GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Nine – Return of Thy King

Arena: Raw

Shane McMahon is in the ring with many different WWE Board of Director members. Shane says that what happened at last night’s pay-per-view was one of the darkest moments in WWE history. Shane never thought he would have to call superstar’s families and tell them that they’re husband, wife, daughter, son, etc… wouldn’t be returning home anytime soon. Shane says there are a few people to blame for everything, but all that matters is that his father has no more power. Shane demands Vince come out now and officially relinquish his timeshares to Shane. Vince comes out with Jinder Mahal, which Shane says that it’s inappropriate for Mahal to be out here. Vince just laughs and says it’s more than appropriate. Vince says that the match stipulations clearly stated that Shane would receive Vince’s timeshares for winning at Survivor Series. Vince says he will happily give Shane his timeshares, which is zero! Shane is confused, as Vince reveals he gave Jinder Mahal his timeshares in exchange for diplomatic immunity from India. Jinder shows Shane the contract Vince apparently signed the morning of Survivor Series. Shane is livid, but one of the board members tells Vince this is only a ‘stall’ technique because Vince will lose this battle in court. Vince agrees, then asks Jinder if he found it? Jinder says he did. Jinder suddenly pulls Undertaker’s Urn out, which Shane anticipated when Vince asked Jinder if he ‘found it’? Shane jumps out of the ring as Jinder sends all the WWE Board of Director members through the time portal! Jinder closes the urn as Vince mocks the WWE Board of Directors for thinking they could take his company away from him. Vince tells Shane Jinder has his timeshares and he is leaving immediately for India. Vince leaves with Undertaker’s Urn as Shane is in shock. Jinder takes the microphone and begins thinking of matches Shane might want to compete in tonight, since Jinder now has power. Universal Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out as Jinder warns him to stand down. Austin hits the ring, ignoring Jinder, and hits him with the Stone Cold Stunner! The crowd erupts as Austin tells Shane since he still has power, he wants a match tonight against Jinder and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so! Austin drops the microphone and begins drinking beers.


NXT Champion Hideo Itami vs. Cedric Alexander

Objective: Win with Hideo Itami

Itami grabs a microphone after the match. Hideo calls out Shinsuke Nakamura. Itami says Nakamura unexpectedly jumped Itami last night, and that Nakamura is a coward. Itami says he is the greatest warrior from Japan, something Asuka couldn’t handle. He says that’s why she called Nakamura back, because she is desperate. Nakamura comes out and tells Itami to shut up. Nakamura says that he actually called Asuka because he saw what kind of asshole Itami has become since leaving for WWE. Nakamura says Triple H signed Itami because of who he was in Japan, not what he would become in WWE. Itami tells Nakamura he was chosen by Triple H first, because Hunter knows that Itami is the best. Nakamura challenges Itami for his NXT Championship, which Itami says Nakamura doesn’t deserve.

In Stephanie’s office, she is not happy about Vince giving Jinder all his timeshares instead of her or someone in the McMahon family. Vince tells Stephanie he had no choice, as he’s packing his things. Vince claims he needed diplomatic immunity as a worst-case scenario, which Jinder could provide. Stephanie asks if that was the side deal her father and Jinder had this whole time? Vince pauses, and unconvincingly says ‘yes’. He has Undertaker’s urn in his hand, as Stephanie says that although Vince may not have a choice, she does. Vince looks up as Triple H (’01) is back! It’s a much younger version of Triple H however, as Vince is in shock. He asks Triple H what he’s doing here? Triple H says his wife brought him back through Shango’s hat. Vince asks why? Stephanie reveals it was always the plan, as Triple H suddenly drills Vince and takes Undertaker’s urn. Triple H says he and his wife knew Vince would try to take over when he arrived, so they went along with Vince – which included sending Hunter back in time. Triple H says he’s done a lot of recruiting living in the past for so long, revealing the present day Triple H is currently there and waiting for the 2001 Triple H to ‘open the gates’. Stephanie tells her father she knew he would take control and eventually lose it, so her and Triple H made their own plans. Vince is livid they betrayed him, but Triple H says Vince had it coming before sending Vince through the time portal! Jinder Mahal storms in yelling to speak with Vince, but Jinder realizes what has happened. Triple H tells Jinder he may have all of Vince’s timeshares, but he and his wife also still have timeshares and therefore power. Jinder says his goal was never Vince’s timeshares, debunking Stephanie’s previous thought of Vince and Jinder’s deal. Jinder offers Triple H all of Vince’s timeshares in exchange for something. Triple H says he is all ears. Jinder reveals he and Vince did have a side deal, but it was never for his timeshares – it was for immortal power. Triple H tells Jinder they can probably work something out. Stephanie finally realizes what Vince and Jinder’s side deal was, saying that siding with Jinder instead of her father may have actually paid off.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Johnny Gargano

Objective: Win with Dolph Ziggler

Dolph grabs a microphone after the match and says he is back. Dolph says he proved just how damn good he is at Survivor Series, and his title run earlier this year was no fluke. Dolph demands another shot at the championship, and doesn’t give a damn who’s in charge anymore. John Cena comes out on stage and tells Dolph he won’t get a championship match based on his history. Dolph laughs at John, saying he beat him down last night and that John isn’t in charge of who gets title matches. Kurt Angle comes out on stage with Cena. Kurt tells Dolph that he is able to decide, and despite Dolph’s past actually trusts him. Kurt tells Dolph that he knows the type of superstar is truly is, and that Ziggler’s current attitude is merely and act. Angel tells Dolph he is giving him another chance at trust, and decides that both Dolph and Cena will each get a title match. Dolph asks who his match is against, as Kurt says WWE Champion Kevin Owens.

Triple H ’01 and Stephanie watch Kurt’s announcement backstage, as Stephanie says they need to do something about Kurt. Triple H says they’ll figure it out, as Vince giving Angle power was never accounted for in their planning. Shane walks in and wants to know what the hell is going on, after seeing a younger Triple H. Stephanie tells Shane to cool down, because they all saw Vince was losing control and that he had to go. Triple H says they simply took care of it. Shane yells at them for sending Vince through the time portal and is becoming very frustrated. Triple H tells Shane straight up that it would be wise for Shane to just stop fighting. Triple H reveals he now has all of Jinder’s timeshares and Shane will be fighting an uphill battle. Shane says he would lay down his life for the WWE, which Hunter says he may have to. Stephanie tells Shane to leave because they have a show to run. Shane says he will, but has one more question – he asks who else knows about the 20th championship needed? Triple H tells Shane to stay out of their quest, but Shane says it will be a rat race for the final belt. Shane leaves as Stephanie and Triple H don’t look very happy.


United States Champion Sami Zayn & WWE Champion Kevin Owens vs. The Ascension

Objective: Win with Zayn & Owens

Kevin Owens grabs a microphone. He says that he shouldn’t have to defend his belt against Dolph Ziggler or John Cena, adding that Triple H should fire Kurt due to Angle scheduling an unfair title match. Kurt comes out and tells Owens to can it, because he hasn’t defended his belt in forever. Kurt says since Kevin doesn’t like the match he’ll change it. Angle makes Owens’ WWE Championship Match at TLC a TLC Match! A loud ‘Yes!’ chant fires up around the arena as Owens is livid. Zayn intervenes and tells Angle he messed with the wrong man’s best friend. Sami tells Kurt he will teach him a lesson at TLC for putting his best friend in danger. Angle likes the idea, and says Sami hasn’t defended his belt in quite some time either. Angle makes their match at TLC for the United States Championship. Owens and Zayn are livid as Angle says it’s true, it’s damn true! The Wyatt Family hijack the jumbrotron. Bray laughs at what happened at Survivor Series. Bray says the light only won half the war though, because Papa Shango was getting ready to send everyone to their rightful purgatory. Bray says there is only one group of people to blame, and it’s the New Day. Bray says that New Day apparently didn’t learn their lesson at Survivor Series, and instead decided to play the role of a hero. Wyatt tells New Day they will be exterminated from the WWE, and advises them to… RUN!


Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss (w/ Raw Women’s Champion Trish Stratus)

Objective: Win with Alexa Bliss

Asuka’s music hits as she comes down to the ring after the match. Asuka points at Trish’s Raw Women’s Championship, but Alexa tries to jump her. Asuka handles Bliss easily, then focuses back to Trish who is halfway up the entrance ramp. Trish shakes her head ‘no’, in fear. Asuka taunts the champion from the ring before helping Bayley up.


Universal Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Jinder Mahal

Objective: Win with Stone Cold

After the match, Raw Tag Team Champion The Club come out and assault Austin. Styles says that belt belongs to him. AJ begins beating Austin down but Samoa Joe’s music hits. Joe runs down as The Club and AJ bail from the ring. Joe screams at AJ to come fight him, but AJ just smiles and walks back up the entrance ramp with his faction.

Arena: Smackdown Live

The New Day come out to start the show, making their way to the ring. New Day say they can’t keep count of how many people have match-making power anymore, but they say it doesn’t matter because they want the Wyatt Family at TLC! Bray quickly interrupts on the jumbotron and accepts New Day’s challenge. Wyatt wants to hurt the New Day and make them pay for their sins against the dark lord that is Bray’s leader. Bray says they will see the New Day in a Table Tornado Tag Team Match, and advises they… RUN!


Randy Orton vs. Tye Dillinger

Objective: Win with Randy Orton

The ring commentators explain that since the roster thinned down at the Survivor Series tragedy, Dillinger was called up from the NXT roster to fill a main roster spot. After the match, The Shield’s music hits, as the Hounds of Justice come down to the ring. They surround the ring like they used to do. They storm the ring and begin to beat down Orton. They hit Orton with a Triple Powerbomb and fist bump in the center of the ring as the crowd chants ‘You deserve it’ to Orton.

Stephanie is in her office with Triple H, as Stephanie wants to know when they’ll have the 20th championship belt? Triple H says his men are working on retrieving it and will notify him when they have it. John Cena enters and says he knows they are going after the 20th championship, saying they will find the ECW Championship first. Stephanie laughs, which confuses Cena. Stephanie says it seems Goldust chose a side to take, and clearly it wasn’t John’s. Cena realizes Goldust gave them the wrong information about what the 20th championship is. Triple H says he will tell John the correct championship, in exchange for Papa Shango. Cena says no deal, and that only Kane & Undertaker know where Shango is.


Finn Balor vs. Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd (with Natalya)

Objective: Win with Finn Balor

Raw Tag Team Champion The Club come out after the match and surround the ring. They enter but don’t attack Finn. Styles holds up a ‘Too Sweet’, waiting for Finn to accept. Finn is confused, but leaves the ring with AJ hanging. AJ just laughs and says ‘okay’ as Finn makes his way up the ramp confused.

In Stephanie’s office, The Bar are speaking with her as they were called in. Stephanie says they need to find out Papa Shango’s location, and only the Smackdown Tag Team Champions know where he is. She says in order to bring the Brothers of Destruction out of the shadows she is having The Bar face them at TLC for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. The Bar are afraid, but Stephanie assures them that she would not put them in that position unless she was certain they would succeed. The Bar accept and leave happily.


Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks & Carmella

Objective: Win with Sasha Banks & Carmella

The ring commentators reveal that Dana Brooke was added to the main roster due to the Survivor Series incident. Natalya comes out after the match and tells Charlotte she has something that still belongs to her. Natalya wants her Smackdown Women’s Championship back. Sasha attacks Charlotte & Brooke from behind and grabs a microphone. Sasha says Natalya has had enough chances, as Stephanie & Triple H want a ‘boss’ to win them the belt. Natalya challenges Sasha to a match next week where the winner gets Charlotte. Shane McMahon comes out instead! Shane says that he has an idea. He says since there are two women’s championships, they’ll both be defended at TLC. Shane says the Smackdown Women’s belt will be in a Table Match, while the Raw Women’s Championship will be in a Ladder Match! Shane puts Sasha in the Ladder Match and Natalya in the Tables Match.

Stephanie watches backstage and doesn’t like Shane’s ruling. She decides to add Alexa Bliss to the Smackdown Women’s Championship Match in order to better the odds of having Charlotte lose. Randy Orton comes in hot, not happy The Shield jumped him and asking where his backup was? Stephanie says she’s not responsible for his backup and that him turning on the WWE was his own decision. Orton says he won’t be treated as a lackey anymore, so Triple H tells Orton to stop acting like one. Triple H tells Orton he will find two partners to take The Shield out in a TLC Match at TLC. Triple H warns Orton to choose his partners wisely. Orton leaves a little upset, but overall satisfied.


Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews vs Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

The ring commentators reveal Stephanie & Triple H made this match earlier tonight. After, Triple H comes out and tells Braun if he wants a championship shot he can have the Hardcore Championship. Triple H tells Braun all he has to do is finish Crews right now! Strowman looks at Crews and picks him up. Kurt Angle’s music hits as Kurt asks Braun not to do this. Strowman holds Crews over his head, so Kurt says Braun can face Austin at TLC for the Universal Championship if he doesn’t hurt Crews. Strowman puts Crews down as Triple H gets in Kurt’s face. Triple H says he needs the belt, so Triple H puts both Mahal and Styles in the match as well and makes it a Fatal-4-Way TLC Match!

Arena: Raw


Finn Balor vs. NXT Champion Hideo Itami

Objective: Win with Finn Balor

Raw Tag Team Champion The Club come out to the ring after the match as Itami runs away. Styles goes to shake Balor’s hand, but Balor is hesitant. The Club then attack Balor. The Club pick Finn up and AJ hits a Styles Clash. AJ grabs a microphone and says he tried to be the good guy. He tried to be Finn Balor’s friend, but Finn wouldn’t budge. AJ says Finn will be an example of anyone who gets in his way of the Universal Championship at TLC. AJ says he wanted to run The Club with Finn together, but AJ says he has no problem taking over. The Club put Finn through a table! Samoa Joe comes out as The Club run off.

Shane and Kurt are in the office talking when Cena walks in. He says that the information Goldust gave them was incorrect. They brainstorm on how they could get the right information out of Goldust, then Shane has an idea. He says he’ll be back and leaves. Cena says his wife Nikki hasn’t been well since Brie was sucked through the time portal, and that Daniel Bryan can’t leave their new born baby to find her. John suggests going to get Brie in the past, and bring back with him all the wrestlers he spoke with to come help them fight this battle. Kurt says it’s too risky and that John already has a WWE Championship Match on Sunday. Suddenly, the two are ambushed by United States Champion Sami Zayn and WWE Champion Kevin Owens.


Asuka vs. Natalya (with Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd)

Objective: Win with Asuka

Raw Women’s Champion Trish Stratus attacks Asuka after the match. Trish says she spoke with Shane McMahon earlier tonight and that Asuka was named to the Ladder Match at TLC. Trish says this is nothing personal, just business as she beats Asuka down. Trish hits her with a Chick Kick and poses until Sasha Banks’ music hits. The Boss hits the ring as Trish leaves. Sasha puts Asuka in the Bank Statement and doesn’t let go until officials come down to break the hold. Sasha motions a belt around her waist towards Trish who is on the stage.

Shane walks into his office saying he has good news, but sees Kurt and John laid out. Shane calls for medics as Stephanie walks in. She patronizes Shane over Kurt and John, saying he needs to be a more careful leader. Shane asks what she wants, as Stephanie says Papa Shango. Shane insists he doesn’t know where Shango is as Finn Balor storms in hot. He wants The Club at TLC, but Stephanie says AJ is already in a match and The Club can’t defend their belts against one person. Shane tells Finn to find a partner and he can have The Club for their belts at TLC. Finn leaves thankful, but pissed. Stephanie tells Shane not to get too used to making matches much longer. Stephanie says they will have their hands on the 20th championship belt soon enough and then be fully unstoppable. Stephanie says her husband has an army ready and waiting for when the 20th championship belt arrives, and by force or by reason they will claim the WWE for herself and her husband. Stephanie leaves as Shane looks on worried.


Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns (with Seth Rollins) vs. The Bar

Objective: Win with Ambrose & Reigns

Orton slowly comes down to the ring after the match. The Shield are ready to hold their ground in the ring, but are jumped from behind by Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode and Undisputed Champion The Miz (along with Curtis Axel). They beat The Shield down with Orton, as Randy reveals both Roode and Miz will be his partners at TLC. Orton RKO’s all three of them then poses with his new partners.

Shane McMahon is helping Cena and Kurt with the doctors backstage. NXT Champion Hideo Itami walks in and asks Shane what he is going to do about Nakamura? Shane is confused, as Itami reveals that Nakamura is only there to take his belt away and he has no loyalty to the WWE. Shane begins to laugh saying Itami has done nothing but betray the WWE since he’s been here. Shane says that most of everything that has happened is Itami’s fault and Shane says Nakamura does deserve Itami’s championship. Shane schedules Itami to defend his NXT Championship at TLC in a TLC Match against Nakamura! Itami is livid and leaves yelling in angry Japanese.


Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt (with Erick Rowan & Luke Harper)

Objective: Win with Samoa Joe

The Wyatts are ready to assault Joe, but The New Day come out and begin to brawl with the Wyatt’s into the audience and backstage. Bray is still left in the ring and is about to hit Joe with a Sister Abigail, but Finn Balor shows up. Balor knocks Wyatt out of the ring then turns to Joe and extends his hand. Finn says he needs a partner, but before Joe can answer AJ Styles comes out on stage. He tells Joe his war is with Styles and not his good brothers. AJ tells Joe to leave Finn hanging, and in exchange AJ will consider giving Joe a title match when he wins at TLC. Joe laughs and shakes Finn’s hand. Joe tells AJ that once he takes the Raw Tag Team Championship from his good brothers, he’s coming to end AJ. Styles begins to yell at Joe until Braun’s music hits! Aj turns around as Braun is waiting for him. AJ is scared shitless and runs into the ring. Joe and Balor are waiting, who tee off on AJ. Braun enters the ring as Joe and Finn leave swiftly. Raw Tag Team Champion The Club come down to plead with Braun, but they are attacked by Joe & Finn! Braun is waiting for AJ to get up, but Mahal comes out and hits Strowman from behind. Braun turns around unfazed and levels Mahal. Strowman hits a Double Running Powerslam onto both Jinder & AJ before posing to the crowd, pleased with his destruction.

Arena: Smackdown Live

WWE Champion Kevin Owens and United States Champion Sami Zayn are in the ring, as Owens complains about Angle putting his title in a Triple Threat TLC Match. Zayn agrees, claiming Kurt is drunk with power because he then put himself in a U.S. Championship Match against Zayn. Owens tells Ziggler that he should blame Kurt Angle for what Owens may have to do to Dolph on Sunday. Owens says he likes Dolph, but despises John Cena. Owens says Cena doesn’t deserve a championship match against Owens and that both he and Kurt deserved what they got on Monday. Shane comes out on stage, and scolds them both for what they did. Shane says he is putting Dolph in a match with Owens, and Zayn gets to face Braun Strowman tonight. Owens and Zayn say Shane can’t do that, but Shane says he absolutely can, and Zayn’s match is next!


United States Champion Sami Zayn (with WWE Champion Kevin Owens) vs. Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Jinder and AJ Styles begin to walk towards the ring after the match. They enter the ring as Strowman is ready to charge, but he is jumped suddenly by Sycho Sid and Albert! They begin pummeling Strowman as AJ and Jinder join the fight. WWE Universal Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits as the rattlesnake hits the ring in an RV! Austin hops in the ring, as both Jinder and AJ leave. Austin Stunners both Sid and Albert! Austin goes over to check on Strowman, but Braun picks Austin up and hits a Running Powerslam! Jinder and AJ laugh from the entrance ramp, but Braun sees them. Braun runs after Jinder & AJ, as they run scared into the back.

Bayley, Naomi, Becky Lynch & Nikki Bella are backstage talking. They all feel sorry for Nikki and say they are there to support her. Alexa Bliss and Natalya walk by gloating about how they have an opportunity on Sunday and none of them do. Bliss makes fun of Nikki for losing her sister, which the other women then defend Nikki. Shane overhears this conversation and intervenes. He says that the four women can compete tonight, and the winner gets to join the Tables Match at TLC to make it a Fatal-4-Way Match. Alexa & Natalya are not happy to hear this and leave angrily.


NXT Champion Hideo Itami vs. Cruiserweight Champion Neville

Objective: Win with Neville

Itami grabs a microphone after the match and tells Nakamura to come to the ring. Nakamura doesn’t and Itami gets frustrated. Itami says that at TLC he is sending Nakamura back to Japan in a body bag.

AJ & Jinder continue to run backstage, but run into Albert & Sid. AJ says this stuff is too crazy for him and runs off. Jinder asks Albert & Sid if they came through the portal, which they nod yes. Sid tells Jinder that present day-Triple H is still on the other side, sending more superstars over through the urn. Jinder smiles and says good, then tells Sid and Albert to follow him. The trio leave.


Nikki Bella vs. Bayley vs. Becky Lynch vs. Naomi

Objective: Win with Bayley

Braun Strowman is backstage looking for Jinder & AJ. He is suddenly attacked by Stone Cold, who gets into quite a brutal battle with Braun. The two lay each other out using weapons and the environment around them. As they lay beaten on the concrete, Triple H and Stephanie walk by with a large grin. Triple H says he thinks they can open the floodgates on Sunday night, and there will be more Albert’s and Sycho Sid’s on the way. Stephanie says that maybe they should let Shane continue to schedule matches, if it means their opposition beats the hell out of each other like Austin and Strowman just did. The couple walk away as both Strowman and Austin are beaten and exhausted on the ground.

The New Day are skipping backstage when the lights suddenly go out. They think it’s the Wyatts, but Smackdown Tag Team Champion Undertaker & Kane are there instead. They tell New Day they must end the Wyatt’s on Sunday, because they think Triple H has put an army together from the past to come invade. New Day agree they need to rid the Wyatt’s, being one of the McMahons most powerful and loyal allies. Undertaker tells New Day he has three coffins waiting for each member of the Wyatt Family. Xavier asks Undertaker what he wants them to do?


WWE Champion Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens wins the match when United States Champion Sami Zayn comes out. Zayn celebrates with Owens in the ring, but Kurt Angle’s music hits. Angle heads to the ring and goes after Sami. Owens tries to pull Angle off, but Cena’s music hits! John Cena sprints to the ring and begins unloading onto Owens. Ziggler quickly hits Cena with a Zig Zag, as it’s just Dolph and Angle squared off. A loud ‘Yes!’ chant fires around the arena as Dolph goes to attack Angle, but Kurt reverses it into an Angle Slam. Angle helps Cena to his feet as the two raise their hands and celebrate with the crowd.

Arena: TLC

The ring commentators welcome everyone into TLC as fireworks go off.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) The Club vs. Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Triple H ’01 is backstage with his wife Stephanie. They are talking about how tonight will finally be the night they can begin to celebrate. Stephanie says it won’t matter who the champions are, because the king has returned and his army is coming. Albert & Sid walk by and ask Triple H if he needs anything? Triple H asks them to follow him to the office, as Stephanie leaves. Shane approaches Triple H and looking at Sid & Albert says he’s not surprised at this point. Shane asks how many more? Triple H responds too many for Shane to handle. Shane says he isn’t the only one who reached out to other superstars, as Booker T shows up. Shane says his right-hand man when WCW invaded WWE has agreed to come back, along with a woman who revolutionized the women’s division, as Lita pops up. Shane tells Hunter he is adding Lita to the Ladder Match tonight, and sending Booker out to find and talk to Goldust. Triple H laughs and seems unfazed, saying that Shane is in over his head. Triple H leaves with Albert & Sid as Shane looks a bit worried.


Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode, Undisputed Champion The Miz & Randy Orton

Objective: Win with Ambrose, Rollins & Reigns

After the match, The Shield take Orton to the backstage arena. They Triple Powerbomb him onto the back off a truck. Orton tries to crawl away into the truck and hide, but The Shield lock him in there. The truck drives off with Orton locked in the back. The Shield turn around and laugh but are suddenly attacked by The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts & Jimmy Garvin)! They brutally assault The Shield and then say Triple H sends his condolences.

NORMAL MATCH – United States Championship

(C) Sami Zayn vs. Kurt Angle ’06

Objective: Win with Kurt Angle

Booker T is backstage with John Cena, asking where Goldust might be? Cena doesn’t see the point in finding Goldust, since he clearly doesn’t care about this war. Booker says that if he talks to Goldust, maybe he’ll help the fight and reveal the truth on which belt is the 20th. Cena says it’s pointless since Goldust already told the McMahons where the 20th belt is. Booker says he owes Shane to at least try. Cena tells Booker he is sorry, but he doesn’t know where Goldust is. Cena says he has a match to get ready for and leaves as Booker looks back at John disappointed.


The Wyatt Family vs. The New Day

Objective: Win with The New Day

After the match, Bray tries to escape using his lantern. The New Day fire laser shots off at Wyatt’s lantern whenever he reaches for it. Wyatt realizes he can’t vanish and decides to run to the backstage. Harper and Rowan try to slow New Day down, but Big E pummels through them. Big E drags Harper and Rowan to a part of the stage, and begins using his Unicorn Horn to circle around them. Once the circle comes to full reach, the part of the stage Harper & Rowan are lying on falls below. New Day look down and see that both Rowan and Harper have landed in perfectly placed coffins. A hand (presumably Undertaker’s) closes the coffins shut, and drags the coffins away.

Renee Young is interviewing Andre the Giant backstage, asking where he has been? Andre is depressed over losing his long time manager Bobby Heenan. Andre asked Triple H if he could just send him back to the past, but Triple H refused. Andre begins to break down, saying he feels like a prisoner. Someone pats him on the back. Andre turns around to see Paul Heyman! Heyman asks Andre if he may have a word with him for a moment? Heyman excuses himself and Andre from Renee’s interview and leads the giant somewhere.

TLC MATCH – NXT Championship

(C) Hideo Itami vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Objective: Win with Shinsuke Nakamura

The Shield storm Stephanie & Triple H’s office, saying they know they brought the Freebirds in to attack them. Stephanie says she knows, and moves away from her desk to reveal an entire army waiting. The army includes The Fabulous Freebirds, Albert, Sycho Sid, Rick Martel, Razor Ramon, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect & walking out of the light from the office closet last is Shawn Michaels ’97. The Shield is stunned and ask what the hell is going on? The army attacks the trio in Stephanie’s office, destroying The Shield and leaving them laying.

FATAL-4-WAY TABLE MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship

(C) Charlotte vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya vs. Bayley

Objective: Win with Bayley

Raw Women’s Champion Trish Stratus is watching backstage. She is disappointed her protege didn’t win, and questions whether it’s time to cut ties with Alexa? Lita approaches and asks Trish how she is? Lita says she can’t wait to get in the ring and compete again, but it will be a lot better knowing she is taking Trish’s belt. Trish tells Lita times have changed, but the results won’t. Trish says she beat Lita in the past and will do it again today. Lita reminds Trish she beat her on Raw for the Women’s Championship in the past. Trish tells Lita her breathe is awful then leaves, as Lita laughs and smiles.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) Undertaker ’98 & Kane ’98 vs. The Bar (with Drew McIntyre)

Objective: Win with The Bar

Drew McIntyre’s surprise return helps The Bar win! McIntyre hits both Kane & Undertaker with Future Shock DDT‘s and raises The Bar’s hand in celebration. Kane & Undertaker rise, so McIntyre leads The Bar out of the ring and scurry up the entrance ramp.

Backstage Bray Wyatt runs into a dark room. He begins laughing menacingly. Braun Strowman’s face appears behind Bray, as he screams ‘BRAAAUUNNN!’. Strowman grabs Bray by the throat and leads him out of the room. Strowman gives a very good speech about how everything Bray represents is false and that Strowman was always better because he was never afraid of Bray. He wishes Bray well and tosses Bray into a coffin that The New Day are standing around. Strowman locks the coffin and tells New Day to tell the Brothers of Destruction that the Monster Among Men sends his regards. Strowman leaves as New Day, scared from Braun, try to move Bray’s coffin away.

FATAL-4-WAY LADDER MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Trish Stratus vs. Asuka vs. Lita vs. Sasha Banks

Objective: Win with Asuka

New United States Champion Kurt Angle is giving a press conference interview backstage when Stephanie interrupts. She tells everyone to leave as they do. Kurt asks for just a moment of glory, but he is brutally assaulted by Triple H’s army. Overwhelmed, Angle is beaten badly as Stephanie tells Kurt that this is just a taste of what’s coming ahead for the future of WWE. She spits on him and slaps him as Stephanie and the army continue walking backstage. Angle tries to recover.


(C) Kevin Owens vs. John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens

European Champion Rusev is walking around clearly depressed his wife is gone. A WWE official walks up to Rusev, almost out of breathe. He hands Rusev a letter from the embassy of Bulgaria. The official congratulates Rusev on his newest accomplishment, a country-recognized accomplishment. Rusev doesn’t understand what his country is rewarding him with, as the official claims they want to give Rusev his own holiday following the tragedy he experienced. Rusev begins to show a little bit of happiness, as the official says Bulgaria wants to officially recognize Rusev as a national hero. Rusev smiles from ear to ear.

FATAL-4-WAY TLC MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Stone Cold vs. AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Stephanie and her husband’s army come down to the ring. Stephanie has Undertaker’s urn in hand and enters the ring with it, but the army stays outside the ring. All four competitors look at Stephanie with distrust, unsure of her next move. She allows Jinder and AJ to leave, which they do. The lights turn off and on, as New Day appear in the ring – revealing they have Wyatt’s lantern. Stephanie hits Austin with Undertaker’s urn, sending him through the time portal. New Day manage to save Strowman and vanish with Wyatt’s lantern. Stephanie is satisfied and orders her army to leave with her. As she walks up the entrance ramp, she sees on the jumbotron John Cena entering her office. Cena snoops around and opens the closet door, revealing Shango’s hat keeping a time portal open. Cena says it’s time to call in the cavalry and dives into the open portal head first!

Arena: Raw

Shane McMahon and United States Champion Kurt Angle come down to the ring. They say that last night, John Cena appeared to enter a time portal that was in Stephanie and Triple H’s office. Shane says what’s more scary is that an entire army of past wrestlers came through that same time portal to attack the WWE. Shane and Kurt say they will stand and fight with other loyal WWE superstars and not allow Triple H and Stephanie to take over. Triple H comes out laughing, saying he already took over. He walks towards the ring and tells Shane he successfully got his father-in-law’s timeshares and then sent him away for good. Triple H says on paper he is in control, just as his army attack Kurt and Shane in the ring. Triple H claims that on the playing field, he is also in control. The Shield’s music hits as the Hounds come out from the audience! Then The New Day’s music hits as they come out on stage clapping and dancing. They’re not alone as Raw Tag Team Champion Finn Balor & Samoa Joe come out with The New Day. Big E tells Triple H to shut his mouth, because there is a whole locker room of loyal WWE employees ready to throw down. Triple H tells Big E. it’s too late, and The New Day should know exactly what’s coming. Xavier says they’re not afraid of Triple H or fighting, which is exactly why they’re professional wrestlers. Shane and Kurt come to their feet. Shane grabs a microphone and says they’re not beginning Raw with a war. Shane says organized chaos is good business so they will settle this in matches. Shane tells Triple H the next WWE Network event is appropriately named, because at Roadblock: End of the Line it will be the end of the line for Triple H & Stephanie. Shane says if Triple H wants a war, he’s got one! Shane says The New Day will face The Freebirds at Roadblock. Triple H sneers, and sarcastically asks Shane if that’s all he’s got? Triple H says he’ll do one better. Triple H says that since the Raw Tag Team Champions want to come out and into his business, they can fight Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude for the belts at Roadblock. Triple H also says the WWE Monster Braun Strowman stole the Universal Championship, so his enforcer Sycho Sid will have Albert accompany him in his championship match at Roadblock versus Braun Strowman. Triple H says Kurt will defend his belt also, but before he can continue Braun Strowman’s music hits! EVERYBODY scatters as the Universal Champion hits the ring! Strowman Big Boots The Freebirds and tosses Albert over the top rope. Its just Braun and Sid staring down with a large ‘Yes!’ chant firing around the arena. Sid cowardly backs out of the ring, but Roman Reigns throws him back in! Sid is livid, but turns into a Clothesline from Braun! Braun hits a Running Powerslam on Sid and cheers with the crowd as Triple H retreats his army backstage.


TJP (with The Brian Kendrick) vs. Cruiserweight Champion Neville

Objective: Help TJP win by being Brian Kendrick

Shane is in his office with Kurt Angle. Shane says that Triple H was about to schedule Kurt in a match. Kurt says it’s inevitable Sami Zayn will want his rematch, so Kurt goes ahead and schedules himself for Sami Zayn at Roadblock. Booker T enters the office, saying he might know where Goldust is. Booker asks Shane if he should continue, and Shane says yes. Shane tells Booker to contact him once he finds Goldust and no one else. Booker agrees and leaves as Shane says Goldust is their only hope at getting the 20th championship belt before Triple H does.

NORMAL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship Match

(C) Asuka vs. Trish Stratus (with Alexa Bliss)

Objective: Win with Asuka

After the match, Trish pushes Alexa and blames her for the loss. Alexa smiles, but Trish slaps her in the face! Alexa drills Trish with a vicious elbow as a loud ‘Yes!’ chant is heard in the arena. Alexa wipes her feet near Trish’s face and leaves the ring.

Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews is giving an interview backstage with Renee Young. Apollo says that he is proud to represent Team WWE in this war, and that he will do everything to protect his Hardcore Championship. Razor Ramon walks up and throws a toothpick in Crews’ face. Ramon says he doesn’t respect Crews, and thinks it’s a shame that the Hardcore Championship is with such an unworthy superstar. Ramon mocks Crews for not even fighting when Razor just threw a toothpick at him. Razor calls Crews to soft for that belt, and if he was a man he would accept Ramon’s challenge at Roadblock. Crews says he may not be a hardcore expert, but is a fighting champion. He accepts, which Ramon says ‘mistake chico’. Suddenly, Crews is attacked by Albert. The two pummel Crews and drills him with a chair that makes him bleed from the skull. Ramon laughs and says that was just the tip of the iceberg for what he plans to do at Roadblock. Albert calls Crews a fake Hardcore champion before he and Ramon leave.


Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs. Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode & Undisputed Champion The Miz (with Curtis Axel)

Objective: Win with Ambrose & Rollins

In Triple H & Stephanie’s office, Stephanie suggests putting Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley in a match where she is almost guaranteed to lose. Triple H agrees as WWE Champion Kevin Owens walks in with Sami Zayn. Zayn wants Triple H to make his match with Kurt Angle at Roadblock a Handicap Match, so that Zayn definitely wins the United States Championship. Stephanie says they couldn’t put the United States Championship up in a Handicap Match, but she suggests giving Zayn some help. Owens volunteers himself to step up and help Sami, but Triple H wants Rick Martel to be added to the match. Owens wants to be there for his best friend, but Triple H tells Owens that in all likelihood Shane or Kurt will schedule Owens to defend his belt. Triple H wants Owens rested and not involved in case he is forced to defend his belt. Owens sees the logic, agrees and leaves with Sami. TJP and The Brian Kendrick walk in, as Kendrick asks what they think of his protege? Triple H admits that although Kendrick failed miserably earlier this year, TJP has been impressive thus far. Triple H decides to put TJP in a Cruiserweight Title Match on Smackdown, and tells Kendrick to make sure he wins.


Mr. Perfect (with Rick Rude) vs. Tye Dillinger

Objective: Win with Mr. Perfect

Kurt and Shane are in their office talking. Shane says that there’s no way Triple H & Stephanie still have the time portal open if John Cena went through it. Shane decides to find Undertaker & Kane to help them bring John and presumably the superstars he recruited back. Shane leaves as The Shield enter. They tell Kurt they deserve title matches after beating Roode & Miz two times in a row. Kurt agrees and tells Ambrose he will face Roode for the Intercontinental Championship at Roadblock and Rollins will face Miz for the Undisputed Championship. They leave satisfied.

Mr. Perfect is walking backstage with Rick Rude, as they run into Undisputed Champion The Miz and Curtis Axel. Axel and Perfect hug, as Perfect says it’s nice to see his son all grown up. Axel is very happy to see his father, but Miz is more focused on the announcement Kurt made for Miz to fight Seth. Miz leaves as Axel stays back to talk with his father. Miz screams at Axel to follow him because he works for him. Axel does so, but Perfect and Rude look at one another like they have an idea.


Albert (with Sycho Sid) vs. Universal Champion Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Strowman squashes Albert pretty easily. Sid tries to attack Braun from behind but it doesn’t work. Strowman is getting ready to destroy Sid, but Triple H comes out. Hunter tells Braun that if he touches Sid or Albert before Roadblock, he will be stripped of the Universal Championship and fired! Triple H admits Shane could reverse all of that, but Triple H is the majority timeshare holder – meaning it would be something that goes to court and take a long time to fight. Triple H tells Braun to make the right decision. Braun puts Sid down, as Triple H says just kidding as Andre the Giant out of nowhere drills Braun Strowman! Paul Heyman is ordering Andre to finish Braun. Andre goes for an Elbow Drop, but Braun moves. Sid and Albert run away from the ring as Andre gets up nursing his elbow. Heyman is screaming at Andre to watch out, but he is drilled with a Braun Strowman Big Boot! Heyman fleas through the audience. Strowman picks up Andre and hits a Running Powerslam on him that takes both men through the ring! Triple H looks on in fear and shock from the top of the stage.

Arena: Smackdown Live

NORMAL MATCH – Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Neville vs. TJP (with The Brian Kendrick)

Objective: Win with TJP

NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura is being interviewed backstage by Renee Young. He talks about how he proved who the most dominant warrior from Japan is, and that Itami sold his soul for fame and glory. Itami approaches Nakamura and tells him he got lucky at TLC. Itami says he heard from Triple H and his rematch is at NXT Takeover: San Antonio in a few weeks. Itami tells Nakamura he will prove that Nakamura is nothing more than a flavor of the month.

A WWE official is with European Champion Rusev, who tells Rusev that the Bulgarian embassy has hired someone to serve their new national hero. Rusev asks who it is as Aiden English appears, singing. Rusev asks if this is a joke? The WWE official tells Rusev it’s not a joke, and the Bulgarian embassy wanted to give Rusev a ‘classy’ fighter in his corner. Aiden English sings about Rusev’s accomplishments and how everyday is now Rusev Day! Rusev loves what Aiden is saying, and decides to accept the Bulgarian embassy’s offer to give Rusev an aide.


Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar vs. Raw Tag Team Champion Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude walk down towards the ring, with Joe & Balor hoisting their belts towards them. They are suddenly ambushed by Drew McIntyre and the U.K. Championship. McIntyre hits them both with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre says people seem to have forgotten who he is. He claims to be the greatest international superstar in WWE history. McIntyre says his potential was so big even Vince McMahon saw it. Drew says only one man gave him another chance, Triple H. Drew says he immediately hopped on board when Triple H asked him to join his army, and even promised him a championship belt. Drew holds up the U.K. Championship and says as champion of the Eastern Hemisphere, it’s his duty to make sure international stars like him get the respect they deserve. McIntyre says unfortunately Finn Balor doesnt fall into that category. McIntyre raises both Sheamus & Cesaro’s hands and says his overseas brothers will be the greatest tag team champions ever, as long as he is around. McIntyre uses his belt to drill both Balor and Joe one more time before posing with The Bar as the crowd boos.

Go to ‘My WWE’ under ‘title management’ and put the U.K. Championship on to ‘Drew McIntyre’.

United States Champion Kurt Angle is backstage watching the show on a monitor. He tells himself that Triple H did some heavy recruiting. He is then attacked by both Sami Zayn and Rick Martel! They Powerbomb Kurt through a nearby table, high-five one another and then leave. Martel says Zayn is quite the talent, despite his fashion sense being ridiculous. He then sprays Zayn with arrogance (his perfume), as Zayn says it smells like garbage.


Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Carmella (with Big Cass)

Objective: Win with Bayley

Stephanie McMahon comes out on stage after the match. She tells Bayley that she is disgusted that she’s champion and that Stephanie is here to make sure the right woman takes the belt from her. Stephanie says it’s a numbers game for her, so she tells Bayley that she will defend her new belt at Roadblock against seven other women in an Elimination Match. Stephanie says one of her opponents is right behind her. Bayley turns as Carmella hits a Superkick onto Bayley. Stephanie laughs from the top of the ring as Carmella taunts Bayley who is laid out before leaving with Big Cass.

In a backstage interview with Renee Young, Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews has apparently challenged anyone from Triple H’s army to an Extreme Rules Match tonight. Mankind walks up to Apollo Crews, squealing and scaring off Renee. Mankind tells Apollo that it’s not easy to take that belt from him, and Mankind is proud of Apollo despite what people say about him. Mankind says that Apollo shouldn’t listen to anyone, and he deserves to be champion because he earned it. Apollo says he has fought adversity his whole life, but this time wants to prove everyone wrong. Mankind tells Apollo if he needs any help or advice for Roadblock, he is there for him. Mankind leaves as Crews looks relieved and happy.


Hardcore Champion Apollo Crew vs. WWE Champion Kevin Owens

Objective: Win with Apollo Crews

Before the match, Owens says that despite Triple H asking his prize fighter to get some rest, he wants to fight! He says there is no better opportunity to beat up a ‘jobber’ than right now. Owens tells Crews he will show him what a real hardcore fighter and real champion is about. Mankind celebrates Crews’ win after, and holds Crews’ arm high in the air. Owens attacks them both. Owens Powerbombs Crews over the top rope to the outside ring. He then picks up Mankind, but Mankind hits him with Mr. Socko! Mankind squeals as Owens rolls out of the ring choking.

Arena: Raw

Booker T comes out to the ring. He says he is tired of looking for his once best friend Goldust. He tells Goldie to come on out and stop hiding. Booker tells Goldust that there is a locker room full of superstars ready to fight for him so there’s nothing to be scared of. Goldust appears on the big screen, in an unknown location. He tells Booker he hasn’t seen him in a while, as Booker says he’s been busy. A comedic banter goes on between the two, where Goldust is hurt Booker left him in WWE without a word. Booker apologizes but says he cares for Goldust which is why he came back. Booker says the WWE needs his help and that Goldust has been hiding from people who can help him. Goludst asks if Booker is there to hurt or help him? Booker says he is insulted because of their friendship that Goldust would even ask. Goldust lets out a long sigh and says fine, telling Booker he’s hiding in the spot where they had that one crazy night. Booker stops Goldust before he can continue talking, saying he’ll meet up with him.


Rick Martel vs. Johnny Gargano

Objective: Win with Rick Martel

United States Champion Kurt Angle comes out of nowhere and hits Martel with an Angle Slam after the match. He puts Martel in the Ankle Lock until Sami Zayn runs to the ring. Angle knocks Zayn down and goes outside the ring to grab a table! He tosses it in the ring as Zayn hightails out of the ring and up the ramp. Angle sets up the table and puts Martel through it with an Angle Slam! Kurt grabs a microphone and tells Sami he’ll suffer the same fate because their match at Roadblock is a Tables Match! Zayn is livid as Angle says it’s true, it’s damn true!

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka is in her locker room warming up. Charlotte Flair walks in. Charlotte says her and Asuka made a great team at Survivor Series. Charlotte is upset she is no longer champion, but says she has a rematch in her contract (as every champion does). Charlotte tells Asuka that with so much war and chaos going on, perhaps some friendly fire will calm things down for them. Asuka isn’t sure what Charlotte is suggesting, so Charlotte suggests using her rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship. Charlotte says her and Asuka are the best in the women’s division, and what better way to see who’s better than to fight for the belt. Asuka agrees, but says that if Charlotte has any plans on turning on the WWE for the McMahons then she will regret it. Charlotte says Stephanie put her father through a time portal, and vows this is just friendly competition. The two shake hands as Charlotte says see you at Roadblock.


Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude vs. The New Day

Objective: Win with The New Day

Backstage, Renee Young is interviewing Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews. Before she can finish asking about his big win on Smackdown, Razor Ramon shows up with a trash can. He drills Apollo over the head and smashes his head into the TV. Crews is bleeding from the skull again as medics and officials run over to Crews. Ramon is laughing as Mankind shows up! Mankind tells Ramon he’ll see him in the ring tonight in a No Holds Barred Match and leaves.


Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Universal Champion Braun Strowman vs. Intercontinental Champion Bobby Roode, Undisputed Champion The Miz & Sycho Sid

Objective: Win with Ambrose, Rollins & Strowman

Backstage, Shane is looking for Undertaker & Kane but runs into Roman Reigns. Shane tells Roman he is looking for another way to reach the time portal and figures Kane & Undertaker are his best shots. Reigns agrees and decides to help Shane look as well. They run into Andre the Giant and Paul Heyman, who take off running because they think Braun is with them.

Undisputed Champion The Miz is walking with Curtis Axel, pissed off he lost. They run into Perfect & Rude as Perfect asks what the problem is? Miz tells Perfect to shut up and leaves saying he will be in his ‘trailer’. Perfect asks Axel if he’s happy with the Miz, as Axel admits it got him out of catering. Perfect is insulted his son is nothing more than a jobber in catering, and tells Axel he should be by his side and not Miz’s. Axel says the Miz is loyal to him, but Perfect plays the ‘I’m your father’ card. Perfect tells Axel he would love to have his son back in his life, and they could run WWE together. Axel ponders the idea as Perfect & Rude walk off.


Razor Ramon vs. Mankind

Objective: Win with Razor Ramon

Ramon wins the match and after WWE Champion Kevin Owens comes down. Owens screams at Mankind to mind his own business, before Powerbombing him through the announce table. Owens stands over Mankind with his title raised high in the air.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Stephanie McMahon starts the show in the ring. She announces that Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley will have six other competitors to face this Sunday. Stephanie says she has gone ahead and scheduled Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax & Divas Champion Paige to partake – leaving one final spot open. Stephanie says she has made a match between Maryse and Trish Stratus for the final spot, curious to see which woman is worthy after failures. Shane McMahon comes out on stage and says he has a better idea, since everyone Stephanie named is clearly working for her. Shane says he will also add Naomi, Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Dana Brooke, Nikki Bella and an NXT talent he added this morning – to make it an 8-Woman Battle Royal for the final spot. Stephanie is not happy, as Shane says that match may as well be next!


Naomi vs. Becky Lynch vs. Maryse vs. Dana Brooke vs. Nikki Bella vs. Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James vs. Ruby Riott

Objective: Win with Ruby Riott

Cruiserweight Champion TJP is with Brain Kendrick backstage. TJP talks about how he has become a poster boy for the 205 Live division in such a short amount of time. TJP thanks his good looks and great in-ring talent, but Kendrick says he should also receive thanks. Neville comes in and actually congratulates TJP on his victory. Neville says as King of the Cruiserweights he should come in here and beat respect into both of them. Neville says he won’t do that though, because he has bigger fish to fry. Neville tells TJP to enjoy the 205 Live division, and that perhaps they will meet again down the road. Neville leaves as TJP and Brian Kendrick look at each other surprised, but relieved Neville wasn’t there to fight.

Booker T walks into the arena and looks around. He signals at someone to come inside… it’s Goldust. The two sneak around backstage as Booker says they need to find Shane’s office. Goldust reveals that he called the holder of the 20th championship belt to let him know it was safe to bring it by. Booker thanks Goldust and asks when the belt holder will arrive? Goldust says Sunday at Roadblock.


Razor Ramon vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Objective: Win with Razor Ramon

After the match, Crews’ music hits as Ramon stares at the stage – but no one comes out. Crews ambushes Ramon from behind with a trash can full of weapons. Crews drills Ramon with a kendo stick and a chair, before using the trash can. Ramon is busted open, bleeding everywhere. Crews says that on Sunday they will fight in a First Blood Match! The arena fires up in a loud ‘Yes!’ chant as medics check on Ramon. Crews goes back to hammer away at Ramon as officials try to get Apollo off of Ramon. Michael Cole comments that this is the most vicious they have ever seen Apollo Crews before.

Backstage, Undisputed Champion The Miz talks about how he will win on Sunday because Axel is in his corner. Axel doesn’t respond as Miz tells Curtis to remember who brought him into the WWE. Miz says it wasn’t Axel’s pathetic father, rather the Miz. Axel goes to speak but Miz slaps him and says the less Axel thinks, the better. Miz’s music hits as he leaves. Curtis looks towards Miz as Rick Rude approaches Axel.


Undisputed Champion The Miz vs. Raw Tag Team Champion Finn Balor (with Samoa Joe)

Objective: Win with Finn Balor

Miz calls Axel to the ring after the match, upset Axel wasn’t there. Axel comes out where Miz slaps Axel again. Axel snaps and drills The Miz. Axel stomps onto Miz multiple times then finally leaves the ring. As he walks up the ramp, Mr. Perfect and Rick Rude show up on stage. Perfect extends his arms towards Curtis, but Curtis walks right by his father frustrated. Rude is not happy, but Perfect tells him to chill out as it’s not a big deal.

Shane is in his office when Mankind barges in, wanting a match against WWE Champion Kevin Owens. Shane says he can have Kevin Owens tonight and if he wins, he can have Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship at Roadblock. Mankind squeals in glee as he leaves Shane’s office.


United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre (with Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar) vs. R-Truth

Objective: Win with Drew McIntyre

Booker enters Shane’s office without Goldust. Booker tells Shane that the holder of the 20th championship belt will be here on Sunday. Shane thanks Booker for all his help, but Booker wants to see this through because of his friendship with Goldust. Booker offers to protect Goldust until Sunday for when the title holder arrives. Shane says it’s a good idea because his sister and brother-in-law will be waiting or have someone else waiting. Shane tells Booker to stay with Goldust through Sunday, and once again thanks Booker for his loyalty. Booker says no thanks needed, as they go all the way back to when WCW invaded WWE.


WWE Champion Kevin Owens vs. Mankind

Objective: Win with Mankind

Sami Zayn tries to attack after the match, but United States Champion Kurt Angle attacks him on the entrance ramp before Sami can get involved. Mankind celebrates in the ring, as Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews comes down to celevrate with him.

Triple H and Stephanie are watching in the backstage office, not happy. A knock is heard at the door. It opens as Batista is there! Batista throws a dehydrated and almost dead looking Randy Orton into the office. Batista says ‘I found him for you.’

Arena: Roadblock: End of the Line

The ring commentators welcome everyone in to Roadblock: End of the Line. Fireworks go off as the crowd cheers in anticipation.

NORMAL MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Bobby Roode vs. Dean Ambrose

Objective: Win with Dean Ambrose

United States Champion Kurt Angle is backstage warming up as Shane approaches. Shane says he thinks he knows where Kane & Undertaker are, and asks Kurt if he is good? Kurt says he is damn ready and tells Shane to find Kane & Undertaker with Roman to bring Cena back. Shane leaves. Batista approaches Kurt, and says it feels good to be back. Batista says magic in movies is nothing compared to the magic in WWE these days, saying it’s all anyone in Hollywood is talking about. Angle asks Batista if there is a reason he is there, as Batista says despite how much money Hollywood has paid him – it never hurts to make some more cash. Batista tells Kurt he’ll see him around, confirming he has returned to stay.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude (with Curtis Axel)

Objective: Help Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude win by being Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel helps his father and friend win the Raw Tag Team Championship. Axel gets his dad and Rick Rude out of the ring and up the ramp before Balor & Joe can retaliate for Axel’s wrongdoings.

Shane & Roman are walking around when the lights go off. They turn back on as Undertaker ’98 & Kane ’98 are there. Shane says he’s been looking for them, and that they need Kane’s mask and glove to bring Cena back. Undertaker says it’s too risky right now, but Reigns argues that if they don’t bring John back then Triple H and his army will be tough to beat. Kane says he will shoot off some fireballs for them.


The New Day vs. The Fabulous Freebirds

Objective: Win with The New Day

Albert is hyping Sycho Sid up in his locker room. Albert says they can defeat Braun Strowman, but Sid looks like he is unconvinced and frightened. Albert tells Sid to not worry, because they are both big enough together to stop the Monster Among Men. Andre the Giant and Paul Heyman walk in, as Heyman has a suggestion to make.

FIRST BLOOD MATCH – Hardcore Championship

(C) Apollo Crews vs. Razor Ramon

Objective: Win with Apollo Crews

An arena door opens, and in walks Ted Dibiase! He has his usual briefcase with him. He walks in cautiously as Goldust greets him, but scares him senseless. Goldust apologizes, saying it’s a bad habit. DiBiase asks Goldust if he is sure it’s safe? Goldust says his best friend Booker T has a place for them to hide. Goldust tells Ted to follow him, which he does.

8-WOMAN ELIMINATION MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship

(C) Bayley vs. Paige vs. Nia Jax vs. Ruby Riot vs. Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella vs. Sasha Banks

Objective: Win with Bayley

Randy Orton walks into Triple H & Stephanie’s office, saying he feels much better. Triple H told Orton he needed to pick his partners wisely because The Shield are dangerous. Orton says now that Batista is back, Evolution can rid The Shield. Triple H says he is more worried about the trio that holds WWE power, The New Day. Orton says he is on it and leaves promptly.

NORMAL MATCH – Undisputed Championship

(C) The Miz (with Maryse) vs. Seth Rollins

Objective: Win with Seth Rollins

Rollins is interviewed after the match by Renee Young. Seth says he proved he is better than The Miz and that the Miz couldn’t get the job done. Rollins is suddenly hit with a Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels ’97! Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose runs down to check on Seth as Michaels leaves the ring and heads back through the audience.

Goldust enters a dark room with Ted DiBiase. Booker T pops out scaring DiBiase. Booker apologizes. Booker asks to see the ‘goods’. DiBiase opens the briefcase to reveal  the Million Dollar Championship! Booker reaches for it, but Ted closes the case shut quickly, telling Booker not to touch it unless he wants to know what getting struck by lightning feels like. Goldust claims it’s ‘beautiful’. Booker asks Goldust if this is the belt everyone is looking for? Goldust says it is, but no one knows it. Goldust admits he told Cena and Triple H the wrong information. He is suddenly attacked by Booker T! Booker stomps down Goldust and grabs Ted by the throat. Booker tells Ted to pick up his belt and follow him, sucka!

NORMAL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

Objective: Win with Asuka

The two shake hands after their match. There is some tension, with one expecting to attack the other – but nothing happens as Charlotte actually raises Asuka’s hand in the air. Michael Cole comments that the freindly competition between two future hall of famers is a nice relief from the chaos we’ve been seeing this year.

TRIPLE THREAT TABLES MATCH – United States Championship

(C) Kurt Angle ’06 vs. Sami Zayn vs. Rick Martel

Objective: Win with Kurt Angle

The New Day are in catering, drinking milk and celebrating their win. They are quickly ambushed by both Randy Orton and Batista! They beat the crap out of the New Day, and put them through the catering tables with RKO’s and Powerbombs. Batista and Orton take New Day’s unicorn horns as Orton mutters that they don’t deserve this power. Orton uses the lasers to shoot down the ceiling tiles on top of The New Day!

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Kevin Owens vs. Mankind

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens

Kane is shooting fireballs backstage, as he thinks the plan won’t work. Roman and Shane insist it must work. Kane says he is just causing fires at his point as almost half the parking lot cars are engulfed in flames. Kane says maybe they should go somewhere else so at least nobody’s car gets ruined. Suddenly, Cena is launched through one of the fireballs, but he’s alone. They ask John if he was able to get help. John says there is a massive brawl going on in the past. Kane says they need to get to Papa Shango’s hat or Undertaker’s urn, which Stephanie and Triple H have. The five head towards their office.

NORMAL MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Braun Strowman vs. Sycho Sid (with Albert, Andre the Giant & Paul Heyman)

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Heyman, Albert and Andre try to help Braun lose his match, but are unsuccessful as Braun is too powerful. Stephanie and Triple H are watching backstage as Booker T comes in, throwing DiBiase to the ground. Booker tells Ted to give them the belt, which he does. Triple H thanks Booker and hands him a large wad of money. Booker says money over friendship is how he became a Hall of Famer, and nothing has changed. Just then, Kane ’98, Undertaker ’98, Cena, Shane and Roman enter the office and are there for Shango’s hat or Undertaker’s urn. Stephanie hides the briefcase they just got from Ted, as Triple H realizes he is outnumbered and forced to give them an item. John tells Triple H that he is going to bring his army in to fight Triple H’s. Triple H laughs and says that’s fine because his puzzle is almost complete. John notices DiBiase in the office with Booker and asks where Goldust is? Triple H simply says he has all the belts now and that Goldust is expendable. Shane asks Booker T what he did, as Booker simply states he made money, and leaves the office. Triple H tells them they have to be quicker to stay ahead of The Game. Triple H and Stephanie leave with the 20th and final championship needed, tossing Cena Papa Shango’s hat confidently.

Proceed to ‘Chapter Ten: Time to Rumble’.


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