GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Four – The Emperor’s Arrival

Arena: Smackdown Live

The arena returns to Smackdown Live, as WWE Champion Daniel Bryan quickly comes out to the ring. He reminds everyone that a new authoritative figure will be coming to replace Triple H, Stephanie and himself. Daniel says this may be his last opportunity with some authoritative power, and mentions WWE’s big event Money in the Bank is quickly approaching. He decides that he wants to go ahead and name participants for Money in the Bank, but Triple H interrupts on stage. He tells Bryan that it’s not right to just name people into the Money in the Bank match, and that everyone should earn that right to participate. Bryan tells Hunter he doesn’t trust him at all, but agrees that is the right thing to do. Bryan suggests he picks a few people to face off against a few people Triple H chooses. Hunter agrees, and reveals that the person taking over for he, Stephanie & Daniel Bryan will be arriving next week on Raw!


Finn Balor vs. Bobby Roode

Objective: Win with Finn Balor via countout

Roode leaves the ring after Finn Balor out wrestles him most of the match. Finn calls Roode back to the ring, as Bobby leaves up the entrance ramp getting counted out. Suddenly, the Titus Brand attacks Finn from behind. O’Neil hits the Titus Clash, as Intercontinental Champion Darren Young screams at Finn that their match wasn’t a fluke and he’ll beat him again at Money in the Bank (revealing that’s where Finn will have his rematch).

Backstage, Tommaso Ciampa is watching what occurred. Renee Young approaches him and asks his thoughts on the return of his former best friend Johnny Gargano? Ciampa asks Rene if she saw what his crew just did to Finn Balor? He says Gargano got lucky, and that Ciampa will win back his championship at Money in the Bank. He excuses himself as he has a match to get ready for.


Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Nia Jax & Tamina

Objective: Win with Asuka

Alexa Bliss’ music hits after the match, as she stares in disgust at Asuka. Bliss tells Asuka she’s impressed that she beat both of her bodyguards, but says Asuka is no goddess. Bliss tells Asuka that she will not let Stephanie or Triple H down, and will take back her Raw Women’s Championship. Asuka welcomes Bliss to get into the ring, but Bliss says she’ll fight on her own terms – which happens to be at Money in the Bank. Alexa says just for added protection, she’s allowing Nia Jax and Tamina to compete as well. On cue, Nia and Tamina attack Asuka. Alexa heads to the ring and joins in. She nails her patented DDT on Asuka and raises the championship belt with Jax & Tamina holding her on their shoulders. While on their shoulders, Alexa feels a similar shock that Mickie James felt a few weeks ago. Alexa drops the Raw Women’s Championship and scurries out of the ring, to Nia and Tamina’s confusion.

Paul Heyman is in the medical office, as John Cena walks in. He asks Paul if he’s alright, before asking about where the Urn is? He tells John that Stephanie had it last, but it will be impossible to find Shane. John asks where Brock is, as Paul reveals he quit to pursue other athletic goals. John commends Paul for staying around and helping fight, but Heyman doesn’t respond. Cena leaves as Heyman looks at John with some fear and doubt. Heyman grabs his cell phone and asks his limo driver to come pick him up at the arena, saying he’s tired and wants to go home.


Tommaso Ciampa (with Titus O’Neil) vs. John Cena

Objective: Win with John Cena

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan is backstage watching, and lets out a loud Yes! chant after seeing Cena win. Stephanie approaches, slow clapping, saying that Daniel has been very good at balancing being both a competitor and an official. Bryan asks what she wants, as Stephanie tells Daniel she knows who is coming next week. Bryan is not impressed, but Stephanie says she has a feeling the new leader will lean more towards her side than Daniel’s. She leaves with a smirk as Daniel wonders who she might be referring to.

Ciampa is backstage livid he lost. He sees Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano talking to reporters. Ciampa runs right through Gargano, which sends the reporters off running. Ciampa beats the hell out of Gargano, asking if he thinks it’s funny to take his spotlight and championship? Officials finally pull Ciampa off of Gargano, as Johnny lays on the ground in pain.


Randy Orton vs. Erick Rowan (with Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Braun Strowman)

Objective: Win with Erick Rowan

The Outsiders are in their locker room as Triple H walks in. They both apologize to him for not coming through, and that they took care of Goldust like he asked. Triple H thanks them, claiming Goldie needed a ‘reminder’. Triple H admits he also has been disappointed by The Outsiders lack of success. Hunter gives a speech about how he can’t accept failure, and that the stakes are too high. He closes the door as a large beam of light is seen coming from under the door. Triple H walks out holding Undertaker’s Urn, as the rest of the locker room is completely empty.

Stephanie is in her office, trying to calm down both Dolph Ziggler & Big Show who are arguing. Dolph tells Big Show he lost a tooth because of him, but Big Show calls Dolph a whiny punk. Stephanie tells them to stop their bickering, because they are both in a tag team match tonight where the winning team enters into Money in the Bank. United States Champion Kevin Owens and Universal Champion Sami Zayn walk in, as Owens says perhaps he and Sami Zayn should be the tag team instead? Dolph walks out pissed off. Stephanie tells Owens and Zayn that’s not an option, because Roman Reigns elected to use his rematch for the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank. Owens tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want to be in the Money in the Bank Match anyways, because he wants to be ringside for his best friend Sami Zayn. Big Show makes fun of the two, and leaves to get ready for his match.


Big Show & Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

Objective: Win with Ambrose & Rollins

Ziggler pushes Big Show after the match, but he barely moves. Big Show begins to laugh as Dolph slaps him across the face, asking if that was funny? Big Show grabs Dolph by the neck, but Stephanie McMahon comes out on stage. She tells the two to stop fighting now. Big Show doesn’t respond, but Stephanie reminds him of the contract he signed. Big Show lets go of Dolph and leaves the ring, staring him down. Dolph catches his breathe, laying near the turnbuckle frightened.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Natayla is being interviewed backstage. Renee asks if Natalya is annoyed she hasn’t fought lately, but Natalya says she is not being overlooked – but rather protected. Natalya says she will be the longest reigning champion of all-time, but is interrupted by someone saying ‘she’s no queen, and only queen’s can reign.’ The camera turns to reveal Charlotte Flair is back! Natalya tells Charlotte to get lost, but is attacked almost immediately by Charlotte Flair. Natalya runs off, dropping her championship in the process. Charlotte smiles, and picks up the title. She feels the same ‘zap’ others have felt and drops the belt quickly, saying ‘ouch’. Charlotte stares at her hand, which is now twitching, before she stares back at the championship belt with a look of fear.

Arena: Raw

Vince McMahon’s music hits! The WWE Chairman is here! Vince McMahon comes out on stage and struts to the ring. A loud ‘Holy Shit!’ chant breaks out as everyone including the commentators are shocked to see McMahon. Vince tells everyone they are not dreaming, they are not in a different time period… he is here and back! Vince says ever since he gave full control of both shows to Triple H and Stephanie, a lot of crazy things have happened. He’s missing a son, he’s witnessed deceased superstars return to the ring and arenas have been sucked into different time periods. Vince says he is not happy to say the least, and decided to come himself after Daniel Bryan became sidetracked from his job. Vince asks Daniel Bryan to come out to the ring, which the WWE Champion does. Vince scolds Bryan for competing and winning championships, instead of doing what he was asked to do. Bryan says that in order to control the show, he had to step in and compete even against his own opinion. Vince tells Daniel that he has shown the same incapability to run the shows as his son-in-law and daughter have, but is relieved to see Daniel can wrestle healthy again. Vince says he is in charge now, and offers Bryan a competitors only contract to continue fighting and defending his belt. A loud ‘Yes!’ chant fires around the arena. Bryan ponders the decision, as Dolph Ziggler interrupts. Ziggler tells Bryan to sign the contract and tells Vince he deserves another shot at the belt Daniel Bryan stole from him. Vince tells Dolph that he has had enough chances, and that he already has a challenger in mind for Daniel Bryan. Vince welcomes his new personal bodyguard and WWE ambassador to their new global market of India, Jinder Mahal. Mahal walks to the ring, passing Dolph with an arrogant smirk. Mahal enters and shakes Vince’s hand. Daniel laughs, saying Jinder is no match for him, which Vince replies, ‘Well surely you wouldn’t have an issue defending your championship against another opponent, say… Dolph Ziggler?’ Ziggler smirks from the stage as Daniel Bryan says he doesn’t deserve the title shot, but will have no problem beating him again! Big Show comes out and demands a title opportunity, saying he has left Dolph flat in the ring twice now. Vince likes the idea, and says it will be a Fatal-4-Way Ladder Match at Money in the Bank!


Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Nia Jax, Tamia & Alexa Bliss

Objective: Win with Asuka, Banks & Bayley

Backstage, The Shield are talking about qualifying for Money in the Bank. Roman talks about how disappointed he was to lose his belt to Sami Zayn. Universal Champion Sami Zayn and United States Champion Kevin Owens approach, sarcastically applauding Roman’s effort at ECW One Night Stand. Owens reveals that he has a qualifying match for Money in the Bank tonight, so The Shield shouldn’t get cozy with the idea of winning the briefcase. Sami tells Roman he’ll be disappointed again at Money in the Bank when he beats him one more time. Roman says they can go fight now, but Zayn mocks Roman claiming he’s not ‘The Man’ anymore and Sami doesn’t have to listen to him. The duo walk off as The Shield look on annoyed and angry.


Smackdown Tag Team Champion American Alpha vs. The Ascension

Objective: Win with American Alpha

Vince McMahon is in the backstage office with Stephanie and Triple H. Jinder Mahal is by Vince’s side. Vince tells them both that he is disappointed at what they have done while running the shows. Vince asks what Triple H did to The Outsiders? Triple H replies he simply ‘fixed a problem’. Vince feels the problem is still lingering, as Triple H thinks he is talking about Alundra Blayze. Stephanie says she’ll take care of Blayze and leaves. Vince asks if Triple H sent The Outsiders through Undertaker’s Urn, which Hunter admits to. Triple H tells Vince that he sent them through after they beat down Goldust. Vince asks where Goldust is, as Hunter simply replies, ‘who cares?’ The Usos walk in and demand ‘what they are owed’ after watching American Alpha win their match. Vince is confused, but the Usos reveal they are owed a Tag Team Championship match from Vince’s ‘son-in-law’ for getting rid of Gallows & Anderson. Triple H confirms this, so Vince gives them a Smackdown Tag Team Championship Ladder Match against American Alpha at Money in the Bank. They leave satisfied as Raw Tag Team Champion the New Day walk in, revealing Vince asked them in. Vince says he respects The New Day, with a long history they have within the family – but he wants to put on a good Money in the Bank show. He asks them to defend their championship against two opponents he feels are worthy competitors. The New Day say that’s fine, they aren’t afraid of anyone. Vince calls in The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) and introduces New Day to their opponents. He asks for the two teams to shake hands and to put on a heck of a match for the fans. They shake hands as both teams leave on respectful terms.


Intercontinental Champion Darren Young & Tommaso Ciampa (with Titus O’Neil) vs. Finn Balor & Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano

Objective: Win with Balor & Gargano

Bobby Roode appears on the big screen, revealing that the Intercontinental Championship will become glorious at Money in the Bank. Roode reveals he was granted permission to enter the title match between Young & Balor – making it a Triple Threat Match. Titus O’Neil is fuming at ringside, saying that’s not fair to his client Darren Young. Roode mocks Titus, saying maybe his brand isn’t as glorious as he thought. Roode laughs as O’Neil angrily leaves with his crew.


United States Champion Kevin Owens (with Universal Champion Sami Zayn) vs. Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens

During the match, Zayn tries to interfere but Roman Reigns comes down to the ring with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. They corner Sami, as Owens rolls up Joe from the distraction. Joe chases Owens to the back, as The Shield are ready to pounce on Zayn. The lights turn off, then back on as the entire Wyatt Family is guarding Sami Zayn! They begin to attack The Shield as a 4-on-3 attack ensues. The Wyatt’s put all three Shield members through tables, as Bray proclaims the devil made him do it. He begins laughing as the lights go off and back on – with the Wyatt’s gone and the Shield laid outside the ring. Zayn is the only one standing in the ring, as he celebrates with his title.

In the locker room, Alundra Blayze is packing her suitcase as Stephanie walks in. She asks Blayze how she is, before quickly opening Undertaker’s Urn and sending Blayze through it! Stephanie quietly leaves, as the locker room is empty with only Alundra’s suitcase remaining.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Charlotte Flair comes out to the ring, with a huge ovation. A ‘we did miss you’ chant starts across the arena as Charlotte begins to blush and smile. She thanks everyone for all the support she got when injured, but says she never missed an episode of WWE TV. Charlotte says she has been keeping an eye on things, and worries about the Smackdown Women’s Championship being in the wrong hands of Natalya. Charlotte says she will get her championship match against Natalya soon, and that she loved holding that belt a week ago. She admits it was a bit strange that she felt what she calls ‘static electricity’, but rubs it off. Smackdown Women’s champion Natalya interrupts and says Charlotte doesn’t deserve a championship match, and that Money in the Bank is already booked. Charlotte suggests they fight tonight! Vince McMahon interrupts, with Jinder Mahal by his side. Vince tells Charlotte he respects her and her family’s legacy, so he will put her in a battle royal tonight where the winner will face Natalya for her Smackdown Women’s Championship at Battleground in two weeks. Natalya is not happy as Vince struts off stage, with Charlotte smiling from the ring.


The Bar vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champion American Alpha

Objective: Win with The Bar

Raw Tag Team Champion The New Day come out on stage and clap to The Bar. They are suddenly attacked by The Usos, who make a b-line for the ring. They enter the ring and just look at The Bar, before beginning an assault on American Alpha. The Bar don’t help, instead leave American Alpha to suffer. Boos are loudly heard, and directed at both The Bar and The Usos. The Bar pass New Day on stage, who are laid out. The Bar begin to attack The New Day, as Cesaro hits a Neutralizer onto Xavier Woods – denting the stage.

In the backstage office, Vince asks Mahal to search the arena for Goldust. Mahal does as he is asked and leaves. Triple H & Stephanie enter the office, saying Vince has done a pretty good job so far, but they still need to add one more person to Sunday’s Money in the Bank Match. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan walks in, and asks for a match against Big Show or Ziggler tonight. Vince says that Daniel Bryan will fight tonight, but not Big Show or Dolph. Vince says that he owes a certain group of people a favor, and says that Daniel Bryan will face one of those people tonight. Bryan agrees, saying he just wants to get some frustration out. He leaves as Vince tells Triple H that if Daniel Bryan’s opponent wins tonight, he will be the final entry into Money in the Bank.


Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs. Universal Champion Sami Zayn, United States Champion Kevin Owens & Big Show

Objective: Win with Reigns, Ambrose & Rollins

Finn Balor and Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano are backstage talking strategy, revealing they have a handicap match tonight. Titus O’Neil strolls by, saying his Titus Brand will destroy them tonight – which he hopes will help them sign Bobby Roode. Titus tells Finn he’s lucky Roode got into his championship match, otherwise Darren Young would embarrass him again. Finn tells Titus that Roode made a mistake by entering himself into the match. Titus admits he wasn’t happy Roode got added either, but claims Vince gave him a Money in the Bank qualifying match against Daniel Bryan. O’Neil walks off pleased as Balor and Gargano look back in disgust.


Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi vs. Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

Objective: Win with Charlotte Flair

Titus O’Neil is walking backstage as the lights suddenly go out. They begin flickering on and off, as a sheep mask that O’Neil doesn’t notice slowly approaches from behind. The lights finally go out and stay out. A noise is heard as if someone is struggling.


Finn Balor & Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa, Intercontinental Champion Darren Young & Bobby Roode

Objective: Win with Ciampa, Young & Roode

Jinder Mahal is walking around backstage looking for Goldust. He stops and he sees Titus O’Neil, beaten up and tied to a forklift upside down. Jinder laughs and continues walking. Goldust’s eyes are seen watching from behind a bunch of stacked wooden palates.

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan heads to the ring for his match, watching the Titus Brand help their leader from the forklift on the big screen. Suddenly, Braun Strowman’s music hits! The monster among men heads to the ring, seemingly replacing Titus O’Neil in the qualifying match.


WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Strowman

The lights turn on and off as Strowman is gone. The Wyatt’s appear on the big screen though, as Bray Wyatt is extremely giddy. He praises his brothers Rowan and Strowman for making it into the Money in the Bank match, claiming the devil has kept his promise. Bray reveals that he himself is still owed a reward by the devil for his attacks on Undertaker, Kane, The Shield, etc… Bray claims the devil is a man of his word, revealing that both he and Luke Harper will be part of Daniel Bryan’s ‘journey’ on Sunday. Bray laughs at Daniel, asking how he’ll survive not three, but now five other animals who want what he has? Bray tells Daniel because now there is six of them, their match at Money in the Bank will be a 6-Man Ladder Match. Bray warns Daniel that he should leave WWE to be with his new wife and child, otherwise he may not survive past Money in the Bank. Bray advises Daniel should… RUN!

Arena: Money in the Bank

Frieworks go off as ring commentators Cole, Graves & Saxton welcome everyone to Money in the Bank!

LADDER MATCH – Crusierweight Championship

(C) Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa

Objective: Win with Ciampa

The Titus Brand is backstage, celebrating Ciampa’s win. Titus is not happy The Wyatt’s jumped him to take his Money in the Bank opportunity, but feels that’s a fight he can’t win. Intercontinental Champion Darren Young tells Titus they should focus on his match, but Titus wants to recruit Roode to the Titus Brand. Young says he won’t lose his belt just to give Titus another client. Young walks off as Titus looks back uncertain.

FATAL-4-WAY MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka vs. Nia Jax vs Tamina vs. Alexa Bliss

Objective: Win with Asuka

After the match, a frustrated Bliss blames both Nia & Tamina. Bliss slaps them both, which results in her getting flattened by Tamina & Nia. Backstage, Becky Lynch is watching with Naomi and Mickie James as the three begin to laugh at Bliss. Charlotte Flair walks by and hugs them, saying she’s glad they are alright in this weird era they are wrestling in. Becky mentions to Mickie that Charlotte felt a sharp zap of electricity when she held Natalya’s belt, just like James did. Charlotte asks Mickie if that’s true, which Mickie says at first thought it was static electricity – but lightning rarely strikes the same spot twice. Charlotte asks Mickie if she thinks it has something to do with random WWE items having mystical powers (which she laughs at in disbelief)? Mickie says she’s not sure, but doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that they both felt an electric shock when they touched Natalya’s belt.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) The New Day vs. The Bar

Objective: Win with The Bar

Vince McMahon is watching backstage, seemingly satisfied with what he just saw. Jinder Mahal walks in, and says he can’t find Goldust. Vince says it’s not Jinder’s fault, and that Jinder should go prepare for his big match tonight. Vince remarks that his company and Jinder’s country have big investments in the future, so Vince wants Jinder to make him proud. Jinder bows and leaves as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon walk in, with Jinder seemingly bumping into Hunter’s shoulder on purpose. Vince asks them where Undertaker’s Urn is? Triple H says somewhere safe, but Vince wants specifics. He reminds them that he is their boss and asks them to not take him stupid. Stephanie says she will go get the Urn and leaves. Triple H asks Vince if he’s happy to be back which Vince admits he is not. Vince tells Triple H he put him in charge for a reason, and that he considers his own presence a failure for his son-in-law. Triple H says things have been shaky, but Vince threw him into weird and uncharted waters. Vince tells Hunter he knew exactly what he signed up for, and he expected more from his son-in-law.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Darren Young vs. Finn Balor vs. Bobby Roode

Objective: Win with Roode

John Cena enters a locker room where The Shield are. Roman Reigns says he’s going to prepare for his match mentality and leaves. Cena thinks it’s odd that the Wyatt Family were added to the WWE Championship match along with the Money in the Bank match since only Vince has match-making power now. Rollins believes that perhaps the ‘devil’ Bray speaks about so much is actually Vince and not Triple H. Ambrose doesn’t buy it, saying that Vince just arrived and Bray has been doing the ‘devils’ bidding for much longer. John tells Ambrose that he’s been around for a while and two things have been consistent. The first is that anything in WWE can happen. The second is that Vince McMahon has power within the company that many can’t see. Rollins says he has been involved first hand with the McMahon’s and their schemes, and truly believes Vince has another agenda on his mind. Ambrose suggests one of them win the briefcase tonight, that way they have a little advantage over the McMahons. Cena is still gun hoe on finding Shane, but The Shield remind him that’s almost impossible at this point.

TAG TEAM LADDER MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) American Alpha vs. The Usos

Objective: Win with The Usos

Renee Young interviews Dolph Ziggler backstage about the WWE Championship Match. He is quickly interrupted by the Big show, as the two still clearly have beef with one another. Jinder Mahal approaches them both and is booed loudly in the arena. Mahal iterates that they must work as a team for one common goal of making the WWE a better place. Mahal insists that they help him win, because Vince wants to corner the Indian wrestling market. Ziggler walks away laughing as Big Show says that he serves Stephanie and Triple H (per the contract he signed), not Vince. Big Show walks off as Jinder looks on angrily.

NORMAL MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Sami Zayn vs. Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

United States Champion Kevin Owens is watching in Vince’s office and he is not happy. He says he should’ve been by his friend’s side, and accepts a rematch at Battleground on behalf of Sami. Kevin leaves frustrated as Triple H tells Vince he loves that kid. Vince says Kevin is unpredictable and very combustible. Vince questions Hunter’s judgment, and asks if Vince will need to hold his hand the entire time? Triple H doesn’t understand, saying Kevin Owens is just like him when he was younger. Vince says that’s exactly the problem, Kevin is smarter than many and when he figures out what’s going on… Vince is interrupted by AJ Styles, who asks where The Usos are? Vince says he has no idea, as AJ is pissed that Jimmy and Jey left his good brothers Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in a different time period. AJ wants to fight them. Vince says not tonight, but possibly on Raw. AJ points at Triple H, saying it’s his fault before leaving. Vince looks at Triple H unimpressed, as Triple H looks guilty.


John Cena vs. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. United States Champion Kevin Owens vs. Erick Rowan vs. Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Stephanie walks into the backstage office, as Vince reveals Triple H went to the restroom. He asks his daughter if she has the Urn, which she pulls out. Vince is very happy and tells Stephanie to stay strong and remember the plan.

6-MAN LADDER MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Jinder Mahal

Objective: Win with Jinder Mahal

Mahal celebrates on top of the ladder as everyone is laid out around the ring. The camera shows the backstage office, where Triple H is watching the match with Vince. He congratulates Vince for Mahal’s victory, and says maybe Vince should stick around after all. Stephanie enters the room and kisses Hunter, saying she is sorry. Triple H says for what? He is suddenly sucked into Undertaker’s Urn! Stephanie screams as Vince is seen holding the Urn. Stephanie is clearly not happy and begins to start crying. Vince hugs her and tells her it’s only temporary until they get what they want. Vince tells Stephanie Hunter was becoming unreliable and reckless. Vince claims every decision Hunter made dug them into a deeper hole, and further away from what they wanted to accomplish. Vince reveals he put both Triple H and Stephanie in charge to begin with and the only reason he is back is because the Board of Directors grew suspicious. She says she understands and asks her father to hurry up with his plan so she can bring her husband back. Vince hugs his daughter and says, ‘of course sweetheart,’ before letting off a big and evil grin.

Arena: Raw

Vince McMahon enters the ring to start the show, as the ring commentators are in shock that Vince sent his own son-in-law through Undertaker’s Urn. Vince begins by saying he didn’t want to do what he did on Sunday night, but Triple H left him no choice. John Cena immediately interrupts, saying Vince is no different than when Hunter sent Shane through Undertaker’s Urn. Cena tells Vince he doesn’t trust him, and that Vince has never had the WWE Universe’s interest as his own. Vince tells John that he’s ashamed in him, stating that his empire is the most important thing to him. Vince claims Triple H was jeopardizing it. He calls his bodyguard and new WWE Champion Jinder Mahal out, ignoring Cena. Mahal heads to the ring while also holding Undertaker’s Urn. Vince tells John that he will earn his trust, and tasks Cena with being the one to guard Undertaker’s Urn. Jinder holds the urn up to Cena who is hesitant, but eventually agrees and tells Vince he trusts him a little bit more now. Jinder bows to John and goes to leave the ring, but Daniel Bryan’s music hits. He enters the stage and asks for his WWE Championship rematch. Vince gives a speech to Daniel about how they have everything under control now that Triple H is gone, and he should go spend his time with wife Brie Bella and their new born child. Daniel wants to fight, but Cena agrees with Vince and tells Daniel they seem to be doing fine for now. John tells Daniel to go be with his family, and suggests giving his rematch clause to someone else. Daniel says he still doesn’t trust Vince, and that every one of Bryan’s opponents on Sunday was fighting for Triple H before he was sucked through the Urn. Vince tells Bryan he is full of conspiracy theories, and tells Daniel if he wants to leave then Vince will agree to Cena’s suggestion. Bryan ponders the decision, as Jinder Mahal is staring a hole through him while smiling. Daniel agrees, but says he wants time to choose the right person to take the belt off Jinder Mahal. Daniel doesn’t think the closest person to Vince having the WWE Championship is a coincidence. Vince tells Daniel he has until next Monday night to pick a replacement, but can fight his bodyguard Mahal tonight in a non-title match.

NORMAL MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Bobby Roode vs. Darren Young (with Titus O’Neil)

Objective: Win with Bobby Roode

Titus O’Neil is upset Darren lost, and walks backstage without Young. Finn Balor’s music hits as Bobby Roode stares at the stage. Nothing happens until Finn Balor appears behind Roode, coming through the crowd. Roode slowly turns around, then quickly rolls out of the ring. Finn calls Bobby back to the ring. Roode yells to Finn that he’s not glorious, and retreats up the entrance ramp.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns is in the locker room with his Shield brothers Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins. United States Champion Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn enter, as Owens tells Reigns that he got lucky on Sunday. Owens states that if he was there, then his best friend Sami Zayn would still be champion. Rollins & Ambrose back Reigns, until Big Show comes in to back Owens & Zayn. Big Show asks if there’s a problem, trying to scare the Shield. Roman has heard enough and punches Big Show. A big fight breaks out until referees and officials break up the brawl.


Johnny Gargano vs. Jack Gallagher

Objective: Win with Johnny Gargano

Cruiserweight Champion Tommaso Ciampa comes out onto the stage. Ciampa tells Gargano that he’s starting to gain some of the respect he lost for Gargano when they were a tag team, but tells Johnny that he will always be the loser out of the two. Gargano scolds Ciampa for turning his back on him, but Ciampa says he is a two-time Cruiserweight Champion because of what he did. Ciampa said leaving #DIY for the Titus Brand was the best decision he ever made. He tells Gargano that he knows he will use his rematch clause very soon, so Ciampa cuts a deal. He tells Gargano he will give him his rematch at Battleground and not a day sooner. In return, Ciampa will allow Gargano to pick the match stipulation. He rattles off a few suggestions such as First Blood Match, TLC, 2-out-of-3 Falls… But Gargano says he already knows what match he wants… Hell in a Cell! The crowd erupts in a loud ‘Yes!’ chant. Ciampa is clearly not happy, but finally caves in after Gargano makes fun of his manhood.

Titus is scolding Young backstage for losing. Titus says he doesn’t have time to deal with Darren right now, but that his brand looks weak for Vince McMahon. Young asks why that matters, but Titus tells him to shut up because he has to go deal with Ciampa putting himself in a Hell in a Cell Match now. Titus leaves as Apollo Crews walks up to Darren Young. He tells Darren that Titus is not the same man he knew when they were the Prime Time Players, and that he needs to be careful. Young tells Crews he was kicked out of the Titus Brand for a reason, and that he is loyal to his good friend Titus. Young storms off as Crews watches a bit disappointed.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) The Bar vs. The New Day

Objective: Win with The New Day via disqualification

The Bar beat the crap out of New Day to get disqualified. They lose the match, but retain their belts. The Bar decide to also take New Day’s unicorn horns as well.

Renee Young is interviewing Bayley backstage. Bayley reveals she is in a number one contender’s match to determine Asuka’s new challenger. Bayley says she is anxious to get back into the championship picture, as Sasha Banks arrives. She wishes Bayley good luck and they hug. Bayley turns to leave, but is quickly turned around by Sasha and knocked out by one of her chains! Sasha beats the hell out of Bayley and smashes her head through the TV monitor! Sasha continues her melee of Bayley, asking if she still wants a hug? Officials break up the brawl as Stephanie McMahon is watching. Sasha walks up to Stephanie who says to Banks ‘Thank you. You may now have your match.’ Sasha, not very satisfied with what she just did, leaves without saying a word. Stephanie smiles.


Sasha Banks vs. Mickie James

Objective: Win with Sasha Banks

The ring commentators are shocked by Sasha’s actions, but reveal that she is now technically the new number one contender for Asuka’s championship. She will receive a match at Battleground.

Vince and WWE Champion Jinder Mahal are in the back office. Jinder tells Vince that the Indian embassy is thrilled with Vince’s direction of the company, but Vince replies that both he and Jinder know that’s hardly important. Daniel Bryan walks into the office as Jinder demands to know who Daniel has in mind to face him? Daniel says he just got off the phone with a few contenders and will make his decision soon. Vince questions why Daniel is calling people instead of just choosing someone from the roster? Daniel tells Vince that if he isn’t going to fight for the belt, then he wants someone he knows is reliable to finish the job. Vince tells Daniel he is not the bad guy here, but Bryan doesn’t buy it. Jinder gets in Daniel’s face and suggests he get ready for their match tonight, and to never disrespect Mr. McMahon again. Daniel tells Jinder he is going to enjoy making him tap out tonight and leaves.


United States Champion Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & Big Show vs. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Ambrose, Rollins & Reigns

The New Day are backstage, annoyed they lost their title opportunity and their unicorn horns. John Cena walks up to them and asks if they trust Vince? They do not, because they have been told by Vince that they won’t get a rematch versus The Bar despite the obvious disqualification. Vince walks up and asks if there is a problem? Cena says he is not sure yet, but Vince reminds The New Day they had two opportunities and he would like to give other teams a shot. Vince asks if any of them have seen Goldust, which Cena becomes suspicious over – remembering Goldust acting weird a few weeks ago. Vince says it’s not a big deal, he just wants to talk to Goldust about the possibility of receiving a Legends Contract for everything he has done in the WWE. Vince walks off as Cena and the New Day look at each other with suspicion towards Vince.


Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal

Objective: Win with Daniel Bryan

Arena: Smackdown Live

AJ Styles’ music hits as the Phenomenal One makes his way to the ring. He grabs a microphone and demands both Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Usos come to the ring and pay for their sins. Styles says he lost two good brothers because of them, and he will do the same to them. Vince McMahon comes out instead, and tells AJ to calm down. He tells AJ they were just following orders from a misguided leader in Triple H. AJ doesn’t care, and demands he fights both of them. Vince says he respects The Usos and their father, Rikishi, so he won’t just serve them up on a platter for AJ to destroy. He tells AJ that if he can find a tag team partner, then he can face American Alpha in a number one contenders match – by putting American Alpha’s rematch clause on the line. AJ is not satisfied and says he wants to take the belts off of Jimmy and Jey now, that way they too know what it’s like to lose something they love. Vince tells AJ if he and his partner win tonight then they will get a championship match at Battleground and that’s the end of the discussion. A frustrated AJ is forced to accept.


Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax

Objective: Win with Charlotte Flair

Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya is on commentary. Charlotte approaches her after the match, and appears ready to attack until Stephanie McMahon comes out on stage. She tells Charlotte that she will not have her champion harassed by Charlotte on a weekly basis. Stephanie tells Charlotte that if she touches Natalya before Battleground, she will forfeit her championship match to Nia Jax. Charlotte begins laughing as Natalya taunts Charlotte right in her face. Charlotte leans towards Natalya like she’s going to attack, but she doesn’t. Natalya flinches however, and trips over the commentary table wires. Charlotte laughs and walks away as Natalya looks angry after being embarrassed by Flair.


Apollo Crews & Johnny Gargano vs. Cruiserweight Champion Tommaso Ciampa & Darren Young (with Titus O’Neil)

Objective: Win with Crews & Gargano

Crews and Gargano leave the ring, celebrating. The Titus Brand begin to argue in the ring, until Ciampa slaps Darren Young. Young goes to attack Ciampa but is jumped by Titus. The two beat down Darren Young until Gargano & Crews run in to make the save. The Titus Brand retreats back up the stage, as Crews & Gargano help Young to his feet.

Styles is looking for a partner backstage, but runs into Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Usos. They make fun of AJ for not being able to find a partner yet, and that it’s probably because no one wants to end up like his pathetic friends from Japan. Styles goes to hit The Usos, but his hand is caught by someone. AJ turns around to see Rikishi. He tells AJ that it would be a mistake to touch his children. AJ gets in Rikishi’s face until his boys assault Styles. They pick AJ up as Rikishi Superkicks Styles in the face. The family laugh, walking away while AJ recovers from being jumped.


Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs. United States Champion Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Objective: Win with Owens & Zayn

After the match, a camera shows Big Show beating the hell out of Universal Champion Roman Reigns backstage. The Shield immediately run to the back after the match. They find Reigns beaten down, but no Big Show in sight.

Vince is in his office with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and Stephanie McMahon. Vince tells Jinder he is disappointed he lost on Raw, but Mahal says it doesn’t matter because he won’t be fighting Daniel Bryan at Battleground. Vince tells Jinder they need to keep the belt on him until they find everything they need. Big Show enters and tells Vince that he did what he was asked and wants a championship now. Vince snaps as Jinder Mahal turns around and opens a box revealing the Hardcore Championship. Jinder bows as Vince tells Big Show he is now the champion, and to pick it up. Big Show is confused, asking if this is a joke? Vince says it’s no joke, as the Hardcore Championship is back. Big Show calls it a dirty championship, and claims he wants real gold. Vince assures Show that the belt is much more valuable than gold, along with many WWE championships. Big Show says ‘whatever’ and takes the belt before leaving.

Go to ‘title management’ and put the WWE Hardcore Championship on the Big Show


American Alpha vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with Styles & Joe

Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Usos and their father Rikishi are on commentary for the match. They begin to laugh when seemingly no one comes out to be AJ’s partner. Suddenly, Samoa Joe’s music hits! Joe comes out to the ring to be partners with Styles. After the match, The Usos taunt Styles & Joe from outside the ring. Rikishi walks his kids around the ring and back up the ramp as they continue yelling at AJ & Joe. Styles & Joe fist bump and hug before celebrating their win with the crowd.

Daniel Bryan is backstage and hangs up the phone as Vince and WWE Champion Jinder Mahal approach. They warn Bryan he doesn’t have much time to find a replacement, but Bryan confirms his choice will be on Monday Night Raw next week. Jinder demands to know who he must face, but Bryan simply says they’ll have to wait and see. Bryan walks off giddy as Vince and Jinder look back with distrust and anger.

Arena: Raw

Vince McMahon and WWE Champion Jinder Mahal head to the ring. Vince wants to know exactly who Daniel Bryan has chosen as his replacement at Battleground. Daniel Bryan comes out on stage, stating that he has an idea. How about Jinder Mahal & a partner of his choice take on Daniel Bryan & his soon-to-be replacement for Battleground? Vince tells Bryan that he is making things complicated for no reason, but Bryan says suspense brings ratings in – which would help the company. Daniel mutters that perhaps Vince isn’t worried about the WWE ratings after all, which Vince interrupts saying that’s all he’s worried about. He tells Daniel he has a point from a business side, so he says that match is confirmed. Jinder is not very happy, but Vince puts him in his place quickly. Vince tells Daniel he doesn’t appreciate these type of games he is playing, which is what he was brought in by the Board of Directors to extinguish. Bryan laughs at the irony of what Vince just said, saying he sent his own son-in-law through a time portal. Bryan looks forward to his match later tonight.


Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar vs. The Hype Bros

Objective: Win with The Hype Bros via count out

The New Day come out to claim their unicorn horns, which distracts The Bar. Sheamus & Cesaro run after New Day, which results in a count out. The Bar catch up with New Day backstage, but Xavier tosses one of the unicorn horns to a waiting Big E., who lets off a blast that stops The Bar in fear. The New Day escape with their unicorn horns as Sheamus & Cesaro look disappointed they let New Day take back their horns.

Backstage, Cena is staring at Undertaker’s Urn with concern. Goldust awkwardly startles Cena, which Goldust apologizes for – claiming he is working on. Cena tells Goldust that Vince has been looking for him, and Goldust says that’s why he has been hiding. Goldust says he knows what’s going on around here and has been around the WWE business for almost his whole life. He tells John there was a reason Triple H & Stephanie were trying to collect all the championship belts, and he knows the Hardcore Championship was just brought back and given to Big Show. John asks how Goldust knows that, joking that it must be the mystical powers Triple H metions. Goldust corrects John saying they’re ‘voodoo’ powers, and reveals that’s exactly how he knows about the Hardcore Championship’s resurrection. Goldust tells John that something very bad will happen if anyone possesses all the championship belts at once. John asks what Goldust is referring to, but a cough is heard that interrupts their conversation. It’s Vince, with WWE Champion Mahal by his side. Vince asks John how holding Undertaker’s Urn has been going? Cena, confused, answers ‘good I guess’. Vince asks Goldust where he’s been? Vince tells him they’ve been looking for him. Goldust is very nervous, which John sees. John asks Vince what he wants with Goldust? Vince says he already told him, he wants to offer Goldust a contract, snapping at Mahal who reveals the contract. Cena doesn’t buy it, but then the lights go off. They turn back on as Goldust is gone! Cena asks Vince what he did with Goldust, but Vince claims he has no idea. Vince suggests it seems like something the Wyatt’s would do. Vince leaves with an arrogantly smiling Jinder, as John looks on in distrust.


Hardcore Champion Big Show vs. Randy Orton

Objective: Win with Randy Orton

The Shield all hit the ring, in their patent way through the crowd. They Triple Powerbomb Big Show. They then grab a table from under the ring, and do it once more. The Shield stand over Big Show and bump fists.


Johnny Gargano & Apollo Crews vs. Titus O’Neil & Cruiserweight Champion Tommaso Ciampa

Objective: Win with O’Neil & Ciampa

The Titus Brand get ready to pummel Crews & Gargano, but Darren Young makes the save. He clotheslines Ciampa and then sends Titus over the top rope. Young helps Crews and Gargano up to their feet before shaking their hands.

Stephanie enters Vince’s office, saying that The Bar lost New Day’s Unicorn Horns. Vince says he isn’t worried too much about it, and that they got something much more valuable tonight. Sasha Banks walks in, greeted in open arms by Stephanie and Vince. Vince thanks Sasha for what she did last week. Vince says a lot of people will argue it was wrong, but Vince says he wants warriors in his company and not huggers. Sasha says she only cares about winning back her Raw Women’s Championship and getting back into the spotlight where she belongs. Sasha leaves as Big Show enters, arguing with United States Champion Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Big Show is angry neither of them came to help him against The Shield, but Owens claims they don’t even like Big Show and have no allegiance to him. Vince tells Owens he wants him to escort Zayn to the ring at Battleground and ensure he win. Owens laughs and says he was going to regardless of Vince’s permission. Owens and Zayn leave as Show complains about Owens’ attitude. Vince tells Big Show he didn’t like what he saw tonight, and expects more from his giant. Big Show says he was jumped, but wants a shot at The Shield. Stephanie suggests they put the Hardcore Championship on the line against a Shield member, so that they’ll agree to a match where Big Show can destroy them. Vince says it’s risky, but worth it if Big Show is the monster he claims to be. Vince schedules Dean vs Seth tomorrow night where the winner will take on Big Show for the Hardcore Championship at Battleground. Vince warns Big Show not to fail. Big Show leaves, but is quickly jumped by Universal Champion Roman Reigns outside the office. Reigns hasn’t forgotten what Big Show did to him, and spears him through a bunch of wooden palates. Reigns walks away from the carnage as Stephanie walks out of the office. She sees Big Show laid out and calls her father out to see.


WWE Champion Jinder Mahal & Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode vs. Daniel Bryan & Goldberg

Objective: Win with Bryan & Goldberg

Everyone is in shock when Goldberg arrives! Bryan announces Goldberg as his replacement for Sunday’s match! Jinder Mahal is enraged.

In the locker room, Randy Orton is packing his suitcase. John Cena walks in. He tells Randy he had a great match tonight, and needs a favor from him. John says that a lot of strange things have happened, and he thinks it’s only the beginning. He needs answers and he needs to find someone who can combat Vince with power. Randy says he doesn’t have any authority and can’t help him. John says that’s not what he needs from Randy. He says he needs Randy to open the Urn and send John into the past. Randy laughs and says there’s no way he’s doing that, but John insists he must find Shane. John believes he could maybe learn new information about what’s going on, at worst. Cena tells Randy to send him through Undertaker’s Urn and to take over leading for him here. Randy finally agrees, and opens the Urn which sucks John Cena through. Randy closes the Urn a bit freaked out, but says ‘that was pretty cool.’

Arena: Smackdown Live

Finn Balor hits the ring to start the show. He says that he wants a fair, one-on-one shot against Bobby Roode for the Intercontinental Championship at Battleground. Nothing happens, as Finn says he isn’t leaving the ring until he gets what he wants. A stalemate occurs until finally Vince McMahon’s music hits. Vince comes out and tells Finn he can’t just have a championship match, because then anyone could just ask Vince for one and he’d have to oblige. Vince has an idea though, and says that Finn Balor can face Randy Orton tonight. Vince leaves smiling while Finn is clearly disappointed.


Finn Balor vs. Randy Orton

Objective: Win with Finn Balor

Finn wins the match, but is ambushed by Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode. Roode screams at Finn Balor for disrespecting him and hits a Glorious DDT. He tells Finn he’ll see him at Battleground and accepts his challenge, then he will prove how glorious he is and Finn isn’t. Roode turns around into an RKO outta nowhere.

Baron Corbin is back. He is raiding someone’s locker. Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa, Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann enter asking what’s going on? Corbin attacks them and asks where Randy Orton’s locker is? Gallagher says it’s the next room over, then gets hit with a Big Boot from Corbin. Baron storms into Randy’s locker room and begins breaking everything. He rips a lock off all the lockers until he finds Undertaker’s Urn. Corbin snags it and leaves.


AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. The New Day

Objective: Win with Styles & Joe

Both teams are assaulted after the match. Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Usos and Rikishi beat up Styles & Joe. Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar beat up The New Day. The heel teams stand tall in the ring, hoisting their championship belts in the air while the crowd boos loudly.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is upset that Goldberg is going to be his opponent at Battleground. Stephanie tells him to calm down, as Goldberg isn’t here tonight and there’s nothing they can do. Vince enters with Undertaker’s Urn in hand. He claims that if Triple H got anything right, it’s his ability to recruit others who are more than willing to do his dirty work. Jinder begins to complain that no one is taking the Goldberg threat seriously, but Vince replies by telling Jinder to fetch Big Show for him. Jinder does, but is a little irritated that no one is concerned about Goldberg.


Charlotte Flair & Mickie James vs. Summer Rae & Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya

Objective: Win with Charlotte & Mickie, without letting Charlotte touch Natalya

The ring commentators remind the audience that Charlotte is not allowed to touch Natalya still, despite being in the same match. Mickie & Charlotte win the match as Natalya scurries back up the ramp, holding her championship belt tightly.

Orton is in his locker room, realizing Undertaker’s Urn is gone. He realizes Vince put him in the match with Balor so he could steal the Urn while Orton was busy in the ring. Orton is frustrated with himself as the Fashion Police walk in! They’re back! Orton is shocked to see them, asking how they escaped from the Wyatt’s? Orton asks if the Wyatt’s took them to their dark dimension (Orton being familiar with the Wyatt’s from his past)? The Fashion Police have no idea what Randy is talking about, saying they escaped the Wyatt’s weeks ago and hid under the ring. They joke that no one ever looks under the ring. Orton asks if they’ve been under the ring the whole time? They say no, they’ve been in Connecticut at the WWE Headquarters. They’ve been with Board of Director members reviewing the footage they recorded of Triple H sending Shane through Undertaker’s Urn. Orton says it doesn’t matter because he stupidly put Cena through the Urn and then lost said urn. The Fashion Police say that’s not a problem, because they uncovered something when reviewing the footage.


Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Objective: Win with Dean Ambrose

Stephanie is in the back office, and tells Vince that Ambrose won. Vince says he’d rather it be Rollins, because Ambrose can take a beating. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal enters with Hardcore Champion Big Show. Vince asks Stephanie and Jinder to excuse themselves. They leave as Vince asks Big Show to sit down. Vince tells Big Show that he never asked him to come back, and since he’s been back Big Show has been less a Big Show, and more of a Big Let Down. Big Show stands up and says he doesn’t need to be here. He turns around to see himself! It’s a younger version of Big Show. Big Show is confused and asks what the hell he’s looking at? Vince says it’s Big Show from the year 2000. Vince rambles on about needing a younger and more athletic Big Show, not some slow and out of shape one on a Legends Contract. Big Show turns back to Vince as Vince opens Undertaker’s Urn to send Big Show through it. Vince names Big Show 00′ the new Hardcore Championship, as the new Show picks up his new title. Vince wishes the new Big Show good luck for his upcoming match at Battleground versus Dean Ambrose.

Go to ‘title management’ and put the Hardcore Championship on Big Show ’00.

Arena: Battleground

Fireworks go off as ring commentators Cole, Saxton and Graves welcome everyone in to Battleground as they recap what happened to Big Show on Smackdown Live.

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH – Hardcore Championship

(C) Big Show ’00 vs. Dean Ambrose

Objective: Win with Dean Ambrose

Universal Champion Roman Reigns is watching backstage, pumped his buddy won. Rollins enters and tells Roman that he will be by his side tonight, since United States Champion Kevin Owens will be accompanying Sami Zayn in their match. Roman appreciates the support, and gives Seth the good news that Dean won his title match.

Baron Corbin is in his locker room. He turns around to see Randy Orton. Orton begins attacking Corbin as the two begin fighting backstage…


Randy Orton vs. Baron Corbin

Objective: Win with Orton

Orton beats Corbin down and begins questioning his actions on Tuesday night. Baron says he was just following orders from Vince, just like he was following orders from Triple H when he kidnapped Kofi. Orton lets Baron go, realizing that Vince is not back to stop Triple H from what he was doing, but that Vince is back to continue doing what Triple H was doing.

NORMAL MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship

(C) Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair

Objective: Win with Charlotte Flair

Vince is in his office with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, who is stretching for his match. Daniel Bryan walks in, which displeases Jinder. Vince tells Jinder to leave and go focus for his match, which he does. Daniel is with his wife Brie Bella and their baby. Vince says it was a mistake to bring his family here tonight, which Bryan doesn’t buy because he reveals this is his last night before he leaves. He just wants to see Goldberg rip the belt off of Mahal and watch Vince struggle to accomplish whatever it is he has up his sleeve. Vince denies any wrong doing, but Bryan brings up the fact that a much younger version of Big Show just wrestled. Vince asks Daniel to leave, which Bryan does confidently. Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode enters, and Vince scolds him for putting himself into a title match tonight. Vince tells Bobby he is not his son-in-law, and shows no favoritism towards anyone. Vince tells Bobby to take care of Finn tonight, or else.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) The Usos (with Rikishi) vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

Stephanie is backstage on the phone with her father. She says she knows what just happened and is also not happy with how the first three matches have gone. She hangs up, a bit irritated as Orton and The Fashion Police approach. They confront Stephanie about all the WWE items with mystical powers, and the fact Triple H corrected everyone by saying it’s actually voodoo powers. Stephanie says she has no clue what they are talking about and excuses herself, saying she has a show to run. She scurries off as the trio look convinced like they know something.

NORMAL MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Bobby Roode vs. Finn Balor

Objective: Win with Finn Balor

Titus is trying to get Cruiserweight Champion Tommaso Ciampa ready for his big match when Vince walks in. Vince claims that there has been too much failure tonight and that if Ciampa is unsuccessful tonight, he is disbanding the Titus Brand. Titus is not happy to hear that news, but Vince says he has given Titus everything he has needed to be a company front. He tells Titus that if he can’t keep one stinking championship within his brand, then he is useless. Titus understands as Vince wishes Ciampa luck tonight, and leaves.

NORMAL MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Roman Reigns (with Seth Rollins) vs. Sami Zayn (with United States Champion Kevin Owens)

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Owens tries to interfere until Rollins finally fights him off. Reigns gets the win, but the light suddenly go out. They turn back on as The Wyatt’s are all in the ring. Strowman drills Roman with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Dean Ambrose runs down to the ring as Rollins also heads in. The lights go off and on again, as the Wyatt’s are gone and Reigns avoids a possible Money in the Bank cash in.

Renee Young interviews Sasha Banks backstage, asking about her thoughts on Bayley not being medically cleared to return. Sasha says Bayley was just in her way of getting back to the top. She says that she wishes it wasn’t Bayley, but that hopefully she’ll understand one day. Sasha says she has to now go do the impossible, and defeat Asuka. Stephanie McMahon approaches in her wrestling attire and says ‘We have to defeat Asuka,’ escorting Sasha out.

NORMAL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka vs Sasha Banks (with Stephanie McMahon)

Objective: Help Sasha Banks win by being Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie interferes, which costs Asuka the match. It’s huge upset as everyone is in shock and begins booing very loudly. The ring commentators officially declare Asuka’s streak to be over, as Sasha Banks has ended it. Asuka confronts Stephanie and tosses her in the ring. Asuka kicks the crap out of Stephanie and puts her in the Asuka Lock. Sasha eventually breaks up the hold and rolls Stephanie out of the ring to safety as Asuka looks on infuriated she lost her title and streak.

HELL IN A CELL MATCH – Crusierweight Championship

(C) Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano

Objective: Win with Johnny Gargano

Gargano wins, but Ciampa is seriously injured in the ring. Gargano checks on his ex-friend as medics and paramedics arrive. They take Ciampa away on a stretcher as Gargano walks by his side up the ramp. Titus eventually comes out and yells at Gargano to get lost. Gargano drills Titus with his belt and then tosses him into the titantron screen. Gargano sees his old friend off as Titus lays knocked out.

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Jinder Mahal (with Vince McMahon) vs. Goldberg

Objective: Win with Goldberg

Vince tries to interfere, but Goldberg ends up Spearing him through the ropes! Goldberg wins the match as Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella and their baby come to the ring. Daniel shakes Goldberg’s hand and thanks him, wishing him good luck. The trio lead a big ‘Yes!’ chant around the arena. Vince begins to slowly get up, holding his ribs with a very angry look on his face.

Proceed to ‘Chapter Five – All of the Emperor’s Men’


GreenTimeSports WWE 2k18 Story Outline

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