GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Seven – Monsters Among Men

Arena: Halloween Havoc

Vince wakes up in his office to see the destruction caused. Undertaker grabs Vince by the throat, asking what he has done? Vince says this was all Papa Shango’s doing, but Undertaker is referring to seeing his older self in the past (revealing the Wyatt’s sent The Undertaker through a time portal after their Wrestlemania match). Undertaker tells Vince he knows what he is up to and is here to put an end to all of it. Undertaker tells Vince he will destroy Papa Shango tonight, and put an end to all the voodoo curses in the WWE. Undertaker drops Vince as he recollects his breathe. Everyone is else in the room is still knocked out.

Kurt Angle is running through the arena hallways, as he sees Halloween Havoc posters everywhere. Angle realizes they traveled to the past when Undertaker’s Urn opened. He runs into Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa wants his rematch immediately, but Angle is freaking out over the time period change. Ciampa calms Angle down and explains that the sooner they get all the championships away from Vince’s goons, the better. Angle agrees and schedules Ciampa for his rematch tonight. Angle says they may as well have Monday Night Raw’s matches tonight, and says he may not have any power following this evening. Ciampa & Gargano leave as Angle turns around to an awaiting Trish Stratus. She wants another match against Asuka, but Kurt says no. Trish says she will just go ask Vince next, so Kurt says he may as well go ahead and schedule the match. Kurt reluctantly agrees, but makes it a Tables Match and says Trish can’t have anyone at ringside to help her. Angle walks off as Stratus doesn’t look too pleased.

NORMAL MATCH – Light Heavyweight Championship

(C) Tyson Kidd vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Objective: Win with Tyson Kidd

Kurt storms into Vince’s office and wants to know what exactly is going on? Vince comes clean about everything to Kurt. Vince tells Kurt that Papa Shango is responsible for all the voodoo curses in WWE history. Vince says when he first introduced Papa Shango to the world, many WWE Board members felt Shango was too dangerous and wanted him gone. Vince says he hid Shango from his fellow WWE employers and fans by giving him a new identity within the WWE. Vince claims he did it in order to keep Shango and his powers within Vince’s reach. Vince claims Shango has undertook many identities throughout WWE history, just so Vince could use his powers for personal benefit. Vince brings up many infamous matches and moments throughout WWE’s past in which the outcome or future was directly affected by one of Shango’s infected items (2014 Elimination Chamber, 1997 Bad Blood Hell in a Cell, 1993 Money Inc.’s briefcase shatters Beefcake’s nose, etc…) . Vince says he has been the one writing WWE’s history and now he plans to take complete control of it without the fear of any interference. Vince says that once he collects all the championship belts he’s going to throw them into the curse chamber, so Shango can perform the powerful spell that the belts can harness. Vince tells Kurt the only reason he is telling him all of this now is because after tonight Kurt will lose his ‘false’ power. Vince tells Kurt he will be fighting Andre the Giant tonight, and he hopes he never has to see Kurt again. Vince laughs and walks off as Kurt looks scared.

TABLES MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka  vs. Trish Stratus

Objective: Win with Asuka

Stephanie is watching the match on a TV backstage, muttering that Asuka may be the toughest opponent they have to face. The lights go out. Stephanie yells at Bray that he should be focusing on his WWE Championship match instead of playing mind games. Papa Shango comes out of the darkness instead. Shango tells Stephanie that he is not happy about being exposed, claiming that his other identities in the past and present are now jeopardized. Shango tells Stephanie that he will not endanger his own existence in the WWE. Stephanie says she understands Shango’s concern, but they knew this would happen the closer they got to reaching their goal. Shango says they are still very far away from their goals. Stephanie begs to differ, saying they have all 20 championships in the same place. She suggests they need to throw them into the curse chamber and perform the ritual. Shango, a bit more pleased now, tells Stephanie they need to move quickly as Undertaker is around and looking to destroy him. Shango tells Stephanie he will take care of Undertaker tonight, but she needs to get the 20 championships into the curse’s chamber soon. Shango disappears as the lights turn back on as Stephanie looks concerned before scurrying off.

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper & Erick Rowan)

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Harper and Rowan try to attack Strowman after the match, but Strowman out powers them. Bray enters the ring ready to attack, but Braun grabs him first. Braun screams in Bray’s face, but the lights go out. They turn back on and the Wyatt’s are gone.

Vince is in his office trying to diffuse an argument between Hardcore Champion Mankind, Cactus Jack ’92 and Dude Love. They all think they should be the Hardcore Champion, claiming to be the best Mick Foley persona in WWE history. Vince calms them down after Cactus Jack throws a lamp at a squealing Mankind, while Dude Love dances. Vince says they can all fight each other for the Hardcore Championship sometime next week, not seeing an issue with whoever wins. Vince gets a text from Stephanie and excuses himself. He walks out of the office as the lights go out. Papa Shango appears again, telling Vince they are running out of time. Vince tells Papa they almost have all the championships. Shango says that’s good, but asks how Vince can trust that all the other champions will give him the belts that they possess? Vince has faith in his warriors, but Shango is a bit more concerned. Shango tells Vince it would be a shame if they failed, after coming so close for so many years… decades. Shango creepily touches Vince’s face as the lights turn back on. Shango is gone. Vince is clearly freaked out and walks down the hallway. He enters a locker room where DDP ’98 and Bam Bam Bigelow are, saying he has a mission for them. Baron Corbin comes into the scene as well, as Vince calls him over to be part of the plan.

HELL IN A CELL MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship

(C) Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair

Objective: Win with Charlotte Flair

Kurt Angle is changing in his locker room, as Randy Orton comes in. He wishes Angle good luck, and tells Kurt that he likes his odds tonight. Kurt calls Orton crazy. Kurt says he may have gold medals from the Olympics, but that he has never faced a man as big as Andre the Giant. Orton tells Kurt that a lot of people have his back tonight, including some new faces. Kurt doesn’t understand, but Orton only wishes him good luck and leaves as Angle looks on very confused by the Viper’s words.


Papa Shango vs. Undertaker ’91

Objective: Win with Undertaker ’91

After the match, Kane’s music and fire start as the Big Red Machine (’98) hits the ring. He has his brothers urn in his hand! He hands Undertaker his urn, as apparently Orton gave it to Kane earlier – who used it to bring his younger-self back to help fight. They look at Papa Shango on the mat and decide to send Shango through the urn, very far into the past. The lights go out and turn back on as Bray Wyatt is in the ring. The lights turn off again and turn back on, as both Wyatt and Shango are gone. Undertaker & Kane look around, then hug and do their trademark poses in the ring. Undertaker likes Kane’s idea to get his 1998-self, and says he is going to do the same.

Stephanie enters Vince’s office, telling her father that they need to start collecting the belts for Shango. Vince agrees and says he is on top of it. Vince says he will call NXT Tag Team Champion Enzo & Cass to the main roster whenever they get back in present time. Vince says they’ll have all the power to themselves once Andre beats Kurt tonight and that the WWE Board of Directors won’t send anybody else. He adds that once the curse is complete all the champions can have their belts back, so that should make taking them away a bit easier for some.


Kurt Angle ’06 vs. Andre the Giant (with Bobby Heenan)

Objective: Win with Kurt Angle by submission

Heenan tries repeatedly to interfere in the match, but Randy Orton comes down to even the odds. Andre quickly takes care of Orton, sending him into the audience. Suddenly, John Cena’s music hits as Cena comes out onto the stage! Cena waits as then Shane McMahon’s music hits! Shane comes out on stage also! The duo come down to the ring, as Andre’s attention (including the referee) is all on Cena and Shane. Angle low blows Andre then puts him in the Ankle Lock! After minutes of fighting, Andre finally taps out! Angle wins the match! Cena, Shane and Orton hit the ring after, as Orton reveals he and Cena made a plan before Cena left. Orton reveals they agreed on a rendezvous point in a certain time period if they ever returned to the past. Orton says Halloween Havoc in 1998 was always the ‘checkpoint’ for John’s return. Cena tells Kurt he found Shane in DX’s greatest year, 1998 (claiming he figured that’s what Triple H was thinking of when he opened the urn – believing Hunter to always be thinking of his ‘glory days’). John thinks they now have the numbers on their side. Vince appears on the big screen, congratulating John and his son Shane on finding their ways back home – but claims it’s too late. The camera pans out the show DDP, Bam Bam Bigelow, Hardcore Champion Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack ’92, Cruiserweight & NXT Champion Hideo Itami, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper & Baron Corbin. Vince releases his arms forward and commands his army to attack. The superstars hit the ring ready to assault Orton, Angle, Cena and Shane. The lights go out and a loud gong is heard. Fire shoots out of the ring posts as both Undertaker (’98) & Kane ’98 are in the ring with the urn. A big brawl breaks out where Undertaker uses the urn to send Bam Bam Bigelow, DDP & Baron Corbin through the time portal! Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Hart Foundation comes in out of nowhere and begin to assault Undertaker, who drops the urn. Angle tries to pick the urn up, but the portal is too wide open as it begins sucking the entire arena through the time portal.

Arena: Smackdown ’00

The arena is now Smackdown, but it’s an old Smackdown arena. The ring commentators say they must’ve not made it all the way back to present day, and mention they don’t see Bigelow, DDP or Corbin anywhere (meaning they were sent to a different time period then the one they are currently in). Graves thinks they are in 2000 because that was one of Kurt Angle’s glory years, and he was holding the urn last. Bret Hart picks up Undertaker’s urn and begins running with it, but he is cutoff by both Harper and Rowan – revealing Bret is working on his own and not for Vince. Bret reluctantly hands the urn over to Harper and Rowan instead of suffering a beat down. Vince’s army retreats after seeing Corbin, Bigelow and DDP all gone. Kurt grabs a microphone and says this needs to end now, and that both he and Shane will challenge Vince’s authority. Kurt wants to start scheduling championship matches, but Shane suggests they go backstage and catch up on everything that’s happened while he’s been away. Cena agrees that it is probably smarter to follow Shane’s lead.


European Champion Rusev (with Lana) & Diesel vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Ambrose & Reigns

Kurt is in the backstage office with Shane, recapping everything that has occurred since he’s been gone. Kurt tells Shane they need to start getting belts off of his father before it’s too late. Shane agrees, but doesn’t think they should rush into any sort of decision just yet, not knowing who to trust. The Club walks in with AJ Styles leading, as Styles says Shane is smart to not trust anyone – because he himself was trustworthy until Vince made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Styles says now he gets to see his two good brothers safe and sound. Kurt scolds AJ for turning his back on the WWE, but AJ says he had to save his friends no matter what. Shane says he understands, but Joe asked for a match against AJ, and he’ll have it on Raw. AJ is not happy and walks out with Gallows and Anderson.

Universal Champion Jinder Mahal is in his locker room, polishing his belt as Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar walk in. They discuss their loyalty to the ’cause’ and say that whatever Vince has up his sleeve they will help protect. Stephanie walks in concerned with their recent attitudes, claiming it would be foolish for any of Jinder’s followers to turn their back on her father. She reminds them that her family basically handed them the belts they currently hoist. Jinder becomes upset, saying Stephanie has no right to insult the Modern Day Maharaja. Jinder tells Stephanie that she is jealous of what Jinder has become, after starting as her father’s bodyguard. Stephanie quickly puts Jinder in his place, and reminds him they can use the urn on any of them. Jinder laughs and says Kane & Undertaker have the urn, and it seems like Bret Hart is after it as well. Stephanie tells Jinder the Wyatt’s just retrieved the urn and took care of Austin weeks ago, two things Jinder didn’t do for them. Jinder says that isn’t his role in Vince’s plan. Stephanie claims that her husband still has the rightful role that Jinder currently thinks he has. Jinder laughs at Stephanie saying the role Vince gave him is larger than Triple H himself, and she should know that. Jinder leaves as Stephanie ponders Jinder’s words.


Finn Balor vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champion British Bulldog (with Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart)

Objective: Win with Finn Balor

Randy Orton and John Cena are in the locker room talking about Cena’s experience in a different time period. Cena reveals he found Shane at a random wrestling show they were both at. Cena reveals that he also recruited some wrestlers from the past, convincing them that if they were to make it to the present day they would help the cause. Orton asks if John basically recruited past wrestlers to join their fight, which Cena confirms.

Bret Hart is walking through the arena hallways with Bulldog and Neidhart, livid they lost. Bret stops when he sees Vince, as Vince sneers that Bret is acting like he just tapped out. Bret is not happy and asks what Vince wants, but Vince says he should be asking Bret that same question. Vince knows Bret hates him and would never join a fight taking Vince’s side. Vince noticed Bret went after Undertaker’s urn as well, and asks Bret what his true motive for being here is? Bret says he’s here for his niece Natalya, but Vince doesn’t buy it. Bret tells Vince to stay out of his way, and Bret will do the same. Vince says that’s impossible if Bret is gunning for Undertaker’s urn, and gives Bret one more chance to tell him why he wants Undertaker’s urn. Bret doesn’t respond and leaves with Jim and Bulldog. Vince looks on with suspicion.


Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte (with Ric Flair ’88) vs. Divas Champion Paige

Objective: Win with Charlotte Flair

Bret is in his locker room frustrated. He throws his wrist tape against the wall, as the lights go out. Bret yells for Neidhart, Kidd and Bulldog – but no one answers. A glove grabs Bret by the throat, as it’s Undertaker. Undertaker asks Bret why he wants his urn? Bret stalls and says he has no idea what he is talking about. Undertaker asks if Bret trusts Vince more than him? Bret finally gives in and says ‘Owen’. Undertaker is confused, then says he won’t allow Bret to bring his deceased brother back. Bret says he wants to go see his brother, but not to bring him back. Undertaker releases Bret as Bret catches his breathe. Bret says that he wants Undertaker’s urn so he can send himself back in time to stop his brother Owen from attempting the ceiling stunt that unfortunately took his life. Undertaker sees Bret is clearly still struggling with the loss of his brother. Undertaker questions how Bret even knows about Owen since it’s two years after Bret’s current existence. Bret claims Natalya and Tyson told them what happens when they arrived on his niece’s behalf. Bret says that once he learned what happens to Owen, he has been trying to go back in time to warn his brother. Undertaker hears all this and decides to make a deal. He tells Bret that he and his brother Kane will take on Bret and a Hart Foundation member at Hell in a Cell for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. In return, Undertaker will use his urn to send Bret through the time portal and live with his brother. Bret offers to just hand the belts over. Undertaker claims that he and his brother aren’t the rightful title holders since they didn’t fairly win the belts or have a WWE executive name them champions. Undertaker claims that the belt’s electricity power would consume them if they or anyone else hold the belts too long. Bret accepts the deal and thanks Undertaker, who vanishes when the light turn back on.

Vince is in his office with Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan. Andre wants his WWE Championship rematch since Bray Wyatt was unable to beat Strowman. Vince gives Andre his rematch at Hell in a Cell, and says he plans on locking the two giants inside the cell. Shane McMahon walks into the office as Vince says it’s good to see his son. Shane tells his dad to cut the crap and that he isn’t here to reminisce. Shane says he knows Vince was behind everything from the beginning. Before Vince can respond, Shane warns him that he will be using all his power to fight Vince – and that his father will lose. Shane storms out as Vince looks on angrily.


(C) Mankind vs. Dude Love vs. Cactus Jack ’92

Objective: Win with Mankind

After the match, the lights turn off and turn back on as Papa Shango & Bray Wyatt are standing in the ring! Shango puts both Dude Love and Jack to sleep using the smoke from his skull. Mankind is confused, but Shango uses his cane to send Mankind flying outside the ring. Shango takes his top hat off and points it at both Dude Love and Jack. A large beam of light shoots out of his hat and drills both Love and Jack, sending them through a time portal – revealing Papa Shango’s top hat is a time portal! The Shield, Randy Orton, John Cena and Shane McMahon all run to the ring after witnessing this. Before they reach the ring, Shango uses his top hat and points it up and then begins spinning in circles – sending the entire arena through another time portal.

Arena: RAW is WAR

The arena comes out on the other side of the portal as the location is now Monday Night Raw, but they’re still not in present day. The lights go out and turn back on as both Wyatt and Shango are now gone. Hardcore Champion Mankind is squealing, heartbroken his two personas Jack and Dude Love are gone. Mankind wanders off in a rage backstage.

Kurt Angle storms into Vince’s office, saying they need to get back to present day. Vince agrees but says he doesn’t have much control over Papa Shango. Kurt says they’ll just use Undertaker’s urn, but Vince says he doesn’t have it. Universal Champion Jinder Mahal and Diesel walk in. Mahal wants to know what Vince is going to do to protect his team from The Shield, Orton, Cena and others. Vince tells Jinder he has done a good job building his own army, and that Mahal should see that through. Jinder is not happy with Vince’s response, and demands all the protection for himself and the Universal Championship. Angle has heard enough and tells Jinder he can protect his championship in a match at Hell in a Cell. Vince tries to talk Kurt down, but Kurt is not happy. Kurt says since he’s been back everyone is selfish and that it’s only gotten them into different time periods. Angle says Jinder Mahal will defend his championship against Kurt Angle himself! Jinder is outraged and looks to Vince, who can’t do anything about it. Jinder finally accepts Angle’s decision, but tells Kurt he must face his bodyguard Diesel next week. Jinder storms off angry with Diesel, as Angle warns Vince that he will keep all the belts away from him before leaving.


AJ Styles (with The Club) vs. Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with AJ Styles

Stephanie is watching the match backstage, revealing that part of her deal with AJ Styles also included The Club getting a championship match. Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar walk up and apologize to Stephanie for their rudeness on Smackdown. They say Jinder is such an inspiring leader that sometimes they forget who their real boss is. Stephanie says that maybe this will remind them, putting them in a tag team championship match at Hell in a Cell against The Club. The Bar is not happy, but Stephanie says they should take it up with their ‘new leader’ Jinder Mahal. Stephanie leaves as The Bar look at each other in disappointment.


Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley

Objective: Win with Alexa Bliss

Trish Stratus comes out on stage, impressed with Alexa. She asks Alexa what her goals in the WWE are, then tells Alexa she can help her reach her goals. Trish tells Alexa she sees a lot of herself in Bliss, and that she would be honored to take Alexa under her wing. Alexa tells Trish that she won the Raw Women’s Championship without her, but Trish reminds Alexa that Asuka is unlike any female competitor in WWE history and they need to dethrone her together. Bliss agrees, as Trish says ‘smart choice’ and announces that Vince has scheduled Asuka to defend her Raw Women’s Championship at Hell in a Cell against both Trish and Alexa! Alexa smiles over the news as Trish tells Alexa they have some game planning to do.

Undisputed Champion The Miz walks into Vince’s office with Maryse, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel. Miz is upset that his wife Maryse was never consulted in helping dethrone Asuka of the Raw Women’s Championship earlier. Vince says he didn’t know Maryse wanted to compete, to which Maryse claims gold would look great around her waist. Vince, after a long pause, decides that Maryse is worthy enough to fight for him – and puts her in the Raw Women’s Championship Match at Hell in a Cell. Maryse is very happy and kisses Miz. The four walk off satisfied as Hardcore Champion Mankind comes barging in pissed off. He demands to know why Shango used the time portal on Dude Love and Cactus Jack, wondering when he’ll be next? Vince tells Mankind to calm down, as he proved himself to be the best – which is why he is still around. Mankind asks if the triple threat match was a test to see which Mick Foley was the best – which Vince confirms is true. Mankind is not happy and tells Vince he’ll pay for his sins before leaving. A frustrated Vince looks on, although not too concerned.


Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

Objective: Win with The Bar

Bayley walks into Shane’s office backstage, asking for an opportunity for the Raw Women’s Championship. Shane says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to start putting people in championship matches because he doesn’t know who to trust (other than Kurt and Cena). Bayley scolds Shane for not stepping up to the plate and doing what needs to be done for the good cause. Shane tells Bayley he doesn’t want to jump into uncharted water just yet, but Bayley tells Shane his time spent in another time period has made him S-A-W-F-T. Bayley leaves disappointed as Shane considers Bayley’s words.

John Cena is backstage with Ambrose & Reigns, as the three try to figure out where Seth Rollins may be. They don’t believe he is in this time period, and agree to find him whenever they get back to present day. Goldust awkwardly comes in out of nowhere and tells the trio that Vince is very close to accomplishing his goal, but there is one road block in Vince’s way. They ask what it is, as Goldust reveals that Vince thinks he has all 20 championships – but Kurt Angle’s gold medals is NOT one of the 20 needed. Cena asks what the 20th title is, but Goldust stops talking as he sees Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie asks Goldust to finish his sentence, but he doesn’t. The trio rag Stephanie for turning her back on her husband, and saying she will lose everything including her soul. Stephanie laughs and decides to put the four in a tag team match tonight. Stephanie says it’s about time Goldust got back into the ring again before walking off.


WWE Champion Braun Strowman vs. United States Champion Sami Zayn (with Kevin Owens)

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman via countout

After Sami takes a good beating, he decides to leave with Kevin Owens – resulting in large boos in the arena. Andre the Giant comes from behind and begins attacking Strowman, as Zayn and Owens turn back around and join the beat down. Strowman is able to fight back for a minute, until JBL hits the ring too and joins the fight against Braun. Vince comes out on stage and tells Braun that he will not only be facing Andre at Hell in a Cell, but also JBL and Kevin Owens. Owens is so excited to hear his name that he hugs Sami in joy. Andre hits an elbow onto Braun as the lights go out and turn back on to reveal Bray Wyatt in the ring. Vince says Bray Wyatt will also be in the match, as Bray begins laughing in the ring before hitting Braun with a Sister Abigail. Vince says he needs as many mosters as possible to defeat the Monster Among Men.


Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, John Cena & Goldust vs. Cruiserweight & NXT Champion Hideo Itami, Undisputed Champion The Miz, Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode & Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd

Objective: Win with Ambrose, Reigns, Cena and Goldust

After the match, the lights go out and turn back on as Bray Wyatt and Papa Shango are in the ring with Undertaker’s urn. Shango grabs Goldust as Bray is about to send him through the urn, but The Shield and Cena fight back. Bray puts the urn down to help, but Cena is able to pick it up. Bray sees this and quickly grabs Shango and Goldust as the lights go off and on again. Shango, Wyatt and Goldust are all gone. Cena asks The Shield to deliver the urn back to Undertaker.

Backstage, Kurt Angle is talking to Undertaker and Kane ’98. Shane storms into the scene and demands they go back to present day. Shane gives a long speech about how he won’t sit on the sidelines and be reluctant anymore. He says they need to act against Vince now and that they need to be in present day to do so. Kane says he doesn’t believe Shane has the ‘balls’ to take his father out, but Shane reveals he is scheduling himself versus his father inside Hell in a Cell! Shane tells Kane to use a fire ball to send the arena back to the present, but Kane says his time portal isn’t big enough to fit an entire arena through. On cue, Ambrose enters the scene with the urn and says ‘use this’. Undertaker takes it and opens the urn as the arena goes through the time portal bringing them back to present day.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Stephanie McMahon comes down to the ring. Stephanie says that she doesn’t trust Universal Champion Jinder Mahal and his followers. She warns anyone associated with the Maharaja will defend their championship at Hell in a Cell, a way to prove their worth and loyalty to the McMahons. Shane immediately interrupts and heads to the ring. He tells Stephanie he is exhausted, confused and angry. He wants nothing more then to be home with his wife and kids. Shane says he can’t leave the WWE fans and performers in the hands of her and Vince, so he is staying to fight. Shane says he is taking on Vince inside Hell in a Cell at Hell in a Cell! Sasha Banks interrupts on stage, saying no one cares about their family squabble. Sasha tells Stephanie that she deserves to be in the Raw Women’s Championship Match, as she has proven herself against Asuka in the past. Stephanie shoots the idea down, but Sasha tells Stephanie that her husband knew what Asuka was capable of and that Stephanie should not take her lightly. Stephanie agrees on the condition that Sasha wins her match, which is next.


Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

Objective: Win with Sasha Banks

Bayley’s music hits as the crowd erupts after the match. Bayley comes out on stage with a microphone. She congratulates Sasha on getting into the Raw Women’s Championship Match at Hell in a Cell. Bayley reveals she just spoke with Shane McMahon, and Bayley has been added to the match as well! Sasha is livid in the ring, having to compete to get in. Bayley then goes on to reveal that Shane also made it a 6-Woman Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match! Sasha is stunned as Bayley tells her former friend that she misses her, but will do what it takes to win the championship. A large ‘Yes!’ chant breaks out in the arena.

In Vince’s office, Lana and European Champion Rusev are livid that Stephanie is making all of Jinder’s ‘protectors’ defend their belts. Vince tells Rusev to calm down, because the plan is to have them face an opponent Vince trusts. Rusev doesn’t care and yells in Bulgarian as he leaves. Stephanie enters as Lana tells Vince that if Rusev doesn’t leave Hell in a Cell as champion their loyalty will be tarnished. Lana leaves as Vince complains to Stephanie about her announcement. Stephanie is more concerned about Shane’s. Vince says he will beat Shane because he is his father and not worried about it one bit. Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Hart Foundation walk in, as Vince asked them to come in. Vince isn’t happy they agreed to defend their belts against Undertaker & Kane. Vince says that if Bret was after a time portal all along, Vince could’ve spoke with Shango to use his hat. Bret spits on Vince and says he still hasn’t forgiven him for what he did in Montreal. Stephanie reminds Bret the only reason he is here is because of her. Vince reminds Bret that even after Bret is gone his niece is still here. Vince threatens to make Natalya and Tyson’s life hell long after Bret is gone, unless he obeys. Bret sighs and asks what Vince wants? Vince replies nothing, but that if they lose at Hell in a Cell – then his loved ones will regret it. Bret says he and Bulldog will win, but Vince tells Bulldog he will instead face Rusev for his European Championship at Hell in a Cell (meaning Bret will team with Neidhart). Vince tells the Hart’s it’s all or nothing at Hell in a Cell for his family. Bret says he could say the same for Vince before leaving.


The Club vs. Samoa Joe, Finn Balor & Randy Orton

Objective: Win with Samoa Joe, Finn Balor & Randy Orton

Kurt Angle is talking with Shane McMahon in the backstage office. Angle says he feels confident in defeating Mahal at Hell in a Cell after defeating Andre the Giant. WWE Champion Braun Strowman walks in, saying that everyone is distracted and they need to focus on Bray. This confuses Shane & Kurt both, but Braun states that Bray has both Shango and Goldust. Strowman says he knows Bray as well as anyone, and that he may know where they are. Strowman suggest to Shane that he schedule Braun vs. the Wyatt Family tonight to keep them busy while Shane searches. Braun claims he is going to tell Shane where he thinks both Shango and Goldust are. Shane agrees, although Kurt is reluctant sending their champion into a Handicap Match with the Waytt’s.


Smackdown Tag Team Champion British Bulldog vs. Kane ’98

Objective: Win with Kane ’98

European Champion Rusev attacks Bulldog after the match. Rusev puts Bulldog into the Accolade as Lana approves in the ring. Rusev doesn’t let go until Neidhart & Hart run down to the ring. Rusev and Lana retreat out of the ring as Rusev screams in Bulgarian, holding his European Championship high in the air.

In the locker room, The Fashion Police are eating donuts as Shane McMahon walks in. Shane asks for their help in finding a location in the arena. The Fashion Police agree to help Shane, but say they’re in the middle on an interrogation. Shane asks with who as Hardcore Champion Mankind walks out of the bathroom while eating a donut (Shane finds disgusting). Shane asks what they found out, which the Fashion Police say nothing. Mankind’s information is all old, and they already knew everything he told them. They say they made a friend though, as Mankind is upset at Vince for turning on his other personas. Mankind confirms this and says he is holding the Hardcore Championship for himself and not Vince now. Shane asks Mankind to come with them, as they may need him if things get hectic. Mankind agrees as the four take off to the location Braun told them Goldust and Shango might be.


Diesel (with Universal Champion Jinder Mahal) vs. Kurt Angle

Objective: Win with Kurt Angle

Jinder attacks Kurt after the match with the championship belt. Jinder continues to beat down Kurt until The Shield’s music hits. They come from the audience so Jinder and Diesel try to escape up the entrance ramp, but are cutoff by Cena & Orton. Mahal screams at Diesel to go after Cena and Orton, but Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere onto Diesel. Mahal panics and retreats to the ring, but The Shield are waiting. Roman Spears Mahal. Dean screams asking where Seth Rollins is, but Mahal has no idea. Dean hits a Dirty Deeds onto Jinder, as the Shield then check on Kurt Angle.

Divas Champion Paige is walking backstage as she runs into Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie sarcastically asks how Paige is doing, before asking if she would like to know her opponents at Hell in a Cell? Stephanie introduces Jacqueline and Ivory. Paige says she will prove how ‘worthy’ she is as a champion, and her loyalty will be unquestioned after she scrapes the mat with the two ‘has-beens’. Ivory goes to slap Paige but Stephanie catches her wrist. Stephanie tells Paige to leave, as she does.


WWE Champion Braun Strowman vs. The Wyatt Family

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

With the Wyatt’s all unconscious in the ring, Shane and his team are able to find the location without interruption. They are in a small, dark room somewhere in the arena’s basement. The Fashion Police have a flashlight that shows Papa Shango’s face behind them. He attacks as noise is heard of someone getting beaten up. Shane is able to find a light switch, turning it on to reveal the Fashion Police cuffed Shango. Shango begins speaking in voodoo until Mankind knocks him out cold with a trash can lid. Goldust isn’t there, but Shane says at least they got Shango. The Fashion Police go to high-five, but freeze frame before clapping hands. Shane calls them weird and leaves as Mankind grabs Shango.

Arena: Raw

Vince McMahon comes down to the ring. Vince says he isn’t happy that his son kidnapped Shango. He asks Shane to come out to the stage to talk things out. Shane comes out, but tells his father he is not talking him out of the Hell in a Cell Match. Vince says he will gladly beat respect into his son, but tells Shane he wants to make a trade. He offers Goldust to Shane in exchange for Papa Shango. Shane says no, saying he knows Vince needs Shango to pull the voodoo curse off. Vince says that’s fine, because if he beats Shane at Hell in a Cell then he must release Papa Shango. Vince says if Shane wins Vince will walk away. Shane doesn’t believe it, but Vince says he already has the paperwork ready to give Shane majority shareholder of WWE. Shane says he’ll look at the paperwork then accept if it pans out. Vince says it’s a shame it had to come to this, because he only wanted happiness for his son. Shane says Vince is an old and crazy man who has let the thought of immortal power go to his head. Vince says after he beats Shane and claims back Papa Shango – then Shane and the entire WWE will see just what immortal power looks like.


Maryse & Alexa Bliss (with Trish Stratus) vs. Bayley & Raw Women’s Champion Asuka

Objective: Win with Maryse & Bliss by being Trish Stratus

Stratus interferes to help her team win. Sasha Banks immediately shows up and beats the crap out of Bayley. She puts her into the Bank Statement until official are forced to pull her off.

Undisputed Champion The Miz is watching backstage with Vince & Stephanie McMahon. Miz is very proud of his wife, as Bo & Curtis point out that Miz taught Maryse all the moves she used in the match. Stephanie comments that Bliss did most the work, but Miz calls it smart wrestling by Maryse. Miz says that Stephanie & Vince have been using legends in wrestling and strength to get the belt off of Braun Strowman. Miz suggests they try to outsmart the Monster Among Men. Miz offers himself in the WWE Championship Match on behalf of the McMahon family. Bo & Curtis clap proudly as Stephanie doesn’t hate the idea. Vince agrees with Miz’s idea and officially enters him into the WWE Championship match.


Raw Tag Team Champion The Bar & European Champion Rusev vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Hart Foundation

Objective: Win with The Hart Foundation

Universal Champion Jinder Mahal is watching backstage with Diesel, upset over the match results. Stephanie McMahon approaches as Jinder is not pleased with what she has done. Mahal says Stephanie has jeopardized everything Vince has worked for by putting him and his people’s championships at risk. Stephanie says the problem is that they are not ‘Jinder’s people’, they’re her father’s. Stephanie says Vince and not Jinder needs all the championship belts. Jinder says it’s the same thing, as Stephanie asks about the side deal he and her father made? Jinder ignores her by arguing that his ‘people’ will not stay loyal to Vince if they are not trusted. She tells Jinder he should be less worried about his ‘people’s’ belts, and worry about his own. She points out Angle is an Olympic champion, and just beat Andre. Jinder snaps at Stephanie, saying that her and her father were nowhere to help the Maharaja when he was attacked by The Shield. Jinder says he will handle Kurt Angle at Hell in a Cell, but the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Jinder leaves angrily, followed by Diesel as Stephanie looks concerned.


Kevin Owens (with United States Champion Sami Zayn) vs. Finn Balor

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens

Zayn checks on Owens in the ring. Suddenly Braun’s music hits. The WWE Champion comes out on stage and heads for the ring. Sami is scared frozen, as Owens is scared on the mat. Strowman hits the ring as Sami quickly escapes. Owens is screaming at Sami to come get him, but Strowman picks Owens up and hits a Running Powerslam. Braun grabs a microphone and warns anyone in his match this Sunday that they will be destroyed tonight! Braun raises his arms as Zayn scurries up the entrance ramp, scared as hell.

Undisputed Champion The Miz is scared, watching with his Miztourage. Miz says they should leave – but they are stopped by Kurt Angle. Kurt tells them they aren’t going anywhere, because Miz is part of a tag team match tonight against The Shield. He also bans Axel & Dallas from ringside. Miz complains it’s not fair, but Angle tells Miz he should’ve picked sides more wisely, before leaving.


Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd (with Natalya) vs. Johnny Gargano (with Tommaso Ciampa)

Objective: Win with Tyson Kidd

The Shield, Orton and Cena are backstage brainstorming where Seth Rollins could be still. Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan approach the group. Andre tries to intimidate them, but all four men stand shoulder-to-shoulder. Andre begins laughing, as the four begin laughing as well. Bobby asks the four what’s so funny, as they all point behind Andre. Andre turns around as Braun Strowman is waiting. Braun begins beating Andre down. Andre begins to gain an upper hand, but The Shield, Cena and Orton hit Andre until Braun regains his ground. Braun picks Andre up and slams him through the side of an ambulance truck! Braun raises his arms and yells ‘BRAUN!’ before leaving. Heenan is scared shitless, looking over Andre as his giant is smashed into the side of an ambulance.

Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd and his wife Natalya are walking backstage as Bret Hart stops them. He asks why neither of them were out there to help them last week or tonight? Tyson calls Bret an old man and that Kidd is too good to listen to him. Kidd calls it a fact, then leaves. Natalya asks Bret if he only came back to get back to his brother, or if he came back to help her out. Bret says Natalya is too talented to fail and doesn’t need his help. Natalya calls Bret a hypocrite, saying he just asked her and her husband for help. Bret tells Natalya that he loves her, but needs to try and save his brother. Natalya says she loves Bret too, but love isn’t what’s needed to survive the WWE these days. Natalya walks off as Bret look disheartened.


Undisputed Champion The Miz & JBL vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Ambrose & Reigns

Braun’s music hits immediately, as the WWE Champion comes down to the ring. He destroys Miz and JBL, hitting Running Powerslams on both. The lights go out and turn back on as Bray Wyatt is in the ring. Bray opens his arms and drops to his knees, as Braun is reluctant to attack. Braun slowly walks up to Bray as Harper and Rowan attack from behind. Braun throws them both out of the ring, then charges Bray. The lights go out and then back on as Bray is gone from the ring. Braun screams for Bray in the ring while raising his arms.

Arena: Smackdown Live


Divas Champion Paige vs. Alicia Fox (with Noam Dar)

Objective: Win with Paige

Kurt Angle is in the backstage office when Shane McMahon enters. Kurt suggests Shane takes the night off and prepare for Hell in a Cell on Sunday, but Shane says Kurt has a big match too and they’re in this together. Universal Champion Jinder Mahal enters with Diesel. Jinder tells Kurt he deserves the night off instead, because Jinder will destroy him on Sunday. Jinder wants to discuss their enemy though, a McMahon. Jinder says he wouldn’t betray Vince McMahon, but Stephanie is becoming a problem. He wants to make a deal, if Kurt backs out of the championship match on Sunday then Jinder will keep the belt for himself and not deliver it to Stephanie. Kurt says he’d rather just break Mahal’s ankle and take the belt himself. Kurt also points out Jinder only said Stephanie, meaning he will still give Vince the belt. Jinder is furious and warns Angle on making a mistake. Jinder leaves as Diesel follows.


Raw Tag Team Champion Sheamus (with Cesaro) vs. AJ Styles (with The Club)

Objective: Win with AJ Styles

Natalya and Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd are walking backstage when they run into Vince McMahon. Vince says Natalya has been a successful and loyally fighter for him, and wants to give her another shot at WWE gold. Natalya says that’s the only reason she’s around, not for her Uncle or a stupid urn. Vince laughs and says that’s exactly what he wants to hear. He wants Natalya to compete in the Divas Championship Match at Hell in a Cell instead of another match against Charlotte. He says Ivory and Jacqueline failed him once already, and trusts Natalya over any other female competitor. She agrees after Kidd nods in approval.


European Champion Rusev (with Lana) vs. Kane ’98

Objective: Win with Kane ’98

One half of the NXT Tag Team Champion Enzo Amore arrives backstage with both belts,  loving the main roster experience. He’s approached by Stephanie McMahon who welcomes him with open arms. She says it’s a shame, which confuses Enzo – asking what’s a shame? Stephanie says it’s a shame he just got here, because he’s about to regret it as The Usos and Rikishi assault him out of nowhere. Stephanie bags the NXT Tag Team Championship. She claims that was easier than she thought. She nods at the Usos as they take Enzo and throw him into a dumpster. They lock the dumpster and leave.

Cruiserweight & NXT Champion Hideo Itami places both his belts into a box, as Vince assures Hideo that he will get them back immediately after they perform the ritual. United States Champion Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens enter, as Vince ask for Zayn’s title. Zayn is a bit reluctant, but agrees by warning Vince not to screw with him. Vince says he has no reason to, as the two together have been a great withstand of U.S. Championship challengers. Owens tells Vince he’ll be the one to hand deliver the WWE Championship after Sunday, and is looking forward to whatever Vince has planned. The two leave as Vince whispers to himself that he is looking forward to it too.


WWE Champion Braun Strowman vs. JBL

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen after the match. He laughs and tells Strowman he is proud at the evolution his monster has made. Bray tells Braun he is sorry he ever doubted him, but only one can survive this war. Bray says on Sunday Braun will destroy everyone in the match, except for Bray himself. Bray says Braun knows that he doesn’t want to hurt Bray, and Braun can make the pain go away by surrendering the belt to Vince. Bray tells Braun that he knows deep down Vince will end up with it anyways. Braun claims Braun is scared and that on Sunday Strowman will send his former mentor to hell! Braun tells Bray this time, he should be the one that runs!

The Fashion Police have Papa Shango tied up and rolled up in tarp, doing an awful job hiding him. They decide to throw Shango into a limo. Breeze mutters, ‘fancy limo.’ They hop into the limo themselves, as the Fashion Police suggest they hide in the limo until they get to Hell in a Cell. The Fashion Police take the wheel and drive off, with Shango tied in the back.

Vacate the NXT Tag Team Championship. Make sure the Smackdown Tag Team Championship is on Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart

Arena: Hell in a Cell

The ring commentators welcome everyone to Hell in a Cell. Corey Graves knocks on wood, saying he hopes they can stay in the present this time.

In Vince’s office, Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode enters and drops his belt into the big box Vince has. Vince thanks him and says his loyalty will be rewarded under his new rule. Roode leaves as Vince tells Stephanie they should have all the belts by tonight. Vince asks Stephanie to put the U.K. Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship into the box when she has a moment. Stephanie tells Vince to let her handle everything from here while he prepares for his match with Shane. Vince says no way, as he needs to see everything through since they are so close to their goal. Vince walks away as Stephanie sneers at her father.

FATAL-4-WAY MATCH – Divas Championship

(C) Paige vs. Natalya vs. Ivory vs. Jacqueline

Objective: Win with Paige

Orton and Cena are backstage looking for the Fashion Police. Orton suggests they find out where the Wyatts took Austin. They are approached by The Shield, who still can’t find Seth Rollins. Undisputed Champion The Miz walks by, gloating he is in one of the main events tonight and they aren’t. Miz says he is a star, and that so is his wife Maryse who will win tonight. Miz says he is going to drop his belt off with Vince for the night, so that he can make room to hold another championship. Miz walks off arrogantly.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) The Bar vs. The Club (with AJ Styles)

Objective: Win with The Club by being AJ Styles

AJ Styles helps The Club win the championship. The Bar is livid in the ring. Universal Champion Jinder Mahal is watching backstage and upset about this, blaming Stephanie. Jinder orders Diesel to go find Stephanie at once, and express his displeasure. Diesel does so as Jinder stares angrily at the monitor.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte is in her dressing room when her father walks in. Charlotte hugs her dad and thanks him for everything. Flair says if she needs anything he’ll be near catering. He leaves as Vince approaches. Vince says he is there for a good reason, and it’s to take the championship back with him. Vince says he will give it back to Charlotte after tonight. Charlotte can’t believe Vince thinks she trusts him, and tells him to get out of her locker room before she calls security. Vince says fair enough, but warns Charlotte something could happen to Ric if she doesn’t play ball. Vince leaves as Charlotte looks worried.

NORMAL MATCH – European Championship

(C) Rusev  (with Lana) vs. British Bulldog

Objective: Win with Rusev by submission

Shane is in the locker room warming up. He is approached by Kurt Angle who says he is ready for tonight. Shane points out that Vince has started collecting belts, so its imperative Kurt wins. Angle reminds Shane that if Shane wins, Vince leaves. Shane is still not sure Vince will leave – but he doesn’t know where the Fashion Police are with Papa Shango either, so Shane may not be able to live up to his end of the bargain as well. Shane wishes Angle luck tonight, as Angle does the same to Shane.

6-WOMAN HELL IN A CELL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka vs. Trish Stratus vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss vs Maryse

Objective: Win with Trish Stratus

Stephanie is backstage on her cell phone when Diesel walks up. Diesel says Jinder is not happy The Bar lost their belts and that he wants an explanation. Stephanie tells Diesel she has a better idea, and asks if Diesel wants to hold gold? Diesel says he does, so Stephanie asks him to find Mankind and bring her the Hardcore Championship. Diesel agrees and leaves as Stephanie stops him by recommending he use right hand to pick up the belt (the hand Diesel wears a leather glove on).

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) vs. Undertaker ’98 & Kane ’98

Objective: Win with Undertaker & Kane

After the match, Bret asks Undertaker to use the urn to send him to the past. Bulldog runs down to the ring to try and talk Bret out of it, but he has made up his mind. Jim decides to go with Bret too, saying it wouldn’t be mentally healthy for Bret to be there by himself. Jim grabs a microphone and tells Natalya he loves her and will see her again on this side or the other. Kane opens the urn and sends both Bret and Jim through the time portal. Bulldog is not very happy, but heads to the back as Kane and Undertaker pose with their new belts.

Vince is backstage watching, not happy. Stephanie walks in and says the Hardcore Championship should be here soon. Vince says Sanity dropped off the NXT Womens Championship not long ago. Vince asks Stephanie to go visit all the current champions and ask for their belts, and if any of them are defiant to let him know. Stephanie leaves as Vince mutters to himself that it’s almost time. Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd enters with his wife Natalya. Vince offers his condolences on Jim, but Natalya says she’s more upset that she lost her championship match. Vince says it’s not a problem and that he still thinks Paige will make the right decision. Kidd drops his belt on Vince’s desk and says he better have his belt back soon or Vince will regret it, fact! Kidd walks out as Natalya follows her husband.


(C) Braun Strowman vs. Undisputed Champion The Miz vs. Andre the Giant vs. JBL vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Kevin Owens

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens

United States Champion Sami Zayn runs down to help his friend up the ramp after Owens wins the match. Zayn is hugging Owens ecstatically as they head up the ramp. Vince is watching backstage as he is pumped up. Vince is getting ready for his match as Stephanie enters the office. She says that Paige, Rusev and Trish all gave Stephanie their belts but like everyone else, they want it back soon. Vince says that won’t be a problem and thanks Stephanie for all her help. He tells her to take charge while he goes to teach her brother a very valuable lesson – never turn your back on family. Vince kisses Stephanie’s cheek then leaves for his match as Stephanie looks guilty about something.

NORMAL MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Jinder Mahal vs. Kurt Angle ’06

Objective: Win with Kurt Angle

Mahal keeps wondering where Diesel is the entire match. After the match, the camera shows Diesel beating the hell out of Mankind backstage. He throws Mankind through a bunch of tables and caps it off with a Powerbomb onto a forklift! Diesel picks up the Hardcore Championship (not feeling the electricity because of his leather glove) and walks it straight into Stephanie’s office. He dumps the belt into the box, but Stephanie says they have another problem as she points to the television which shows Angle celebrating. She tells Diesel she appreciates his help, but now Kurt possesses a belt they need. She asks Diesel to work faster this time. He is confused at first, then understands Stephanie wants him to go after Angle and his new belt.

Smackdown Tag Team Champion Undertaker & Kane are backstage walking with their belts. They are suddenly attacked by a trio of masked individuals, one of them very large. The large one demolishes Kane and Undertaker, as they unmask revealing themselves to be Sanity. Vince walks over and tells Sanity to bring the belts to his daughter. They do so as Vince walks off with Kane and Undertaker beaten down. Undertaker and Kane rise at the same time, look at one another, then get up and leave.


Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon

Objective: Win with Vince McMahon

Vince wins the match, which Stephanie is watching backstage. Raw Tag Team Champion The Club drop their belts in Stephanie’s office, as AJ warns her that his good brothers better get them back. They leave as Stephanie calls JBL over. She hands him the box of belts and tells him to go load his limousine. JBL leaves, mentioning his limo left the arena on Smackdown Live. JBL thought it was stolen but then saw it parked in the arena. He leaves as Sanity arrives and drops the Smackdown Tag Team Championship into the box JBL is holding. Sanity asks Stephanie if she needs anything? Undertaker and Kane come out of nowhere and begin beating Sanity down. Stephanie screams and runs off down the hallway. WWE Champion Kevin Owens sees Stephanie coming and holds his belt up, bragging that’s he’s champion. Stephanie grabs it in stride, which upsets Owens as Stephanie is absorbing the elecricity. Stephanie is running with the WWE Championship and reaches the limo JBL is at. She tosses it to JBL, who opens the limo as the WWE Championship falls in. Stephanie lets out a loud scream, feeling the energy she absorbed. JBL dumps all the belts into the limo, then opens the drivers door which wakes up the Fashion Police as they apparently were driving JBL’s limo. JBL asks if they’ve been in there the whole time before he throws them out – knocking them out when they land. JBL unties Papa Shango. Diesel approaches the truck dragging an unconscious Kurt Angle in one hand and the Universal Championship in his leather glove hand. He tosses the Universal Championship into the limo and drops Angle on the ground. Trish, Alexa and Sasha are all holding Charlotte, bringing her to the parking lot. Stephanie asks Charlotte for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, but Charlotte spits in her face. Stephanie reveals she has Ric Flair ’88 and that if Charlotte doesn’t give up her belt then Flair is going to go through Papa Shango’s time portal. Charlotte cries and pleads not to. Stephanie asks where the belt is, as Charlotte says her locker room. JBL tosses Nia Jax the box as she leaves to collect the belt. Stephanie gives a long speech about how everyone will get their titles back and the McMahons are not bad people. Nia Jax comes back into the scene with the Smackdown Womens Championshp and hands the box to JBL. Vince enters to see that all the belts are loaded into the limo. Vince is ecstatic and asks Papa Shango to perform the curse. Shango does, but nothing happens. Shango does it a few more times, but nothing happens. Vince is livid, saying Shango lied about the championship curse. Shango asks what the two circle gold pieces are? Vince says it’s Kurt Angle’s gold medals, one of the 20 championships needed. Shango is enraged, saying all 20 are WWE championship belts and none are Olympic medals. Shango tells Vince he has failed him, but Vince asks for another chance. In rage, Shango tosses all the belts out of JBL’s limo and tells Vince he is still missing a belt. Shango uses his cane to lock the limo with he and JBL inside of it. Stephanie asks what belt they need, as Vince says Goldust should know. Vince realizes that no one is opposing him right now because they are after Goldust. Everyone leaves as JBL’s limo suddenly sucks into itself and disappears.

Elsewhere… Cena, Orton and The Shield break open a locker door to find Goldust. Cena says Vince may have all the belts, but they have all the information. Goldust asks where they are taking him, as Reigns says somewhere safe. Ambrose bags Goldust.

Proceed to ‘Chapter Eight: Survival of the Fittest’.

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