GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Five – All of the Emperor’s Men

Arena: Raw

Vince McMahon comes down to the ring with bodyguard Jinder Mahal and daughter Stephanie. Vince says that last night was a complete disaster. He mentions Mahal losing his belt to the legendary Goldberg. Vince also mentions that Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe & Dean Ambrose ALL won their championship matches. Vince says all wasn’t lost though, as Sasha Banks came through. Vince praises his daughter for her involvement in destroying Asuka’s perfect streak. The Fashion Police interrupt on the stage and tell Vince that they have a clue as to what is going on. They begin an evidence slideshow on the big screen, showing some of the powerful items in WWE (Wyatt’s Lantern, Undertaker’s Urn, New Day’s Unicorn Horns). They then move on to ‘exhibit b’ which shows Vince using the urn on Triple H. They move to ‘exhibit c’ which shows Big Show ’00 walking around backstage. Vince asks what all of that proves? The Fashion Police respond by saying that Vince is after all of WWE’s powerful items like Triple H was, but believe Vince got rid of Triple H because he wants them for himself. Vince laughs with Mahal & Stephanie, telling them that if he wanted those items he would have them already. The Fashion Police say Vince is probably right, but there is one other thing he, Triple H & Stephanie have been after since taking over – and that’s all the championship belts. The Fashion Police say they have solved the case, and that the McMahon family is after all the championship belts because the belts posses similar powers that all the other WWE items posses. The Fashion Police believe that’s why non-champions feel a surge of electricity whenever they touch championship belts, because it’s infected with some sort of power. Vince says he has heard enough and orders Mahal to go attack the Fashion Police. Randy Orton comes in out of nowhere and RKO’s Mahal! Vince is fuming as the Viper exits the ring and heads towards the Fashion Police. The Fashion Police warn Vince they have sent their full report to the WWE Board of Directors to review. They smile on stage as Vince is not happy, with Stephanie trying to calm him down.


Sami Zayn (with United States Champion Kevin Owens) vs. Seth Rollins

Objective: Win with Seth Rollins

Owens tries to interfere in the match, but Rollins takes advantage and wins. Owens tries to attack Seth after the match, but Rollins escapes to safety.

In Vince’s office, Stephanie is trying to convince her father that they need to go full head with their plan now. Vince is reluctant, saying Triple H was doing the same and it got them here. Stephanie says that ‘company face’ doesn’t matter anymore, since the Fashion Police cracked the case. Vince says they only solved half the case, because no one knows how the championship belts work to summon their true powers. Stephanie agrees, but believes if the Fashion Police & Orton continue to snoop around then they’ll find out the truth like they already have done. Vince agrees, and says that getting Cena to use the Urn on himself was easy, but getting rid of Randy Orton might be more difficult. Mahal enters enraged, with an ice pack over his neck. He demands his WWE Championship rematch against Goldberg. Vince tells Jinder to calm down, and he’ll have revenge on Orton next week on Raw. He tells Jinder he won’t get a rematch against Goldberg because he has other plans for ‘Bill’. He tells Jinder that he will get a championship rematch though because Vince plans on carrying through with their ‘agreement’. Stephanie asks what deal they made? Vince tells Stephanie the plan is the same, only Jinder will be their ‘guy’. Stephanie doesn’t seem convinced or pleased to hear her father’s words.


NXT Women’s Champion Emma vs. Bayley

Objective: Win with Bayley

Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks comes out on stage after the match. She gloats about being the champion and that she doesn’t feel bad for Bayley. She tells Bayley she would turn her back on her again if it meant this belt was around The Boss’ waist. She tells Bayley she can’t hug a boss, but a boss can beat a hugger any day. Asuka’s music hits as the Empress of Tomorrow comes out on stage. Sasha begs her not to attack, but Asuka goes after the champion anyways. Bayley laughs from the ring as officials, including Stephanie McMahon, come out to get Asuka off the champion. Asuka screams she wants her rematch at SummerSlam.

Titus O’Neil is backstage on his cell phone. He is leaving Ciampa voice mails, worried about his client’s health. Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano approaches, and laughs at O’Neil. He tells Titus that he didn’t mean to break up his Titus Brand, but that he’s glad he did. Titus asks Gargano if he thinks hitting him in the head with his belt is funny, which Gargano admits it is. Titus becomes annoyed and tells Gargano he will see him in the ring later, before walking off.


Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar vs. Hardcore Champion Dean Ambrose & Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Ambrose & Reigns

Big Show ’00 comes out to the ring and assaults The Shield after. The Shield eventually overcome Big Show as Roman Spears him through the ring ropes. The Bar scurry away up the ramp to safety. Ambrose and Reigns go outside the ring and put Big Show through the commentary table! The Shield leave satisfied.

Darren Young approaches Apollo Crews backstage. He thanks Crews for his help last week, and says he is done with the Titus Brand completely. The two shake hands as Titus approaches, seeing this. He laughs and says they deserve each other, because his worldwide brand is about to take off now that he’s cut the dead weight. He tells them to watch his match tonight, because they might learn a thing or two. O’Neil walks off as Crews and Young are holding in laughs.


Titus O’Neil vs. Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano

Objective: Win with Johnny Gargano

Stephanie McMahon comes onto the stage after the match, congratulating Gargano on winning an epic rivalry against Ciampa. She tells Gargano that Ciampa is doing fine, but WWE is in no rush to bring him back from the hospital. She says that she thinks Gargano has much talent, but doesn’t know if she can trust him? She asks Gargano point blank if he is with or against the McMahons? Gargano says he only obeys the WWE fans, since they are the reason he does this for a living. A ‘Johnny Wrestling’ chant breaks out as Stephanie calls it cute, but pathetic. She tells Gargano his new career in the WWE may become a living hell, but she can’t say she didn’t warn him. Suddenly, Gargano is attacked by many cruiserweights that include Noam Dar, The Brian Kendrick & TJP! She tells Gargano, as he’s being beaten down, that he will defend his Cruiserweight belt against all three men on Raw next week! After another minute of assaults, Darren Young & Apollo Crews finally come down and make the save – much to Stephanie’s disapproval.


Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor vs. WWE Champion Goldberg

Objective: Win with Goldberg

Goldberg leaves the ring after the match as Bobby Roode comes through the crowd to attack Finn Balor. He yells about Finn stealing his glorious championship, but Goldberg comes back. Bobby doesn’t notice Goldberg behind him, and turns around into a Spear. Goldberg picks Roode up and Jackhammers him into the mat. Vince comes out on stage with Jinder Mahal. Vince tells Goldberg that he knows he is a force to be reckoned with, and that the Fashion Police already told the WWE Board of Directors what he and his family have been up to. Vince, therefore, states that it’s time to unload the big guns. Mahal hands Vince Undertaker’s Urn and tells Goldberg he will be defending his WWE Championship against someone inside the Urn. Vince tells Goldberg he is going to bring back the biggest, baddest wrestler in WWE history. Goldberg tells Vince to bring back whoever he wants. He says Daniel Bryan told him everything that has happened, and Goldberg will be damned if he lets Vince ruin the WWE for kids just like his own. Vince sarcastically tells Bill his words were moving, but admits that he forgot to mention he already summoned Goldberg’s opponent out of the urn. Jinder begins laughing as Andre the Giant’s music hits! Bobby Heenan walks out as a huge ‘Holy Shit’ chant breaks out. Heenan motions towards the entrance as out comes Andre the Giant! Goldberg stares down Andre as Vince & Jinder grin menacingly.

Arena: Smackdown Live


Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano, Apollo Crews & Darren Young vs. Noam Dar, TJP & The Brian Kendrick

Objective: Win with Gargano, Crews & Young

A limo arrives, as Jinder Mahal gets out of it. Stephanie then exits, followed by Vince. Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan then exit after Vince. All five begin walking but are stopped by the Big Show ’00. Big Show is concerned Vince lost faith in him and that he should challenge Goldberg instead of Andre – claiming to be the better giant. The two giants get into each other’s face, as Vince tells Show to calm down and meet him in his office later. Big Show leaves not very happy, as Vince tells Andre he will take care of it.


The Usos (with Rikishi) vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

Objective: Win with The Usos

The Usos grab microphones after the match and yell about wanting a rematch for their Smackdown Tag Team Championship. While they make their demands, and threats, Rikishi is beating the hell out of Slater & Rhyno. The Usos set the time and date, marking SummerSlam as when they want their rematch. The Usos say they get to pick the stipulation too, and that their match will be a Tornado Tag Team Match. They begin to join their father in beating up Slater & Rhyno, but Smackdown Tag Team Champion AJ Styles & Samoa Joe come down to make the save. The Usos & Rikishi leave the ring and retreat up the entrance ramp pleased with their work.

Renee Young is interviewing Natalya backstage. Natalya confirms she will take back her championship at SummerSlam, even saying that she may have some extra motivation for competing. Renee asks what she means, but Natalya tells her to not worry about it. The Fashion Police approach, asking Natalya what her involvement is with the McMahons? Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte approaches and lets out a loud ‘WOOOOO!’ as the fans echo her. Natalya tells Charlotte to pay close attention to her match tonight, because it will be a preview of what to expect at SummerSlam. Natalya storms off as Charlotte smiles, appreciating her new championship. The Fashion Police say they have a few questions for Charlotte, but she walks off ignoring them. Randy Orton approaches and suggests they should serve subpoenas, but Fandango & Breeze don’t know what that means.


United States Champion Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Hardcore Champion Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Baron Corbin interferes after the match. Owens & Zayn turn their attention to Seth Rollins, while Corbin goes after Ambrose. The three beat the hell out of Rollins & Ambrose – until Universal Champion Roman Reigns comes down to the ring. The trio scurry through the crowd as Reigns checks on his friends.

In Vince’s office, Stephanie tells Vince that her plan for Natalya should work well at SummerSlam. Vince agrees and says they still need to deal with Randy Orton. Big Show ’00 enters as Vince asks everyone to leave his office. They do. As Big Show begins to speak Vince quickly pulls out Undertaker’s Urn and sends Big Show through it. Vince, talking to himself, says that Big Show was always a failure and he doesn’t need him now that he has a true giant in Andre.


Natalya vs. Becky Lynch

Objective: Win with Natalya

Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte is watching backstage, as Crews & Young pass by celebrating their win earlier in the night. They come across Stephanie, who scolds them for getting into Gargano’s business on Monday Night Raw. She tells them as punishment they will face the Raw Tag Team Champions on Monday Night Raw. She leaves as Crews & Young are actually happy for the opportunity.


Bobby Roode vs. Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Jinder Mahal attacks Reigns after the match, announcing that he is using his championship rematch against Roman at SummerSlam! The rest of The Shield come out, but Jinder leaves the ring. Vince comes out on stage and admits what Mahal said is true. Vince tells Roman he’ll be needing his Universal Championship whether he likes it or not. Vince says the same goes for Dean Ambrose, as he’ll need the Hardcore Championship. Vince tells Dean that he will defend his Hardcore Championship against someone who deserves it – the man that brought him Undertaker’s Urn, Baron Corbin. Vince and Jinder laugh on stage as Ambrose & Rollins help Reigns up.

Arena: Raw

Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks comes down to the ring. She says she deserves all the respect she had while she was Bayley’s friend, and more. Sasha says she has never felt more disrespected in her life, then when Asuka attacked her a week ago. Banks tells Asuka she will humiliate her at SummerSlam, but Bayley interrupts. Bayley says that Sasha took shortcuts to be a champion, while Bayley got there the right way. Sasha tells Bayley she is pathetic and will never be a multi-time Raw Women’s Champion like herself. Bayley asks Banks to back up her talk by putting her championship on the line tonight. A loud ‘Yes!’ chant starts up as Stephanie McMahon comes out on stage. She tells Bayley that she’s delusional if she thinks she’s getting a championship match. Bayley pleads for an opportunity, so Sasha suggests having her face Nia Jax tonight to shut her up. Bayley says she will take on Nia Jax tonight, but if she wins she gets added to the Raw Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam. Stephanie looks at Sasha, who nods in approval. Banks suggests that Stephanie make it a Tables Match against Nia instead. Stephanie confirms the match and the stipulation for if Bayley wins.

Randy Orton is backstage and runs into The Fashion Police. He tells them that Andre is not the only one Vince brought back with the Urn. The Fashion Police want to know why Undertaker’s Urn has powers to begin with. They show Randy a picture, mentioning the shadowy figure with a cane and top hat they saw when Triple H sent Shane through the Urn. Vince approaches with Jinder Mahal, Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan. The Fashion Police quickly take the photo down, as Orton asks Vince if they need something? Vince tells Orton he maybe missed last week’s announcement, but he has a match with Jinder Mahal tonight. Orton laughs and says he didn’t forget, he just doesn’t need that much time to prepare for an opponent like Jinder. Mahal becomes upset and gets in Randy’s face, but Vince backs him off. Vince tells Randy that he’s not happy to see him playing clue with the Fashion Police, saying he used to be the Apex Predator. Vince tells Orton if he stops now, he’ll give him a nice pay increase with a championship opportunity. Randy says he’ll do one better, and offers to quit WWE if he loses a championship match. Vince loves the idea. Orton asks Vince who else he brought back from the past, but Vince walks off ignoring him.

FATAL-4-WAY MATCH – Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Johnny Gargano vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Noam Dar vs. TJP

Objective: Win with Johnny Gargano

After the match, Tyson Kidd returns! He comes out onto the stage and tells Gargano he was very impressive tonight. He reveals he has been brought back by Vince McMahon at the request of his wife Natalya. Kidd tells Gargano he may want to freshen up on his Smackdown history, because Kidd once ran the show and he’s prepared to do the same within 205. Gargano tells Kidd he just beat three of the best in 205, and that he will tear Tyson apart. Kidd says that Gargano will then have no problem defending the Cruiserweight Championship against him at SummerSlam, which Gargano accepts. Tyson warns Johnny he’s got wrestling legacy blood in his veins, and now he has support from the very top of the WWE. Kidd leaves giddy as Gargano goes back to celebrating his championship win.

Bobby Roode enters Vince’s office, revealing he was called in. Vince tells Bobby that he is not happy with Roode’s results lately, and wants an explanation. Roode asks for another chance, saying that Triple H wasn’t wrong about how glorious of a superstar he is. Vince says he needs warriors and not showmen, but Roode asks for one last opportunity. Vince agrees and tells Roode he will give him Finn Balor one more time at SummerSlam in a Tables Match (inspired by Banks & Stephanie’s earlier idea). Vince tells Bobby that he should use the next few weeks to show Vince he made the right decision. Roode leaves confidently, thanking Vince.


Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar vs. Darren Young & Apollo Crews

Objective: Win with Darren Young & Apollo Crews

The Bar are upset by Crews & Young, to everyone’s shock. Cole jokes that Darren Young is just underrated, since this is yet another upset victory for him. The Bar are livid as Crews & Young celebrate walking back up the ramp.

Stephanie is watching in Vince’s office and says she’s still not satisfied. Vince says that many of these superstars are Triple H’s hand picked competitors, and he feels they need to trim the fat. Stephanie asks what Vince suggests, as Vince replies that many of their champions need to prove their worth. He asks for United States Champion Kevin Owens. Stephanie leaves to grab him, as Vince stares at Undertaker’s Urn and smiles.


Nia Jax vs. Bayley

Objective: Win with Bayley

Bayley wins the match, as Banks tries to attack after. Bayley actually puts Banks through a table herself! Stephanie comes out on stage. She congratulates Bayley for winning, but has an announcement. With recent comments made by her father not long ago, Stephanie tells a laid out Sasha Banks that she must prove her worth to the McMahons. In doing so, Stephanie puts Alexa Bliss into the Raw Women’s Championship Match – stating that Bliss has already proven her worth as their champion. Stephanie tells Sasha that if she’s the boss she claims she is, then she will have no problem winning. Stephanie warns Asuka and Bayley if they win at SummerSlam, it’ll be the greatest mistake they ever made. Stephanie leaves satisfied as Bayley is then flattened by Nia in the ring.

United States Champion Kevin Owens walks into Vince’s office with Sami Zayn. Vince tells the both of them he never recruited them, and so he owes them nothing. He wants to know why they feel deserving to be their champions, but Owens says if Vince would watch his own product he would already know they are the two best performers in WWE. Vince tells Owens he has a loud mouth, but Vince appreciates that. Vince says Owens still needs to prove himself, and promised Orton a championship match at SummerSlam. Vince schedules Owens vs. Orton at SummerSlam for the United States Championship. Zayn asks where his opportunity is, as Vince responds by saying Sami is lucky he hasn’t been sent through the Urn for his failures. Zayn tells Vince to relax, because although he doesn’t have a championship around his waist he is still useful. Vince agrees, claiming Zayn’s brain is bigger than his brawn. He tells Sami that for some added insurance that Roman Reigns loses his belt, Vince puts Sami in the Roman Reigns & Jinder Mahal match at SummerSlam for the Universal Championship. Zayn is ecstatic as everyone in the arena boos. Sami & Kevin leave the office giddy as Vince looks at Undertaker’s Urn again.


Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal

Objective: Win with Jinder Mahal

United States Champion Kevin Owens costs Orton the match, and then attacks him after. Jinder watches in the ring, smiling as Universal Champion Roman Reigns’ music hits. Roman makes his way to the ring, only for Sami Zayn to ambush him from behind. The rest of The Shield shows up, which also triggers Baron Corbin. An all out brawl is occurring on the entrance ramp. Goldberg’s music hits as the WWE Champion comes out on stage. He runs through everyone until he makes it to the ring. Goldberg grabs a microphone and very simply states that Andre the Giant is NEXT! Bobby Roode comes from behind Goldberg and low blows him. Roode yells it’s payback and that he has to prove himself to Vince. Roode goes for the Glorious DDT, but Goldberg reverses it into a Spear. He then Jackhammers Roode into the mat. Andre’s music hits as he comes out on stage with Bobby Heenan. The ring commentators comment on the amount of chaos currently ensuing. Andre destroys everyone on the stage (just like Goldberg did) before making his way to the ring. He gets up on the apron as a loud ‘This is awesome’ chant breaks out. Andre laughs at Goldberg before stepping down from the apron and leaving up the entrance ramp with Heenan. Goldberg stares back at Andre with a confident smile.

Arena: Smackdown Live


Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Alicia Fox (with Noam Dar)

Objective: Win with Charlotte Flair

Natalya comes onto the stage after the match. She tells Charlotte she will not fail like Alicia Fox just did. Natalya calls Fox and her fake boyfriend Dar losers, revealing to Dar that Vince is not happy he and the other cruiserweights failed to take the belt off of Gargano. Natalya claims her husband will get the job done, because her family’s bloodline is strong. Natalya turns her attention to Charlotte, saying she can almost guarantee a victory at SummerSlam. Natalya tells Charlotte that sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. She begins laughing and leaves as Charlotte looks confused by Natty’s statement.

The Fashion Police have a big spider diagram in their locker room on who they think could be the mysterious shadow figure in their photo. They wonder why no one has used the championship belts’ powers yet, as Fandango suggests maybe they’re wrong and not real cops. Breeze slaps Fandango and tells him he’s a great cop, building Fandango’s confidence. Breeze believes that the championship belts DO harness powers like Wyatt’s Lantern and Undertaker’s Urn, but thinks they need to figure out why these items have powers to begin with. Breeze thinks that will lead them to the answers they seek. They say the only two people in the room with Shane and the mysterious figure were Triple H & Big Boss Man, both of which are gone. Fandango suggests they do some research, and busts open a laptop.


Baron Corbin vs Seth Rollins (with Hardcore Champion Dean Ambrose)

Objective: Win with Seth Rollins

Stephanie enters the backstage office with Undertaker’s Urn, telling Vince that Natalya should be secured for SummerSlam. Vince reveals to Stephanie that an NXT event is taking place the night before SummerSlam, and wants to know why he wasn’t informed. Stephanie says that she didn’t think it was important, but Vince says that NXT is his son-in-law’s brain child. Vince says the NXT belts are just as important, and that he would like to be in Brooklyn where the show will be held. Stephanie is not sure that’s a good idea, but Vince says that he doesn’t have a choice and will need Stephanie to handle Raw and Smackdown next week while he takes care of NXT.

Seth Rollins and Hardcore Champion Dean Ambrose approach Universal Champion Roman Reigns, celebrating their victory. Rollins tells Dean that Corbin won’t stand a chance at SummerSlam, but he stops spewing when he sees Jinder Mahal and Sami Zayn behind Roman. Roman turns around and asks if there is a problem, as United States Champion Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin attack Rollins & Ambrose. The Shield are outnumbered, as the four carry Seth Rollins away after beating down Ambrose and Reigns.


Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor vs. Dolph Ziggler

Objective: Win With Finn Balor

Renee Young interviews Balor in the ring once the match is over. Before Renee can finish her question, Bobby Roode ambushes Finn with a chair. Renee runs as Roode drills Balor with the chair over and over again. Roode rips apart the announce table and drags Finn out to it. He hits him more with the chair and then tops it off with a Glorious DDT through the table! Roode grabs another table out of the ring and sets it up. He then pulls out a ladder. He hits another Glorious DDT onto Finn, which lands on a chair. A bloody Finn is placed on the table, as Roode climbs the ladder. He does his glorious pose, before delivering an Elbow Drop from the top of the ladder. Roode grabs the microphone and says he just proved how gloriously dangerous he actually is. He tells Finn that he’ll be taking the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. He throws the microphone at Finn and leaves ringside with a sick smile.

Vince is pleased with what he saw from Bobby Roode, and tells Stephanie there are hidden gems like Bobby waiting for him at NXT. Stephanie is about to hug Vince goodbye, but Ambrose & Reigns storm in. They want all four men who attacked tonight in a match, but Vince says he is leaving and can’t do that. Stephanie suggests the two of them take on Smackdown Tag Team Champion AJ Styles & Samoa Joe instead. Reigns doesn’t see the logic behind it, but Stephanie says they don’t have a choice and to go to the ring now. They leave and Stephanie tells her father goodbye. Vince tells Stephanie there’s something he needs her to do while he’s’ gone. He hands her back Undertaker’s Urn and a list.


Hardcore Champion Dean Ambrose & Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champion AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

The Usos and Rikishi attack Styles & Joe following the match. The Shield try to save them, but are quickly cut off by the four who attacked them earlier (Owens, Zayn, Corbin & Mahal). Randy Orton runs out to help as a massive brawl breaks out. The lights go out and turn back on. The Wyatt Family are on the big screen. Braun Strowman has his Money in the Bank Briefcase in his hands. Wyatt laughs and says he enjoys watching the pawns in war get so feisty, but says someone is knocking on their front door. Bray tells the Fashion Police they escaped from them once, but it won’t happen again. Wyatt invites the Fashion Police to come find them, and then maybe they’ll find out more answers regarding their championship questions. Wyatt laughs and says they can always take the easy way out instead…and RUN!

Arena: Raw

The Fashion Police head to the ring. They tell the Wyatt’s they accept their weird offer to come look for answers. A loud laugh is heard throughout the arena before Bray appears on the big screen. He tells the two that their curiosity will be their downfall. He says with all their questions lately, it was only a matter of time before they came looking for him… the camera pans down to Goldust, who is tied up. The Fashion Police begin to become anxious, as Bray laughs telling them to come find him. The big screen turns off as The Fashion Police run towards the back. They run around until the lights turn off. They turn back on as Erick Rowan appears. Fandango tells Breeze to go find Bray and he’ll take care of Rowan…


Fandango vs. Erick Rowan

Objective: Win with Fandango

Stephanie is on the phone in her office, explaining to Vince on the other line that she plans to follow through with the list he gave her. An official walks in and hands Stephanie a piece of paper that reveals the WWE Board of Directors is sending a representative the night after SummerSlam. Vince, on speaker phone, explains that it doesn’t matter because he’s in charge as majority shareholder. Stephanie says that’s true but as shareholders, the WWE Board of Directors can send someone with equal power, just like they sent Daniel Bryan. Vince says he’s the one who sent Daniel Bryan as his puppet, but Bryan was smarter than anticipated. Vince tells Stephanie he’ll see her at SummerSlam and not to worry. She hangs up, but looks a little concerned. Jinder Mahal walks in and tells Stephanie the room is ready. She pulls out Undertaker’s Urn and says it’s time. They leave but are interrupted by Titus O’Neil. He wants another chance to prove to Stephanie that the Titus Brand will work, and asks for a match tonight. She’s annoyed, but agrees to set something up. Titus leaves happy.


Raw Tag Team Champion Cesaro (with Sheamus) vs. Apollo Crews (with Darren Young)

Objective: Win with Apollo Crews

Tyler Breeze is walking around backstage, calling for Goldust. He then calls for Fandango, before he hears weird noises. The lights go out and turn back on as Luke Harper appears…


Tyler Breeze vs. Luke Harper

Objective: Win with Tyler Breeze

Stephanie enters her office with Jinder, saying that was easier than expected. NXT Women’s Champion Emma is waiting, revealing Stephanie had called her in earlier. Stephanie tells Emma her father was not happy she lost to Bayley and that he expects better results from her at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. Emma laughs saying Bayley’s win was a fluke and that she’ll continue to be the NXT Women’s Champion. Stephanie stops Emma from leaving, and warns her that Vince was clear she would be gone if she didn’t win. Stephanie claims her father is on a zero tolerance policy. Emma understands and leaves.


Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks & Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley & Asuka

OBJECTIVE: Win with Bayley & Asuka

Tyler Breeze and Fandango are calling out for Goldust. They approach each other, but have their backs turned and don’t realize it. They touch back-to-back and turn around freaking out. They are relieved to find one another, as each admit they encountered a Wyatt Family member. As they recount what happened, it’s actually happening again as they describe it. They mention the weird noise, which Fandango points out is happening. They mention the lights going out, which goes out on cue. Then they mention the lights turning back on, which they do. Then they mention a Wyatt Family member waiting, which is happening as Braun Strowman is standing behind them. They turn around to see Strowman, before screaming and running. Braun yells his name and chases them down the hallway.


Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Reigns demands to know where his brother Seth Rollins is, but Zayn and Jinder come out on stage. They brag that there’s going to be two of them at SummerSlam and Roman will be outnumbered. They reveal Seth is recovering from the epic beating they gave him, which Sami says is a shame because Seth won’t be able to watch both of his brothers lose their championship belts at SummerSlam. United States Champion Kevin Owens attacks Reigns off the distraction, as Zayn and Mahal head to the ring. Randy Orton and Hardcore Champion Dean Ambrose run down to make the save, but are ambushed by Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow! The ring commentators are stunned to see those two and begin to question why? The Shield are once again outnumbered (along with Orton), as they lay beaten in the ring and on the entrance ramp. Zayn holds up the Universal Championship, but quickly drops it after feeling a zap. Jinder picks it up right away and poses with it himself, feeling the electricity but enjoying it. Sami laughs before going after Jinder. Owens backs Sami off of Jinder, as Mahal drops the belt and walks off satisfied. Zayn chases Jinder asking what the hell that was about, asking Jinder if he too felt the zap? Jinder responds that he did, and it was only the beginning. Jinder walks off as Zayn stops, confused what that means.

Stephanie is talking to someone backstage in her office. Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar storm in and they’re not happy. They demand to face Crews & Young in an Extreme Rules Match to teach them a lesson. Stephanie is somewhat against the idea, but Cesaro & Sheamus say they want to put their belts on the line too. Stephanie is really against the idea now, but The Bar convince her that they will make Crews & Young pay for their actions against the McMahon family. Stephanie gives in, scheduling the match for SummerSlam – but warns them they won’t get a rematch if they fail. The Bar is satisfied and leaves. Stephanie says, ‘now where were we.’ She turns around to start her conversation with someone, claiming the Hardcore Championship belongs to ‘them’. The camera turns to show Stephanie is speaking with Mankind, Dude Love & Cactus Jack [’92]!


Titus O’Neil vs. Andre the Giant (with Bobby Heenan)

Objective: Win with Andre the Giant

Goldberg’s music hits as the WWE Champion comes out on stage. He heads for the ring as Andre runs towards Goldberg. Goldberg hits the Spear on Andre as the place erupts! Goldberg chants are heard throughout as he calls for the Jackhammer. Heenan gets in the way of Goldberg, so Bill Spears Bobby instead. The Fashion Police begin running down the entrance ramp, being followed by Braun Strowman. The Fashion Police hide behind Goldberg. Strowman stares down Goldberg and then looks at his Money in the Bank Briefcase. Strowman gets into the ring and goes eye-to-eye with Goldberg, almost studying him. Goldberg tells Braun to make a move. Braun goes to strike Goldberg, but Bray appears on the big screen. He begins to laugh and tells Strowman to stand down. Bray knows Goldberg’s true power and tells Strowman he can’t afford to lose his monster. Braun backs down, although a bit insulted by Bray’s words, as Goldberg laughs and grabs a microphone. Goldberg tells Bray that maybe he and the cops need to come find Bray right now. Bray laughs and says there is no need for that, and tells Goldberg that if he lets his monster walk away he will leave the Fashion Police alone. Breeze says that’s not good enough, and they want answers. Bray says very well as the lights go off. They turn back on as Braun Strowman is gone and Goldust is in the ring, scared.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor is in the ring with Renee Young. Finn says he is going to finish the interview he started last week. Only he is interrupted on stage by Bobby Roode, who says he is here to ruin another interview for Finn. Roode says last time they saw each other he used chairs, ladders and tables to prove to Vince how glorious he was and how terrible Finn is. Finn repeats the weapons Roode claimed to use, which confuses Roode. Balor says that’s what they’ll do at SummerSlam, they’ll fight in a TLC Match instead! Roode is clearly not a fan of the idea, but eventually gives in.


Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Tamina (with Natalya)

Objective: Win with Charlotte Flair

Natalya tries to distract Charlotte during the match, which fails. However, a masked man distracts Charlotte after the match. Natalya enters and drills Charlotte with an elbow to her back. Natalya puts Charlotte into the Sharpshooter as the masked man takes off his mask to reveal himself as Natalya’s father Jim Neidhart. The two hug as Jim raises his daughter’s arm in the air.

Stephanie is in her office as Hardcore Champion Dean Ambrose and Universal Champion Roman Reigns enter. They want her to stop having superstars ambush them, but she asks what are they going to do about it? Diesel, Bam Bam Bigelow, Mankind, Dude Love & Cactus Jack [’92] appear. Stephanie tells The Shield that her father left her with some reinforcements while he tended to NXT. Dean calls her a bitch and that she won’t be invincible forever. She begs to differ and decides to add every single competitor in the office to Dean’s Hardcore Championship Match at SummerSlam. She makes it a 7-man Ladder Match. Reigns says they should leave before she does something worse. Stephanie tells Dean to never call her a bitch again, and that he will have a difficult time defending his Hardcore Championship against the Hardcore legends that stand behind her now.


Smackdown Tag Team Champion AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. The Usos & Rikishi

Objective: Win with The Usos & Rikishi

After the match, Rikishi sets up AJ and Joe on top of one another. Each Uso goes to a different turnbuckle and hit the Uso Splash onto both Joe & AJ. The crowd boos as Rikishi raises his children’s hands in celebration.

United States Champion Kevin Owens is being interviewed by Renee Young. Owens says the interview should be with the future Universal Champion Sami Zayn. Zayn enters the scene and thanks Kevin for the kind words. Zayn says he’ll never be as good of a Universal Champion as Kevin is United States Champion. The two continue to compliment each other until Jinder Mahal approaches. Jinder reminds Sami that he is Vince’s personal bodyguard and ambassador to the great nation of India. Jinder claims the only reason Sami is in the match is to ensure the Maharaja’s win. Kevin asks what Jinder just called himself, and Mahal replies it means ‘Indian Prince’. Zayn & Owens laugh, telling Mahal that bodyguards aren’t princes. Mahal punches a wall! This quiets Owens & Zayn. Mahal says he won’t just be a bodyguard for long and walks away. Owens and Zayn are confused by Mahal’s words, but continue to laugh once he’s gone.


Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano vs. The Brian Kendrick (with Tyson Kidd)

Objective: Win with Johnny Gargano

The two cruiserweights team up on Gargano, until the champion comes back and takes out both Kendrick and Kidd. Tyson escapes the ring, but Kendrick isn’t so luck as he’s put into Gargano’s Escape. Kidd looks worried as he makes his way up the entrance ramp.


Hardcore Champion Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton & Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. United States Champion Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & Jinder Mahal

Objective: Win with Ambrose, Orton & Reigns

After, all the past superstars Stephanie brought back slowly walk towards the ring along with Baron Corbin. Ambrose, Reigns & Orton hold their ground – as the superstars attack. They are no match, as The Shield & Orton are overpowered. They are beaten down in the middle of the ring as all the heels stand tall in the ring. Suddenly, Mahal hits a vicious Khallas on Zayn and exits the ring twitching his head with almost no control. Owens screams at Jinder and checks on his friend.

The Fashion Police are interrogating Goldust backstage somewhere. They tell Goldust to start talking, but Goldust says it’s not safe to talk. The Fashion Police say no one is safe if there’s WWE items and championships with mystical powers floating around. Goldust corrects them, saying they’re ‘voodoo’ powers and people need to start realizing that. Breeze remembers they approached Stephanie about Triple H’s voodoo claims. Fandango plays bad cop – saying good men like Cena and Shane have been lost because of what’s going on. Breeze stops Fandango saying ‘Voodoo! That’s it!’ Tyler Breeze runs out excitingly, as Goldust asks where Breeze went – as he was going to give them all the information he knows. Fandango pulls out a notepad and tells Goldust it’s going to be a long night, asking if he wants any coffee?

Arena: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

Vince McMahon is already in the ring when the show starts. Vince says he wants to use this opportunity to get to know some of the NXT talent this evening. Vince says that he promises to pick up right where Triple H left off. NXT Champion Roderick Strong comes out and says that Triple H was not a good leader, and Vince shouldn’t follow in his footsteps. Vince laughs and says Strong is only champion because he was desperate enough to put his career on the line. Vince mentions that Roderick Strong is not his ideal champion, as Strong seems to disrespect authority – so he will be facing Sanity’s Eric Young tonight for the championship. Kassius Ohno comes back, saying he was still suspended by Triple H despite Strong beating Bobby Roode at the last NXT event. Ohno wants a match upon his return tonight, which Vince says he can give Ohno. Vince agrees with his son-in-law that Ohno is too much of a risk to be around NXT. Vince gives Ohno a match, but says if he looses he will not continue the suspension- rather he’ll be fired! Vince tells Ohno his match is next. Vince tells Ohno not to worry though, because Ohno is facing a newcomer – so it should be an easy win for him.


Kassius Ohno vs. Lars Sullivan

Objective: Win with Lars Sullivan

Ohno looks disappointed after his loss. The crowd starts a ‘thank you Ohno’ chant as Kassius becomes tear eyed. Suddenly, Hideo Itami comes out to the ring! He hugs Ohno and says he wishes him good luck, before leveling him! Itami tells Ohno that he disrespected the boss and that Itami is here to put the final nail in Ohno’s coffin. No Way Jose comes out to make a save, running Itami out of the ring. Jose tells Itami that he won’t stand by while good wrestlers continue to be beaten and screwed within NXT. Jose challenges Itami to a match right now, saying that he will stand up to guys like Itami for guys like Ohno. Hideo laughs and accepts the challenge, but wants to make it an Extreme Rules Match before getting into the ring.


Hideo Itami vs. No Way Jose

Objective: Win with Hideo Itami

Vince is in his backstage office watching the event. He crosses No Way Jose’s name off a list, rendering him useless like Kassius Ohno. NXT Women’s Champion Emma walks in, as Vince asks her if Stephanie relayed his message to her? Emma says she got the message and won’t let Vince down. Vince tells Emma if she looses tonight she won’t get another championship match because he needs the best NXT has to offer as his champions. Emma tells Vince she is the best and will prove it tonight. Emma walks out confidently as Vince smiles. Authors of Pain enter the office, revealing they lost their NXT Tag Team Championship rematch. Vince tells AOP not to worry, and that he has bigger plans for them within NXT. Ellering asks about Sanity, but Vince says he has big plans for them too – as Triple H was very high on both factions.

Make sure the NXT Tag Team Championships are on both Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – NXT Tag Team Championship

(C) Sanity (Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain with Eric Young) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass (with Carmella)

Objective: Win with Enzo & Cass

Enzo & Cass, along with Cass’ girlfriend Carmella, return to everyone’s shock – winning the belts. Vince is watching backstage, saying he isn’t happy but claims Sanity still has one more match to prove themselves. Hideo Itami enters the office, at the request of Vince. Vince appreciates that Itami ‘stood up’ to doubters like Kassius Ohno and No Way Jose. Vince says Itami has always been an impressive talent, and after tonight’s actions – Vince sees no reason to hold Itami back. Itami tells Vince he would be happy to fight for him, and asks to be unleashed on the main roster. Vince agrees.

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Emma vs. Ember Moon

Objective: Win with Ember Moon

Vince comes out onto the stage after the match. He tells Emma he’s disappointed in her, but will deal with her another night. He tells Ember not to get comfortable as new NXT Women’s Champion, because she has another match right now! Suddenly, Sanity’s Nikki Cross drills Ember Moon from behind…

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Women’s Championship (turn entrance OFF)

(C) Ember Moon vs. Nikki Cross

Objective: Win with Nikki Cross

Cross takes advantage of the attack and wins the championship off of Ember Moon, in what Vince calls an impromptu match. Vince laughs at what occurred before walking backstage.

In the locker room, Ohno is packing his bags as No Way Jose, TM61 and others are saying their goodbyes. Ohno stops at NXT Champion Roderick Strong and asks Roddy to kick Eric Young’s ass tonight, if anything to send Vince and Triple H a message. Strong tells Ohno he will continue fighting for NXT and hugs Ohno goodbye. Strong leaves for his match as Ohno continues his goodbyes backstage.

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Championship

(C) Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young (with Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain & Sawyer Fulton)

Objective: Win with Eric Young

Sanity has too many numbers for Strong to overcome, as Young wins the NXT Championship. Vince comes down to congratulate Eric Young on his victory. Vince says he was impressed with Sanity this evening. He waives off the lost NXT Tag Team Championship, saying he has a backup plan for that. Vince officially welcomes Sanity to the main roster after tonight, saying he needs them in order to accomplish big things. NXT Women’s Champion Nikki Cross comes down to hug and celebrate with Eric Young, as Vince raises all of their hands in the middle of the ring.

Arena: SummerSlam

Ring commentators Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton welcome everyone to SummerSlam!

Randy Orton is in his locker room when the Fashion Police arrive. They wish Orton luck in his United States Championship match, claiming it’s the biggest match in Orton’s life. Randy laughs, saying he’s headlined Wrestlemania, fought Undertaker at Hell in a Cell and battled Cactus Jack in a Street Fight. Orton says this match tonight is important, but not the biggest in his career. The Fashion Poilce disagree, saying they learned amazingly new secrets about the championship belts from Goldust. Orton asks how Goldust would know, as The Fashion Police say that the gold paint on his face is another powerful WWE item. Goldust’s gold face paint gives him immediate visions for what’s happening with each championship in WWE history. Goldust claims his face paint received the powers a long time ago during the Attitude Era. Vince wanted someone to keep track of all the WWE championships (as a watchful eye), and since Goldust was obsessed with gold – Vince offered the power to Goldust. Orton claims ‘that’s gnarly’. They tell Orton if what Goldust said is true, it’s imperative that they collect all the WWE Championship belts before Vince & Stephanie do. Orton vows to beat Kevin Owens tonight, and leaves.

NORMAL MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship

(C) Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya (with Jim Neidhart)

Objective: Help Natalya win by being Jim Neidhart

Neidhart interferes so that his daughter can win the championship. Charlotte looks heartbroken in the ring, as the Neidharts walk up the entrance ramp celebrating their new belt.

Vince arrives in a limo as Stephanie meets him. She says that Natalya won her match, and allowing Jim Neidhart to return through Undertaker’s Urn was a brilliant idea. Vince asks where Andre and Heenan are, as Stephanie reveals they are getting ready for their match. Stephanie tells Vince that the Fashion Police spoke to Goldust while Vince was away, but she doesn’t know what he told them. Vince says they need to assume Goldust told them everything, and tells Stephanie he has a plan.

NORMAL MATCH – Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Johnny Gargano vs. Tyson Kidd

Objective: Win with Johnny Gargano

Vince comes out on stage after the match. He congratulates Gargano on winning, but says Kidd was never the answer Vince had for taking the belt off of Gargano. He only gave Kidd the opportunity because his wife, Natalya, asked. Vince admits Tyson did wonderful things while in WWE, but he is past his prime and still somewhat injured. Vince says he needs someone stronger, and more resilient to take the belt off of Gargano. Hideo Itami drills Gargano from behind, and hits the GTS on him. Vince says Gargano has met the newest member of the WWE main roster and the new number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship… Hideo Itami. Itami stands tall and proud in the ring while the crowd boos.

Randy Orton is walking backstage and passes a crying Charlotte Flair. Orton says that she shouldn’t be hard on herself, and that Natalya cheated anyways. Charlotte knows, but says she thought she was better. Orton recommends evening the playing field. Charlotte doesn’t understand, so Orton says that her father is a 16-time champion. Charlotte says her father is in critical condition now and couldn’t possibly make one of her events. Orton says, ‘If only there was something in WWE that could allow you access to your father in his prime.’ Orton walks away as Charlotte ponders Orton’s comments.

TLC MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Finn Balor vs. Bobby Roode

Objective: Win with Bobby Roode

Vince is watching in his office, saying that Roode actually came through and he’s glad. Suddenly, the lights go off in Vince’s office and turn back on. One of the Wyatt’s sheep masks with blood are on Vince’s desk. Stephanie screams as Vince analyses the mask. Stephanie asks what they want (referring to the Wyatt’s)? Vince says he isn’t sure, but it feels like a threat.

TORNADO TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. The Usos

Objective: Win with Styles & Joe

Rikishi pulls his kids out of the ring, as the Revival show up after the match. They charge the ring and begin beating down Styles & Joe. They hit the Shatter Machine onto both Joe & Styles. They hold the Smackdown Tag Team Championship in the air, but feel the same electricity Charlotte felt a while back, and drop the belts quickly. A bit freaked out, The Revival leave the ring and admire the destruction they just handed out. The claim they aren’t here to stay, just to send a message before going back to NXT.

Andre and Bobby are in their locker room as Stephanie walks in. She wanted to see if they needed anything before their match. Bobby says he needs answers, like why they were summoned to present day and fighting a war with Vince they don’t fully understand? Stephanie admits that they are using Andre to help capture all the gold within WWE, and he is one of the only men who can stop Goldberg. Bobby wants to know exactly why they need all the championship belts, but Stephanie says they will find out if they can complete the work they brought here to do. Heenan claims Andre will squash anybody and that Vince will be proud of them. Heenan walks out and gives back a look of distrust. A WWE official comes in at Stephanie’s request. Stephanie tells the official to let everyone know that her father has added an eigth competitor to the Hardcore Championship Ladder Match. The official runs off.

8-MAN LADDER MATCH – Hardcore Championship

(C) Dean Ambrose vs. Diesel vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Baron Corbin vs. Cactus Jack ’92 vs. Mankind vs. Dude Love vs. Killian Dain

Objective: Win with Killian Dain

Dain enters the match to everyone’s surprise, even more shocking is that he wins! Vince comes out on stage after the match and says that he is welcoming in the newest faction to the main roster, Sanity! Vince tells everyone to get used to Killian Dain and others running roughshod through the WWE. Vince claims that his son-in-law’s army is now his, and the emperor has all of his men. Vince laughs and walks off stage as Dain celebrates his new won gold.

EXTREME RULES TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) The Bar vs. Apollo Crew & Darren Young

Objective: Win with The Bar

The Bar aren’t done after the match, as the Raw Tag Team Champions continue their beat down on Crews & Young after the match. Titus O’Neil heads to the ring, and saves his former clients from their beating. The Bar leave the ring, but return when Titus turns his back to check on Crews & Young. The Bar beat down Titus O’Neil, then leave when they’re satisfied the damage has been done.

Dean Ambrose storms into Vince’s office, demanding his rematch on Raw. Vince tells Dean to calm down and asks where his two brothers are? Dean says Roman is getting ready for his match, then tells Vince he should know where Rollins is. Vince laughs and tells Dean he sees great potential in him, but he is clouded by empathy. Vince tells Dean that he can have a Hardcore Championship rematch on Raw, but warns him that Killian Dain isn’t the only member of Sanity here tonight. Roderick Strong enters the office! He tells Vince that he’s glad Dain isn’t the only Sanity member there tonight, because he wants his NXT Championship rematch. Vince laughs and threatens to get security, but Strong pulls out his contract to show Vince he can choose his rematch anytime and any place. Vince, with his hands tied, agrees to Strong’s rematch but it will be tonight. Vince tells the both of them to get the hell out of his office. They leave as Vince calls Stephanie, who is somewhere in the arena. Vince asks his daughter to bring him Undertaker’s Urn and Bam Bam Bigelow. He has an idea.

NORMAL MATCH – United States Championship

(C) Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton

Objective: Win with Randy Orton

Owens is livid after the match, and begins throwing a temper tantrum. Orton smiles with his new belt, heading up the entrance ramp. Sami Zayn attacks Orton from behind! He begins stomping him repeatedly as Owens comes out to help. Zayn hits Randy with a Helluva Boot, before Owens Popup Powerbombs Orton onto the stage. Officials come out to tend to Orton, along with the Fashion Police, as Zayn & Owens happily walk away from the damage they just caused Orton.

Stephanie is walking backstage. She sees a small light coming from a closet door. She quickly opens it to find Goldust, startled. She asks Goldust what he’s doing in a closet? He said he’s trying to stay low from her and her family. Stephanie asks Goldust what he told the Fashion Police? Goldust admits he told them everything, everything about the true power the WWE Championship belts hold along with his face paint. He also told them what potentially happens when someone possesses all of the championships at once. Stephanie says that he made a big mistake, but Goldust fires back saying her family made the mistake by revealing this whole new world to superstars, fans and the WWE Board of Directors. Stephanie warns Goldust that he will pay for his actions, which Goldust replies that the same can be said for Stephanie. Goldust does his weird bite towards Stephanie and scurries off, as Stephanie watches him – pondering.

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Championship

(C) Eric Young (with Alexander Wolfe, Sawyer Fulton & Nikki Cross) vs. Roderick Strong

Objective: Win with Roddy Strong

The lights go out as Eric Young is about to win. They turn back on as a bloody sheep mask is laying by Sanity’s feet outside the ring. Young, distracted, is pinned by Strong. Sanity hits the ring fuming, as Strong escapes with his new championship. Sanity circles the ring, wondering what just happened. The lights go back off, and turn back on as the word ‘RUN!’ is written in blood on the ring canvas. Sanity is freaked out.

Vince is watching in his office, and becomes nervous himself. Bam Bam Bigelow walks in with Undertaker’s Urn. Vince says that Bigelow was always one of his favorite fighters in WWE, but Bigelow’s New Jersey Triad crew were one of the more underrated in history. Bigelow asks what Vince is getting at, as Vince motions for the Urn. Bigelow hands Vince the Urn, as Vince states that he wants to reunite Bigelow with his family. Bigelow is nervous Vince is going to use the Urn on him, but Vince hands the urn back to Bigelow. Vince asks Bam to bring his buddies from the New Jersey Triad here. Bigelow claims he doesn’t know how to do that with the urn, so Vince explains that the urn reads your thoughts. Vince isn’t sure what year Bigelow’s New Jersey Triad were around, so he asks Bigelow to do it. Bam still doesn’t know how to use the urn, so Vince explains the urn travels to the time period the person holding the urn or closest to the urn is thinking of. That’s why the arena went to ECW when Paul Heyman was in the ring as the urn opened up. Bigelow closes his eyes, then slowly opens the urn as Vince has a sinister smile. Vince tells Bigelow to control the urn so it doesn’t consume the arena. The light from the urn is bright, but settles down as the smoke clears. Diamond Dallas Page [’92’] is standing in the office. Vince welcomes Page to the future, but Bigelow says DDP was only one of three members in his Jersey Triad. Vince knows this but claims DDP is enough.

FATAL-4-WAY MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Sasha Banks vs. Asuka vs. Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

Objective: Win with Asuka

Stephanie walks into Vince’s office and asks what he needed the Urn for? DDP walks out of the bathroom as Stephanie says never mind. Vince asks Stephanie if she is worried, which she says she is not – but wants to continue moving quickly since the WWE Board of Directors will be sending another representative soon. Vince says that Banks lost the match tonight, and Bliss didn’t win either. He concludes that Asuka is too good a warrior to keep down, so he suggests they call in the big guns. Stephanie asks what Vince suggests? Vince says he thinks it’s time they bring back some legends in the women’s division. Jinder Mahal walks in with Sami Zayn yelling at him for his attack on Raw, along with his crazy behavior since absoring all that electricity form the championship belt. Zayn turns his attention to Vince, and admits is disappointed Owens lost tonight. Sami tells Vince that he will make it up to him when he takes the Universal belt off of Roman Reigns. Mahal tells Sami that he will win tonight and should follow orders. Vince tells them both that they are to work together tonight. Vince tells the two he is making their match Falls Count Anywhere, so there’s no restriction what the two of them can do to Roman Reigns. Stephanie mutters that she tried this with Big Show & Dolph, and it didn’t work. Vince claims Jinder & Sami are much more reliable than the other two.

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Golderg vs. Andre the Giant (with Bobby Heenan)

Objective: Win with Andre the Giant

Vince & Stephanie celebrate backstage, happy Andre won. Vince believes no one will be able to take the belt off his giant, and says they only need a few more championships to claim the power they seek. The Miz returns! He walks in with his entourage and welcomes Vince back. Miz says that since Vince is back, he would like another opportunity to win gold for him. Vince says he doesn’t need Miz, but Miz tells Vince that a star like himself as champion would be great for business. Vince laughs, saying the success of his business won’t matter soon – as he’ll have all the power he needs. Stephanie tells her father it wouldn’t hurt to have Miz around, so Vince tells Miz that instead of competing for a championship belt he’ll just give the Miz one. Miz is confused as Vince pulls out the WWE Undisputed Championship from his desk. Stephanie asks where Vince got that from, which he reveals was sitting in the WWE archives in Connecticut – where he grabbed multiple belts they will need. Vince officially reinstates the Undisputed Championship for Miz. Miz takes the belt happily and leaves with his entourage. Stephanie asks why Vince handed The Miz a belt they need? Vince replies that it’s better to separate the belts with other people they trust, rather then have them all sitting in one place. Stephanie believes that defeats the purpose of what they want to do, but Vince assures Stephanie that they will take the belt from The Miz when the time is right – along with all the other championship belts. Once they have all the championship belts in possession of people he can trust, then they can take all the belts for themselves.

Go to ‘title management’ and put the WWE Undisputed Championship on The Miz.


(C) Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn vs. Jinder Mahal

Objective: Win with Jinder Mahal by pinning Sami Zayn

Mahal turns on Sami in the match and pins him to win the championship. Throughout the match, Jinder shows signs of seizure-like instability. Zayn is not happy at all that Mahal turned on him, but Jinder doesn’t’ care and ignores Sami to celebrate. Stephanie comes down to the ring as Sami Zayn passes her, not not happy at all. She walks up to Jinder to shake his hand, but Jinder continues celebrating without acknowledging her. Jinder continues to twitch more, but continues to shake it off. Jinder leaves the ring with his new belt, as Stephanie stands in the ring surprised Mahal just left her hanging without any sort of recognition towards her.

Proceed to ‘Chapter Six – Not My King’.


GreenTimeSports WWE 2k18 Story Outline


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