GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Ten – Time to Rumble

Arena: Raw

Triple H ’01 and his wife Stephanie are already in the ring, as Triple H gloats about his success since returning. Triple H says he and his wife have everything they need, but still have one last thing to check off their list. Triple H demands Undertaker and/or Kane come out and release Papa Shango along with the entire Wyatt Family. Nothing happens, even after Triple H offers the two brothers championship match opportunities. Paul Heyman and Andre the Giant come out instead, as Paul suggests that he let his new giant beat the answer out of Undertaker. Triple H likes the idea, and so he schedules a match between Undertaker and Andre the Giant. The lights go out and a loud gong is heard. Undertaker ’98 appears on the jumbotron, and agrees to fight Andre. Undertaker only agrees if Andre leaves through a time portal if he looses, while also getting back his urn. Triple H agrees on those terms only if Undertaker give up Papa Shango and The Wyatt Family if Andre wins. Undertaker agrees to only Shango or the Wyatts, so Triple H says he wants Shango if Andre wins. Hunter officially schedules the match for Royal Rumble. Fire shoots out of the stage as Kane heads to the ring. Triple H calls a referee to the ring.

NORMAL MATCH (turn entrance OFF)

Andre the Giant (with Paul Heyman) vs. Kane

Objective: Win with Andre the Giant

Andre stands over Kane, delighted with his work. Heyman grabs the microphone and is about to introduce Andre the Giant, but Brock Lesnar’s music hits! The beast hits the stage as he is back. He tells Heyman he is not mad, but disappointed Heyman left his side for Andre. Heyman is confused, claiming Brock left him. Brock reveals Triple H brought him back after the UFC suspended Lesnar. Brock says he is back and in the Royal Rumble Match! A loud ‘Yes!’ chant fires up around the arena as Paul looks surprised, Andre not really phased.


Cruiserweight Champion TJP (with The Brian Kendrick) vs. Cedric Alexander

Objective: Win with TJP

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are backstage in their office, discussing what John Cena may do. Stephanie is convinced John is bringing his own army in at any moment. Brock Lesnar walks in, extremely hyped up asking for a fight tonight. Triple H grants him a match and says that he was brought back for a reason. Triple H says Brock is one of the WWE’s most iconic monsters, and he needs him to defeat another iconic monster… Braun Strowman. Triple H tells Brock if he wins tonight, he will skip the Royal Rumble Match and take on Universal Champion Braun Strowman instead. Lesnar leaves satisfied. Stephanie says she thinks Triple H made the smart move bringing Brock back to help them.

United States Champion Kurt Angle is in Shane’s office, as Kurt puts himself in the Royal Rumble Match. Shane says it’s a good thing Kurt did that, because Triple H set up a bunch of qualifying matches over the next few weeks to see who gets into the Royal Rumble Match. Ted DiBiase walks in and apologizes for bringing his championship around. He says he has kept it hidden because he knew the McMahons would be after it eventually. DiBiase blames Goldust, but Shane backs Goldust up claiming it was Booker T who should be blamed. Shane tells Ted to lure Booker T back with money and Shane will handle the rest. Ted agrees.


Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Ruby Riott

Objective: Win with Asuka

Divas Champion Paige comes out on stage after the match and tells Asuka her match with Charlotte was a classic. Paige says she would’ve done better, and feels under appreciated. Paige says she knows how to remind people exactly who she is, and that’s to cut off the head of Asuka. Paige challenges Asuka to a match for the Raw Women’s Championship. Asuka doesn’t respond, as Paige says she will beat the answer she wants out of Asuka soon enough.

John Cena is backstage talking with The Shield. Stephanie approaches and asks John where and what he plans to do with Papa Shango’s hat? John doesn’t give any information, saying he is using it when the time is right, but what’s important is that while he controls the hat – none of Triple H’s army members from the past can cross over. Stephanie claims she has Undertaker’s urn, and says that John actually just gave her an idea. Stephanie patronizes John on his intelligence, and mockingly congratulates the Shield on their title victories at Roadblock before leaving. The Shield want Cena to use Shango’s hat now, but Cena says it’s not the right time.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude (with Curtis Axel) vs. Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude

Axel helps his father and Rude win again. This time, Axel isn’t so lucky and turns around into a Pele Kick from Finn Balor. Perfect and Rude run away from the ring and up the entrance ramp. Perfect watches on as his son is hit with the Coquita Clutch from Samoa Joe. They then clear the announcer table as Balor hits a Coup de Grace onto Axel, going through the table! Joe and Finn grab microphones, and say that since they’re both out of championship opportunities – they’ll just have to settle for entering the Royal Rumble Match! A loud ‘Yes!’ chant fires ups around the arena as Perfect is livid on stage after his son was destroyed.


Mankind vs. Brock Lesnar

Objective: Win with Brock Lesnar

Brock wins the match as Universal Champion Braun Stowman’s music immediately hits. He comes out to the ring and has a stare down with Brock, but Albert and Sid attack Strowman from behind. Triple H slowly walks down to the ring as the attack ensues. Strowman battles everyone off, but then Lesnar hits him with a Clothesline. Triple H tells Braun that at the Royal Rumble he will be facing Brock Lesnar, Sycho Sid and one other person. Albert stands tall as if Triple H is going to call his name, but Vader’s music hits! Vader comes to the ring and hits Braun with a Vader Bomb! Triple H says to beat a monster, you need a monster – or in this case many monsters. Triple H tells Braun he’ll learn that no one is superior to the king of kings and he will rip that belt off Braun’s dead body. Triple H hits a Pedigree onto Strowman and raises everyone’s hand in the ring.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Triple H comes down to the ring. He says that Braun Strowman will be put through the ultimate test when he faces three of WWE’s biggest monsters in history at the Royal Rumble. Hunter says his beautiful and brilliant wife thought of bringing Vader in thanks to Undertaker’s urn. Triple H moves to the Royal Rumble and has agreed to terms with Shane McMahon in which various superstars will compete in qualifying matches for Royal Rumble participation. WWE Champion Kevin Owens comes out and says that it doesn’t matter who wins the Royal Rumble, because Owens is the best fighting champion in history. Owens says he ended the legend of Mick Foley at Roadblock. Owens says there is no one Kurt, Cena or Shane has that can beat him – and Owens says he knows Triple H wouldn’t let anyone take his belt from him. John Cena’s music hits as he comes out on stage. Cena tells Owens that if he would stop talking for a minute he would’ve heard that Kurt Angle put Kevin Owens in a match at the Royal Rumble with his WWE Championship on the line. Owens says he didn’t hear about it because Kurt Angle doesn’t matter, but Owens is curious who his opponent is? Cena says that his opponent hasn’t arrived yet, but will when he uses Shango’s hat to bring his own recruits in. Owens is livid, and says it’s unfair. Triple H tells Owens to punish Cena in a match next, and if Cena wins he is in the Royal Rumble Match.


John Cena vs. WWE Champion Kevin Owens

Objective: Win with John Cena

Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins is talking with Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. Ambrose leaves as Seth turns into a Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels! Michaels tells Seth he needs to watch where he is going before leaving. Rollins rolls around in pain as Miz approaches. He reveals to Seth he has a rematch tonight and that his victory will be awesome!

Booker T arrives in a limo. He shakes some official’s hands and asks where DiBiase is at? Shane approaches Booker as Booker is tempted to get back in his limo. Shane offers Booker the money Ted promised him, if he competes in a match tonight. Booker laughs and says he is retired, but Shane says Booker doesn’t have to win the match. Booker agrees reluctantly and asks who he is facing? Shane says it’s someone who wants payback on him… Goldust. Booker looks scared as Shane walks off.


Cruiserweight Champion TJP (with The Brian Kendrick) vs. Cedric Alexander

Objective: Win with Alexander via Disqualification

TJP hits Cedric with a chair which gets him disqualified. TJP begins to melee Alexander with a chair, as even The Brian Kendrick can’t watch from the destruction. TJP puts the chair in between Cedric’s legs and crushes it. TJP exposes one of the turnbuckles and begins smashing Cedric’s head multiple times. Kendrick actually stops TJP, saying he’ll give Alexander a concussion or brain damage. TJP pushes Kendrick out of the way and continues smashing Cedric’s head. TJP is finally satisfied and dabs in the ring before leaving with his belt, as Kendrick follows in horror.

Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar & United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre are backstage being interviewed by Renee Young. McIntyre officially joins forces with The Bar now, and tells any international superstars that want to make a stand for a better WWE to join them. McIntyre claims he will take over for ‘Mr. Mahal’ until he is ready to lead again. European Champion Rusev and Aiden English walk by. Rusev gives a subtle nod, then walks off with English who wishes everyone a Happy Rusev Day. McIntyre goes on to say that they have a match tonight against The New Day and that everyone should pay attention.

NORMAL MATCH – Undisputed Championship

(C) Seth Rollins vs. The Miz (with Maryse)

Objective: Win with Seth Rollins

Rollins wins the match as Michaels comes out on stage after. Michaels says that he isn’t sure who Seth Rollins is personally, but he’s heard a lot of things from Triple H. Michaels says Triple H bragged about how he thought Seth was the next Shawn Michaels. Shawn says when he arrived from the past to see Seth, he was so…. disappointed. Shawn says Seth is an insult to the HBK’s legacy, which is why he has targeted him. Shawn says this has nothing to do about Team Triple H or Team WWE, but rather protecting his name. Shawn challenges Seth for the Undisputed Championship at Royal Rumble. Seth scolds Michaels for his sneak attacks, but agrees to the match – eager to prove HBK wrong.


Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Summer Rae

Objective: Win with Bayley

Stephanie McMahon comes onto the stage after the match. She congratulates Bayley on defeating eight of the best women at Roadblock. Stephanie says that unfortunately one woman in that match doesn’t feel like congratulating Bayley. Suddenly, Divas Champion Paige jumps Bayley from behind and starts beating her down. Paige grabs a microphone and challenges Bayley to a match for her Smackdown Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble. Paige hits Bayley with a Rampaige, then leaves satisfied. Paige meets Stephanie at the top of the stage, as they both smile at one another.

Shane is asking John who he plans to bring back to face Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble, but John says it’s a surprise. John’s not even sure who he can bring over, but says hopefully everyone he talked to can make it. John pulls out Papa Shango’s hat and ponders when he should use it.


The New Day vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar & United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre

Objective: Win with The Bar & McIntyre

Booker T comes down to the ring, upset he has been tricked into a fight tonight. Booker makes it clear he doesn’t care about peace or safety, and that he is only driven by money. Suddenly, Goldust’s music hits. He comes to the ring as the two stare each other down. Booker slaps Goldust, as Goldust suddenly unleashes all his built up fury onto Booker T.

NORMAL MATCH (turn entrance off)

Booker T. vs. Goldust

Objective: Win with Booker T.

Booker T begins to beat Goldust down badly after the match. Booker hits Goldust with multiple Scissor Kicks, talking trash. Booker sets a chair up under Goldust, ready to hit a Scissor Kick on to the chair. Suddenly, Dusty Rhodes’ music hits! Dusty Rhodes hits the ring. Booker goes for a High Kick on to the American Dream. He misses as Dusty drills Booker with a Crossbody Splash. Booker rolls out of the ring and looks on in shock. Dusty begins doing his knee dance in the ring and helps Goldust up to a ‘holy shit’ chant.

Backstage, John Cena is seen with Papa Shango’s hat pointed at a locker. The time portal is open as Shane suggests leaving it open so others can get through just like Dusty. Suddenly, Brie Bella comes through. She is screaming and hugs Shane, crying. Shane says to close the portal, but Brie says more are coming. Out comes Lex Luger, Eddie Guerrero, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat ’91, Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake! Beefcake is yelling at John to close the portal, as he is the last one out. John closes it, but reveals not everyone he spoke to made it through. He is although happy some of his recruits arrived, along with Brie. Shane is confused how superstars from different time periods all came through at once. John says when he went back in time and found Undertaker, John used his old urn to time hop periods and recruit the best. Shane calls John a genius, and says he is one of the greatest for that reason. John turns his attention to Brie, saying her sister and husband will be happy to hear she is back. Brie says she is back, because she’s not leaving until she helps them beat the McMahons.

Arena: Raw

Triple H is on the TV screen when the show starts. He welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw and says tonight the Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches will officially begin, starting now!


Batista vs. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose

Objective: Win with Dean Ambrose

After the match, Bobby Roode viciously attacks Ambrose. Roode hits Dean with the Glorious DDT and says he traded in his Intercontinental Championship rematch for a Royal Rumble spot. Roode tells Dean he will personally throw him out of the Royal Rumble Match and go on to win! He will then make Wrestlemania and the WWE Championship glorious!

Shane and United States Champion Kurt Angle are backstage in their office, discussing how crazy it is that Cena’s plan actually worked. Shane says he put many of Cena’s recruits from the past into Royal Rumble Qualifying matches tonight. Kurt wants to focus more on Undertaker’s match, since Papa Shango’s release is on the line. Shane agrees and says Shango is the last thing his sister and brother-in-law need to succeed in their goal. Booker T storms in, pissed off that the Rhodes family upstaged him last week on Smackdown. Booker wants Goldust again tonight, and a Royal Rumble spot. Shane tells Booker he can fight Dusty Rhodes tonight in a qualifier match. Booker leaves not happy, but will take it.


Cruiserweight Champion TJP (with The Brian Kendrick) vs. Neville

Objective: Win with Neville

Cedric Alexander interferes and costs TJP his match. Neville leaves quickly as Kendrick yells at Cedric. Cedric attacks Kendrick, but is then attacked by TJP. TJP is livid and begins bashing Alexander’s head into the ring post again. Officials come out to stop TJP, but TJP smashes Cedric’s head in between a chair and the ring post! Kendrick is horrified as TJP leaves annoyed he lost his opportunity.

Raw Tag Team Champion Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude are backstage talking when Curtis Axel approaches with a neck brace on. Perfect apologizes to his son for not being there to help him last week. Axel says it’s fine, but feels like he is just doing the same work with his father that he did for The Miz. Perfect laughs and says that he is his son, and that they will become more if they stick together. Axel reluctantly agrees as Perfect and Rude leave, mocking Axel for whining.


Dusty Rhodes (with Goldust) vs. Booker T.

Objective: Win with Booker T.

Booker T brags about winning to Goldust who is outside the ring. Booker leaves as Goldust checks on his father. Booker grabs Goldust unexpectedly and hits him with a Scissors Kick. Booker does a Spinarooni and leaves laughing.

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka is giving an interview backstage with Renee Young. Asuka laughs at Divas Champion Paige thinking she can call out both of the women champions. Asuka says Paige is just the Divas Champion because she was handed her belt. Paige suddenly attacks Asuka, screaming that she earned everything. Paige destroys Asuka and leaves her laying after a Rampaige onto the concrete floor. Paige tells Asuka she can beat both women on the same night, and that Asuka better start respecting her.


Raw Tag Team Champion Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude (with Curtis Axel) vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake

Objective: Win with Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake

After, Mr. Perfect slaps his son for failing him in the match. Perfect and Rude storm off with a confused Axel in the ring rubbing his cheek.

WWE Champion Kevin Owens enters John Cena’s locker room. He tells John he is an evil person for toying with his future like this. Owens says John should just name himself as Owen’s opponent and get it over with. Cena admits it would be nice to beat Owens for his belt, but he is already in the Royal Rumble Match. Cena says that the person he has in mind would destroy Owens anyways, so he’ll wait it out. Cena leaves as Owens is clearly frustrated with Sami Zayn approaching, asking Owens what’s going on?


Universal Champion Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar, Sycho Sid & Vader

Objective: Win with Brock Lesnar, Sycho Sid & Vader

Strowman holds his own, but eventually the numbers are too much. Albert comes into the ring after the match with four chairs. The four men beat Braun with the chairs and then stare at one another. Cole mentions that only one can win at the Royal Rumble and not all three.


The Revival & Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar vs. Randy Savage, Eddie Guerrero, Lex Luger & Jake Roberts ’96

Objective: Win with Savage, Eddie, Luger & Roberts

The Revival return before the match, as Triple H rewarded them with the match for their past services and loyalty to him while at NXT. Triple H officially welcomes The Revival to the main roster, saying NXT Tag Team Champion Authors of Pain have everything under control in the NXT Tag Team division. After the match, the four men who won celebrate in the ring as Triple H looks unhappy backstage. Stephanie approaches Triple H and says she has an idea and it involves the women’s division.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar & United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre are all in the ring. McIntyre says he is tired of being disrespected. He says his buddies Sheamus & Cesaro have been one of the most successful tag teams in recent history, but don’t get the respect they deserve. English comes out on stage and asks everyone to stand for Bulgaria’s most prolific athlete and European Champion Rusev! Rusev comes out on stage and whispers into Aiden’s ear. English says Rusev was part of the Maharaja’s Empire and never left – meaning he is with the three. Tyson Kidd’s music hits as the Light Heavyweight Champion and wife Natalya come out. They like the international superstar movement that has been created, as they wish to join as well. McIntyre tells everyone to be quiet, as the current interruptions are exactly the type of disrespect he is sick of. Triple H’s music hits as he comes out on stage. Triple H likes what he is seeing and hearing from McIntyre. Triple H claims he will have a chance to prove he is one of the greatest international superstars in WWE. Triple H tells Drew that at NXT Takeover: San Antonio, he will face international superstar Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship. Triple H tells Drew he expects him to keep the glue that holds this team together. McIntyre asks for Jinder’s whereabouts, claiming it’s really Mahal’s faction to run. Triple H ignores Drew and schedules an 8-man Tag Team Match between the remaining four men, claiming he would like to see this seemingly new formed team in action, and their match is next.


Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar, European Champion Rusev & Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd vs. Ricky Steamboat ’96, Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose, Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Steamboat, Ambrose, Rollins & Reigns

After the match, Shawn Michaels grabs Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins and begins beating him up outside the ring. Reigns & Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose go help Seth, which Shawn realizes he is trapped. He tries to escape through the crowd, but Ambrose catches him as they perform a Triple Power Bomb onto Michaels through the announcer table!

Stephanie McMahon is in her office on the phone with somebody. She reveals that all the WWE Board of Director’s timeshares were given to Vince, which is now Triple H’s via Jinder Mahal. Stephanie hears something that does not please her, as her response is, ‘well we just won’t tell Shane.’ Shane walks in, overhearing this, and asks Stephanie what she’s talking about? She tells the person on the phone she’ll call them back and tells Shane that was nothing. Shane says that since Steamboat and Reigns won a tag team match earlier tonight, he’s adding them to the Royal Rumble Match. Shane leaves with a smile as Stephanie isn’t too happy.


Sami Zayn vs. Johnny Gargano

Objective: Win with Sami Zayn

WWE Champion Kevin Owens is watching the match backstage, satisfied his best friend is now in the Royal Rumble Match. He turns to see the Von Erichs! – Kevin & Kerry. Owens is stunned and asks what the hell they want or are even doing here? Kevin says they got here last night at Monday Night Raw, along with Dusty Rhodes and others. Owens realizes Cena brought more people over without telling anyone, and thinks his Royal Rumble opponent is in the arena. He storms off angrily.

Batista enters Stephanie’s office, and wants another shot at the Royal Rumble Match. Triple H comes in and says he spoke with United States Champion Kurt Angle, and they have agreed on the 20-women that will compete in this year’s Women Royal Rumble Match. Batista doesn’t care, and wants in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match. Triple H says Batista failed him on Raw, but thinks he was best as a part of Evolution. Randy Orton walks in as Triple H says the Viper is looking for redemption himself. Triple H schedules Batista & Orton in a Royal Rumble Qualifier Match for tonight, and advises them not to fail again. Stephanie tells Triple H they won’t be able to do a women’s royal rumble this year. Triple H asks why, claiming it will be historic. Stephanie tells Triple H to take it up with the creators of the world they live in. Triple H is confused so Stephanie tells him to set up a meeting with 2ksports in the near future regarding their company’s video games.


The Brian Kendrick (with Cruiserweight Champion TJP) vs. Cedric Alexander

Objective: Get Kendrick Disqualified by attacking Cedric Alexander with TJP

The match was a setup for TJP to attack Alexander. Kendrick is still hesitant about everything as TJP smashes Cedric’s throat with the ring bell. Cedric begins coughing up blood. #DIY’s music hits as Gargano & Ciampa hit the ring. TJP escapes, but Kendrick gets the worst of the attack. #DIY look back at TJP who scurries up the entrance ramp, laughing about the destruction of Cedric Alexander. Medics come down to check on Cedric, as he is forced to leave in a stretcher and neck brace.

Brie Bella is backstage talking with an official about how she is a changed woman since being sucked into a different time period. Nikki Bella comes from behind and gives her sister an attack hug. They are happy to see one another, as the two talk very quickly and excitingly over one another. Divas Champion Paige comes in to interrupt their feel-good moment. Paige says that she just spoke with Stephanie McMahon and that Paige will be getting both the Raw & Smackdown Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble. Paige says she will be in a Triple Threat Match with Raw Women’s Champion Asuka & Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley where both belts are on the line. Paige laughs saying all the women in WWE will bow to her soon enough and leaves as the Bellas stare back not impressed.


Goldust vs. Tye Dillinger

Objective: Win with Goldust

After the match, Booker T. comes out of the audience and begins beating the hell out of Goldust. Booker grabs a chair from ringside but Dusty Rhodes’ music hits! The American Dream runs down with his own chair, as Booker hightails it through the audience. Dusty is yelling at Booker to come get some, as he helps his son to his feet.


Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Carmella (with Big Cass)

Objective: Win with Bayley

Divas Champion Paige comes out after the match and jumps Bayley from behind. Paige laughs, saying she just saw Booker do this and thought what the heck, why not me? Bayley begins to fight back as Paige is taunting, but Paige hits a nasty Rampiage. Kurt Angle’s music hits as the United States Champion comes out on stage. Kurt says that he has seen enough and heard what Paige said about her match at the Royal Rumble. Kurt says it’s only fair that Paige’s Diva’s Championship also be on the line! Paige says no, but Kurt says all three belts will be on the line – it’s true, it’s damn true!

Dusty Rhodes is helping Goldust backstage. Goldust says he screwed everything up, and the only reason the McMahons are this deep in their goal is because of him. Goldust says he doesn’t deserve to be in the Royal Rumble Match, and thinks his father is a better fighter. Goldust offers his Royal Rumble Match spot to his father, but Dusty declines. Goldust says he must, because he is better fit to fight this war. Goldust says he isn’t fit for battle these days, and spent most of the war hiding. He begs his father to take his place. Dusty agrees to take Goldust’s spot as the father and son hug it out.


Batista & Randy Orton vs. Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with Batista & Randy Orton

WWE Champion Kevin Owens is on a rampage backstage. He sees two people with their backs turned and approaches them forcefully. He turns them around and to reveal Edge & Christian! Kevin asks what the hell they are doing back, and if they have a match at the Royal Rumble? Edge & Christian sarcastically say hello to Kevin and ask how he’s doing? They say they were brought back by Shane McMahon to participate in the Royal Rumble Match coming up. Christian says he is super siked, as Edge says the whole idea totally reeks of awesomeness. Kevin calls them idiots and tells them to shut up, saying he only cares about who his opponent is at the Royal Rumble. Kevin notices that Edge & Christian are in their normal bodies and not younger ones, meaning they didn’t get here through a time portal. He continues to look around, convinced his opponent is there – screaming for him to come out. The light suddenly go out and a crow is heard. Sting‘s face appears behind Kevin as light slowly moves from left to right! The lights turn back on. Owens looks behind him but no one is there. Owens, frustrated and somewhat frightened, moves quickly down the hall.

Arena: Raw

WWE Champion Kevin Owens comes out with Sami Zayn. Owens says that John Cena is playing mind games with him lately, and that he demands to know who his opponent is tonight. Kevin says that his best friend Sami Zayn will fight whoever his opponent is. Kevin says he’s been re-watching what happened on Smackdown, and he’s convinced Sting is back there and is his opponent. United States Champion Kurt Angle comes out and tells Kevin that he spoke with John already, and that Kevin’s opponent is here tonight. Angle says per their request he will fight Sami Zayn tonight. The lights go out and a crow is heard as Sting’s face briefly appears on the jumbotron before it disappears and the lights turn back on. Kevin begins freaking out in the ring and demands Sting come down to the ring at once. Kurt tells Kevin to relax because John told Kurt who the opponent is, and it’s not Sting. Kevin calls Angle a liar and demands to know. Kurt says he is having too much fun watching Owen’s freak out. Sami tells Angle it’s not funny and that whoever is Kevin’s opponent will suffer a beating tonight as consequence.


Kane ’98 vs. Albert vs. Razor Ramon vs. Rick Martel

Objective: Win with Kane

Raw Tag Team Champion Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude are backstage as Curtis Axel approaches with two cups of coffee. Axel hands them the coffee, but Perfect knocks it out of his hands – saying it’s not perfect enough. Axel looks discouraged, but Perfect says he is only doing this to make his son perfect like him. The Von Erichs approach and tell Perfect it’s not nice to treat kids that way. Perfect tells them they should mind their own business, as Rude says they shouldn’t even be looking or talking to the current champions. The Von Erichs want a tag team championship match, but Perfect & Rude laugh in their faces. Perfect spits his gum into Kevin’s face, so the Von Erichs buck up. Perfect puts Axel in between them. The Von Erichs laugh and say they’ll just settle for a non-title match tonight, and will go talk to Shane McMahon now. The Von Erichs leave as Perfect yells at his son for not doing more to the Von Erichs.

John Cena enters the arena with his fiancee Nikki Bella. They are suddenly ambushed by Vader & Sycho Sid. Nikki screams as Sid takes Cena’s luggage and takes Shango’s hat. Sid says he thinks Cena has played with it for long enough, and Stephanie wants it back. Vader throws Cena into a car door as he and Sid walk off with Shango’s hat. Nikki goes to check on Cena calling for medics, as WWE Champion Kevin Owens walks by and says Cena deserved it.

Go to ‘My WWE’ and go to ‘edit teams’. Create ‘#DIY’ in one of the empty slots. Team Name/Announce > #DIY. Add members Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Go to ‘Tag Team Entrance’. Motion/Muisc/Titantron Movie/Ribbon Movie > #DIY. Accept changes.


Cruiserweight Champion TJP & The Brian Kendrick vs. #DIY

Objective: Win with TJP & The Brian Kendrick

TJP wants to assault Gargano after the match, but Kendrick says they should just leave instead. The hesitation allows Ciampa to gather his feet and knock both men out of the ring. TJP is livid and leaves furious. Ciampa helps Gargano to his feet.

The Miz & Hideo Itami are arguing in Triple H’s office, saying they both deserve to be in the Royal Rumble Match. The Club led by AJ Styles enter. AJ says he deserves to be in the Royal Rumble Match more than anyone, and he shouldn’t have to qualify. Triple H notes that Shane has added people without qualifying matches, so maybe he should do the same. He puts all three men in the Royal Rumble Match for their loyalty and success for his cause. He doesn’t want any of them to have ring rust, so he puts them in a 6-Man Tag Team Match tonight.


Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Divas Champion Paige

Objective: Win with Asuka by Disqualification

Paige doesn’t try to win the match, instead just tries to hurt Asuka. Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley comes out to make the save, as Paige leaves the ring. Bayley helps Asuka to her feet, but Asuka hits her with a Spinning Heel Kick – not realizing it was Bayley. Asuka sees Paige on the entrance ramp, and then sees she kicked Bayley. Asuka helps Bayley up, but Bayley pushes Asuka off as the two have an intense stare down with Paige laughing.


Raw Tag Team Champion Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude (with Curtis Axel) vs. The Von Erichs

Objective: Win with The Von Erichs

In the locker room, Paul Heyman is giving Andre the Giant a pep talk for his upcoming showdown with Undertaker. Heyman expresses how important it is to get Papa Shango back for the McMahons to earn back their trust. Brock Lesnar comes in and tells Paul he hasn’t changed a bit, which isn’t a bad thing. Brock tells Andre that he doesn’t envy him, but tells Heyman that if his giant can’t get the job done, maybe a beast could. Lesnar leaves as Andre and Paul look back with some distaste.

Mr. Perfect is backstage, upset that they lost their match to the Von Erichs. Axel approaches him as Perfect slaps him immediately. Perfect blames Axel for the loss and says his son is nowhere close to being as perfect as he is. Axel snaps and shoves Perfect very hard into a bunch of metal poles. Rude is shocked as Axel tells them they can both shove it and leaves angrily. Perfect looks surprised as well, as he denies any help getting up from Rude.


The Miz, Hideo Itami & AJ Styles vs. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose, Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Miz, Itami & Styles

Jinder Mahal is in Triple H’s office, as he is satisfied with whatever the two were just talking about. Jinder says he will prepare accordingly, and hopes this Sunday will be the time they both get what they want. Jinder bows to Triple H as Dolph Ziggler enters. Mahal leaves and Ziggler says he never thought he would have to beg to be in the Royal Rumble Match. Triple H says Ziggler has failed him too many times, but Dolph reminds Triple H he first won the WWE Championship for him and he beat John Cena at Survivor Series. Stephanie thinks they should give Dolph a chance, so Triple H says he will have one final qualifying match on Smackdown Live! and the winner will get in. Triple H says he hopes Dolph doesn’t let him down, before leaving with his wife.

Before the match starts, WWE Champion Kevin Owens says that he is going to stay in the back because he believes Sami can win one-on-one (when really he is scared). Zayn hits the ring and calls Sting out.


Sami Zayn vs. Ultimate Warrior

Objective: Win with Ultimate Warrior

It’s Ultimate Warrior’s music that hits instead! The Warrior comes out to loud ‘Holy Shit’ chant. Warrior runs to the ring as only he does, as Zayn quickly darts out. Zayn slowly gets back in the ring as the match begins. Afterwards, Owens comes out on stage to stare down his Royal Rumble opponent, as Warrior poses and points at Owens from the ring.

Arena: Smackdown Live


Dolph Ziggler vs. NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura

Objective: Win with Shinsuke Nakamura

During the match, the lights flicker and the crow noise is heard again. This distracts Dolph and Nakamura picks up the win. United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre, Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd & European Champion Rusev attack Nakamura after the match.

Stephanie and Triple H are watching backstage, as Triple H is convinced Cena brought Sting back using Shango’s hat as well. He wonders how many past superstars Cena has hidden, but Stephanie says Sting is probably the last one. Triple H says he has to leave early for the NXT show on Saturday night, and kisses his wife goodbye. She says she’ll handle everything tonight as Triple H exits the office. Before Triple H leaves, he tells Stephanie to have Dash & Dawson give him a call because he might need them on Saturday.


Cruiserweight Champion TJP (with The Brian Kendrick) vs. Tommaso Ciampa (with Johnny Gargano)

Objective: Win with TJP

Gargano goes to check on Ciampa after the match, but TJP destroys him. TJP sends Gargano into the barricade, then grabs a chair. He enters the ring and begins to whale Ciampa with it multiple times. He puts the chair in between Ciampa throats and smashes it with his boot. Kendrick is somewhat horrified as TJP leaves and signals Kendrick to grab his belt. Kendrick doesn’t move, frozen watching Gargano help Ciampa. TJP grabs his belt then grabs Kendrick as they leave.

John Cena and Nikki Bella enter United States Champion Kurt Angle & Shane McMahon’s office. Shane is about to leave for NXT so that Triple H can’t dictate the show himself. Shane wants to know if Sting is indeed in the building? Cena says Sting is in the building and that he’ll be at the Royal Rumble as well. Kurt says they only have three spots left in the Royal Rumble and that Sting can have one of those spots. He says they need Sting to sign the contract in the ring tonight. Cena says he’ll relay the word, and that Kurt should keep the other two spots open.


Divas Champion Paige vs. Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley

Objective: Win with Paige

United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre is speaking with Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar, along with Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd and European Champion Rusev. He gloats about their successful attack earlier. Jinder Mahal walks by as McIntyre stops him as the two hug. Jinder says he is not the same immature child that he was in 3MB, and that he is now the Modern Day Maharaja. Jinder says his goals are far too ambitious for many, but tells them all that he will deliver what he promised months ago. Jinder excuses himself and leaves.


Universal Champion Braun Strowman vs. Vader (with Sycho Sid & Albert)

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Sycho Sid & Albert try to interfere in the match, but Strowman overcomes it. Brock Lesnar’s music hits as the beast makes his way to the ring. The two have an intense stare down for a while. Sid tries to attack Strowman, but fails along with Vader and Albert. Brock doesn’t attack but simply watches before leaving slowly.

Kurt Angle has the ring set up for the contract signing. He asks Sting to come to the ring and sign the contract, but WWE Champion Kevin Owens comes out instead. He is with Sami Zayn and demands that Sting not be allowed in the Royal Rumble match for his interference in Kevin’s business lately. Angle says it’s probably not a good idea, and that Kevin should focus on his real opponent The Ultimate Warrior. Kevin doesn’t buy it, saying it’s all a coupe to get the WWE Championship off his shoulders. He thinks Sting is after himself and not the Royal Rumble Match. The lights go out and a crow noise is heard as they turn back on with Sting in the ring. Sami & Kevin are freaking out, as Sami goes to attack Sting but the lights go off again. The same crow noise is heard as the lights turn back on as another Sting (’99) is in the ring! Kevin and Sami are freaking out even more, as they both now go to attack the Stings. The lights go out a third time with the same crow noise. They turn back on as a third Sting (’98) is in the ring! Kevin and Sami bolt out of the ring and up the entrance ramp as John Cena comes out. Cena says he brought back not one, not two, but three Stings! Cena tells Angle to sign them all up for the Royal Rumble. He does as Sami & Kevin are not happy on the entrance ramp. All three Stings take out their baseball bats and point them at the villainous duo.

Arena: NXT TakeOver: San Antonio

Triple H is already in the ring when the show starts. He begins to welcome everyone to NXT Takeover, but Shane McMahon interrupts him and comes to the ring. Triple H is not happy and demands to know why he is there? Shane says he is there to make sure NXT Takeover doesn’t become Triple H Takeover. Triple H says it’s his brand and he can do whatever the hell he wants. Shane agrees, but says NXT is under his family’s company of WWE and so Shane can do whatever he wants as well. Shane lists an example like allowing TM61 to receive an NXT Tag Team Championship Match tonight. Shane also says like adding Kassius Ohno to the #1 Contender Match between Lars Sullivan and Roderick Strong. Triple H tells Shane to stop, but Shane has one more example, like signing the famous Aleister Black to NXT and to compete tonight! Triple H is livid and tells Shane he can’t control his company, but Shane says he can and he will, calling for the first match to start.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – #1 Contender Match

Lars Sullivan vs. Kassius Ohno vs. Roderick Strong

Objective: Win with Lars Sullivan

Sullivan wins as Triple H is watching backstage. Triple H is pleased, saying he brought in Lars because he seemed like a monster he can control. Triple H believes if Nakamura survives McIntyre tonight, then Sullivan should handle the job of getting the NXT Championship off of the Japanese superstar. Shane McMahon walks into the scene and is confident in his actions that have seem to upset Triple H. Triple H reveals he put NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon in a Triple Threat Match against Peyton Royce and Billie Kay tonight. Triple H warns Shane that no matter what happens he will get all the belts and Papa Shango. Shane says that’s why he is there, to stop him. Triple H walks out angrily.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – NXT Tag Team Championship

(C) Authors of Pain vs. TM61

Objective: Win with TM61

TM61 win the match to the shock of everyone. They, however, are quickly ambushed by The Revival. The Revival beat the hell out of TM61. The Revival hit their finishing move on both Thorne & Miller before telling them they will take the belts from them because Triple H asked them to.

Triple H watching backstage is very pleased, as he hears a guitar being played. He turns around to see a man named Elias standing there, saying he drifted his way into the arena. Triple H asks if he can fight? Elias says he can, and so Triple H tells him he has a match tonight and welcomes him to the WWE. He shakes Elias’ hand and walks away as Elias continues to play his guitar.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Ember Moon vs. Peyton Royce vs. Billie Kay

Objective: Win with Peyton Royce, pinning Ember Moon (optional to play as Billie Kay to help Royce win)

The numbers are too much for Ember to overcome, as Royce and Kay work together to help Royce win the match.

Shane is on the phone with United States Champion Kurt Angle, telling him that he thinks he got under Triple H’s skin enough tonight. Shane tells Kurt he signed a really talented individual from Holland and that he could be the real deal. Shane tells Kurt his name is Aleister Black as suddenly Elias comes in a drills Shane with his guitar! Kurt is saying ‘hello?’ on the other line. Elias hangs up the phone and leaves with Shane knocked out.


Aleister Black vs. Elias

Objective: Win with Aleister Black

Shane is being tended to by medics, as a doctor confirms he will not be able to make the Royal Rumble. Triple H looks around and sees the guitar shattered, knowing it was Elias. Triple H thanks the medics for their help as they carry Shane away on a stretcher. Triple H calls an official over and tells him to bring Elias to him at once. The official runs away as Triple H stops Lars Sullivan who is walking by. Triple H congratulates Lars on his win, but Lars doesn’t answer. Triple H is noticeably nervous around Lars and tells him that if he keeps up the carnage he’ll be at the top in no time. Lars takes a step towards Triple H, who backs up nervously. Lars smiles and then turns and leaves. Triple H lets out a sigh of relief.

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Championship

(C) Shinsuke Nakamura vs. United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre

Objective: Win with Shinsuke Nakamura

Lars Sullivan comes out after the match and destroys Nakamura. He turns towards McIntyre, but he escapes the ring in time and runs up the entrance ramp scared. Lars Sullivan cleans the announce table and Powerbombs Nakamura right through it. Lars picks up Nakamura and Running Power Slams him through the barricade! Triple H comes out on stage and tells Nakamura that at NXT Takeover Orlando, Nakamura will be facing his newest monster Lars Sullivan for the NXT Championship in a Hell in a Cell Match! Lars smiles menacingly and picks Nakamura up and hits another Powerbomb onto the outside of the ring.

Arena: Royal Rumble

The ring commentators welcome everyone to the Royal Rumble as fireworks go off.


Undertaker ’98 vs. Andre the Giant (with Paul Heyman)

Objective: Win with Andre the Giant

Andre wins the match as Triple H comes out on stage, demanding Undertaker give up the location of Papa Shango’s coffin. Undertaker, very disappointed, reluctantly summons a lightning bolt at the stage. A coffin pops out of the titantron and lands near Triple H’s feet. Triple H orders Albert, Razor Ramon & Rick Martel to carry the coffin backstage. Triple H thanks Undertaker for all his help, and then tells Undertaker that Stephanie will keep his urn shiny for him – just as Andre hits Undertaker in the neck from behind.

NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura is in the medical office as doctors are advising him to not compete tonight. Shane is also in there getting checked on, saying he refused to stay in the hospital and miss the Royal Rumble. Shane advises Shinsuke to fight if he can, but the doctors say they won’t allow it. Shane overrides the doctors and tells Shinsuke that if he wants to compete he can, so Shinsuke tells Shane he will gut it out – and deal with Lars Sullivan another day.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – Raw Women’s, Smackdown Women’s & Diva’s Championships (turn double title match ON and select the Diva’s & Smackdown Women’s Championships)

(C) Paige vs. (C) Asuka vs. (C) Bayley

Objective: Win with Asuka

Stephanie is watching in her office and is not happy that Paige lost the match. Stephanie says getting all the women’s championships will be a bit harder than planned. Triple H says they are setting everything up now and soon they can collect the belts. Stephanie leaves as Jinder Mahal enters the office, telling Triple H everything is complete on his end. Jinder tells Triple H that very soon he can live up to his end of the bargain, and the Modern Day Maharaja will be the greatest force in WWE history. Triple H tells Jinder to go get ready because they now have Papa Shango. Jinder bows and leaves, as Dolph Ziggler sees this and decides to follow Jinder.

NORMAL MATCH – Undisputed Championship

(C) Seth Rollins vs. Shawn Michaels ’97

Objective: Win with Shawn Michaels

Jinder Mahal approaches the parking lot that Ziggler follows him to. Mahal walks around to reveal JBL’s limo back there. Dolph questions what Jinder is doing with JBL’s limo, and decides to approach him. Dolph shouts towards Jinder, as Jinder turns around nervously and decks Dolph with a lead pipe. Jinder says ‘shit’ and decides to place Dolph into the trunk of the limo and closes the door shut.

Shane enters Triple H and Stephanie’s office, but no one is in there. He calls out to them, but then finds a piece of paper on their desk from Stephanie’s lawyer. It reveals that all of the WWE Board of Directors timeshares went to Vince because they all went through the time portal. However, Vince was sent through the time portal before the deal was made official on paper, so the timeshares go to Vince’s next in kin – which is Shane. Shane realizes that he now has claim over a majority of the timeshares, and NOT Triple H! Shane leaves with this new discovery of having all of the WWE timeshares outside of Vince (which is also Triple H’s now) and Stephanie’s.

Elsewhere, Ramon, Albert & Martel drop Shango’s coffin in an unknown location. Triple H arrives and has them open the coffin. Papa Shango rises and raises his hand towards Triple H. Triple H gives Shango his top hat as Shango readies his cane and skull necklace. Triple H tells Shango they have all the championships, and opens a briefcase to show him the Million Dollar Championship. Shango says it’s time and is escorted out by Ramon, Albert & Martel.

FATAL-4-WAY MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Braun Strowman vs. Vader vs. Sycho Sid vs. Brock Lesnar

Objective: Win with Brock Lesnar

United States Champion Kurt Angle is giving an interview with Renee Young backstage, as he is interrupted by Cruiserweight Champion TJP and The Brian Kendrick. TJP tells Kurt he has ran through many cruiserweights lately and deserved to be on the card tonight. TJP says Kurt doesn’t realize the talent he actually is, and tells Kurt he deserves the spotlight. Angle says he has seen what TJP has done to Cedric Alexander, Johnny Gargano and others – as TJP smiles. Kurt says he will get the spotlight, because tomorrow on Raw he will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander, Johnny Gargano & Tomasso Ciampa. TJP leaves pissed as Kendrick tries not to laugh.

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship

(C) Kevin Owens (with Sami Zayn) vs. Ultimate Warrior

Objective: Win with Ultimate Warrior via Disqualification (can be Owens or Zayn)

Triple H, Martel, Ramon & Albert lead Papa Shango backstage. Shango asks for all the belts, as Triple H says he is working on that. Triple H suggests to Shango that he keep low until they have all the belts. Triple H says when the time comes, they will meet Jinder at JBL’s limo in the parking lot. Shango agrees.


Click on ‘Match Options’ and select ‘change participants’. Make sure the following participants are in the Royal Rumble (no particular order)

  • AJ Styles
  • Bobby Roode
  • The Miz
  • Neville
  • Randy Orton
  • Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose
  • Roman Reigns
  • Finn Balor
  • Samoa Joe
  • Hideo Itami
  • Kane ’98
  • Sting
  • Sting ’98
  • Sting ’99
  • Edge
  • Christian
  • Booker T.
  • Dusty Rhodes
  • NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura
  • John Cena
  • Jake Roberts
  • Greg Valentine
  • Randy Savage
  • Ricky Steamboat ’91
  • Brutus Beefcake
  • Lex Luger
  • Sami Zayn
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Batista
  • United States Champion Kurt Angle

Objective: Win with AJ Styles

Proceed to ‘Chapter Eleven: The Curse’s Chamber’.

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