smackdown Tag Team Champion Gallows & Anderson

Objective: Win with Cena & The Fashion Police

The lights immediately go off after the match, with the entire Wyatt Family on the big screen. Bray laughs, saying that despite the three coming together to take down the machine – the machine will prevail. Bray brags about his relationship with the devil of the WWE, how he has promised Bray a better WWE world. Bray must do one thing the devil has asked, and that’s kill the holy angel that is John Cena. Bray tells the three that at Backlash, they will not only lose the battle, but the entire war. Bray laughs at the Fashion Police, calling them children eating at the adult dinner table. Cena has heard enough and interrupts Bray. Cena tells Bray that he somehow understands what the hell he is actually talking about, but doesn’t want to talk anymore. He invites the Wyatts down now to fight because the sooner John gets answers, the sooner the WWE Universe will be safe. Wyatt laughs and tells John the goal is bigger than either of them, and if he can take out Kane & The Undertaker – then why not John himself? Bray laughs as the Wyatt’s disappear from the big screen.

Triple H and Stephanie are in the back office talking about how Kevin Owens was a no show tonight. Big Boss Man ’91 walks in with the briefcase still attached to his wrist. Triple H asks Stephanie if she talked to Cruiserweight Champion Neville? She says she did, but she didn’t get the answer she was looking for. Triple H says it’s a good thing they have some extra roster space to call up a few talents, who are clearly more concerned about their future than Neville is. Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya walks in, not happy she has to defend her belt against two opponents. Stephanie and Hunter are not happy either, which is why they put Naomi and Becky in a match against each other tonight. Natalya smiles with satisfaction.


Apollo Crews (with Titus O’Neil & Darren Young) vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Objective: Win with Ciampa via count out

Crews gets himself counted out, but he is not happy about it. Titus and Darren enter the ring, applauding Ciampa on his victory. Titus grabs a microphone and tells Crews to come celebrate with their new client. Ciampa is not convinced, but Titus tells him that his Titus World Wide brand has all the hookups. He tells Ciampa that if he signs with his brand right now, he will get a Cruiserweight Championship match! Crews is confused on how that’s possible, but Darren hands Ciampa the contracts. Ciampa skims it over, and is surprised he does have a Cruiserwieght Championship match waiting for him. He signs on the dotted line as the Titus Brand welcome their newest signee, Tommaso Ciampa! Crews is still confused on everything that just took place, along with the ring commentators.

Daniel Bryan enters Triple H and Stephanie’s office. Bryan tells Triple H that he’s ashamed it took a threat from the WWE Board of Directors to get him to see how serious they are with this investigation. Bryan says Shane’s family has been calling everyday wondering where he is. Triple H says he is surprised Shane would abandon his wife and children, but Bryan isn’t buying it. Bryan tells Triple H that the WWE Board is currently investigating the video footage Fashion Police got the night Shane disappeared. Bryan asks what’s in the briefcase Big Boss Man is holding? Triple H says it’s just Boss Man’s luggage, but again Bryan isn’t buying it. Bryan goes to leave, but tells Hunter that he scheduled a 6-man tag team match for tonight’s main event.


Naomi vs. Becky Lynch

Objective: Get a draw result (optional: you can use Natalya to accompany one of the superstars to help your achievement if you wish)

Natalya comes down during the match and interferes, resulting in a draw. Natalya beats both women down, sending Naomi into the timekeepers area. Natalya grabs a chair and goes to hit Becky with it, but Becky tries to lock in the Disarmer. Natalya is able to escape, but turns into a big Rear End from Naomi. Becky locks in the Disarmer as Natalya taps out. Becky and Naomi hug and leave, while Natalya holds her arm in pain.


The Miz, United States Champion Samoa Joe & WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn, AJ Styles & Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton

Objective: Win with The Miz, Samoa Joe & Dolph Ziggler

Arena: Backlash

Cole, Graves & Saxton welcome everyone in to Backlash as the fireworks go off and the fans cheer. A limo arrives, and out steps Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Big Boss Man ’91 with the briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship

(C) Natalya vs. Becky Lynch vs. Naomi

Objective: Win with Natalya

Sasha Banks is in her locker room getting ready for her match tonight. Bayley walks in, praising the women’s match we just saw. She’s upset Natalya won, but it was still entertaining to watch. Banks asks what Bayley wants, and Bayley says she wants to help. She knows Alexa will have help tonight, and so Bayley offers to be in the Boss’ corner. Banks says she thinks that’s a good idea, because that ‘witch’ Alexa will stop at nothing to keep the belt around her waist.

The arena door slams open as Kevin Owens storms in. He is not happy and on some sort of drunk rage. A few officials that see Kevin pass by welcome him to the arena, but Owens violently shoves them out of the way. He is clearly on a path of destruction, with a red face – huffing and puffing down the hallways.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) The New Day (Woods & Big E.) vs. The Ascension

Objective: Win with The New Day

After the match, the screen shows Kofi is tied up once again. The voice over tells New Day they didn’t listen to them and therefore Kofi will suffer an unimaginable punishment. A few masked men with kendo sticks surround Kofi, who’s unicorn horn begins to light up. Big E and Xavier begin to smile in the ring. The men start to assault Kofi, but his Unicorn Horn shoots a beam at the men, cutting his rope and freeing him. The men are all freaked out and run away, while Big E and Xavier laugh hysterically in the ring. The leader of the group is the only one who doesn’t run away, but is still freaked out. He takes off his mask to reveal Baron Corbin! Corbin asks Kofi how he did that with his unicorn horn? Kofi instead hits Corbin with a Trouble in Paradise kick and runs away.

Daniel Bryan just saw what happened on the TV and is freaking out. He feels like The New Day might know something more to this investigation into the Big Boss Men and Shane’s disappearance. Cruiserweight Champion Neville interrupts Bryan’s thought by entering to reveal he has a championship match against Ciampa on Raw tomorrow night. Bryan says that’s great, because fans like title matches – but Neville warns Bryan that he’s certain Triple H gave Ciampa the title match. Neville claims that he wouldn’t hand his belt over to Triple H nor Stephanie. Neville proclaims that he is the ruthless King of the Cruiserweights, but he is also smarter than most. He now believes he and his belt are a target for Triple H and Stephanie. He asks Bryan to reconsider the match, but Bryan apologizes saying he can’t do anything to cancel the match if Triple H made it official. He tells Neville to just win, which Neville says easier said than done, before leaving.

FIRST BLOOD MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Randy Orton vs. The Miz

Objective: Win with Randy Orton

In the back office, Triple H and Stephanie agree it’s time to move on from The Miz. They look over their roster for possible superstars to take on Orton and his Intercontinental Championship. Suddenly, Finn Balor strolls in and offers himself as a worthy challenger. Stephanie hugs Finn as Triple H, clearly not happy to see Finn’s arrival, shakes his hand. Finn says it feels great to finally be in a WWE arena. Finn claims he tried to make Raw and Smackdown Live the past few weeks, but was having trouble with his visa from Ireland. Triple H asks what Finn is doing here, and Finn says he’s here to wrestle – just like everyone else. Finn asks Hunter about the stunt he pulled at NXT TakeOver? Triple H says it’s none of his business now that Finn is on the main roster and that he should go find his locker room. Finn agrees and thanks them once again for the opportunity to wrestle in the WWE. He leaves as Stephanie suggests they get Finn to take on Randy. Triple H is against the idea. Stephanie says Finn looks up to Hunter and that they basically made Finn the man he is today. Triple H tells Stephanie that there are certain characteristic traits about Finn that doesn’t make him one of them. Stephanie asks what other option do they have, so Triple H gives in – saying they should give Finn the match on Raw tomorrow night.

NORMAL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Alexa Bliss (with Nia Jax & Tamina) vs. Sasha Banks (with Bayley)

Objective: Win with Alexa Bliss

Naturally, all three women get involved – which ends up helping Bliss get the win. The three women get the upper hand on Banks and Bayley after the match. Tamina and Nia hit a simultaneous Frog Splash onto the two off of the top rope! Bliss gloats with her belt over the two fallen women and the WWE Universe.

LAST MAN STANDING MATCH – United States Championship

(C) Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

Objective: Win with AJ Styles

Styles celebrates with the belt he has won back. Joe finally comes to his feet, disappointed. AJ walks up to Joe and asks what he’s going to do? Joe goes to punch AJ, but stops himself – instead offering his hand. AJ is thrown, but Joe is telling AJ to shake his hand. AJ does, as Joe raises AJ’s hand. The Phenomenal One has earned the respect of Joe. Joe walks out of the ring unhappy at the result. AJ continues to celebrate in the ring, unsure of what to think about Joe’s actions.

Backstage, Rollins is hype-talking Roman Reigns about his match tonight. Dean Ambrose hobbles up and tells Roman to kick the beast’s ass! Kevin Owens storms by, not even acknowledging The Shield – despite them trying to get his attention. Owens continues his rage filled walk throughout the back of the arena. He begins kicking doors down asking ‘Where is he?!’ WWE officials see Owens walking towards them, so they take off and run. The Shield find humor in watching Owens self-destruct.


The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) vs. The Fashion Police & John Cena

Objective: Win with The Wyatt Family

The lights go out after the match. When they turn back on, everyone in the ring is gone but John Cena. Bray’s voice laughs over the arena speakers. He tells John that the Fashion Police have been added to the names of his victims. Kane, Undertaker and Shane McMahon. Cena wants to know what Bray’s role was in Shane’s disappearance. Bray says he can’t reveal the devil’s tricks, but that John should clearly see by now that all he can do it just… RUN!

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn

Objective: Win with Dolph Ziggler

Triple H and Stephanie are in their office talking with Smackdown Tag Team Champion Gallows & Anderson. Suddenly, an official enters urgently. The official tells them that Kevin Owens is here and running a rampage backstage. Triple H says he will go calm him down and leaves as Stephanie and Big Boss Man ’91 wait in the office. Gallows & Anderson leave, telling Stephanie that if she needs their help, to come find them.

STEEL CAGE MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Triple H, Daniel Bryan and officials look for Kevin Owens backstage. Bryan blames Triple H for Owens’ current state of mind, while Triple H tells Bryan that maybe Owens isn’t as strong-minded as he hoped for.

Stephanie leaves her office to go find Hunter. When she leaves she closes the door – about 7 seconds later a WWE official comes crashing through the door with Kevin Owens standing in the door way. ‘There you are!’ he yells at Big Boss Man. Owens goes to attack Big Boss Man, who hesitantly fights back – but Owens overpowers him by Popup Powerbombing him through the office desk! Owens grabs the key out of Boss Man’s pocket and unlocks the briefcase. He pulls out The Undertaker’s Urn! Owens tells Boss Man he’s going back to where he came from. Owens opens the urn with a beam of bright light exiting it, just as Stephanie McMahon walks in. She screams ‘Kevin, no!’ Kevin, distracted, drops the open urn as the light beam goes all over the room! A huge bright light shines and then disappears as there is nothing!… … … … Owens wakes up to see Big Boss Man and Stephanie knocked out in the back office. Triple H runs in with Daniel Bryan asking what Owens just did? Owens responds that he tried to send that pathetic bodyguard Big Boss Man back where he came from, but it failed. Triple H says it didn’t fail. Owens is confused. Triple H says that Kevin Owens sent the entire arena back to where he was trying to send Big Boss Man! Daniel Bryan is completely lost – so Triple H tells him all he needs to know is that they are not where they are supposed to be. Daniel Bryan doesn’t understand, but Hunter opens the office door to show Daniel Bryan a pay-per-view poster on the wall entitled ‘Bash at the Beach’.

Arena: Bash at the Beach

Triple H and Daniel Bryan walk down to the ring, arguing. They reach the ring and Triple H wants a chance to explain himself. Daniel Bryan berates Hunter for what has happened, which he still isn’t quite sure to believe. Triple H admits that despite his efforts, everyone was right to accuse him. He also offers everyone in the crowd refunds for any trouble time traveling may have caused. Daniel Bryan stares at Hunter like he’s crazy, replying ‘time traveling?’ Triple H says he’s not quite sure how to explain this, but certain WWE items have ‘powers’ due to a voodoo curse that was put upon them. He says the Undertaker’s Urn is one of those items, and when opened it acts as a portal to travel through time. Hunter explains the time portal is how he was able to bring two Big Boss Men into the present day, one from 1991 and another from 1999. Daniel Bryan is speechless in the ring, mouth opened wide. He begins to laugh and says he’s either dreaming or Hunter drugged him in real life. John Cena’s music plays as he hits the ring. Triple H exits the ring fearing what Cena will do. John tells Hunter he is an idiot and completely naive to think anyone will believe that garbage. Triple H tells John to look around at where they are. They’re at Bash at the Beach, a pay-per-view that was popular in the 90’s! The lights go out and turn back on as the entire Wyatt Family is on the stage. Bray asks Triple H if he should destroy John and Daniel? Triple H says they can’t touch Daniel Bryan, but Cena interrupts asking where the Fashion Police are? Bray laughs and says he won’t answer such an irrelevant question – but demands to Triple H he be rewarded with the eternal happiness he was offered. Bryan and Cena look at Triple H with confirmed suspicion. Triple H tells Bray that he can join Samoa Joe in a Triple Threat Match tonight for AJ Styles United States Championship. Daniel Bryan says they don’t have time for matches, they need to get home. Triple H says they’re stuck where they are for right now, so he wants to go on with the Monday Night Raw they had scheduled. Triple H points out that the TV cameras in the present day arena were sucked through the portal as well, so people are still watching and they need to put on a show. Bryan reluctantly agrees, but tells Triple H they’re figuring out how to get home along with what the hell just happened.

NORMAL MATCH – Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Neville vs. Tommaso Ciampa (with Titus O’Neil, Darren Young & Apollo Crews)

Objective: Help Ciampa win as either Darren Young or Titus O’Neil

The Titus World Wide Brand celebrates in the ring with the new champion, although Crews is not as enthused due to O’Neil & Young’s interference. Neville confronts Crews about their involvement, only to be beaten down by O’Neil & Young. Ciampa joins in as Crews pushes him away. Ciampa begins laughing as O’Neil & Young hold Crews back, telling him to calm down. The Titus Brand leaves as Crews seems disgusted with their actions.

Triple H is being scolded by Bryan in his office as Stephanie gets off the phone. She says, ‘they’re’ here. Triple H asks Stephanie to let them inside the arena. Bryan is not happy Triple H is bringing people into the arena when they should be looking to leave. Triple H asks where Owens and Boss Man ’91 are, but quickly passes the thought. He tells Daniel Bryan he is putting The New Day in a championship match against some opponents he feels are superstars. Bryan can’t stop Triple H from scheduling matches tonight, so Bryan decides that Alexa Bliss will defend her championship against an opponent he feels is a superstar. Triple H gets in Daniel’s face and warns him to back off because he is trying to correct his mistake. Bryan says last time Triple H told him to back off they ended up in a different time period! Bryan questions how certain WWE items could even hold mystical powers? Triple H corrects him, saying it’s voodoo powers not mystical. Smackdown Tag Team Champion Gallows & Anderson walk in, who Triple H is relieved to see. Before they can even converse, Bryan immediately has them defend their belts tonight against two new superstars he called up with Finn Balor a few weeks ago. Gallows & Anderson look at Triple H, who signals he can’t do anything. They leave pissed as Bryan tells Triple H to find a way home or he can schedule matches all night. Hunter leaves, seemingly handcuffed by Bryan’s threat.

NORMAL MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Randy Orton vs. Finn Balor

Objective: Win with Finn Balor

Stephanie bumps into Triple H backstage, telling him that his guests have arrived. Triple H is pleased, but delivers the bad news of Daniel Bryan scheduling title matches. Stephanie blames Hunter that the only reason Daniel scheduled matches, is because he put New Day in a title match against his two new arrivals. Stephanie warns that this is just like Big Boss Man all over again. She feels they need to work within their current roster and not have to reach out to others. Triple H says he has everything under control and that he was selected by her father for a reason. He kisses her and tells her he loves her before going to find Owens and Big Boss Man. They part ways while Cena and The Shield are listening around the corner. They agree that they need to find out if Shane is anywhere around, believing Shane was sent through the time portal. Seth says he has a plan regarding the WWE Championship… They turn down the hallway and walk away, just as The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) cross the camera without the two teams noticing one another.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – United States Championship

(C) AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt

Objective: Win with AJ Styles

Bray begins attacking AJ after the match. Joe is hesitant to help Bray, but Bray pushes Joe to join him in the fight. Joe doesn’t want to and actually pulls Bray off of AJ. Bray gets in Joe’s face, but then laughs and goes back to assaulting AJ. Joe pulls Bray off and begins beating him up! Bray pushes Joe off of him. Joe runs back towards Bray, but the lights go out. When they turn on Bray is gone. Joe helps AJ up as a large ‘Yes!’ chant erupts. Joe raises AJ’s hand as a clear mutual respect between the two has been established.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) The New Day (Woods & Big E.) vs. The Outsiders

Objective: Win with The New Day

The New Day escape with a victory, but Nash & Hall pick the bones of their opponents. Suddenly, Kofi Kingston runs down the ramp as the Outsiders retreat outside the ring. Kofi comes to help his two friends in the ring. They’re relieved Kofi is in the arena. Kofi says when he was kidnapped they never left the arena (expect when traveling to cities). Xavier says that Baron Corbin must be in the arena then, and they should find him for answers. Big E. suggests telling Cena or Daniel Bryan what they know, but Xavier wants to undertand their situation first.

Daniel Bryan is shocked that Triple H sent Hall & Nash after New Day, as Cena and The Shield arrive on the scene. They tell Bryan Triple H has lost his mind and that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Daniel Bryan agrees which is why he put Triple H’s selected champions in matches tonight. They say he hasn’t put Dolph Ziggler in a match tonight, which Bryan says is true. Daniel suggests Seth since he approached him with the idea, but Seth wants Bryan to fight! A large ‘Yes!’ chant breaks out in the arena. Daniel laughs and says the doctors haven’t cleared him yet. Cena reminds Daniel that they just time traveled into the past, what are doctors going to do? Put him in wrestling jail? Bryan laughs and says he’s not sure, but Roman reminds Daniel that he single handedly beat The Authority before, and that’s why they fear him more than anyone else. A large ‘Yes!’ chant fires up again in the arena, as Bryan ponders the idea. Sasha Banks and Bayley walk in, asking who Daniel Bryan has in mind to face Bliss tonight. He admits he’s not sure, but Sasha and Bayley claim they have an idea. Since they arrived at Bash at the Beach, the two women have been searching for a past WCW superstar and women’s wrestling trailblazer they feel can help. Sasha says she’s outside the arena waiting to be let in. Bryan doesn’t want to go down Triple H’s path by bringing in superstars not on the current roster, but Cena reminds Daniel to fight fire with fire. Bryan finally gives Sasha & Bayley permission to allow whoever they are talking about inside the arena to compete against Alexa for her championship.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) Gallows & Anderson vs. American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable)

Objective: Win with American Alpha

Triple H finds Kevin Owens near the arena door backstage. He berates Kevin because he has lost control of the show due to Kevin’s actions. Kevin said he did him a favor by getting rid of that idiot Big Boss Man. Stephanie runs up to Hunter and says they have a problem. Daniel Bryan has put himself in a WWE Championship Match against Dolph Ziggler, tonight. Someone walks by the camera, as Stephanie and Triple H see who it is and are in shock. Stephanie asks Hunter if the person they just saw was who she thought it was? Triple H says it was, but he never called her. Stephanie says she didn’t either. Kevin Owens is very uninterested in their sidebar conversation and becomes impatient. He screams very loudly, pissed Bryan just put himself in a title match he feels he deserves. Triple H tells Owens he won’t get anything until they get home, and asks where Big Boss Man and the briefcase is? Owens says they’re both long gone, but he pulls Undertaker’s Urn out. Triple H whispers, ‘perfect.’

NORMAL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Alexa Bliss (with Nia Jax & Tamina) vs. Alundra Blayze

Objective: Win with Alexa Bliss

Before the match, Alexa talks about how Daniel Bryan is an unfair commissioner. She demands her opponent step down or else she will suffer a beating at the hands of Tamina & Nia. That’s exactly what happens after the match, as Nia and Tamina beat Blayze down. Bayley and Sasha run down to make the save for Alundra. Bliss, Nia & Tamina retreat up the entrance ramp as Alexa gloats how she is still the champion.

Triple H & Stephanie barge into Daniel Bryan’s office. Hunter’s upset over Alundra Blayze returning, Gallows & Anderson losing to ‘rookies’ and the fact Daniel put himself into a WWE Championship match. He reminds Daniel he hasn’t been cleared by doctors. Daniel says he signed a non-sanctioned agreement so he can compete tonight. Bryan notices the urn in Hunter’s hand and calmly says ‘Oh great you got the urn, then we can go home after I take the WWE Championship off your guy.’ Bryan leaves confidently. Triple H promises to Stephanie that when they get back home, they’ll do things her way. She smiles as Hunter looks defeated.

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan

Objective: Win with Daniel Bryan

After the match, The Shield and John Cena come to celebrate with Daniel Bryan. Triple H and Stephanie come onto the stage with Undertaker’s Urn in hand. He congratulates Bryan on defeating his kingdom and his army. He tells Daniel now that he has Undertaker’s Urn they can go back home, but warns Daniel that when they get back nothing will be the same. He tells Daniel the McMahon-Helmsley family will win, because they always do. Cena tells Hunter ‘open the urn you prick.’ Hunter chuckles as he opens Undertaker’s Urn. The beam of light spreads from the urn throughout the entire arena. A big flash of light strikes and then, everything is gone… … … …. Daniel Bryan slowly wakes up in the ring, with Cena telling him he’s got to get up quickly. Daniel looks around to see they are in a Smackdown Live arena.

Proceed to ‘Chapter Three – An Extreme Risk for an Extreme Reward’.


GreenTimeSports WWE 2k18 Story Outline

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