GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Eleven – The Curse’s Chamber

Arena: Raw

Shane McMahon is in the ring to start the show, with United States Champion Kurt Angle. Shane has the piece of paper he found in Stephanie’s office in hand. Shane reveals he now has the timeshares of every single WWE Board of Directors member sent through the time portal. Shane wants to end this war with a proposition, and asks Triple H or Stephanie to come out. Triple H comes out on stage and admits he and Stephanie knew about Shane’s timeshare gain, trying to keep it a secret. Shane says their war has gone on long enough, and it’s time for the WWE to have one person lead the future. Shane proposes a match at Wrestlemania for all of the WWE timeshares. Shane wants a representative to fight for him, and asks Triple H to select a representative as well. The winner will get the loser’s timeshares, gaining all the decision-making power within the WWE. Triple H ponders the proposal, and says he agrees on one condition – that Kurt Angle put his United States Championship on the line at Great Balls of Fire. Triple H says that if Kurt loses, he will lose both his belt and his job in the WWE. Shane looks at Kurt, who agrees. Kurt tells Shane whatever happens, make sure he finishes the job at Wrestlemania. Shane and Kurt shake hands as Shane accepts Triple H’s counteroffer.


Dusty Rhodes (with Goldust) vs. Albert

Objective: Win with Dusty Rhodes

After the match, Booker T. ambushes Goldust outside the ring. Dusty goes to check on Goldust as Booker T. runs off. Dusty grabs a microphone and tells Booker to come back and fight. Booker says that all the money he made from DiBiase for returning went to medical bills, and isn’t jeopardizing injury for another fight. Dusty offers Booker more money to fight him and says he will ask DiBiase to put his Million Dollar Championship up for grabs in a match against Booker. Booker yells, ‘Now I can dig that, sucka!’

United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre is backstage with Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd, Natalya and Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar. European Champion Rusev approaches with Aiden English reminding everyone what day it is. McIntyre scolds Rusev for being late to their meeting, and that Jinder Mahal is their top priority moving forward. Rusev claims that he is the Bulgarian Brute, and can do as he pleases. McIntyre gets in Rusev’s face, and says that their future depends on Jinder Mahal. Rusev isn’t buying it, and says he hasn’t even seen Jinder in weeks. McIntyre says there’s a reason for Jinder’s disappearance, and that they’ve been ordered to make sure it stays that way. Aiden English steps in between McIntyre and Rusev, demanding McIntyre show Rusev some respect. McIntyre slaps English and tells Aiden that he can earn respect  in the ring tonight.


Seth Rollins vs. Rick Martel

Objective: Win with Seth Rollins

Rollins grabs a microphone after the match and demands his Undisputed Championship rematch at Great Balls of Fire. Undisputed Champion Shawn Michaels comes out and begins laughing. Michaels said that the Royal Rumble was a cake walk for him, and that Seth Rollins doesn’t deserve a rematch. Rollins says that Shawn is lying, and that he knows Michaels was scared to lose to someone who has been compared to his legacy. Michaels tells Rollins he will give him his rematch, if only to shut up the comparisons between the two. Michaels says he is the Heartbreak Kid and that at Great Balls of Fire, Rollins will be the Jawbroke Kid. Michaels begins laughing on stage as Rollins looks on with intensity.

Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews is doing pull-ups backstage as Mankind approaches, squealing. Mankind praises Crews as Hardcore Champion, saying Crews has overcome the doubters who say he isn’t the prototypical Hardcore Champion. Crews says he has fought adversity his whole life, and uses it as a motivating tool. Mankind completely agrees, saying he was the most nonathletic competitor in WWE but that never stopped him from making the Hall of Fame. Mankind offers his services to help guide Crews as a hardcore competitor, feeling that Triple H will stop at nothing to rip the belt off of Crews’ hands. Apollo agrees and is humbled Mankind would be so kind. The two shake hands.


United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Aiden English (with European Champion Rusev)

Objective: Win with Drew McIntyre

Raw Women’s, Smackdown Women’s and Diva’s Champion Asuka is being interviewed backstage by Renee Young. Renee asks Asuka how it feels to make history and hoist all three women’s belts at once? Stephanie McMahon interrupts, clapping. She congratulates Asuka on winning the belts. She tells Asuka that as a holder of three different championships, she will have to defend all three in separate matches at Great Balls of Fire. Asuka yells in Japanese, which startles Stephanie. Asuka claims she will win all three matches and that no one is ready for her! She begins yelling in Japanese intensely and getting in Stephanie’s face, so Stephanie runs away frightened.

Shane is in his office with United States Champion Kurt Angle, trying to get him ready for his United States Championship match next week. Kurt asks where Ultimate Warrior is, as Shane reveals he left for business. With Wrestlemania close by, Warrior wanted to personally attend the Warrior Award recipient banquet and see the impact he has made in the future. Angle reminds Shane of how Owens handled the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble, as Shane claims he hasn’t forgotten. Shane reveals that Warrior will get another shot at Owen’s belt once he returns from his community work. Raw Tag Team Champion Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude enter, as Shane called them in. Shane says he still makes matches around here and that he is having the duo defend their Raw Tag Team Championship tonight against the Von Erichs. They are livid, as Shane says they should go get ready because their match is next! Rude says they need to go find Curtis Axel, but Perfect says his son is mad at him and won’t speak to him right now.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) Mr. Perfect & Rick Rude vs. The Von Erichs

Objective: Win with The Von Erichs

Curtis Axel is watching backstage, and begins to laugh. He is approached by Triple H, who asks Axel how he is doing? Axel says he’s been better, and asks what Hunter wants? Triple H says just a moment of time, as he puts his arm around Axel’s back. They walk away as Triple H begins talking about the importance of father-son relationships. Graves thinks Hunter wants to adopt Axel.

JBL’s limo is shown in the parking lot, as Dolph Ziggler is beating in the back of the trunk. No one can hear him. Jinder approaches and opens the trunk, but Dolph is tied up and can’t fight back. Jinder gives Dolph some food and water, revealing that he can’t let Dolph go because no one is supposed to know where Mahal is. Jinder says they are so close to achieving their goals, and that he can’t let anyone mess it up now. Jinder says this will all be over soon, as he closes the trunk to a screaming Dolph Ziggler. Jinder disappears.


Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar vs. #DIY

Objective: Win with #DIY

John Cena is backstage with The New Day. Stephanie, disgusted by New Day’s pancakes they are eating, tells John that she has scheduled Apollo Crews to defend his Hardcore Championship at Great Balls of Fire, along with new Raw Tag Team Champion The Von Erichs. Stephanie gloats that they are closer to winning the entire war, and her family’s ability to also see the big picture is why they are the most successful family in WWE history. Stephanie leaves as John considers Stephanie’s words.


Braun Strowman vs. Vader (with Sycho Sid)

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar comes out after the match and hits Strowman with multiple suplexes. Lesnar screams that no one is taking the belt off of him, as Andre the Giant’s music hits. Andre, with Paul Heyman, approach the ring and go eye-to-eye with Brock. Lesnar laughs and backs out of the ring. Andre is staring Brock up the entrance ramp, as Strowman comes from behind. He hits Andre with a Running Powerslam which collapses the ring with Heyman, Vader and Sycho Sid in it! Sycho Sid’s leg snaps as he breaks his leg from the ring collapsing.

Arena: Smackdown Live


Raw Women’s, Smackdown Women’s & Diva’s Champion Asuka vs. Carmella (with Big Cass)

Objective: Win with Asuka

Paige comes out after the match and beats the hell out of Asuka. Paige reveals she will get her Diva’s Championship rematch at Great Balls of Fire, in one of Asuka’s three matches that night. Paige hits Asuka with a Rampaige before leaving satisfied.

Booker T is in Stephanie & Hunter’s office, begging for a match to win the Million Dollar Championship. Booker says a million dollars would look GOOD in his bank account. Triple H says there is no reward for risking the belt, as Booker says the loser of his match will leave through a time portal. Booker says he will win the belt, keep it close to Hunter, while ridding the ‘annoying’ Rhodes family. Stephanie likes the idea of getting rid of the Rhodes, and suggests Triple H make the match.. Triple H finally agrees and hands Booker T the briefcase, awarding him the Million Dollar Championship and rightful holder. Booker thanks Triple H and leaves.

Go to ‘My WWE’ and go to ‘title management’. Put the Million Dollar Championship on to Booker T.


Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar vs. #DIY

Objective: Win with #DIY

The Bar viciously assault #DIY after the match, as Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd and United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre join in. European Champion Rusev and Aiden English come down and turn on the international stars! ‘Rusev Day’ chants roar across the arena as the good guys begin to get the upper hand. United States Champion Kurt Angle comes out on stage, which stops the chaos. Angle says he spoke with Shane, and they agree that after two straight wins – #DIY will get a Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match at Great Balls of Fire. The Bar is livid in the ring, as Angle also says that Rusev & McIntyre will compete at Great Balls of Fire. That match will be for both the United Kingdom and European Championships. Kurt says it’s true, it’s damn true!

Rick Rude is backstage with Mr. Perfect. Rude asks Perfect when he wants to use his rematch clause for the Raw Tag Team Championship? Perfect says he already spoke with Triple H for his championship match. Axel approaches and asks his father is he spoke with Hunter? Perfect says he did, and apologizes to his son for the way he treated him. They hug as Rude mocks the two for being so ‘loving’ all of a sudden. Perfect turns to knock Rude out! Perfect screams that no one talks to his son that way, and reveals the title match he got from Triple H wasn’t for the Raw Tag Team Championships. Perfect says Triple H has other plans for ‘those’ belts, and that Rude is officially dead weight dropped. Axel and Perfect leave as Rude remains unconscious on the ground.


Undisputed Champion Shawn Michaels & Razor Ramon vs. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

Objective: Win with Michaels & Ramon

Michaels grabs the microphone and reveals that his longtime, respected rival Razor Ramon will get another title opportunity. Ramon grabs the microphone and says that he is coming for Ambrose’s belt at Great Balls of Fire. Ramon says he understands Shawn’s frustrations, and hates that people compare Dean Ambrose to Scott Hall. Ramon says the comparisons for both stop next Sunday when they walk out champions. The two laugh and walk out of the ring, confidently.

Mankind is training Apollo Crews somewhere backstage. He makes Apollo eat raw eggs, which he throws up. Mankind breaks bewe bottles over Crews’ head and then makes Crews walk on the broken glass. Mankind is going to make Crews eat garbage, but Crews stops him. Crews doesn’t see the logic, but Mankind argues that Crews needs to become familiar with trash because trash cans are used in hardcore matches quite often. They are suddenly ambushed by Cactus Jack (’98) who is back! Jack reveals Triple H opened the time portal to bring more people over and grab the remaining belts he needs. Jack says he is the greatest hardcore legend of all time, and scolds Mankind for helping such an ‘unworthy’ champion. Jack drills Crews with ‘Barbie’, making him bleed. Jack drags Mankind away, as Crews lays in a puddle of his own blood.


WWE Champion Kevin Owens (with Sami Zayn) vs. Dusty Rhodes (with Goldust)

Objective: Win with Dusty Rhodes

Million Dollar Champion Booker T ambushes Dusty Rhodes after the match with his new Million Dollar Championship. Booker hits a Scissors Kick onto Rhodes, as Zayn beats Goldust down outside the ring. Owens hits a Popup Powerbomb onto Dusty, as Ted DiBiase comes out to protect Dusty from a further beat down. Owens wants to continue, but Booker leads him out of the ring and up the ramp along with Sami.

Arena: Raw

Stephanie McMahon heads to the ring by herself. She reveals that Asuka will defend her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Bayley at Great Balls of Fire, as Bayley has a rematch clause. Stephanie says Bayley is hardly someone she trusts, therefore Stephanie wants to add a few others. She names Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Natalya in an Elimination Match. Stephanie reveals that Asuka will also defend her Raw Women’s Championship against two opponents in a Triple Threat Match. Those two opponents will be determined tonight in qualifying matches, that start next!


Tamina vs. Trish Stratus

Objective: Win with Trish Stratus

Rick Rude barges into Triple H’s office and demands to know what he told Mr. Perfect. Triple H quickly turns around and uses Undertaker’s urn to send Rude into the time portal! Triple turns back around, revealing he was in the middle of a conversation. He’s speaking with the Bushwhackers (Butch & Luke). Triple H is explaining that he brought more people over to help him get all the championship belts, and asks the Bushwackers to take care of the Von Erichs at Great Balls of Fire. The Bushwackers march around the room clueless, so Triple H puts them in a match tonight to see if their head are even in the right direction. Butch licks Triple H’s face, which clearly irritates Hunter.


Razor Ramon (with Undisputed Champion Shawn Michaels) vs. Seth Rollins (with Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose)

Objective: Win with Razor Ramon

Roman Reigns and John Cena are backstage, debating how to get back Shango’s hat or Undertaker’s urn. Cena realizes Triple H is using Undertaker’s urn to bring more ‘soldiers’ over, but Cena questions whether fighting fire with fire was the smart strategy? Roman says they should be looking for either Papa Shango himself, or Jinder Mahal – believing either one will lead them to JBL’s limo. Cena agrees that finding Mahal, Shango or the limo is better than going after time portals to bring more superstars through. Cena has an idea on how to get Shango out of hiding. Cena asks Roman if he’s seen The Fashion Police, because he wants to set up a stakeout.


Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Objective: Win with Sasha Banks

Stephanie is watching backstage, pleased that Trish and Sasha will battle Asuka on Sunday. She turns to Triple H, who confirms he brought Cactus Jack over to take the Hardcore Championship off of Apollo Crews at Great Balls of Fire. On cue, Cactus Jack throws Mankind into the office. Mankind is squealing, yelling that Crews is a better fighter than given credit for. Mankind warns Triple H that Crews will not go down lightly, just as he is sucked into the time portal from Undertaker’s urn. Triple H says ‘time will tell’, almost not concerned about the threat Mankind said Crews is.


European Champion Rusev & Aiden English vs. United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre & Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd (with Natalya)

Objective: Win with McIntyre & Kidd

Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews storms into Triple H’s office asking for Cactus Jack tonight. Triple H laughs and tells Crews he will get Jack at Great Balls of Fire in a Last Man Standing Match. Triple H gives a speech about how Crews is not fit for the Hardcore Championship, and he should give it up now or he’ll end up like Mankind. Crews asks where Mankind is, as Stephanie says he is in another time period. Crews realizes what happened and warns Hunter that underestimating his hardcore ability will be the worst mistake he’s made. Crews leaves pissed off as Hunter seems unfazed.


The New Day vs. The Bushwhackers

Objective: Win with The New Day

After the match, Batista & Randy Orton come down to the ring looking like the are ready to fight The New Day. They actually pick up the Bushwhackers and lead them to the back. New Day is confused, then realize that Bray Wyatt’s lantern they’ve been carrying around is gone. They turn and see Paul Ellering running through the audience with the Wyatt’s lantern. New Day turn back around to see the Authors of Pain in the ring. A.O.P. demolishes The New Day and leave with their unicorn horns.

In Triple H’s office, he is speaking with Vader, Albert and Sycho Sid – whose leg is still broken. Triple H says he doesn’t like having wounded warriors, and apologizes. He sends all three back through the time portal as Andre the Giant and Paul Heyman walk in. Triple H tells Andre and Paul he needs them around to neutralize Braun Strowman. Andre says Strowman has his number, and is unsure he can defeat the Monster Among Men. Triple H says ‘well then,’ and sends Andre through the time portal as well. Triple H advises to Heyman that he make amends with Lesnar, because if Strowman continues to be a threat for the Universal Championship than Paul will be next to enter the time portal. Heyman understands, and scurries off in fear. Batista and Orton enter the office, dumping the Bushwhackers on the floor. Triple H calls them mindless fools and sends them back through the time portal. Hunter is becoming frustrated on who he can trust and decides that Batista and Orton should challenge the Von Erichs. Batista is not happy becoming a lackey for Hunter, despite how much money he is making. Orton feels the same way, as both decline Hunter’s offer to challenge for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Authors of Pain walk in with New Days unicorn horns and hand them to Stephanie. Triple H says maybe he needs a youthful, hungry team to challenge the Von Erichs.

Arena: Smackdown Live

Triple H and Stephanie are in the ring to start the show. They ask Shane and United States Champion Kurt Angle to the ring. They both come out, as Triple H asks Shane if he chose a representative for their Wrestlemania match yet? Shane says no, as Triple H says that doesn’t matter – but what matters is the belt Kurt Angle currently holds. Triple H says it’s finally time Kurt found out his opponent, as Curtis Axel comes out on stage. Angle laughs, asking if that’s who Triple H chose? Mr. Perfect comes from behind and drills Angle, revealing Perfect to be Angle’s opponent. Triple H begins laughing, also adding that Authors of Pain will challenge the Von Erichs for the Raw Tag Team Championships on Sunday. Shane checks on Angle, not happy about what just occurred.


Raw Women’s, Smackdown Women’s & Divas Champion Asuka vs. Tamina

Objective: Win with Asuka

After the match, NXT Women’s Champion Peyton Royce & Billie Kay attack Asuka from behind! Kay explains that as a reward for taking the NXT Women’s Championship off of Ember Moon, Stephanie has added Billie Kay to the Smackdown Women’s Championship match! Billie says that once herself and Royce are champions, the women’s division in WWE will finally be iconic. The two pose over Asuka before leaving.

Backstage, European Champion Rusev is walking angrily. Aiden English catches up to him and asks Rusev to stand down on attacking McIntyre anymore. English says they are outnumbered and they shouldn’t even be picking fights with allies of Triple H. Rusev asks why English is so concerned? English admits that the Bulgarian embassy sent him not to serve Rusev, but to convince Rusev to offer the same diplomatic immunity to Triple H that India offered Vince. Rusev is livid that the Bulgarian embassy was only using him to get closer into WWE’s business. Rusev grabs English, who pleads with Rusev that Bulgaria only wanted a spot on WWE’s radar. English says it would benefit his country for Rusev to serve Triple H. Rusev says he is no one’s puppet including his own country’s. Rusev scolds English that the embassy would try to capitalize off the loss of his wife for their own gain. Rusev makes it clear he is not working for Triple H now, and never will! He throws English through a table, and tells English to tell the Bulgarian embassy he sends his regards.


Undisputed Champion Shawn Michaels ’97 (with Razor Ramon) vs. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose (with Seth Rollins)

Objective: Win with Shawn Michaels

Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews walks into John Cena’s locker room, where he is talking with Roman Reigns. Crews sees Shango’s hat and demands John open a time portal to bring Mankind back. Cena says that’s not a good idea, and the Shango hat they currently have is a fake he bought from Cena claims they plan on using the fake Shango hat as bait. The Fashion Police come out of the bathroom and tell Crews to cool it. Crews asks if they both used the bathroom together? The Fashion Police pause as Fandango says ‘no’ but Tyler says ‘yes’. Crews begins to break down, saying Mankind was the only one who believed in him and can’t win without him. Cena puts Crews in check with an inspirational speech. This pumps Apollo Crews up as he headbutts a locker! Crews says he is going to make Cactus Jack wish he never crossed into the Apollo Crews time period. Crews leaves jacked up as Reigns comments that Cena’s speech may have worked.


Batista & Randy Orton (with Million Dollar Champion Booker T) vs. Dusty Rhodes & Goldust (with Ted DiBiase)

Objective: Win with Batista & Randy Orton by pinning Goldust

Booker T tries to get involved, but Ted DiBiase ends up knocking Booker T down! Booker chases Ted around the ring until Booker is clocked by the American Dream. This allows Batista & Orton to win by pinning Goldust.


Smackdown Tag Team Champion The Bar & Authors of Pain vs. Raw Tag Team Champion The Von Erichs & #DIY

Objective: Win with The Bar & A.O.P.

Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd & Natalya are backstage as Stephanie approaches. She asks where United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre is, as they reveal he left early to prepare for his title match against Rusev. Natalya asks Stephanie why protecting Jinder Mahal is so important? Stephanie calls it an ‘investment’ that they should all buy into. Tyson asks what’s to gain from Jinder being protected? Stephanie says Jinder is acting a their ‘guinea pig’, and that if everything goes well – then the future of the business will be in great hands. Stephanie walks off as Natayla & Kidd are confused by her words, but shrug it off.

Jinder, somewhere in the parking lot, opens the trunk to give Dolph more food and water. Mahal says that once they complete their mission, he can let Dolph go – but until then Ziggler must stay in the trunk. Mahal says the trunk smells like urine (revealing Dolph has been forced to pee back there). Mahal hears someone coming so he hops in the trunk with Ziggler. Walking by are WWE officials, who recognize the limo but not as JBL’s (JBL took longhorns off months ago). The WWE officials walk away as Jinder tries to get out of the limo’s trunk. He can’t, accidentally locking himself inside with Dolph.


United States Champion Kurt Angle ’06 vs. Curtis Axel (with Mr. Perfect)

Objective: Win with Kurt Angle

Mr. Perfect tries to attack Kurt after the match, but Angle reverses it into an Angle Slam. Axel leaves the ring, as Kurt locks in the Ankle Lock on Perfect. Perfect is tapping as Axel can only watch his father suffer.

Arena: Great Balls of Fire

The ring commentators welcome everyone to Great Balls of Fire, the impromptu WWE Network event! Fireworks go off.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) The Von Erichs vs. Authors of Pain (remove manager)

Objective: Win with Authors of Pain

The lights go out and turn back on after the match. Ellering is revealed in the ring holding the Wyatt’s lantern. A.O.P. grab the Von Erichs as the lights turn off and on again. The ring is empty.

Elias leaves Triple H’s office, happy about something. As he leaves Shane enters, as the two have a stare down from the guitar shot Elias gave Shane last month. Shane asks Triple H if he has anything to do with Ellering using the Wyatt’s lantern? Triple H says that’s hardly relevant, because he just got another championship and it’s only the beginning. Triple H suggests that Shane find a suitable representative for Wrestlemania, because if Shane looses then he fails the WWE. Triple H excuses himself, saying he has a show to run.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka vs. Trish Stratus vs. Sasha Banks

Objective: Win with Asuka

Mr. Perfect is warming up backstage as his son Curtis Axel approaches. Axel says he has really enjoyed spending time with his dad, and apologizes for not helping Perfect out on Smackdown Live. Perfect says it’s okay, as he would’ve done the same thing. Axel asks his dad for a title shot if he wins tonight? Perfect laughs and says it’s not up to him. Axel says if Perfect is champion he can accept any challenge he wants. Perfect tells Axel not to get ahead of himself, as they need to focus on tonight first. Axel understands and leaves his father to finish warming up.

NORMAL MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Dean Ambrose vs. Razor Ramon

Objective: Win with Dean Ambrose

Trish Stratus finds Alexa Bliss backstage. Trish demands Alexa give up her spot to Trish in tonight’s Smackdown Women’s Championship match. Alexa laughs and tells Trish that they are not teacher-student anymore, and that Alexa actually feels embarrassed for Trish. Trish slaps Alexa and says that she deserves respect. Alexa slaps Trish back as the two get into a tussle. Officials pull the two apart, as Trish screams she will be waiting for Alexa if she wins tonight. Asuka walks by, clearly in pain from her match earlier. Trish attacks Asuka and beats her down in a furious rage.

NORMAL MATCH – United Kingdom & European Championship (turn double title match ON)

(C) Drew McIntyre vs. (C) Rusev (remove manager)

Objective: Win with Rusev

Triple H is watching backstage, not convinced Rusev will give up both belts after the fallout he had with McIntyre. Triple H says sending Aiden English in to try and convince Rusev to hand over his belts for his home country didn’t work. Triple H claims Rusev is smarter than he thought. He decides that if exploiting Rusev’s patriotism didn’t work, then maybe exploiting something else will. Triple H looks at Undertaker’s urn as Stephanie asks what he is thinking? Triple H says Rusev was always the romantic type, and opens the urn.

6-WOMAN ELIMINATION MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka vs. Billie Kay vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Bayley

Objective: Win with Alexa Bliss by beating Asuka last

Asuka is in serious pain after the loss, as medics tend to Asuka. Stephanie McMahon comes out on stage and tells Asuka she can just forfeit her match to Paige and she won’t suffer serious injury. Asuka is being walked up the ramp by medics, as she spits on Stephanie. Stephanie drills Asuka with the microphone and tells her that she will regret her decision.

NORMAL MATCH – Million Dollar Championship

(C) Booker T. vs. Dusty Rhodes (with Ted DiBiase)

Objective: Win with Dusty Rhodes

Triple H sees the result of the match, and asks Stephanie how her and Vince got all the belts together? Stephanie says she forcefully took them from people who wouldn’t relinquish the belts on their own. Triple H asks about the electricity the belts shoot off for non-champions who touch them? Stephanie says they worked around it. Triple H says he may have to follow the same path Vince took if the results don’t all go in their favor, mentioning Shango is becoming impatient. Stephanie agrees and is ready to act whenever Hunter gives the word. Triple H decides to be more a bit more patient, claiming no one has found Papa Shango, Jinder or JBL’s limo yet.

John Cena is backstage with The Fashion Police and Roman Reigns going over the plan. They are going to use the fake Papa Shango hat to bring him out of hiding, which the Fashion Police say is smart thinking – but also dangerous. They stop talking after hearing a banging noise. Reigns thinks they’re being listened to, so they decide to move the conversation elsewhere. They move as a bunch limos are seen parked nearby. One of the limo’s trunk continues to pop up and down, clearly Mahal trying to escape.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) The Bar vs. #DIY

Objective: Win with #DIY

Triple H, watching backstage, is convinced that McIntyre has led the international superstar group nowhere in Mahal’s absence. Stephanie suggests going to find Jinder themselves, since his protection has clearly broken down. Triple H agrees as the couple leave their office in search of the Modern Day Maharaja.

NORMAL MATCH – United States Championship

(C) Kurt Angle ’06 vs. Mr. Perfect (with Curtis Axel)

Objective: Help Mr. Perfect win by being Curtis Axel

Triple H and Stephanie approach the various limos in the parking lot. Stephanie says one of them has to be JBL’s limo, unless Jinder is hiding it somewhere else. Triple H says it will take forever to check all the limos, but Stephanie hears a banging noise. She sees one of the trunks moving and runs over to it. Stephanie tells Hunter to get his sledgehammer to open the trunk. Hunter pulls it out of his pocket! This reveals that Triple H’s sledgehammer is a voodoo cursed WWE item, able to fit it anywhere (explains why Triple H pulls it out of nowhere throughout his career). Triple H drills the limo trunk to open it as Jinder Mahal jumps out enraged. He is going crazy – some from being trapped, but mostly from the electricity he absorbed that’s still in his body. Stephanie mentions that the trunk’s odor reeks. She asks what a passed out Dolph is doing in there, which Jinder says Dolph knows what’s going on. Stephanie decides to just leave Dolph in the trunk and guard the limo. She says she is going after the championship belts. Stephanie leaves as Triple H and Jinder guard the limo with Hunter’s sledgehammer. Triple H mentions that once they’re done here, Jinder needs to shower badly.

LAST MAN STANDING MATCH – Hardcore Championship

(C) Apollo Crews vs. Cactus Jack ’98

Objective: Win with Apollo Crews

Crews’ celebration is short lived as the lights go out. They turn back on as A.O.P. is in the ring with Ellering. They beat down Crews and pick up his Hardcore Championship (able to because A.O.P. wears gloves). The lights go out and turn back on as A.O.P and the Hardcore Championship are gone.

NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura & NXT Tag Team Champion TM61 walk into the arena. A WWE official asks what they are doing here? They reveal they were invited for the NXT reunion party after tonight’s show. The WWE official has no idea what they are talking about, as Paul Heyman appears. Heyman says he will never manage the three because they are so incredibly gullible. Universal Champion Brock Lesnar comes out of nowhere and ambushes the three with ease. Stephanie approaches with a big box as Lesnar (wears gloves) drops the NXT titles (along with his own) into the box. Stephanie thanks Brock for his help, and mentions it’s nice to see the two on the same page. A loud ‘BRAUNNNNNN!’ is heard from the distance as Lesnar and Heyman scurry away.

NORMAL MATCH – Divas Championship

(C) Asuka vs. Paige

Objective: Win with Paige

Asuka can barely stand her ground in the fight. After, Asuka is exhausted and laying in the ring. Stephanie McMahon comes down to the ring as Paige drops her belt into the box. Stephanie kicks the Raw Women’s Championship into the box, not touching it with her hands. Asuka is too defenseless to fight back. Many divas that include Becky Lynch, Naomi, Charlotte Flair and Bayley all come out to approach Stephanie. Stephanie leaves through the audience to avoid confrontation.

Million Dollar Champion Dusty Rhodes is walking around backstage with Ted DiBiase. DiBiase checks his phone, and claims his bank account just tripled! Rhodes asks why, as DiBiase knocks him out! DiBiase replies because Hunter and Stephanie need the Million Dollar Championship. DiBiase does his patent laugh and says ‘everyone has a price.’ He looks up to see Papa Shango’s hat in the middle of the hallway. Smackdown Tag Team Champion #DIY see what DiBiase is doing and confront him. As they do, Shango appears and knocks #DIY’s heads into each other. DiBiase puts the Million Dollar and Smackdown Tag Team Championship into his briefcase. Ted looks up and runs off as Shango turns around to see a waiting John Cena, Roman Reigns and The Fashion Police. They are holding the fake Shango hat in hand, as Reigns asks what are the odds they ran into Shango backstage randomly? Fandango tells Breeze to cuff Shango, as Breeze pulls out a pair of pink-furry handcuffs. This makes everyone pause, as Shango uses the distraction to whip his cane out and send the four superstars flying across the hallway. Shango uses his cane to grab the fake hat. Shango studies it, then rips it in half. He throws on his invisibility cloak and vanishes. Cena is pissed they let Shango escape and decide to go find JBL’s limo, since that’s where he is probably headed.

NORMAL MATCH – Undisputed Championship

(C) Shawn Michaels ’97 vs. Seth Rollins

Objective: Win with Seth Rollins

Rollins celebrates his win going up the ramp and backstage to be with his Shield brothers. He goes backstage to see Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose laid out. Rollins checks on him, but Ambrose warns it’s a trap! Rollins is sent flying across the room through a table! Shango reveals himself, hiding in his cloak. Shango grabs both the Intercontinental & Undisputed Championship with his cane and walks towards the parking lot. He arrives to see a stand off between Triple H’s army and John Cena’s. Cena is telling Rusev ‘No!’ as Rusev is in the middle of trading his championship belts to Triple H for Lana – who Hunter brought back using Undertaker’s urn. Cena calls Triple H scum. Triple H sees Shango, who nods to Triple H. Triple H says the time is now as all the superstars begin fighting backstage. Stephanie dumps the box of belts into the limo, as Shango dumps the final two in as well. Triple H opens the limo door for Jinder Mahal, as Mahal jumps in quickly and locks the doors. Cena tells his army to go after Shango before he can perform the curse ritual, so Shango uses his hat and cane to create another time portal-Maelstrom in the parking lot! Batista & Orton use New Day’s unicorn horns to make Ricky Steamboat, Greg Valentine, R-Truth, TM61, The Colons and The Von Erichs jump into the Maelstrom against their own will. New Day see this and knock out Orton, sending both he and Batista into the Maelstrom! New Day get their unicorn horns back and shoot lasers at the Fabulous Freebirds, forcing them into the time portal. Cactus Jack swings at Cena with Barbie, as Cena ducks and AA’s Jack into the Maelstrom! Booker T. kicks Dusty into the time portal, but Goldust sacrifices himself to save his father from falling in. The Bar are about to hit a Double Razors Edge onto Roman Reigns. Roman counters and Superman Punches The Bar into the Maelstrom! Rick Martel and Razor Ramon fall into the Maelstrom at the hands of all three Stings. Randy Savage and Eddie Guerrero turn on American Alpha mid-fight, and sends them both into the Maelstrom! Lex Luger confronts the two on their heel-turn, so they toss Luger into the Maelstrom as well. WWE Champion Kevin Owens is being shielded by Sami Zayn from flying debris. Shango finishes the curse amidst the chaos as a large beam of electricity drills JBL’s limo. The energy blasts down and knocks everyone out around the limo. The Maelstrom stops and Shango admires his work. The limo door opens with a large cloud of smoke exiting. Jinder Mahal steps outside, huffing and puffing. Shango asks if it worked? Jinder looks up at Shango quickly, almost possessed. Jinder’s eyes are pure red, with little tiny electric currents going through it. Stephanie approaches and in disbelief whispers to herself, ‘it worked.’ Stephanie asks Jinder how he feels? Jinder screams and grabs Shango by the throat! Shango tries to use his cane to separate himself from Jinder, but Jinder is too powerful. Jinder knocks the cane out of Shango’s hand, rips the cloak off his back and tosses Shango’s hat aside. Shango tries to put Jinder to sleep, but Jinder crushes his skull necklace with one hand! Jinder screams almost in pain and opens a time portal with his own hands! He tosses Shango into it! Stephanie is in disbelief over the power Jinder possesses, but realizes with Shango gone they can’t replicate the same ritual on herself or Hunter. Realizing this – Stephanie bows to Jinder, and says she now serves the Modern Day Maharaja. Jinder motions for Stephanie to lead him out of the arena, which she does. Bodies are everywhere as Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle approach with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Shane is shocked that the curse worked, along with all the destruction. Shane has no idea how they will beat Jinder after what he just witnessed. Ambrose notices JBL’s limo isn’t even scratched from the chaos. Suddenly the trunk door flies open and across the parking lot. Dolph Ziggler exits. The four run over to Dolph to ask if he’s okay? Dolph raises his head to reveal he has the same eyes Jinder had, only they are blue. Dolph only asks where Jinder is?

Go to ‘My WWE’ and go to ‘title managment’. Vacate the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Arena: Raw

Shane McMahon starts the show in the ring, as he says witnessing another disaster is the final straw. Shane asks Kurt Angle to come to the ring first, which he does. Shane regrets to inform Kurt that he is fired per the deal containing his match with Mr. Perfect. Shane tells Kurt that his loss won’t go in vein, and that Shane will save the WWE from his tyrant sister and brother-in-law. Kurt leaves the ring as Triple H immediately comes out – passing Kurt on stage with a smirk. Triple H tells Shane they must put their war on pause, because Jinder Mahal has his wife and is more powerful than anyone in WWE today. Shane scolds Triple H for his greed and carelessness, telling Hunter that Stephanie deserves to be that ‘psychopath’s’ prisoner. Triple H admits he even thought the power Jinder got from Shango’s curse was insane, and wants to find Jinder to end the curse and return WWE to normal once and for all. Shane doesn’t trust Triple H, but Hunter reminds Shane that Shango is in a different time period and therefore no more curses can be cast. Triple H extends his hand to Shane, as Shane doesn’t buy it. Shane says actions speak louder than words and leaves the ring. Ultimate Warrior’s music hits! Warrior runs to the ring as the crowd erupts. Warrior talks about the Warrior Award, and how awesome it is to personally see how his legacy has helped people in the future. Warrior says he is back, and motivated to win the WWE Championship. Triple H laughs and says there is no chance he is allowing Warrior to fight Kevin Owens, but Shane interjects. Shane says Owens will defend his belt against Warrior, and to make sure Owens can’t weasel his way out of another match makes it an Elimination Chamber match! Triple H is not happy, but goes along with Shane to try and earn his trust. Triple H says they will have qualifier matches tonight, with whats left of the roster.


Neville vs. Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson (with Natalya)

Objective: Win with Neville

Neville grabs the microphone following his win. Neville says he left 205 in search of greater achievements, and that’s exactly what he wants. Neville officially calls out Tyson Kidd for his championship, but Triple H appears on the big screen. Triple H says that Neville is impressive, and as part of trying to do things Shane’s way, suggests Neville compete in an Elimination Chamber match. Neville is thrilled to be in the WWE Championship match, but Triple H tells him that he’ll be in the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match instead. Neville is still pleased to hear the news.

WWE Champion Kevin Owens is in his locker room with Sami Zayn. Owens complains that Shane is taking out last night’s tragedy on him, making him face Warrior inside the Elimination Chamber. Zayn reveals to Owens that Triple H put him in the match already, without having to qualify. Owens admits what happened at Great Balls of Fire was insane, and that it would be wise for them to keep their distance from Triple H for the time being.


Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

Objective: Win with Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero

Savage grabs a microphone after the match. He claims people keep asking why he and Eddie turned their back on Cena and everyone else? Macho Man says the answer is quite simple, they don’t know Cena like they know Stephanie and Hunter. Eddie claims that Cena is not their friend, and that once they saw the Maelstrom at Great Balls of Fire they realized who the true villain was. Eddie claims Cena’s obsession with finding Shango led to the tragedy last night, and they will be the ones to make sure it doesn’t happen again. John Cena interrupts and sarcastically applauds the two on their hard work. Cena has another theory for their betrayal, saying they are just cowards. Cena claims that when the going got tough, Eddie and Savage took the easy way out to survive. Cena says they are delusional if they truly believe they are some sort of ‘protectors’. Cena says The Fashion Police have been here for months trying to solve the case, while Eddie and Savage have been in the past doing Slim Jim commercials and trying to hit on Chyna. Eddie and Savage are not happy to hear John’s insulting words. Cena says The Fashion Police are more brave than the two, and suggests a qualifying Elimination Chamber tag team match between the two on Smackdown Live. Savage accepts.

Shane and Triple H are arguing over how to proceed finding Stephanie and Jinder. Shane thinks they should cut their losses, but Triple H believes Jinder wants to rule WWE entirely. Suddenly, The Godfather walks in! He greets the two as Triple H says now is not the time for fun and games. Godfather says he isn’t here for that, and witnessed what happened at Great Balls of Fire. Godfather says he wants to help, and that he knows how they can stop Jinder Mahal. Shane questions how Godfather would know, as Triple H reminds Shane that Godfather WAS Papa Shango in the past. Godfather admits that he is one of the personas Vince gave him to cover up Papa Shango’s existence in WWE, and knows what needs to be done to defeat himself. Shane asks Godfather what they need to do, as Godfather replies that the Elimination Chamber event is perfect timing.


Edge vs. Christian

Objective: Win with Edge

The two friends shake hands after the match. Christian suddenly drills Edge in the back of the neck! Christian hits the Killswitch on Edge a few times, before officials come down to break it up. Christian spits on Edge and walks out of the ring, pleased with his work.

Renee Young is interviewing Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews backstage. Young asks Crews how it feels to beat a hardcore legend? Crews admits he is still freaked out by last night’s event, but is happy to continue fighting for Mankind’s legacy. Crews is about to continue praising Mankind until Carmella interrupts. Carmella says Crews got lucky last night and she knows someone who would easily take that belt off of him. Big Cass jumps Apollo from behind and tosses the TV monitor on top of him. Carmella says if Crews is man enough, he’ll put his belt on the line at Elimination Chamber against her boyfriend. The couple walk off as Crews remains beaten under the TV.


Braun Strowman vs. The Miz (with Maryse)

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Shane watches the match backstage and thinks that they should add another Elimination Chamber match for Lesnar’s Universal Championship. Triple H wants to argue the idea, but goes along with Shane’s decision. Shane makes it official, adding Strowman and Edge to the Universal Championship Elimination Chamber match. Triple H says that Shane is playing favorites, so Shane counters by saying if they are truly working together then there wont be any ‘favorites’. Godfather enters the scene and asks the two if they understood everything he said? Triple H claims he does, repeating that JBL’s limo is not the only curse chamber in WWE. He reveals the Elimination Chamber itself is another one, along with any other closed infrastructure that surrounds the ring. Shane finishes by repeating that if someone defeats Jinder Mahal inside the Elimination Chamber then he will lose his powers. Godfather confirms all of this, claiming they are good listeners but their task is very dangerous. Triple H wants to throw Mahal into one of the championship chamber matches, but Shane says that’s not a good idea. Shane suggests having a separate Elimination Chamber match with Jinder involved, then they find the five most destructive superstars to take him on. Triple H, once again wanting to argue the suggestion, gives in and asks Shane who he has in mind?


Million Dollar Champion Dusty Rhodes vs. Bobby Roode (with Ted DiBiase)

Objective: Win with Bobby Roode

DiBiase helps Roode win the match, claiming that Roode is the only glorious enough superstar for the Million Dollar Man to work with. DiBiase says his new client will enter the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber, which prompts Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose to come out. Ambrose says DiBiase is scum for turning his back on Rhodes, but DiBiase says everyone has a price. DiBiase offers Ambrose a large sum of money to vacate his belt to Roode right now. Ambrose says everyone may have a price, but he doesn’t. Ambrose tells DiBiase that he will walk out of the Elimination Chamber as Intercontinental Champion, and nothing will change who he is. Dean raises the title high in the air as DiBiase does his patent laugh in the ring.

Shane is in the backstage office with Triple H and Godfather. They are going over the roster to see who could take on Jinder Mahal. Godfather asks about Dolph Ziggler, who also seemingly got the same powers Jinder got. Triple H wants to ignore Dolph as a serious option, but Shane says Dolph may be their best bet to beat Jinder. Triple H says that if Dolph has the same power Jinder has then it’s too dangerous. Shane remembers that Dolph didn’t attack everyone the way Jinder did, and actually started helping people and cleaning up after the massacre. Godfather says that makes sense, since the curse brings out a person’s true demeanor. Since Jinder is an evil egomaniac, that’s what was personified; and vice versa for Dolph. Shane says he is putting Dolph in the Elimination Chamber match against Jinder, which Triple H strongly disapproves. Shane and Godfather both think it’s a good idea. Triple H finally gives in, but gets to choose one person to compete without any argument from them. They all agree on those terms to make everyone happy. Shawn Michaels storms in not happy. He’s upset Triple H just put him in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match instead of a rematch against Seth Rollins. Triple H backs his decision, saying he needs his friend in the chamber match to watch Kevin Owens. Michaels is livid, claiming he is not Triple H’s ‘servant’ and fights his own battles. Michaels turns to Shane for help, but Shane says if Triple H made it official already then there’s nothing he can do. Triple H smiles and tells Shawn he’ll get used to the times, saying they are still friends – but now Triple H is Shawn’s boss. Triple H says in a way, he owns Shawn. Michaels Sweet Chin’s Godfather out of frustration and leaves upset.


Roman Reigns vs. United Kingdom Champion Drew McIntyre

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Shane helps Godfather out of Triple H’s office, saying that Shawn’s actions are Hunter’s fault. Triple H takes the blame, and tells Shane to get Godfather to their medical team. Shane leaves with Godfather as Triple H moves to his desk. He opens a drawer to reveal he has Papa Shango’s hat, taking it from the chaos at Great Balls of Fire. He shows a sinister smile, then places the hat back in his office desk.

Arena: Smackdown Live

NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura heads to the ring. Nakamura says he witnessed first hand the destruction that took place at Great Balls of Fire. Nakamura says he is a Japanese warrior, and that he felt useless that he could not fight. Nakamura claims he can fight now, and asks Shane how he can help? Triple H comes out instead, and says that he is glad Nakamura wants to fight. Triple H says he promised someone a title opportunity for past services, as Elias drills Nakamura from behind with a guitar! Triple H reveals Nakamura will defend his NXT Championship against Elias at Elimination Chamber. Hideo Itami comes out and argues that he deserves the match instead, as he proved more valuable over a longer period of time than Elias. Shane pops up on the big screen and decides to settle everything by adding the three inside an Elimination Chamber! Triple H says great idea, and says Lars Sullivan is technically the number one contender still. Hunter adds Lars to the match. Shane cuts off Triple H and says it’s his turn to choose the final two entrants. Triple H argues that NXT is his company, and he knows the talent better than Shane. Shane ignores Triple H and puts both Kassius Ohno & Roderick Strong in the match. Triple H is clearly not happy with the decision, as Shane sees this. Shane tells Triple H if he has something to say, then say it. Triple H just smiles and says ‘all good,’ before dropping his smile and leaving clearly upset.


The Fashion Police vs. Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero

Objective: Win with Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero

Eddie grabs a microphone after the match, and brags about winning with Savage. Savage says he thinks the WWE Championship would look great around his waist, as Eddie claims he wants the Universal Championship – a belt he’s never won. The two enter into separate Elimination Chamber matches, and patronize John Cena for thinking low of the two.

Triple H and Shane are in the backstage office when the lights go out. They turn back on as Undertaker & Kane are there! Triple H tries to act cool, but Undertaker grabs Triple H by the throat. Shane tries to interject, but Kane holds Shane up with his fireball glove. Undertaker demands the location of his urn. Triple H can’t breathe, and points to his office desk. Kane takes the urn out of Triple H’s desk, not seeing Shango’s hat. Undertaker tells Triple H that he and his brother are entering the Elimination Chamber with Jinder Mahal. Kane says once they end Jinder, they are coming for Triple H. The two brothers leave, as Undertaker comments on possibly getting a better version of himself for the battle.


Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews vs. Sami Zayn

Objective: Win with Sami Zayn

Carmella comes out moon-walking after the match, which Apollo sees. Big Cass drills Apollo from behind. Big Cass hits a Big Boot onto Crews, before powerbombing him onto a bunch of tacks. Cass calls Crews a fake Hardcore Champion and that he will dispose of Crews just like he did his former friend Enzo Amore.

Samoa Joe and Finn Balor are backstage talking to one another. John Cena approaches the two as they shake hands. Joe and Balor reveal they are in qualifying matches tonight for the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber. Cena wishes them luck, as United States Champion Mr. Perfect and Curtis Axel approach. Perfect brags about being the one to personally rid the WWE of the ‘overrated’ Kurt Angle. Perfect tells the three that although Kurt Angle was an Olympian, he just wasn’t perfect enough to stick around. Cena says Perfect is impressive, which means his son is probably better. Axel smiles, as Perfect says his son is not even close to his level. Axel says he has the same genes as his father, and that he could easily hold the United States Championship too. Perfect gets in his son’s face and says to not even think about it, before saying they need to leave anyways. The father-son leave as Cena smiles, successfully planting the seed for a fallout between the two.


United States Champion Mr. Perfect (with Curtis Axel) vs. Samoa Joe

Objective: Win with Samoa Joe

Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is conducting an interview with Renee Young. Bliss claims Asuka wasn’t ready for her, and that the overrated Trish Stratus is delusional for demanding her championship. Trish approaches on cue to a loud cheer. Trish calls Alexa a spoiled brat, and although is impressive in the ring, lacks respect needed to become a legend like herself. Alexa calls Trish a has-been and says she has always been better. Alexa claims she used to want to be like Trish, but now she feels sorry for her. Alexa tells Trish she has fivehead. Trish slaps Alexa as the two tussle and brawl until officials break it up.

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar barges into Shane and Triple H’s office, not happy about his belt being in an Elimination Chamber. Triple H advises Heyman to calm his beast down, but Brock picks up a laptop and chucks it into the wall. Triple H suggests they leave the office so no more property gets damaged. Lesnar asks Triple H if this is funny to him? Shane intervenes and reminds Lesnar nothing is funny with a mindless, rage-filled Jinder Mahal lurking the WWE. Shane says their top priority is Jinder, then they will deal with any selfish needs Lesnar has. Brock gets into Shane’s face, then smiles – saying he likes honesty. Brock leaves as Heyman chases his client out. Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss storms in, not happy about Trish interrupting her interview. Alexa demands Triple H use one of the time portals to send Trish back to where she came from. Shane says he has a better idea, and schedules the two for a title match at Elimination Chamber. Alexa is not happy and leaves in frustration.


Finn Balor vs. Booker T.

Objective: Win with Finn Balor

Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins is backstage with Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. Reigns reveals he is part of the Universal Championship Elimination Chamber match. Shawn Michaels walks by to interrupt, but not cause trouble. Michaels says that once he wins the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, he is coming to get back ‘his’ Undisputed Championship. Rollins makes jokes to Michaels, saying it’s too bad he can’t challenge for the belt sooner because he’s Triple H’s lapdog. Michaels laughs and tells Rollins to be careful what he says now, because he will make Seth eat his words very soon. Michaels walks off as The Shield look on.

Triple H tells Shane that they have one spot open in each Elimination Chamber title match. Shane says he already filled the final spot for the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber, which confuses Hunter. In walks RVD! Shane says ‘right on time’. The two hug as RVD shakes Hunter’s hand. RVD says Shane offered him a legends contract, and a spot in the Elimination Chamber upon returning. Triple H says ‘that’s great,’ but is clearly not happy. John Cena enters in a panic, but is thrown off to see RVD. The two shake hands, as John says it’s good to see RVD. John wants to know what Shane & Hunter’s plan is regarding Jinder Mahal’s Elimination Chamber match. Triple H says they are working on it, so John suggests Sting should enter! Triple H asks if he is still around, which Cena confirms. Cena says Sting is brave enough to take on Jinder Mahal, which Shane loves. Shane puts Sting in the Elimination Chamber match and asks if the other two Stings are still around? Cena confirms they are, so Shane adds the other two Stings to both the Universal and WWE Championship Elimination Chamber matches. Triple H is clearly not happy. He tells John, sarcastically, that he loves his ideas – so Hunter thinks John will like his suggestion. Triple H puts Cena into the Elimination Chamber match with Jinder Mahal, saying that since he has been fighting so bravely for so long – he deserves it. John is a bit worried at first, then says he will man up and take on the monsters if he has to. Cena leaves as Triple H suggests a Sting-filled main event tonight, since apparently they’re all here.


Sting vs. Sting ’99 vs. Sting ’98

Objective: Win with Sting ’99

Triple H and Shane are watching backstage, as Shane suggests the Sting who won should enter the Elimination Chamber with Mahal. Carmella walks in with Big Cass, asking when they will make his match with Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews official? Shane says jumping people is not the answer, but Triple H says Big Cass deserves a chance and schedules the match for Elimination Chamber. Triple H says Carmella has been very loyal and wants to add her to the Smackdown Women’s Championship match. Shane says he likes Trish & Alexa going one-on-one, so decides to add an Elimination Chamber match. Shane says that since Asuka is still recovering from Stephanie making her defend three belts in one night, he’s making it for the Divas Championship! Shane says Carmella can compete in the match and adds Naomi and Becky Lynch – claiming they have been overlooked all year and deserve an opportunity. Triple H agrees, but says he gets to pick the next two women. He chooses Natalya & Sasha Banks. Shane & Triple H shake hands. Shane says it’s nice to finally work together instead of against one another. Triple H reminds Shane this alliance is only temporary until Sunday.

Arena: Elimination Chamber

The ring commentators welcome everyone in to the Elimination Chamber. Corey Graves says he hopes they do some time traveling tonight, but Michael Cole says things are already dangerous with The Modern Day Maharaja scheduled to compete.

ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH – Intercontinental Championship

(C) Dean Ambrose vs. Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor vs. Neville vs. RVD

Objective: Win with Dean Ambrose

A limo pulls up backstage, as Stephanie exits. She walks around to the other side and opens the door, as Jinder Mahal exits – wearing a long black trenchcoat (similar to Hive in Agents of Shield or Neo in the Matrix). Mahal is clearly possessed, as his eyes are still very much red. Stephanie leads Jinder backstage as a WWE official asks Stephanie where she has been? Jinder waves his hand and sends the employee through a time portal! Renee Young approaches cautiously and asks for an interview? Stephanie looks at Jinder who nods. Renee asks where she has been? Stephanie says she has been preparing the Modern Day Maharaja for battle tonight, as she is clearly frightened. Jinder tells Renee that once he wins tonight, there will be no more roadblocks for him and that he will rule the WWE through power and fear. Jinder says he will defeat the only person equilvant to his power, Dolph Ziggler. Jinder raises his hands in his patent style and screams ‘MAHARAJA!’ The lights begin to explode around him as Renee runs off. Jinder smiles at the destruction his powers have caused.


(C) Paige vs. Sasha Banks vs. Carmella vs. Becky Lynch vs. Naomi vs. Natalya

Objective: Win with Sasha Banks

Cruiserweight Champion TJP is backstage giving an interview with Renee Young, who is still freaked out about Jinder’s actions. TJP says he hasn’t been on the last two cards because he has obliterated every 205 member. The Brian Kendrick repeats the claim, saying TJP deserves respect as an all-time legend! Cedric Alexander appears in a neck brace. He tells TJP he may have beaten him up, but he hasn’t broken him. Alexander says once his neck is healthy, he is coming for TJP and his belt. TJP laughs and tells Kendrick to handle Alexander. Kendrick is reluctant so TJP takes Renee’s microphone and drills Kendrick with it! Cedric tries to stop TJP, but TJP socks him in the neck. TJP continues to choke Kendrick with the microphone cord, and says when he tells Kendrick to do something he means it! TJP walks off and tells Kendrick he has officially been dumped.

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH – Hardcore Championship

(C) Apollo Crews vs. Big Cass

Objective: Win with Apollo Crews

United States Champion Mr. Perfect is admiring himself in the locker room mirror. Axel brings his father some coffee. Axel tells his dad he has been thinking, and beleives he is ready for a U.S. Title match. Perfect laughs and tells his son to focus on his current reign, then they’ll deal with Axel’s career. Axel says Perfect already lived out his career, and Axel wants to elevate his. Perfect tells Axel they are a team, and family. He reminds Axel family sticks together. Axel wants to prove to his father he is as good as him, and make him proud. Perfect says he has to go do some perfect pushups and ignores his son completely. Axel begins to ponder.


(C) Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Roddy Strong vs. Hideo Itammi vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Elias vs. Kassius Ohno

Objective: Win with Shinsuke Nakamura

Shane and Triple H are in their office, wondering if and when they should confront Jinder. Shane says they should wait it out, not wanting to risk being sent to another time period or worse. The New Day walk in, and say they are here to help. They question why Paul Ellering has Bray Wyatt’s lantern, which also makes Shane curious. Triple H reveals he told A.O.P. to go after the lantern when they fought New Day, but says the point is mute now. New Day don’t trust Hunter or A.O.P. and ask for a rematch with both the Raw Tag Team Championship & Wyatt’s lantern on the line. Shane says he likes the championship match, but says adding Wyatt’s lantern is just asking for trouble. New Day tells Shane that Triple H is still untrustworthy, despite the tempoary alliance for tonight. Shane agrees, but says he is only agreeing to half of the proposition for now. Upon hearing this, Triple H decides he is going to schedule Smackdown Tag Team Champion #DIY for a title defense at Fastlane. Triple H says he will give The Bar’s rematch clause to a deserving team, since they were sucked through the Maelstrom. Shane and Triple H shake hands, as New Day tell Shane to be careful before they leave.

ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman vs. Edge vs. Roman Reigns vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Sting ’98

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Two WWE officials are on a ladder backstage working on something for production. One of the employees falls off the ladder. He is caught by someone, revealing Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler tosses the employee back up the ladder. Ziggler walks around, clearly possessed by something, and let’s out random screams. Renee Young, frightengly, approaches Dolph and asks how he is feeling? Dolph mutters that he wants to fight Jinder and that the power he currently feels is possessing him. Dolph admits he is coherent and understands everything around him, although it may not appear that way based on his current status. Dolph admits that he hopes to be pinned tonight so he doesn’t have to carry this power within him much longer. Dolph says he won’t rid the power until Jinder looses his. Dolph walks away screaming randomly some more.

NORMAL MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship

(C) Alexa Bliss vs Trish Stratus

Objective: Win with Trish Stratus

Shawn Michaels is getting ready to walk out for his match, as Triple H approaches wishing him luck. Michaels says that after he wins, he wants Seth Rollins. Triple H says they will see what happens after Jinder’s match tonight, because if Jinder wins then Triple H may not be in charge much longer. Shawn tells Hunter he was always good at making excuses, while secretly having a ‘plan b’ in play. Michaels says he is not stupid, and knows Triple H has something else up his sleeve. Michaels is irritated that Triple H is treating him like another pawn, and tells Hunter to watch his back no matter the outcome of Jinder’s match later. Michaels walks off as Triple H looks back in displeasure.


(C) Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Ultimate Warrior vs. Shawn Michaels ’97 vs. Sting vs. Randy Savage

Objective: Win with Ultimate Warrior

The Godfather walks into Triple H’s office, as Shane leaves to go watch the upcoming match. Godfather asks Triple H if everything is set? Triple H says it is, as he pulls out Papa Shango’s hat. Godfather says excellent, and that even if Jinder wins tonight he can still perform the curse to rid Jinder of his powers. Triple H says that’s just one plan, as Godfather is confused. Triple H says there is always a ‘plan b’. Godfather tells Hunter they don’t need Shango’s hat, only the curse’s chamber.

ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH (make sure Jinder Mahal enters LAST)

Jinder Mahal vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sting ’99 vs. John Cena vs. Kane ’98 vs. Undertaker (’99)

Objective: Win with Dolph Ziggler, pinning Jinder Mahal last

Ziggler wins the match to the relief of the ring commentators. Jinder begins to have a seizure in the ring, as a large burst of energy blasts from his body throughout the arena. Jinder passes out. Triple H, Shane and Godfather come to the ring and check on Mahal. Medics take Mahal away, along with police. Triple H asks Shane to leave the chamber, as they are going to rid Ziggler of the curse. Shane asks why, seeing how Ziggler is completely in control of himself. Dolph is screaming that he wants the curse out of his body now. Shane, seeing this, agrees. Shane leaves the chamber, but then asks Triple H how they plan on riding the curse from Dolph? Triple H locks himself and Godfather inside! Shane asks what Hunter is doing, as Triple H reveals that Godfather is going to transfer the power Dolph has into Hunter himself. Shane is livid and calls Triple H a son of a bitch. Shane tries to break into the chamber. Godfather is getting ready to perform the ritual on Dolph and Hunter. Brutus Beefcake’s music hits. Brutus runs to the ring with his cutters to break open the chamber lock. He lets Shane inside, but it’s too late. Godfather performs the curse as Beefcake closes the chamber door shut. Shane, Triple H & Dolph are all impacted by the curse. The three are pulled into the air due to the whirlwind generated by Godfather’s curse, then drop to the mat when it’s complete. Dolph is completely unconcsious as both Shane and Triple H rise to their feet and meet eye-to-eye. Shane’s eyes are blue, while Triple H’s are red. Godfather, scared runs away, but not before Triple H uses his hand to send Godfather through a time portal! Shane suggests they fight now inside the chamber, so only one walks out with this new power they possess. Triple H laughs and raises his arms as the lights go out. They turn back on as Triple H is gone. Shane tends to Ziggler in the ring.

Elsewhere, Stephanie is in a room pacing back and forth. The lights go out and turn back on as Hunter appears! She hugs her husband and asks what happened? Triple H says ‘the plan happened, and it feels great.’

Proceed to ‘Chapter Twelve: The Calming of a Storm’













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