GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Six – Not My King

Arena: Raw

Vince McMahon comes down to the ring with his daughter Stephanie McMahon. Vince says that last night’s show wasn’t awful, but had potential to be better. Vince claims last night’s brightest moment was when Andre the Giant ‘destroyed’ Goldberg to take back ‘his’ WWE Championship. Vince introduces WWE Champion Andre the Giant, to which Andre and Bobby Heenan come out. Andre is halfway down the entrance ramp, but turns around to a Goldberg Spear! The crowd erupts as Vince and Stephanie look at each other in shock. Goldberg heads to the ring, where Vince and Stephanie keep their distance. Goldberg walks to the time keeper’s area and grabs a microphone. Goldberg tells Vince that he still has his rematch clause, but is giving it to another superstar much like Daniel Bryan did. Vince asks why, asking Goldberg if it’s because he’s not man enough to face his giant a second time? Goldberg replies that he, like Daniel Bryan, has a wife and kid now. Goldberg says he failed last night, and if he fails again he may never see his family with the way people have been disappearing in WWE lately. Goldberg says he is passing the torch to someone he knows is man enough and talented enough to beat Andre. Vince laughs and says unless Yokozuna is walking down that ramp, Goldberg should keep quiet. Vince signals to Stephanie that they’re leaving. Glass shatters! Stone Cold Steve Austin‘s music hits as the Texas Rattlesnake hits the stage with middle fingers up! Vince and Stephanie are in shock as the entire arena erupts! Austin heads to the ring as Heenan is also in shock, but excited. Heenan goes to shake Austin’s hand, but Austin Stunners Heenan. Austin hits the ring where Vince and Stephanie haven’t moved. Austin soaks in the cheers and tells the McMahons they look like they’ve seen a ghost. Austin thanks ‘Bill’, then tells the McMahons that per Goldberg’s rematch clause he gets to pick the match. ‘What?!’ chants begin in the arena. Austin repeats saying he gets to pick the match (‘What?!’ chants), the stipulation (‘What?!’ chants), the time (‘What?!’ chants), the show (‘What?!’ chants), the arena (‘What?!’ chants), the way he’s going to whoop Andre’s ass (‘What?!’ chants). Maybe with one stunner (‘What?!’ chants). Two stunners (‘What?!’ chants). Three stunners (‘What?!’ chants). Four stunners (‘What?!’ chants). A mud hole stomp (‘What?!’ chants). And another one (‘What?!’ chants). And another one (‘What?!’ chants). A fifth stunner (‘What?!’ chants). The rattlesnake says he’s facing Andre at No Mercy. Austin says it will be the Texas Rattlesnake (‘What?!’ chants), taking on that big son of a bitch Andre the Giant (‘What?!’ chants) for the WWE Championship. Austin claims that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so! Austin drops the microphone and leaves with Goldberg, as Andre is still down from a Goldberg Spear. Vince and Stephanie are still in shock, as the entire arena cheers for Austin’s return.

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH – Hardcore Championship

(C) Killian Dain vs. Dean Ambrose

Objective: Win with Killian Dain

Sanity appears right after the match. They are about to attack Dean Ambrose, but Roman Reigns comes down. He stands toe-to-toe with Sanity, but the lights go out. They turn back on as the entire Wyatt Family is behind Roman in the ring. They attack Roman Reigns and throw him out of the ring. The Wyatt’s stare eerily towards Sanity, as Sanity stares back the same. Wyatt begins laughing, as does Eric Young. An awkward but somewhat funny laugh-off occurs between Eric & Bray. Bray then unloads a right hand onto Young as a big brawl breaks out! NXT Women’s Champion Nikki Cross is on Strowman’s back. The brawl ensues outside the ring and becomes very dangerous. Suddenly the lights go out, and turn back on as the entire Wyatt Family is gone. Sanity looks around but can’t find the Wyatt’s anywhere.

During a backstage interview with Renee Young, Finn Balor reveals he has his Intercontinental Championship rematch against Bobby Roode tonight. WWE Undisputed Champion The Miz, his wife and his entourage walk up and interrupt. Miz asks Renee why she’s not interviewing a real champion like himself, saying he didn’t even need to beat anyone to become champion. Finn tells Miz that’s what makes him a pathetic champion, but Maryse interjects saying it makes him a smart champion. Finn asks if Miz will even defend a championship that’s retired, but Miz takes offense – saying he personally resurrected the Undisputed Championship out of retirement. Finn tells Miz sarcastically that he deserves to have a retired championship that he didn’t win, meaning his reign as a champion is fake just like his wrestling career. Maryse slaps Finn, as Balor laughs and says he has a match to get ready for before leaving.


Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar & Diesel vs. Apollo Crews, Darren Young & Titus O’Neil

Objective: Win with The Bar & Diesel

Vince and Stephanie are watching the show in their office. Stephanie says she should’ve taken care of the ridiculous Titus Brand long ago, believing it to be a massive waste of time. Vince says it wasn’t, as it has helped them determine who they can trust and who they can’t, much like a divining rod. Hideo Itami walks in as he and Vince hug. Itami shakes Stephanie’s hand and bows, referring to her as ‘queen’. Vince thanks Itami for coming in, and tells him that he has impressed Vince with his ruthless aggression since they met. Itami says he is a proud warrior, and will fight for his boss, leader, ruler and emperor – Vince McMahon. Vince loves what he heard, and tells Itami he is as smart as he is strong. Vince loved what Itami did to Gargano at SummerSlam, and says he will not waste a talent like Itami. Vince tells Hideo he will have a match for Gargano’s Cruiserweight Championship at No Mercy. Itami thanks Vince and exits, as Stephanie reminds Vince they should move quickly before the WWE Board of Directors’ representative arrives.


United States Champion Randy Orton vs. Sami Zayn (with Kevin Owens)

Objective: Win with Randy Orton

Sasha Banks exits Vince’s office, happy about something. WWE Champion Andre the Giant storms in, breaking down the door! Heenan is trying to calm him down, but Andre is yelling in French. Vince hides behind Stephanie, as Stephanie tries to tell Heenan to calm down his giant. Bobby says Andre wants to fight Goldberg and Stone Cold! Vince says that’s a terrible idea, so Andre grabs Vince by the neck and holds him against the wall! Heenan blames Andre’s outburst on some bad coffee he got at the bodega. Andre tells Heenan to shut up and yells he wants both Austin & Goldberg tonight! Vince nods, not able to breathe. Andre releases Vince, as Heenan tells Vince not to worry because Austin won’t make it to No Mercy after tonight. Heenan offers to buy Vince a cup of coffee for what just happened, as he Andre leave. Vince collects his breathe, calling Heenan an ‘idiot’. Stephanie checks on her father as Universal Champion Jinder Mahal walks in confidently. Stephanie scolds Jinder for how he’s been rude to her and Vince lately, and that they’ve been calling him all day. Jinder says he is no longer their bodyguard, but now the Modern Day Maharaja! Stephanie looks at her father as Vince claims that’s what he’s calling himself. Jinder says he calls himself that because he is the equivalent to a prince, demanding respect. Stephanie calls Jinder an ungrateful and pompous asshole. Vince tells Stephanie not to worry about Jinder, as their plan is still on. Stephanie reveals that her husband was the agreed upon recipient and not Jinder Mahal. Jinder screams in rage and punches a table in half! Jinder says he is the first to win both the Universal and WWE Championship, once again demanding respect. Vince tells Stephanie it’s pretty clear they’ve moved on from Hunter since Vince sent him through the time portal, so Jinder is the new lead. Stephanie comments that Jinder has no respect for them and only cares about himself. She also mentions Jinder’s instability shown since he absorbed only an atom-sized fraction of the championship power. Jinder completely ignores Stephanie, and claims that he is taking Diesel for his own protection. Jinder tells them he has self-promoted himself from Vince’s bodyguard to the WWE’s Modern Day Maharaja! Jinder leaves as Stephanie tells her father that she doesn’t trust Jinder at all. Vince tells his daughter Jinder’s attitude hardly matters at this point, and that Mahal is not going to turn on them because of what’s coming. Stephanie agrees but says if the plan falls through correctly, then Jinder’s attitude will definitely become a threat. Vince ponders the thought, but is sold that Jinder is loyal to the McMahons for now.

NORMAL MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Bobby Roode vs. Finn Balor

Objective: Win with Bobby Roode

Undisputed Champion The Miz comes down to the ring with his entourage following the match. They surround the ring as Bobby Roode exits with his belt. The Miztourage begins assaulting Finn Balor. After they beat him down, Miz grabs a microphone and asks Finn if the beating he took felt fake? Miz announces that the WWE Undisputed Championship is officially back and he is the champion, claiming anyone who thinks otherwise will end up like Finn. Miz tells Finn that he would continue to beat up Finn to impress Vince, but Finn isn’t worth Miz’s time. Miz drops the microphone and poses with his wife and entourage before leaving.

The Fashion Police are backstage going over photos as United States Champion Randy Orton walks in. He is sore from his match, which the Fashion Police congratulate him on winning. Orton asks what they’re doing, as they reveal they’re going over the mysterious figure from the photo of Triple H using the urn on Shane. Orton says it’s probably photo shopped, but the Fashion Police say they think it’s something bigger. They reveal Goldust told them that items in the WWE were given their powers by something – or someone. Orton doesn’t understand, but the Fashion Police say Triple H kept mentioning ‘voodoo’ powers. They think that the WWE items that were given powers were received through a voodoo curse. Orton laughs and says he needs to go shower, but Fandango stops him with a picture. Orton looks hard at the picture, and tells the Fashion Police they may be smarter detectives than people give them credit for. Orton flips the photo over to see an old picture of Papa Shango.


Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Tamina

Objective: Win with Asuka

Sasha Banks comes out of nowhere and blasts Asuka with her own championship. Sasha drops the belt, feeling the effects of electricity on her fingertips. Sasha puts Asuka in the Bank Statement, then grabs a microphone. Sasha says that she spoke with Vince and Stephanie, revealing The Boss will have her Raw Women’s Championship rematch next week on Raw.

Backstage, Diesel is talking to Bam Bam Bigelow and DDP ’92. Diesel says being in the present day is a bit strange, but he’s having fun beating up people he never would’ve faced in the 90’s. Universal Champion Jinder Mahal walks by clearly growing worse since absorbing the electricity. The trio greet the champ, but Mahal silences them by saying they are in the presence of greatness. Before they can speak, Mahal tells Diesel Vince has assigned him as Jinder’s personal bodyguard. Diesel says he didn’t travel decades in time just to be someone else’s bodyguard (referring to being Shawn Michaels’). Jinder gets in Diesel’s face and tells him that he should speak to Vince McMahon then, but advises of upsetting the person who currently holds Undertaker’s Urn. Diesel backs down, and asks Jinder what he wants him to do? Jinder tells Diesel to come follow him, for they have much to accomplish as Roman Reigns will be using his rematch clause soon. Jinder and Diesel walk away as Bigelow and DDP go back to conversing backstage.


WWE Champion Andre the Giant vs. Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Objective: Win with Andre the Giant

After the match, Andre Chokeslams both Austin and Goldberg three times each. Andre then puts them both through the same announcer table at the same time. Heenan grabs a microphone and tells Goldberg he made a big mistake by putting the faith of the WWE Championship into Stone Cold’s hands. Bobby tells Goldberg he matched Andre in strength, but Bobby tells Austin that he doesn’t match his giant in anything! Bobby wishes Austin luck in two weeks, claiming he’ll need it. Bobby drops the microphone as he raises Andre’s arm and the WWE Championship.

Arena: Smackdown Live


Roman Reigns vs. Diesel (with Universal Champion Jinder Mahal)

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Universal Champion Jinder Mahal destroys Reigns after the match. He and Diesel begin brutally attacking Roman Reigns. Mahal hits a Khallas onto Reigns, before Dean Ambrose finally comes down to the ring to make the save. Mahal and Diesel leave the ring as Ambrose checks on Reigns.

Renee Young is interviewing the Fashion Police backstage, which apparently they requested. They tell everyone they are looking for a man with a skull painted on his face – revealing they made a ‘wanted’ sign with Papa Shango’s face on it. They explain to Renee that Shango is a voodoo performer, and that it’s very likely he is the one who gave some of WWE’s items the powers they currently posses. Sanity walks up to the Fashion Police, looking like they are ready to brawl. The lights go out and turn back on as the Wyatt Family has appeared. The Fashion Police & Renee Young dart off as the two factions get into another brawl. WWE officials break up the two factions, but the lights go out. When they turn back on the Wyatt’s are gone. Sanity is not happy and very frustrated.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. The Usos (with Rikishi)

Objective: Win with Styles & Joe

Rikishi goes to attack Joe & Styles after the match, but they reverse it. They send Rikishi over the top rope and into his children. Suddenly from behind, Bam Bam Bigelow & DDP ’92 attack Styles and Joe. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on both, before Bigelow Moonsaults onto both of them as well. Bigelow grabs a microphone and tells Styles & Joe that Vince is done playing around, and that at No Mercy they will face a real tag team threat. Bigelow reveals himself and DDP will be their opponents at No Mercy, challenging them for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

Vince is in his office as Stephanie walks in with Undertaker’s Urn. She goes to place it somewhere as all three of Mick Foley’s personas are in the office (Mankind, Cactus Jack ’92 and Dude Love). Mankind is confused on seeing himself in different personas, which Vince annoyingly says he already explained. He goes over how Undertaker’s Urn is a time portal, and that many other WWE items have voodoo-like powers. Vince explains that he brought over all three of Foley’s personas because he needs soldiers that aren’t afraid of a dangerous battle. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn walk in not happy. Owens demands to know why Vince hasn’t scheduled his rematch for the United States Championship yet? Vince says that he’s been busy, but tells Owens that he will get his rematch against Orton at No Mercy. Vince says that he is also adding Sami Zayn to the match in order to help their odds. Owens is not happy with that idea, saying it’s his championship to win back. Vince tells Owens he shouldn’t have lost a one-on-one battle with Orton if he didn’t want Zayn added to his rematch. Sami tells Kevin not to worry, because he will only be there to help Owens win. Zayn tells Owens he will lie down for him once the bell rings. Vince says he is happy everyone is on the same page, as Owens and Zayn leave – Owens a bit annoyed.


Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Cedric Alexander

Objective: Win with Gargano

Gargano leaves the ring after the match, as Cedric is collecting himself. Hideo Itami comes from the crowd and begins beating down Alexander, as Gargano is walking up the stage. Gargano finally turns around and sees what is happening, so he runs back to the ring. Itami leaves the ring and grabs a microphone. He laughs and tells Gargano that he is too predictable, always fighting for what’s right and not what’s smart. Itami tells Gargano it will be easy taking his championship at No Mercy. Itami tells Gargano he will destroy him, just like Gargano destroyed his past friendship with Tommaso Ciampa. Gargano clearly didn’t like those comments as Itami laughs, saying he will become new champion very soon.

Renee Young is backstage interviewing new Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya who’s with Jim Neidhart and Tyson Kidd. Natalya brags about winning her belt back fair and square, saying her father being around has nothing to do with herself becoming champion. Natalya says Charlotte should not even ask for her rematch, because she will lose. Natalya tells Charlotte her family is pathetic and that’s why no one will help her. The trio group hug and walk away. Renee Young walks away as well. Suddenly, a huge fire burst blasts through a closet door. Out walks Kane!


Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi

Objective: Win with Charlotte Flair

Charlotte helps Naomi up, but Jim Neidhart comes out on stage. Charlotte’s attention is towards Jim, as Natalya comes from behind. Natalya goes to slap Charlotte, but Naomi stops her. Charlotte turns around and Big Boots Natalya. Jim runs to the ring as Charlotte and Naomi escape. Jim tends to his daughter and looks back irritated. Jim grabs a microphone and tells Charlotte that he won’t let her get away with hurting his daughter. Jim demands Charlotte find someone to fight him on Raw next week.

In Vince’s office, Stephanie expresses her worries that the WWE Board of Directors representative could show up at any time and they’re not close to acquiring all the championship belts. Vince reveals that he has a few more belts stashed that no one knows about yet, so they’re actually very close although it doesn’t seem like it. Stephanie wants to know what belts her father has, along with any other secrets he might be keeping from her.  Bigelow & DDP walk in, gloating about what they did earlier to AJ & Joe. They tell Vince they heard the Fashion Police are looking for Papa Shango. This startles Vince, as he says those two idiots aren’t idiots at all. Vince decides he needs to take the Fashion Police seriously and decides he will have Sanity handle them on Raw next week – since the Wyatt’s clearly failed to do so in earlier months.


United States Champion Randy Orton & Finn Balor vs. Undisputed Champion The Miz (with Maryse) and Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode

Objective: Win with Orton & Balor

Charlotte is backstage thanking Naomi for her help earlier. Naomi says no problem and walks away. Charlotte is approached by the Fashion Police, in a comedic way. They ask Charlotte if she’s considered what Orton told her at SummerSlam? She says she has, but says it’s way too dangerous to try and get Undertaker’s Urn from Stephanie and Vince. Charlotte says she will have to win this battle on her own, with or without her father’s help. The Fashion Police say they’ve done a lot of digging since being put on the Shane disappearance case, and that there may be another way to go back in time to get Ric besides using Undertaker’s Urn. Charlotte asks how? Fashion Police say someone just arrived that could probably help… in walks Kane.

Arena: Raw

As the introduction is going on for Raw, the airwaves are hijacked by the Wyatt Family. The lights go out as Bray’s music hits… the Wyatt’s make their way to the ring. Bray tells the WWE Universe that he has never lied to them. Bray says that everything he says is the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. Bray said he failed in destroying the Fashion Police, and that apparently he failed in getting rid of Kane. Bray says that he did accomplish a few things though – like capturing having a family member win Money in the Bank. He also asks where the Undertaker is? Bray says that despite his failures, his family has also rose to the occasion on multiple accounts. Bray asks the devil why he would betray his family? Bray says Sanity’s presence shows a certain lack of faith in he and his family. Bray asks the devil to come face him, and answer his questions. After a minute, Vince McMahon comes out and heads to the ring. Vince is uneasy, asking Bray what’s going on? Bray is upset Vince brought in Sanity to do the Wyatt Family’s work. Bray feels Vince has lost faith in him and his family, and wants to know why? Vince says that Bray frightens him, and he would never betray him. Bray laughs and says he knows Vince is scared of him, which is why he knows Vince will turn on him as soon as he can. Harper, Rowan & Strowman grab Vince as Bray tells Vince that he must strike first. Sanity’s music hits as they approach the ring. Sanity and the Wyatt’s square off, as Vince yells at Bray for touching him. Vince tells Bray he has lost control, but Bray says he’s always in control. The lights go out, then turn back on as the Wyatt’s have disappeared. Vince screams for Wyatt to come back out, but he doesn’t. Vince says he will give Bray what he wants, an opportunity to get rid of Sanity. Vince schedules an 8-man tag team match for No Mercy, where the losing faction must leave through Undertaker’s Urn! Sanity is not for the idea, but Vince doesn’t care as he leaves the ring upset.


Hideo Itami vs. Curt Hawkins

Objective: Win with Hideo Itami

Itami calls out Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano. Itami says he will show Gargano what a true champion does in the ring this Sunday. Gargano comes out on stage and tells Itami that Vince is only giving him a championship match because he wants the belt for himself. Itami says he doesn’t care, as long as he proves to everyone how dominate a fighter he is. Itami welcomes Gargano to the ring, so Gargano heads down to fight. Multiple WWE officials come down to break them up before Gargano can reach the ring. Loud boos fill the arena as Itami taunts Gargano from the ring.

Universal Champion Jinder Mahal is backstage with Diesel as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose walk up. Roman tells Jinder that he’s getting his rematch at No Mercy, and that Jinder won’t have Sami Zayn to pin this time. Jinder laughs and tells Roman that by the end of Sunday night, he will be kissing his foot and bowing to the Modern Day Maharaja! Dean reveals the four have a tag team match tonight, as the Shield leaves. Sami Zayn is waiting nearby, as he approaches Jinder. Sami brings up the fact Jinder turned on him in their championship match, but Jinder says he was following Vince’s order in taking the belt off of Roman Reigns. Jinder tells Sami that instead of complaining, he should be taking notes for his United States Championship Match at No Mercy. Sami says he would never turn his back on his best friend Kevin Owens, but Jinder asks why not before leaving with Diesel. Kevin Owens approaches and asks Sami where he’s been, as he found a kitkat bar he wants to split with Sami. Sami lies and says he was just asking Jinder how he feels to be champion, which Owens says who cares because he turned his back on Sami. Owens tells Sami he would never turn his back on him. Sami tells Kevin he already did once, but Kevin says that was a long time ago as things have changed. Kevin says sorry and leaves, as Zayn looks a bit discouraged.

NORMAL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka vs. Sasha Banks

Objective: Win with Asuka

Asuka wins an amazing match, but her celebration is short lived due to Stephanie McMahon interrupting from stage. She congratulates Asuka on winning, but says that the McMahon family needs their belt back. She asks Asuka to hand it over willingly, which Asuka laughs at before slapping her butt at Stephanie. Stephanie calls that cute and immature, and goes on to tell Asuka that she will be facing two of the most fiercest women she has ever known in WWE history. Stephanie says she used Undertaker’s Urn to bring in two female athletes that would love to tear Asuka apart and show who really started competitive female wrestling. From behind, Jacqueline & Ivory brutally assault Asuka. Asuka begins a comeback, but Sasha Banks drills her from behind then rolls out of the ring. Ivory & Jacqueline continue beating down Asuka. Stephanie tells Asuka that either Ivory or Jacqueline will take her championship from her at No Mercy in an Extreme Rules Match! Stephanie smiles as the two new females continue assaults on Asuka until referees come down to break it up.

The Fashion Police pass multiple superstars backstage such as Bayley, the Hype Bros and cruiserweights – asking if any of them have seen Papa Shango? Suddenly, smoke begins to fill the hallway as everyone runs off but the Fashion Police. Fandango asks if Breeze burnt toast again, but Breeze says he cut out gluten from his diet. A dark figure from behind them bashes their skulls together, knocking them out. The Fashion Police are dragged down the hallway through the smoke.


Jim Neidhart (with Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya) vs. Kane (with Charlotte)

Objective: Win with Kane

Before the match, Neidhart and Natalya are in the ring – demanding Charlotte send someone out to fight him in honor of his daughter. Jim tells Charlotte that she disrespected his family’s name, and that the Flair’s are nothing but peasants. Flames shoot out from the stage as Kane comes out with Charlotte. Kane wins the match. He leaves the ring as Charlotte talks smack to Neidhart. Natalya comes from behind and tries to slap Charlotte, but Kane catches her. Charlotte German Suplexes Natalya, as the champion rolls out of the ring. Charlotte leaves satisfied with Kane.

In Vince’s office, he reveals that the Fashion Police vs Sanity match is off since they were taken away. Stephanie says it’s not good that ‘he’ is walking around the arena attacking superstars. She’s worried if people know the source of WWE’s power, then everyone will go after it. Vince says there’s nothing to worry about, and they’re only a few championships away from accomplishing their goal. Vince opens his desk to show Stephanie multiple other championships they have – which include the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship, the Divas Championship, the European Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie asks if they need all of those, which Vince replies they do. Vince mentions he needs to pick up the U.K. Championship from the NXT headquarters during the week as well. Stephanie says it’s so much more than she thought, to which Vince replies the curse was so powerful that one belt couldn’t contain all of it’s power. Vince says they need 20 of the WWE Championships for what they wish to accomplish, and currently have 18.


Universal Champion Jinder Mahal & Diesel vs. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

Objective: Win with Mahal & Diesel

Stone Cold’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring, the crowd erupts. Austin rolls into the ring and flicks off Diesel before giving him the Stone Cold Stunner! Mahal leaves under the ring as Austin calls for a microphone. Austin says he’s pissed off and wants to know where that overgrown piece of crap Andre the Giant is? Austin says he’ll sit out here giving Stone Cold Stunners all night until he gets that French asshole to the ring. Bobby Heenan comes out in a neck brace instead, saying his giant is not here tonight – still basking in the beat down he gave Austin and Goldberg last week. Heenan brags that Andre beat Goldberg so bad last week that he didn’t even show up this week. Goldberg’s music hits as he hits the stage! Bobby freaks out and tries to run, but Goldberg catches him. WWE Champion Andre comes out and destroys Goldberg, so Austin runs up the stage to attack Andre. Andre throws Austin off easily, but Goldberg Spears Andre through the titantron! Heenan is in shock as he looks over Andre, but turns around into a Stone Cold Stunner. Goldberg and Austin bump fists, as Goldberg leaves and Austin heads to the ring to drink more beer.

Arena: Smackdown Live


Smackdown Tag Team Champion AJ Styles (with Samoa Joe) vs. DDP ’92 (with Bam Bam Bigelow)

Objective: Win with DDP

Vince and Stephanie are watching backstage, calling it a good omen for Sunday’s event. Vince reveals Andre is not here tonight, still recovering from Goldberg’s brutal Spear. Stone Cold walks in laughing, drinking a beer. He tells Vince he’s a slimy son of a bitch, and all this fairy tale magical crap isn’t going to fly with the Texas Rattlesnake. He burps very loudly into Vince’s face, who says he may throw up. Austin recognizes Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack ’92 behind Vince – and asks if they remember the ass whoopings Stone Cold gave each of them. Stephanie gets in Austin’s face, saying she’s not afraid of him anymore and that he’ll face all three Foley’s in a Handicap Match tonight! Austin hands Stephanie a beer and tells Vince that all the wrestlers in history won’t stop him from beating Vince at this game. Austin leaves as Vince is very angry.


United States Champion Randy Orton vs. Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode

Objective: Win with Bobby Roode

After the match, Owens and Zayn come out. Roode tries to attack Orton but gets an RKO instead. This stops Owens and Zayn from reaching the ring completely, as Orton holds the ring. Owens tells Orton that on Sunday he will take back his United States Championship because his best friend Sami Zayn will be there. Owens tells Orton to keep his belt warm, because on Sunday he takes back his belt and takes his rightful place as the Face of America. Owens leaves as Zayn follows.

Finn Balor is watching backstage, laughing at Bobby Roode – claiming he got what he deserved. Finn turns around as Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are waiting. They try to attack Finn, but Finn out powers them. Miz drills Finn from behind with his Undisputed Championship. Miz tells Finn that he will be the one to personally end Finn Balor, saying he owes it to Vince for the belt he was awarded. Maryse spits on Balor as the Miztourage leave.


Sanity (Eric Young & Hardcore Champion Killian Dain with Alexander Wolfe & NXT Women’s Champion Nikki Cross) vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

Objective: Win with Sanity

Eric Young grabs a microphone after the match. He calls out the Wyatt Family, claiming that the time has come for a more fearful group of individuals to run the WWE. Eric says that the Wyatt’s magic doesn’t scare them, and at No Mercy they will show them why Vince picked them out of NXT. The jumbrotron becomes static-filled, as Bray Wyatt appears. Bray laughs and tells Sanity they have no idea what they’re in for. Bray points out the failures Sanity has had with one member. Bray tells Eric that Sanity falls whenever a certain individual is around. Bray tells Sanity he knows who their weak link is. Bray advises they cut ties with their weak link, otherwise they should… RUN!

United States Champion Randy Orton is backstage searching frantically. He runs into Charlotte and asks if she’s seen the Fashion Police? She says she hasn’t, but begins laughing when she remembers how they approached her asking questions weeks ago. Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya walks up with Jim Niedhart, who’s in a neck brace. Natalya tells Charlotte that Kane caught her father by surprise, but he would win in a rematch. Neidhart looks frightened when Natalya says that, but Orton interrupts. He tells Natalya that she should leave before her father gets RKO’d. Natalya leaves but not before telling Charlotte that she will be embarrassed at No Mercy. Natalya leaves as Kane approaches.


Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Gargano & Roman Reigns (with Dean Ambrose) vs. Universal Champion Jinder Mahal & Hideo Itami (with Diesel)

Objective: Win with Gargano & Reigns

In the parking lot, Charlotte is confused on how Kane can bring back her father. Kane says that he has a confession to make, he can’t naturally shoot fire out of the stage and ring posts and wherever else he wants. Charlotte, not surprised, asks how Kane can do that then? Kane reveals that his mask and glove are part of the WWE items that have power. Kane says that he and his brother’s items were given the power to time travel. Kane says his brother’s Urn opens to create a time portal, while Kane’s is a little more complex. Kane takes his mask off and asks Charlotte to wear it. She does, hesitantly, saying it’s hard to breathe in it. Kane takes off his glove and puts it on Charlotte’s hand. He tells Charlotte to use the mask to look at a Buick parked in the lot. She says she’s staring at it. Kane tells Charlotte to lift her hand with the glove and point her palm at the Buick. She does. Kane tells Charlotte to push her wrist forward, while locking her hand in place. She does that as a fireball shoots out and drills the Buick! In the middle of the fire, there is a tiny opening. Kane says that’s how he escaped from the Wyatt’s and how he has vanished from fire throughout his career. Kane tells Charlotte she can jump through the middle of the fire, which is a time portal as well. Charlotte says that sounds super dangerous, but Kane says the fire doesn’t hurt… after a while. Kane tells her to go find her father to help in this battle. Charlotte says Kane needs his mask and glove here to fight, but Kane says he’ll be fine and has some slacks he can just wear (‘corporate Kane’ attire). He tells Charlotte to find another version of his brother too, and tell him what’s going on. Charlotte agrees and shoots a fireball at the ground. She jumps into the middle of it. The fire clears as Charlotte is gone.


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mankind, Cactus Jack ’92 & Dude Love

Objective: Win with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin celebrates in the ring, while ring commentator Michael Cole comments on how impressive Austin has looked since returning. Suddenly, Kurt Angle‘s music hits! Kurt comes down to the ring very happy as a ‘holy shit’ chant breaks out. Austin is confused, as Angle grabs a microphone. Angle says his flight was incredibly long, and that he’s so happy to see Austin. Angle admits that he was nervous when the WWE Board of Directors asked him to come back. He says they needed a fighter to come challenge Vince, so here he is! Austin is still confused, but Angle makes it clear to Stone Cold that he’s his new boss!

Arena: No Mercy

Kurt Angle’s music hits to start the show, as the ring commentators are still stunned the Olympic hero has returned. Angle starts by saying he is very humble to have been chosen to be the representative from the WWE Board of Directors, and that he’s going to make everyone proud. Angle says that because of his wrestling resume, and GM experience in the past – the WWE Board of Directors felt he was the right choice to come back and counter some of Vince’s impulsive decisions. Vince immediately comes out on stage and welcomes Kurt Angle back. Vince asks Kurt where his gold medals are, but Angle says at home and he’s not here to talk about his past accomplishments. Kurt tells Vince he is here to guide WWE back to a normal life, and that he will have the same authority Vince has. To prove it, he tells Vince that he asked production to rig up a steel cage. Vince asks why, looking up and seeing there is a cage hanging. Kurt reveals that the Smackdown Tag Team Champions asked for their match tonight to be inside a steel cage. Kurt says that will help keep outside interference from occurring by Rikishi or the Usos. Vince, clearly unhappy, welcomes back Kurt sarcastically and says the WWE is much more dangerous now than when he left. He tells Kurt to be careful and wishes him luck. Vince leaves as Angle looks back suspiciously.

NORMAL MATCH – Crusierweight Championship

(C) Johnny Gargano vs, Hideo Itami

Objective: Win with Hideo Itami

Itami is about to hit Gargano with a chair, but Ciampa’s music hits. Tommaso, holding the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship, comes to the ring. He tells Itami to wait and grabs a microphone. Ciampa says he has waited too many weeks for this moment. He reveals Vince gave him the Light Heavyweight Championship upon Ciampa’s return, if he took out Gargano. Itami hands Ciampa the chair, as Ciampa looks ready to unleash rage on Gargano. Instead, Ciampa drills Itami with the chair! He drills Itami repeatedly like a mad man. Ciampa says he’s had time to think about what got him in the hospital. Ciampa says he betrayed his brother and sold his soul to Triple H. All he got for it was a beating that he’ll remember and an expensive hospital bill. Ciampa tells Gargano he is using his second chance in the WWE to make things right. Gargano, stumbling to his feet, is unsure what to think. Ciampa hugs Gargano and tells him that he’s sorry. Stephanie comes out on stage and asks who Ciampa thinks he is? She tells Ciampa to give back the championship her father let him have. Ciampa says if the McMahons want it, they can come get it. Ciampa raises Gargano’s hand in the ring, as Gargano is still unsure of what to think of Ciampa’s turn.

Go to ‘My WWE’ under ‘title management.’ Put the Light Heavyweight Championship on to Tommaso Ciampa.

Kane is walking backstage without his mask, as he is stopped by Bigelow & DDP ’92’. They tease Kane that he’s not the monster he claims without his mask, but Kane asks if they want to find out? Bigelow tells Kane to chill, because unlike him they have a championship match tonight. Bigelow & DDP leave as United States Champion Randy Orton approaches. He asks Kane if he’s seen Charlotte, which he says he has not. Kane says it’s possible she won’t make it back tonight, but Orton says he has faith. Orton tells Kane he has to get ready for his match, and tells Kane he looks much more professional without the mask – almost, corporate.


(C) Asuka vs. Ivory vs. Jacqueline

Objective: Win with Asuka

Stephanie McMahon comes out to congratulate Asuka, saying that beating both of those women at the same time is impressive. Stephanie hates to do this, but she says Asuka has given her no choice but to call in bigger guns. Trish Stratus‘ music hits as the blonde beauty hits the stage to a huge reaction. Trish heads to the ring to confront Asuka. Asuka gets in Trish’s face, but she is attacked from behind by Ivory & Jacqueline. They hold Asuka up as Trish nails a Chick Kick onto the champion. Stephanie introduces Asuka to her new opponent, Trish Stratus!


The Wyatt Family vs. Sanity

Objective: Win with The Wyatt Family

After the match, the Wyatt’s disappear and Eric Young grabs the microphone. He says the Wyatt’s were right, and there is a weak link on the team. NXT Women’s Champion Nikki Cross comes out during Young’s speech and low blows Sawyer Fulton as Sanity beats the hell out of him. Hardcore Champion Killian Dain carries Fulton to the back, as Sanity follows – seemingly kicking Fulton out of the stable.

WWE officials are talking in the parking lot. Suddenly, a Buick bursts into flames and goes flying into the air. The officials run scared as Charlotte emerges when the smoke clears. She walks by as Ric Flair ’88 is behind her!

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – United States Championship

(C) Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Objective: Win with Sami Zayn by pinning Kevin Owens

Zayn wins the United States Championship, which Owens is not too happy about. Owens is upset and storms out of the ring, leaving Sami to celebrate on his own. Sami turns around as Orton hits a massive RKO, as Owens continues to walk up the entrance ramp without turning around.

Kane is walking backstage as he spots Vince down the hallway. The two walk closer to one another as they converse. Vince tells Kane he thought Bray finished him off, but it’s just another thing the Wyatt’s couldn’t do that he asked. Kane tells Vince that he was foolish for using Triple H as a cover for his own actions. Kane holds Vince responsible for Undertaker’s disappearance, and the fact he holds his brother’s Urn. Vince tells Kane that he should be working with him instead of against him, and that Vince was always more family to Kane than Undertaker ever was. Vince says Kane’s father Paul Bearer would be disappointed in them. Kane has heard enough and grabs Vince by the throat, but he is ambushed by a squealing Mankind. Vince tells Kane to enjoy his impromptu match with Mankind.


Kane (corporate) vs. Mankind

Objective: Win with Mankind

Vince crouches down to Kane and says he isn’t so scary without his mask. Kane grabs Vince’s throat again, but this time a large boot drills Kane – knocking him out cold. The camera pans up to WWE Champion Andre the Giant, who’s back. Vince says Andre looks good, as Andre walks off with Heenan by his side.

STEEL CAGE TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & DDP ’92

Objective: Win with Styles & Joe

Stephanie is watching the television and becomes enraged Styles & Joe won. She throws the remote, breaking it against the wall. She says they’ve held those belt for too long and they need to collect now. Stephanie storms out of her office and down the hallway. She stops, thinks, then says to herself that perhaps its time to do what Natalya has been asking for. She goes back into her office and closes the door, as a light of beam is seen under the door.

NORMAL MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship

(C) Natalya (with Jim Neidhart) vs. Charlotte (with Ric Flair ’88)

Objective: Win with Natalya by submission

Neidhart and Ric go at it during the match. After a few close calls, Bret Hart‘s music hits! Suddenly, Bret & British Bulldog come out on stage! Natalya is a bit distracted, but Charlotte is full blown confused. The referee is also distracted, so Natalya uses the opportunity to rake Charlotte’s eyes and put her in the Sharpshooter. Charlotte taps. Natayla rolls out of the ring and goes to celebrate with her family outside. Stephanie comes out on stage and tells Charlotte that she was smart and brave for finding her father for help, but it was pointless. Stephanie says she brought back the Hart Family, and that she’ll be using them to not only keep the Smackdown Women’s Championship off of Charlotte – but to also take the Smackdown Tag Team Championship off of AJ Styles & Samoa Joe. Stephanie walks off proud as Charlotte is heartbroken in the ring with her father.

Vince walks into the locker room and tells Universal Champion Jinder Mahal that he has banned Dean Ambrose from ringside, and expects a victory. He also mentions Seth Rollins won’t be an issue either. Mahal looks at Diesel, as Diesel tells Vince that the Modern Day Maharaja is not to be disturbed. Vince asks Diesel if he works for Mahal now? Mahal tells Vince that Diesel is his bodyguard and does what he says in order to protect the championship. Mahal tells Diesel they must leave now, as they almost ignore Vince and leave. Vince seems a bit worried about Jinder now.

NORMAL MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Jinder Mahal (with Diesel) vs. Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Jinder Mahal

Diesel helps Mahal retain his belt. An angry Roman Superman Punches Diesel after the match, but Mahal is able to escape. Dean Ambrose runs down the ramp and tosses Mahal into the ring where Roman is waiting. Mahal begs Roman not to attack, but Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar show up out of nowhere and destroy Roman Reigns. Ambrose gets back into the ring, but he is attacked by Mahal. The Bar and Mahal destroy Ambrose & Reigns, as the Shield fell for the trap. Mahal directs Sheamus and Cesaro to pick up Roman Reigns, as he hits a nasty kick onto Roman. Mahal helps Diesel up before the four leave.

Vince enters the office as Stephanie says that was a brilliant idea to set the Shield up. Vince doesn’t know what Stephanie is talking about, as she explains to Vince what The Bar, Diesel and Mahal just did to them. Vince says he had no idea about that, but is happy he’s not the only one who can come up with a plan around here. Stephanie is insulted, saying she has great plans like bringing the Hart Family back to help them. Vince says that was a bad idea because Bret hates Vince for screwing him out of a championship in Montreal. Stephanie says regardless, she is not happy that Mahal made his own plans without consulting them. Vince tells Stephanie it’s not a big deal, and that if Jinder gets out of line they will have to simply put him back in his place. Vince reiterates to his daughter that the plan has not changed. Vince walks away as Stephanie looks on in displeasure.

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Andre the Giant (with Bobby Heenan) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Objective: Win with Andre the Giant

After the match, the lights go out and turn back on. The Wyatt Family is standing on the stage. Strowman has the Money in the Bank Briefcase in his hand. Bray says that the devil never believed in him. So now Bray wants the devil to suffer the same pain that Wyatt feels. Bray tells Andre that very soon Bray will take what the devil loves the most, and that’s the WWE Championship. Bray laughs and grabs the briefcase from Strowman, but Strowman doesn’t let go. Bray gives Braun a strong look, but Braun doesn’t budge. Bray laughs and tells Andre to enjoy his championship while he has it, because it will soon become property of the Wyatt Family. Bray orders Harper, Rowan & Strowman to pick Austin up and take him with them. Bray tells Andre he can live the rest of his weeks looking over a shoulder, or he could always… RUN! The lights go out and turn back on as a sheep mask is lying by Andre’s feet while the Wyatts and Austin are gone.

In the parking lot, firemen extinguish the fire that Charlotte created earlier. They leave but a small flame is seen in the distance. It suddenly expands as a hand with a purple glove on it reaches through!

Arena: Raw

The lights go out and turn back on as the entire Wyatt Family is in the ring. Bray says that Vince McMahon is no longer his king. He says that Vince betrayed the Wyatt’s trust by not only bringing in Sanity, but then refusing to send them through Undertaker’s Urn like Vince promised. Bray says it won’t matter when his monster Braun Strowman takes the WWE Championship away from the McMahons. Vince immediately interrupts, apologizing to Bray Wyatt for any disrespect he showed his family. Vince says it wasn’t intentional and that he was just looking for more help. Vince tells Bray he sent Sanity back to NXT for their failures, including stripping the Hardcore Championship off of Killian Dain. Bray laughs and tells Vince that he accepts his apology and that he is happy they are back to seeing eye-to-eye. Vince says that as a sign of trust between the two, he asks that Bray hand over the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Bray agrees and tries to take the case from Strowman, but he refuses. Bray demands the case from Strowman, reminding him who is in charge. A loud ‘No!’ chant fires up around the arena, as Braun doesn’t give it up. Harper and Rowan corner Braun, as Bray says he won’t ask again. Braun screams BRAUUUUNN! before drilling Harper and Rowan with the case! The lights go out and turn back on as Bray is gone but everyone else is still there. Braun looks at Vince and begins to make his way towards him, as Vince scurries off stage.


Trish Stratus vs Bayley

Objective: Win with Trish Stratus

Trish gets on the microphone and explains her situation. She says Stephanie McMahon offered her a legends contract under the condition she beat Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. Trish says she was the best ever in this ring, and that Asuka better do her homework. Trish understands how good Asuka is, and so will have both Ivory and Jacqueline by her side at Clash of Champions – where Trish will have her Raw Women’s Championship match in two weeks. Trish says that you can love her or hate her, but she’s back and determined to prove how good she still is. Trish drops the microphone and leaves the ring confidently.

Renee Young is interviewing Raw Women’s Champion Askua backstage, asking for her thoughts on Trish’s return? Asuka says no one is ready for her, and Stephanie McMahon will never take the belt off of her again. Asuka tells Stephanie no woman in history can dethrone her twice, and that she will regret going to war with Asuka!

Cruiserweight Champion Hideo Itami enters Vince’s office, as Vince reveals Gargano is using his Cruiserweight Championship rematch on Smackdown Live! Vince tells Itami that he has been an impressive warrior thus far, and that if he defends his belt with success then Vince will give him another opportunity to win a second championship. Hideo says he can win all the belts for Vince. Vince says he only needs Itami to focus on Gargano, then they’ll worry about other belts to win.


Universal Champion Jinder Mahal (with Diesel) vs. Finn Balor

Objective: Win with Jinder Mahal

Undisputed Champion The Miz comes down to the ring and surrounds it with his entourage. They are getting ready to attack Finn like last week, but Kurt Angle’s music hits. Angle comes out and tells Miz that he isn’t a fan of these attacks onto Finn Balor. Kurt says that while he’s in charge, his wrestlers fight fairly and respectfully. Angle realizes he can’t control everyone, but says he has power himself. Angle puts Balor in a match vs Miz for Smackdown Live, and if Finn wins then he gets a title shot at Miz’s Undisputed Championship. Miz is outraged as Angle says it’s true, its damn true!

Backstage, Orton is upset with himself for losing the United States Championship as United States Champion Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens approach. They both make fun of Orton for losing, as Owens admits he’s not upset Sami pinned him for the belt. Owens admits he was a bit shocked, but says he would’ve done the same thing – so he can’t blame his best friend Sami Zayn for doing it. Owens says its just good to see the belt off of a loser like Orton and onto a deserving superstar like Sami. Orton tells them to not get comfortable as U.S. Champion, because he’s using his rematch clause for Smackdown Live! Orton walks off as Owens & Zayn look at him disgusted.

Go to ‘my WWE’ and go to ‘edit teams’. Create ‘The Hart Foundation’ as a new team. Add Bret Hart ’97, British Bulldog, Jim Neidhart, Tyson Kidd & Natalya. Change the tag entrance to ‘generic tag 1’ for motion, ‘bret hart ’97’ for music/movie and ‘natalya’ for everything else. Change trio entrance to ‘generic trio 1’ for motion, ‘bret hart ’97’ for music/movie and ‘natalya’ for everything else.


Light Heavyweight Champion Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano vs. The Hart Foundation (British Bulldog & Jim Neidhart with Bret Hart)

Objective: Win with The Hart Foundation

The Hart’s leave the ring as Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya comes out with her husband Tyson Kidd. She brags about beating Charlotte once again at No Mercy, saying she doesn’t deserve any more chances. Natalya says there is someone who deserves a championship match, her husband! Kidd hits the ring and begins beating down Ciampa, saying he will take his championship at Clash of Champions. Kidd calls Ciampa ungrateful, as Bret has him in the Sharpshooter. Charlotte Flair’s music hits as she hits the stage beating the hell out of Natalya, which causes the Hart Family to help Natalya. Gargano tends to his fallen friend in the ring as the Hart Family breaks up the fight on stage.

WWE Champion Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan enter Vince’s office. Bobby is not happy that Vince lost control of the Wyatt Family. Vince says that most of the Wyatt’s are on the same page as himself, but Braun Strowman is the minority. Vince tells Heenan that Andre will not loose his match against Strowman, as Bobby thinks Braun will cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase at any moment. Andre tells Vince that he is the only giant in WWE and that Strowman will pay dearly if he cashes in on him. Universal Champion Jinder Mahal enters with Diesel, saying he too is concerned about Strowman possibly cashing in on him. Jinder requires more protection, which Vince tells Mahal to continue handling himself.


Dean Ambrose vs Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode

Objective: Win with Bobby Roode

Bobby grabs a chair after the match and is getting ready to hit Ambrose with it. Roman Reigns’ music hits as he comes to the ring. Roode leaves the ring nonchalantly, as Roman enters to check on Ambrose. Universal Champion Jinder Mahal comes onto the stage, bragging about his win over Roman Reigns. Mahal tells Roman that he better forget about ever winning back the championship, because the era of the Modern Day Maharaja has officially begun. Mahal admits he has felt like a new man since absorbing some of the electricity the championship generates. He says he will have more in time. Mahal says that he requires more protection for himself and his championship belt for the time being, claiming Roman Reigns is the biggest current threat to his gold. Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar suddenly attack Roman in the ring, along with attacking Ambrose. Mahal laughs on stage, introducing his newest security team of Sheamus & Cesaro.

Stephanie enters Kurt Angle’s office backstage, saying Vince sent her to ask Kurt to leave now. Kurt laughs and says he doesn’t do anything Stephanie asks for like he used to. He sees right through the McMahons. Stephanie says it was a long shot, but tells Kurt that things are different now and quite possibly more dangerous than ever. Kurt doesn’t care, saying he just is happy to be back despite it being against the McMahons. Stephanie asks Kurt where his gold medals are, which Kurt repeats at home but doesn’t understand why Stephanie and Vince keep asking him about it. Stephanie says it’s not a big deal, but warns Kurt that the last two people the WWE Board of Directors sent are no longer here (Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon) before she leaves. Kurt looks a bit worried.


Roman Reigns vs. WWE Champion Andre the Giant (with Bobby Heenan)

Objective: Win with Andre the Giant

Backstage, Charlotte finds Kane and gives him his mask and glove back. She thanks Kane for his help, as Kane asks if she found Undertaker? She says she tried looking for him, but couldn’t find him anywhere. Kane thanks Charlotte for trying, and says they may have to win this fight without his brother. Kane walks in one direction as Charlotte walks in another. The lights begin to flicker as a shadow is seen on the wall, that resembles an old school Undertaker.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Kurt Angle hits the ring. He says he feels overlooked since returning, and so he begins to make some matches for Clash of Champions. Angle said he didn’t like the blindside attack Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar performed on The Shield, so says they will defend their Raw Tag Team Championship against The Shield at Clash of Champions. Kurt also feels that Natalya has cheated many times to beat Charlotte, so he’s going to have Ric Flair fight Jim Neidhart to determine if Charlotte will get another championship match. Kurt says that match will be a Submission Match at Clash of Champions. He also says The Miz will in fact defend his Undisputed Championship against Finn Balor as well. Vince McMahon interrupts and tells Kurt he is in over his head. Vince tells Kurt it’s not wise to show up and start making matches, but Kurt argues that’s exactly what his job entails. Vince tells Kurt to not get comfortable with his current position, but to enjoy it while it lasts. Vince leaves as Angle looks a bit concerned from the ring.

NORMAL MATCH – Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Hideo Itami vs. Johnny Gargano (with Tommaso Ciampa)

Objective: Win with Hideo Itami

Renee Young interviews Smackdown Tag Team Champion AJ Styles & Samoa Joe backstage. She asks how they’ve been so successful after countless attempts to take the belts off of them by the McMahon family? Styles says they are simply phenomenal as a team, and can’t be beaten. Styles said he made the Usos pay for trapping his good brothers in the past, and that he and Joe are on a mission to destroy the McMahons. Joe says he signed with WWE to compete against the best each night, and not to be Vince’s or Triple H’s henchman. On cue, Stephanie McMahon shows up and congratulates them on their impressive title reign. Stephanie says she meant what she said when she brought back the Hart family, and warns them they will compete against two Hart family members at Clash of Champions for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. Styles says that’s fine, because they will continue to beat up whoever she or her father throws at them. Stephanie says time will tell and walks off confidently.

Universal Champion Jinder Mahal is backstage talking with Diesel and Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar. Mahal says The Bar did very good last night in beating down The Shield, but The Bar complain that it only gave them a championship match at Clash of Champions. Jinder says that Kurt Angle is only temporary, along with the McMahon rule. The Bar and Diesel are confused by what Jinder means, as the Maharaja says that they have the opportunity to rule for themselves and no longer be looked down upon by the establishment. Mahal asks for them to hear him out.


Charlotte Flair (with Ric Flair ’88) vs. Summer Rae

Objective: Charlotte Flair

After the match, Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya hits the stage with father Jim Neidhart and husband Tyson Kidd. Natalya brags that Charlotte should just retire after Clash of Champions, because once her father beats Charlotte’s father then she’ll never get another opportunity at her belt again. Natalya also says that her husband will beat Ciampa at Clash of Champions, while Bret & Bulldog will take the Smackdown Tag Team Championship off of Styles & Joe. Natalya says her family will be glittered in gold, and that Charlotte’s family will just be losers. Natalya smiles and raises her championship as Ric and Charlotte watch from the ring.

Bray Wyatt hijacks the airwaves. He is in his dark dimension but with only Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Bray says his monster has run off and he has the briefcase with him. Bray apologizes to Vince, but says Vince should keep his champions on a tight watch. Bray says Braun coming after the gold is inevitable, and although Bray will try to help – he advises Vince’s champions to… RUN!


Undisputed Champion The Miz (w/ Maryse, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) vs. Finn Balor

OBJECTIVE: Win with Balor

Cruiserweight Champion Hideo Itami enters Vince’s office. Vince congratulates Itami on retaining his belt, and says he needs Itami to capture another piece of gold for him. Itami asks which belt Vince desires, as Vince says the NXT Championship. He says he already has two guys working on capturing the NXT Tag Team Championship off of Enzo & Cass, but says he needs Itami to take care of Roderick Strong. Itami says he could make it to an NXT show, but doesn’t know if he can make both the main shows and NXT. Vince tells Itami he won’t have to travel far, because he’s giving him an NXT Championship match at Clash of Champions. Itami smiles in pleasure as Vince tells him to go take the night off because he deserves it. Itami leaves as Vince looks proudly at his top new recruit.

NORMAL MATCH – United States Championship

(C) Sami Zayn (with Kevin Owens) vs. Randy Orton

Objective: Help Sami Zayn win by being Kevin Owens

Owens helps his friend retain the United States Championship. Owens yells at Orton who is on the ground, before raising his friends hand.

In Vince’s office, Vince hands the Hardcore Championship to Mankind. Vince says he feels that the belt will be safe in the hands of WWE’s greatest hardcore performer. Vince tells Dude Love and Cactus Jack ’92 to protect Mankind at all costs. The three Foley’s leave as Bam Bam Bigelow and DDP ’92 enter. Vince is not happy they lost, but Bigelow suggests Vince summon DDP’s older-self instead. Bigelow claims older DDP to be a bit more in shape than his younger version, and also much smarter. DDP ’92 is against the idea, but Bigelow knocks him out. Vince agrees and has Stephanie handle DDP’s switch with the urn. Bam tells Vince he found something in the hallways he think he should see. Bam pulls out a pair of purple gloves, which frightens Vince. Bam asks Vince if he knows what this means? Vince does, saying Undertaker has returned.

Go to ‘title managment’ and put the Hardcore Championship on to Mankind.

Arena: Raw


Cruiserweight Champion Hideo Itami & Tyson Kidd vs. Johnny Gargano & Light Heavyweight Champion Tommaso Ciampa

Objective: Win with Ciampa and Gargano

After the match, Itami & Kidd begin assaulting Gargano & Ciampa. NXT Champion Roderick Strong arrives and heads to the ring for the save. Itami & Kidd bounce out of the ring as Strong grabs a microphone. He tells Itami that on Sunday he will retain his belt, and that he already defeated one of Triple H and Vince’s goons in Bobby Roode. Strong helps Gargano & Ciampa up as Itami and Kidd retreat up the entrance ramp.

Backstage, Universal Champion Jinder Mahal is talking to Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar and Diesel. They are approached by Vince, who asks if The Bar are now part of Jinder’s security team? They confirm this and tell Vince the hallways tonight have been weird. Vince doesn’t understand, so Diesel tells him that the lights flicker and smoke randomly appears. Vince tells them to be careful because he thinks Undertaker has returned. They laugh saying the Wyatt’s took care of him earlier this year. Mahal tells Vince that Undertaker should be scared of the Maharaja Empire! Vince asks what that is, as Jinder explains it’s the most dominant faction in WWE – comprised of himself, Diesel and The Bar. Vince asks Jinder if he’s forming a group, or just getting protection for his championship? Jinder tells Vince that it’s both, and that Vince should stay out of his way until it’s ‘time’. Jinder leaves with his group, as Vince is not happy with Mahal’s words.


Ivory & Jacqueline (with Trish Stratus) vs. Raw Women’s Champion Asuka & Bayley

Objective: Win with Ivory & Jacqueline

Stratus cheats to help Ivory and Jacqueline win their match. Asuka confronts Trish, but is attacked by Ivory and Jacqueline. Asuka fends them off, as Trish enters the ring. Asuka turns her attention to Trish, but Trish quickly exits the ring and heads up the entrance ramp smiling. Asuka is calling her back to the ring, but Trish continues to head up the ramp motioning at her waist that she’ll soon be champion.

Kurt Angle is walking around backstage as he is stopped by Vince. Vince tells Kurt that he has actually done a good job since returning, but wonders who sent him in the first place? Kurt says he has no idea, and that he just received a letter from the WWE Board of Directors asking him to come help. Vince laughs and says that sounds about right, before asking Kurt where his gold medals are? Kurt is fed up with the question and tells Vince he will bring them to Clash of Champions so he’ll stop asking about them. Kurt asks why Vince is so curious about his gold medals, as Vince says he is simply a fan of international competition. Vince leaves as Angle looks on suspicious.


Dean Ambrose (with Roman Reigns) vs. Raw Tag Team Champion Cesaro (with Sheamus)

Objective: Win with Dean Ambrose

After the match, Dude Love and Cactus Jack ’92 attack Roman Reigns. Hardcore Champion Mankind comes into the ring with Barbie (his baseball bat covered in barbed wire). He drills Ambrose in the back with it, and beats him down with the bat. Cesaro & Sheamus leave the ring quickly with their championships. The Foley’s continue to beat down The Shield as The Bar leave.

Watching backstage, Vince is not happy The Bar didn’t join in attacking The Shield. Stephanie tells Vince she tried to warn him about Jinder’s influence, which Vince says he now understands. Vince believes Mahal has a side agenda, but they have so much to focus on right now that they can deal with him later. Stephanie asks Vince why he is obsessed with Kurt’s gold medals, which Vince reveals he believes is the 20th piece of WWE gold they need. Vince points out they currently have 19 championships (WWE, Universal, Raw/Smackdown Tag Team, Raw/Smackdown Women’s, Cruiserweight, United States, Intercontinental, NXT, NXT Tag Team, NXT Women’s, Undisputed, Hardcore, Divas, European, Light Heavyweight, World Heavyweight & U.K.) Vince says that he thinks the final and 20th piece are Kurt Angle’s medals. Stephanie doesn’t agree, thinking it’s a belt they haven’t thought of yet. Stephanie asks if that’s why Vince brought Kurt Angle back, which he admits it is. Vince reveals he intercepted the Fashion Police’s investigative report, and forged a letter from the WWE Board of Directors to bring Kurt Angle back. Stephanie asks why Vince gave Angle power then, which Vince says he had to make it seem real or Kurt wouldn’t have come back. Stephanie says it’s a high risk for his medals – not even sure if that’s the 20th piece of gold they need? Stephanie suggests talking to the person who cast the curse to begin with, but Vince says that is a last resort option.


Undisputed Champion The Miz, United States Champion Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor, Randy Orton & Ric Flair ’88

Objective: Win with Balor, Orton & Flair

Jim Neidhart tries to attack Flair during the match, but is unsuccessful. After the match, Braun Strowman’s music hits. The Monster Among Men hits the ring as everyone runs off scared. Braun tells everyone he wants gold and is going to use his Money in the Bank contract at Clash of Champions! Bobby Heenan comes out on stage, and warns Braun not to use the case on his client Andre. Bobby warns Braun that Andre is much more experienced and talented than an unproven Braun. Strowman heads for Bobby, who takes off and runs. WWE Champion Andre the Giant comes out on stage to stop Strowman as the two giants face off. Braun screams BRAUUUN! and charges Andre as the two begin fighting. A ‘this is awesome’ chant breaks out as literally 50-60 officials from backstage have to separate the two from fighting. The lights go out and turn back on as the Wyatt Family is on the stage. They begin to attack Strowman, but Strowman throws them all off as Andre escapes with Heenan.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Vince and Stephanie are in the ring, as Vince calls out Universal Champion Jinder Mahal. Mahal, with Diesel and Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar come to the ring. Vince is not happy Mahal has shown disrespect to him and his daughter. Jinder goes to speak but Vince tells him to shut up. Vince tells Mahal that he is proud of the transformation his former bodyguard has made, but warns him that he’s becoming too big headed for his own good. Mahal tells Vince he is simply living the role he was meant to become. Jinder tells Vince not to worry, because he is still loyal to Vince for his promised end of their agreed bargain. This surprises Stephanie, who is unaware of a side deal her father has with Jinder. Vince continues to say he has some championship belts he needs to assign, and likes the idea of having all his champions close to one another. Stephanie is shocked Vince is giving Jinder more belts to hold. Vince introduces Rusev from Bulgaria, with his wife Lana from Russia, and Paige from the U.K.- as the superstars head to the ring! Vince awards Rusev the European Championship and Paige the Divas Championship – warning them that they better not make Vince regret giving them the belts. Vince tells Jinder to take both Paige & Rusev under his wing to keep the belts safe. Vince calls them an international all-star team, like some sort of ‘league of nations’. Jinder smiles and agrees, but Stephanie is not happy. She tells her father Jinder will turn on them, and that he is clearly building an army. Vince is confident that Jinder is loyal to them, and tells Stephanie that he will use the urn as a reminder if Mahal thinks of turning. Vince leaves with Stephanie as Jinder watches them with a bit of distaste. Rusev and Paige admire their new championship belts.

Go to ‘title management’ and put the European Championship onto Rusev; put the Divas Championship onto Paige.


Smackdown Tag Team Champion Samoa Joe (with AJ Styles) vs. Rikishi (with The Usos)

Objective: Win with Rikishi

Stephanie and Vince are in the back office, as Vince takes out Undertaker’s Urn. Stephanie says they can deal with Jinder without resorting to the Urn, but Vince ignores her comments and talks about what else they need. Vince says once they have all the championship belts, they need a place to contain the belts while the curse is brewed. Stephanie says that the belts already have power, demonstrated by the electricity other superstars have felt and Jinder’s current attitude. Vince says the belts’ power is alive from a previous curse, but not harnessed. He explains they need a chamber. The only way the belt’s powers will contain itself is to place them all in some sort of chamber while the curse is performed. Stephanie suggests putting them into a briefcase or a room in the arena. Vince says a room wouldn’t contain the power, and could jeopardize the whole arena with people in it getting harmed. Vince says they’ll use the same chamber they’ve used for years to transform WWE items into powerful weapons. Stephanie asks what the chamber is? Vince looks at Undertaker’s Urn and says maybe its time they gave a past ring commentator a call. Vince smiles as the current ring commentators all wonder who Vince is referring to.


Ric Flair ’88 (with Charlotte Flair) vs. DDP ’98 (with Bam Bam Bigelow)

Objective: Win with DDP ’98

Bret Hart & British Bulldog are walking around backstage, happy about their earlier match. They are approached by Universal Champion Jinder Mahal, along with Diesel, Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar, European Champion Rusev (with Lana) & Divas Champion Paige. Mahal congratulates Bret on his triumphant return and wishes him luck on Sunday. Jinder warns Bret not to get too ahead of himself. Bret asks what Jinder means? Jinder says he knows the entire Hart Family reunited, and tells Bret not to think that his family can somehow avenge the fact Vince screwed him over in Motreal. Bret says he only has one goal while he’s here, and that doesn’t include dethroning Vince. Cesaro asks Bret what his goal is, why he’s here? Bret ignores them and leaves with Bulldog.


NXT Champion Roderick Strong & Finn Balor vs. Undisputed Champion The Miz (with Maryse) & Cruiserweight Champion Hideo Itami

Objective: Win with Strong & Balor

Randy Orton enters the locker room to find The Shield getting ready for a match. Orton says he is disappointed he lost the Fashion Police & his championship. Orton says he failed Cena and the WWE, but the Shield say they lost Rollins. They won’t give up and tell Randy neither should he. The Shield say they will make the most of their championship match at Clash of Champions. Orton asks where they think the Fashion Police may have went? They don’t know, but suggest that maybe Goldust knows since he was the Fashion Police’s source of information regarding the investigation. Orton says that’s a good idea and leaves.

Stephanie enters Vince’s office, saying that she checked everywhere and doesn’t think the Wyatt’s are here. She looks up and sees JBL standing in front of her! John? she says. Vince comes out of the bathroom and is excited. He asks Stephanie what she thinks? Stephanie is stunned, and then asks what Vince is thinking? Vince says JBL will help them acquire the item they seek. Stephanie asks what item, as Vince reminds her he needs a chamber to organize the championship curses power. Stephanie finishes the sentence sarcastically along with Vince, then asks how JBL will help? Vince asks JBL to call for a ride. He does, but Stephanie says they have a limousine waiting. Vince pulls Stephanie aside and tells her that a regular limousine won’t work for what ‘he’ needs. Stephanie asks who ‘he’ is? Vince replies it’s the person who will use his voodoo curse on the championship belts, (confirming Fashion Police’s theory) Papa Shango. Stephanie asks why it has to be JBL’s limousine? Vince says that’s where all the previous curses were born. Vince says Shango turned JBL’s Limousine into the chamber for him to properly cast his voodoo spells onto various WWE items. Vince claims he had to keep the public form knowing curses were being casted, so he offered JBL the WWE Championship for his limo’s service. Stephanie is beyond stressed at this point, saying this is the craziest shit she’s ever heard of. She asks her father where it ends? How much out there in the WWE has powers and what the purpose of all this is? Vince says the purpose is so that their family survives and maintains WWE control long after their gone. Vince says it’s for immortality. Stephanie says the irony is overwhelming, saying more people have been sent by the WWE Board of Directors in the past few months then ever before! Stephanie collects herself, and tells Vince not to mess this up. She leaves angrily as Vince tells himself that she’ll be grateful one day.


The Shield vs. WWE Champion Andre the Giant

Objective: Win with Andre the Giant

Andre picks up Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose after the match, but the Shield fights back. Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar  come down to help Andre out. Fights are outside the ring as Bobby checks on Andre. The lights go out and the turn back on as Braun Strowman is in the ring with his contract. Bobby is pleading with Braun to not cash it in. Braun looks for a referee, but there’s not one in sight. Bray appears on the jumbotron. He asks Braun to consider his family, and what his actions are doing. Bray says Braun is being selfish, as Bray found him in the woods and brought life into his world. Bray says without him Braun would be a lost soul like he was when he found him. Bray calls Braun a big fool, and that Braun knows this himself. Bray says he forgives Braun, but asks that he hand over that briefcase. Braun stares at the briefcase and says no. Braun coherently says he is not a puppet and that he is stronger than Bray Wyatt. Braun says he is his own monster and not Bray’s, also saying he is smarter than Bray. Bray is stunned that Braun has been hiding his intelligence from him this whole time, and laughs saying he should’ve been smarter. Harper and Rowan attack Braun from the side of the ring, but Braun overpowers them. Andre is up at this point and Big Boots Braun to the mat! Then he hits an Elbow onto Braun. Wyatt tells Braun he’s disappointed in his decisions, and that he has officially been cast out of the Wyatt Family. Bray says he’ll just take the briefcase from Braun, and when Bray gets it – everyone else should… RUN!

Go to ‘edit teams’ and remove Braun Strowman from The Wyatt Family.

Arena: Clash of Champions

The show starts with Randy Orton looking through the arena for Goldust. He runs into Kane, who says he has no idea where Goldust is. Bam Bam Bigelow and DDP ’98 approach saying they don’t know if Goldust is around, but they know Undertaker is. They ask Kane where his brother is, but Kane says he has no idea. Orton says they wouldn’t say even if they knew. Bigelow says that maybe he and DDP know where the Fashion Police are. Kane says they are lying, but are suddenly assaulted by Hardcore Champion Mankind, Dude Love & Cactus Jack ’92. Bigelow leans in and warns Orton & Kane that this is the last chance Vince is giving them, and to stay away from Goldust and the Fashion Police. They leave as Kane and Orton try to recover.

NORMAL MATCH – Light Heavyweight Championship

(C) Tommaso Ciampa (with Johnny Gargano) vs. Tyson Kidd (with Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya)

Objective: Win with Tyson Kidd

Natalya’s presence helps Kidd win the match. Charlotte comes out on stage after the match as Natalya tries to carry her man up the ramp. She comedically drops Kidd on the ramp and takes off. Charlotte chases her ringside and through the crowd.

Kurt Angle arrives in his limo, as he is quickly approached by Stephanie. Stephanie says he is late, which he says he heard her say repeatedly on the phone. He says he’s been sick and is just getting over a cold. Stephanie asks if he has his medals, which he hands her (as they are walking). She thanks Kurt and tells him she has a confession to make, he doesn’t have any real power. He’s confused, as Stephanie reveals that Vince set the whole thing up to get his Olympic medals. Kurt is very thrown off, but quickly snatches his gold medals from Stephanie. He says he has no idea what the hell is going on, but he’ll be damned if he’s going to be used as a pawn. Stephanie reminds Kurt he’s been out of WWE over a decade, he’s barely a pawn. She says he’s not even a board piece. Kurt says if Vince wants his gold medals he can have them on one condition. Angle says as always he likes to settle things in the ring, so on Monday Night Raw he will fight an opponent Vince chooses. If Angle wins he keeps his authority, if he loses he leaves and Vince can have his medals. Angles walks off pissed as Stephanie somewhat smiles, not against the idea.

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Championship

(C) Roderick Strong vs. Cruiserweight Champion Hideo Itami

OBJECTIVE: Win with Hideo Itami

Itami celebrates in the ring, as Vince is watching from his office. He tells Stephanie he loves Itami and that finding him at NXT was the best thing to happen so far. United States Champion Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens walk in, asking why they’re not on the card tonight. Vince says they have performed well and he’s needs the belt, so he’s keeping them off the card as long as possible. Owens and Zayn love that idea, as JBL enters. He says it took a while, but finally got his limo to arrive. Vince asks JBL to park the limo with all the others and take his bullhorns off, so nobody will know which limo is his. Vince says the night has gone very well so far, and it will only get better. JBL leaves along with Sami & Kevin, as Vince asks Stephanie if she made the deal? Stephanie says she did, as the ring commentators think they’re referring to the deal she made with Angle earlier.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart ’97 & British Bulldog)

Objective: Win with Bret Hart & British Bulldog by pinning Samoa Joe

AJ Styles purposely doesn’t help Joe when he is pinned. AJ walks into the ring frustrated and exhausted as the Hart Foundation leave the ring with their new belts. Joe is a bit shocked AJ didn’t put more effort into helping him out, as AJ begins to stomp away onto Joe! AJ hits brutal forearm shots that bust Joe open as he bleeds. AJ grabs a microphone and tells Joe that he made a deal. AJ made a deal with Stephanie McMahon, that if he lost the belts tonight then she would bring his brothers back, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Gallows and Anderson’s music hits as they both appear on the stage. AJ says he is sorry, but it was the only way to save his good brothers. AJ says he always respected Joe, but this was something he had to do. AJ leaves the ring to connect with his brothers as Joe tries to recover in the ring, shocked as hell.

Go to ‘edit teams’ and edit ‘Gallows & Anderson’. Change their team name and name called to ‘The Club’. Add AJ Styles to the stable as the third member. Edit the trio entrance. Go to ‘cast change’ and make sure AJ Styles is ‘Cast 1’. Change entrance music and movie to AJ Styles. Leave everything else the same, and click accept.

Stephanie is backstage, telling security to be on the lookout for any scary looking people. She describes Braun Strowman and Undertaker, which security make funny faces when Stephanie describes them. She says it’s imperative neither are here tonight. They scatter to search for them as WWE Champion Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan approach. They ask Stephanie if Braun Strowman plans on cashing in his contract tonight, which Stephanie replies she has no idea. Heenan says it would be a shame if the McMahons came this far, only to fail. Heenan says he and his giant will be ready, but will her and her father be? Heenan leaves with Andre as Stephanie looks worried.


Ric Flair ’88 vs. Jim Niedhart

Objective: Win with Ric Flair ’88

Ric wins the match as Charlotte comes to the ring to celebrate with her father. Angle comes out on stage and congratulates Ric on winning. Angle says he has no idea if he’ll have any power after Raw tomorrow night, so he tells Charlotte she can have her Smackdown Championship Match on Monday Night Raw instead. Charlotte is thrilled to hear the news, as she hugs her father for helping her out. Angle adds that because this is going to be the last opportunity either woman gets, and because of how much they’ve been through, it will be Hell in a Cell! Loud ‘Yes!’ chants fire up around the arena.

Randy Orton is in the trainer’s room as Goldust, disguised as a doctor, enters. Goldust tells Orton he heard Orton was looking for the Fashion Police. Goldust thinks he knows where they might be. Orton asks where, as Goldust says they were looking for Papa Shango. Orton knows that, but doesn’t see the connection. Goldust says it’s likely Papa Shango got to them first, and so they should check the basements and the attics of the arena. Goldust says to search every corner, every tunnel because Papa Shango is around – and he has been this whole time.

NORMAL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka vs. Trish Stratus (with Ivory & Jacqueline)

Objective: Win with Asuka

Asuka wins the match and rolls out of the ring before Ivory or Jacqueline can get her. Trish is not happy and Chick Kicks Ivory. Jacqueline is a bit thrown off, as Trish then slaps Jacqueline before hitting the Chick Kick on her. Trish then gives Asuka a mean look as the champion retreats up the ramp with her belt.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) The Bar (with Divas Champion Paige) vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with The Bar

Divas Champion Paige interferes during the match. This allows The Bar to pick up the win. Then Universal Champion Jinder Mahal, Diesel and European Champion Rusev all appear at ringside. They all then brutally assault The Shield. Fire shoots from the stage as Kane heads to the ring, limping. He gets in and goes eye-to-eye with Diesel. Kane grabs Diesel by the throat, so Diesel low blows him as the Maharaja’s Empire assaults Kane too. Jinder’s crew look upon their destruction and taunt the crowd.

Heenan and Andre are in the locker room aas Stephanie apporaches. She says she is sending them away for the night. Heenan is against the idea, as Andre argues he isn’t afraid of anyone. Vince arrives and says that doesn’t matter, and they can’t jeopardize loosing any more belts. Vince says if Strowman cashes in his contract then he could take Andre’s belt. Andre is insulted, but the lights go out. After a brief moment, the lights turn back on and as a large hat is sitting in the room. Stephanie screams, as Vince says Undertaker is definitely back. Andre says he isn’t scared and leaves with Heenan. Vince tells Stephanie that hopefully Miz wins his match and then that will be it.

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Undisputed Championship

(C) The Miz (with Maryse, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) vs. Finn Balor

OBJECTIVE: Win with The Miz

Miz wins the match, but in the parking lot a large truck at full speed and drills a fence. Out comes Braun Strowman with his Money in the Bank case. He begins walking proudly towards the ring. The lights go out  backstage and turn on as the entire Wyatt Family is waiting for Braun. Bray tells Braun he can’t let him take the WWE Championship, and if any Wyatt Family member is going to do it it will be Bray himself. Braun reminds Bray he’s not a Wyatt Family Member anymore. Bray laughs and tells Braun he actually thinks this will be fun. They go in to attack Braun but the lights go out again as a loud gong is heard. The lights turn on as Undertaker is side-by-side with Strowman! They fight the Wyatt’s off and begin marching towards the ring. They run into Randy Orton, as Orton is thrown off saying ‘Dead man?’ Undertaker stops and begins walking with Orton as the two escort Braun backstage. The Miz is celebrating in the ring as Braun Strowman’s music hits. The Miztourage flee the ring and run through the crowd as Strowman hits the ring. He gives the referee his contract and says he is cashing it in, calling for Andre to come to the ring!

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Andre the Giant (with Bobby Heenan) vs. Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Braun wins the WWE Championship as Heenan is stunned! Vince and Stephanie are watching, as Vince is fuming. He tells Stephanie to tell Bray Wyatt he will handle this mess tomorrow night on Raw when he faces Braun for the WWE Championship. Stephanie runs off as Vince follows her into the hallway. Vince stops and notices smoke, only to look up and have the Fashion Police run right into him. They all try to get up and see Papa Shango standing over them! Shango backs them into Vince’s office. Hardcore Champion Mankind, Cactus Jack ’92 & Dude Love try to stop Shango. Shango uses the smoke from his skull to put all three to sleep, and uses his cane to send all three flying across the office! Shango turns his attention back to the Fashion Police as Undertaker and Orton reach the office. Undertaker spots his urn and heads straight for it, but Shango uses his cane which sends the urn flying across the room. The urn opens as the time portal sucks the entire arena through… … … … They come out on the other side of the time portal as Orton awakes. He goes and closes the urn before it can send them through another portal, running off with it. Vince’s office is a complete disaster with bodies everywhere including Undertaker’s. Shango looks over Undertaker and then for the urn. He sees Orton is gone and leaves to go find him.

Go to ‘Chapter Seven – Monsters Among Men’.


GreenTimeSports WWE 2k18 Story Outline

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