GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Twelve – The Calming of a Storm

Arena: Raw

John Cena comes out on stage to start the show. He makes his way down to the ring, as the ring commentators question what exactly happened at Elimination Chamber? Cena is walking as the lights suddenly go out. They turn back on as Triple H is in the ring. Triple H says he ‘beat John to the ring,’ and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with his new powers. Triple H claims this was his goal all along, and that he now has all of the combined curse’s powers. John tells Triple H he won’t get away with this, and that Shane McMahon will beat him at Wrestlemania. Triple H laughs and says timeshares don’t matter anymore, as he has everything he needs to succeed. Triple H admits that Shane having equal power is not only redundantly annoying, but also a threat to him. Triple H antes up their Wrestlemania match, saying the loser not only loses their timeshares, but also their newly gained power. Cena charges after Triple H, claiming he is not afraid of The Game. Cena reaches the ring as Triple H uses his hand to send Cena into a time portal! Triple H laughs and says not event the all mighty John Cena can stop him now. The lights go out as a crow is heard. They turn back on as all three Stings are on stage, pointing their baseball bats at Triple H. Triple H laughs and uses telekinesis to pick all three Stings up at once! Triple H opens a time portal with his hands and sends all three Stings through! Shane McMahon finally comes out and tells Triple H no one else needs to go through a time portal, and that they can settle their war at Wrestlemania as scheduled. Triple H says he won’t use his power unless provoked, and makes Shane agree to do the same.


Hideo Itami vs. Brutus Beefcake

Objective: Win with Hideo Itami

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka leaves Stephanie’s office backstage. The lights turn off and on, as Triple H appears, Stephanie comments she’s going to have to get used to that happening more often. Triple H says once he rids Shane of his powers, they will truly be unstoppable and unchallenged. Stephanie is very intrigued, then reveals she is making Asuka defend her championship on Smackdown Live since she had Elimination Chamber off. Triple H asks who she will face, as Stephanie reveals it will be Natalya. Triple H remembers he scheduled #DIY to defend their Smackdown Tag Team Championshio, so decides to add that match to Smackdown as well. Stephanie asks who they should have #DIY face, suggesting The Usos. Triple H says he has watched #DIY grow from their time in NXT, and believes he needs a legendary tag team to dethrone them. Stephanie says she’ll go get the hat.


Kevin Owens (with Sami Zayn) vs. RVD

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens

Owens grabs a microphone after the match and demands his rematch for the WWE Championship at Fastlane. Owens says Ultimate Warrior time hopped to steal his Wrestlemania moment. Zayn tells Warrior they will make him pay, which confuses Owens. Zayn suggests he be added to the match, so it’s basically a handicap match. Owens says last time that happened Zayn pinned Owens for the United States Championship. Zayn tells Owens that was something completely different, and that he will always have his best friend’s back. Owens agrees as the two hug in the ring. Zayn says that on Smackdown, he and Owens will take on the Ultimate Warrior in a tag team match. Owens says Warrior probably won’t be able to find a partner because nobody likes him. The two laugh and leave the ring, but not before Zayn hits RVD with a Helluva Boot. The crowd boos.

Hideo Itami walks in to Stephanie’s office, as he asks if she saw him beat Brutus earlier? Stephanie says she did, and that Hunter appreciates it – since Beefcake was ultimately responsible for Shane’s powers. As a reward, Stephanie will allow Itami to compete for a championship on Smackdown. She says that Shane has already scheduled Neville to compete against Tyson Kidd, so she makes it a Triple Threat Match and adds that the Light Heavyweight Championship will be on the line. Itami bows and thanks Stephanie before leaving.


Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero vs. #DIY

Objective: Win with #DIY

Rock N Roll Express‘ music hits as both Rick Morton and Rob Gibson come out on stage! They say they’re not really sure how they got here, but when they did Stephanie McMahon promised them a tag team title match. Rock N Roll claim they will face #DIY on Smackdown Live! Savage & Eddie attack #DIY from behind. They hit a simultaneous Elbow Drop and Frog Splash onto #DIY. Rock N Roll Express run down to try and help #DIY, which confuses Guerrero & Savage. Eddie swings at Morton, as the Rock N Roll Express fight with Savage & Eddie. Rock N Roll Express throw Eddie & Randy out of the ring, and help #DIY up.

Stephanie sees this backstage, and regrets bringing the Rock N Roll Express through Shango’s hat. Dolph Ziggler enters the office, as Stephanie says he should be home resting. Dolph says he is fine, although he still feels the withdrawal of losing his powers. He asks where Jinder is, as Stephanie says he is under medical attention surrounded by police. Dolph asks Stephanie if she really thinks Triple H will be able to live like this forever? Stephanie says her husband is the strongest-minded individual she has ever known, and trusts him completely. Dolph lets out a random scream and punches the wall! Dolph apologizes, saying he is still coming down from the high. He leaves as Stephanie studies the hole Dolph created with a punch. Stephanie seems to have an idea, and runs off to find her husband.


Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Shawn Michaels

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns via Disqualification

Michaels begins assaulting Reigns with a chair mid-match, saying he wants Rollins instead! Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins comes down to save Reigns, as he and Michaels begin to brawl into the audience. Brock Lesnar’s music hits as the beast and Heyman make their way to the ring. Lesnar hits the ring and F5’s Reigns a few times, while Heyman announces his client’s Universal Championship rematch at Fastlane. Braun Strowman’s music hits as the Monster Among Men heads to the ring, to the shock of Paul & Brock. Braun screams he isn’t finished with Lesnar and enters the ring. Lesnar & Heyman leave in fear, backing up the entrance ramp to safety.

Cruiserweight Champion TJP is in his locker room as The Brian Kendrick enters, asking for a second chance to help. Kendrick tells TJP he just spoke with Shane McMahon, and that Cedric Alexander will get a championship match Fastlane. Kendrick apologizes to TJP for his recent failures, as TJP says he now see why Triple H trusted him instead. TJP calls Kendrick a waste of space, and that he isn’t even a has been. TJP calls Kendrick a ‘never was’, and leaves. Kendrick looks discouraged.


United States Champion Mr. Perfect & Curtis Axel vs. The New Day

Objective: Win with Curtis Axel winning the match

Curtis tries to celebrate with his dad, but Perfect is not impressed. Perfect leaves prematurely as Axel follows his father. New Day recover but the lights turn off and on again. Raw Tag Team Champion A.O.P are in the ring with Ellering. They attack New Day and hit the Last Chapter on all three of them. The lights go out and turn back on, this time with Shane McMahon in the ring. Shane uses his telekinesis power to take the Wyatt’s lantern from Ellering. A.O.P attack Shane, but Shane is too powerful. The lights turn off and on again, as Triple H is in the ring. He opens a time portal, trying to send Shane through it. Shane counters with a laser beam similar to New Day’s unicorn horns, as the portal is redirected to Paul Ellering. Ellering is sucked through. A.O.P. sees this and dive into the portal themselves. Triple H and Shane are at a stalemate, Hunter trying to open the portal and Shane trying to close it. Shane tosses Wyatt’s lantern into the portal. Triple H sees this and does his patent taunt (the one he does upon entering the ring on the apron) which opens the portal to consume the entire arena. The arena is sucked through, as there is nothing.

Arena: WCW Japan Supershow

On the other side, the arena lands and smoke clears – revealing they not only traveled to a different time period, but a different country. The two stop fighting, seeing the WCW Japan signs hanging around the arena. Shane says they may as well run Smackdown here, and tells Hunter this is his fault. Hunter claims if Shane didn’t try to take the Wyatt’s lantern from A.O.P, this wouldn’t have happened. Triple H leaves to check on Stephanie, and tells Shane to start the show.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – Light Heavyweight Championship

(C) Tyson Kidd vs. Neville vs. Hideo Itami

Objective: Win with Hideo Itami

Big Cass and Carmella are trying to convince Stephanie that Big Cass is good enough to be taken as a serious contender. Stephanie reminds Cass he failed to defeat Crews, but Carmella claims Mankind has turned Apollo into a different animal. Carmella suggests that Big Cass have a match tonight to prove himself. Stephanie likes the idea, and warns Cass she is going to find a tough opponent for him. Cass tells her to bring it on, as the couple from Staten Island leave content. Triple H appears as the lights go off and on, as Stephanie tells Hunter he needs to start using the door like a normal person. Triple H says he doesn’t feel normal, and teleporting is way more fun. Stephanie asks Hunter how the power feels, as he admits scary. Triple H says it feels like a million ants are crawling under his skin, but enjoys all the power he is exerting. Stephanie tells Hunter she saw Dolph the other day, and that he still had some powerful traits. She points out he punched a hole in the wall, and suggests Jinder may experience the same withdrawal. Triple H asks what Stephanie suggests? She asks Hunter if he has chosen a representative for his match at Wrestlemania yet? Hunter says no, and asks his wife what she has in mind?

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) #DIY vs. Rock N Roll Express

Objective: Win with #DIY

The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) come out after the match and destroy all four men. They leave #DIY in the ring and carry Rock N Roll Express backstage. They walk the tag team all the way to the arena doors, before tossing both Morton & Gibson out of the arena. Triple H appears from behind and thanks them for returning. The Natural Disasters say they will take over the new era with some old school aggression. Triple H says The Natural Disasters will take on #DIY for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship at Fastlane, and welcomes them to the future roster. The Natural Disasters walk off as Triple H smiles, still with bright red eyes.

The New Day are dancing and clapping backstage, as they run into Booker T. Booker scolds them for being cartoonish, and that they will never be on Harlem Heat’s level. Xavier says the New Day are better than Harlem Heat, and they can prove that tonight. Xavier says they are in 1991, so suggests he call Stevie Ray up and meet them here. Booker says he’ll see them in the ring. New Day walk off as Booker pulls out his cell phone. He calls someone, who doesn’t recognize his cell phone number. Booker explains his phone is from the future and doesn’t have time to explain. Booker asks the person on the other line if they can meet him at the arena? Booker says ‘my brother will never make it to Japan on time, but that shouldn’t stop a man like you from helping me out.’ Booker is pleased to hear whatever the other person is saying.


Big Cass (with Carmella) vs. Larry Zbyszko

Objective: Win with Big Cass

Big Cass leaves the ring with Carmella as Stephanie McMahon comes on stage. Big Cass nods and passes Stephanie, as Stephanie looks pleased with the match result.

Brutus Beefcake is talking with someone backstage, saying it’s good to see him. It’s Tatanka! Tatanka tells Beefcake that the future sounds insane, and never thought wrestling could get crazier than it is in the early 90’s. Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero walk by, making fun of the two. Savage and Eddie say the future is great, because they would’ve never realized how good of a tag team the two are. Beefcake wants to put their theory to test, and challenges the two to a match tonight! Eddie & Randy laugh, saying they’ll beat any team. Beefcake challenges the two to face himself and Tatanka tonight. Beefcake & Tatanka walk off as Eddie tells Savage winning will be a cake walk. Randy asks if they will lie, cheat & steal to win – which Eddie confirms. Savage asks Eddie if he took his Slim Jim, while on the subject. Eddie asks what a Slim Jim is, as Savage says never mind and leaves. Eddie pulls out a Slim Jim and eats it.


The New Day vs. Booker T. & Stunning Steve Austin

Objective: Win with The New Day

New Day ask Booker where Stevie Ray is before the match? Booker admits that he called his good friend Colonel Rob Parker instead of Stevie Ray. Booker says Parker’s connection was able to get him a tag team partner to Japan quickly, as Stunning Steve Austin comes out! The New Day win the match, as a frustrated Booker T. hits Austin with a Scissors Kick after the match.

NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura enters Shane’s office. Shane apologizes to Nakamura for what has happened, but Nakamura tells Shane it’s fine. Nakamura says his younger self is probably in the crowd somewhere, as he attended this very event as a kid. Nakamura asks Shane if he can compete tonight in front of his home country? Nakamura wants to also show his younger self what he grows up to become. Shane says that’s very admirable, and schedules Nakamura for a match tonight. Stephanie overhears this walking to her office and enters. Stephanie loves the idea, and says Nakamura can even defend his championship. Nakamura says that’s fine, asking who his opponent is? Stephanie says she has someone in mind, but has to go find him like she did Zbyszko. Nakamura is intrigued by the mystery opponent, although Shane doesn’t trust Stephanie.


Brutus Beefcake & Tatanka vs. Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero

Objective: Win with Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn knock on Stephanie’s office door, but Triple H answers. The two turn to leave, but Triple H welcomes them in. Hunter says he has missed them, and questions why they have distanced themselves from him lately? Owens says they just came by to see if they knew who Warrior’s tag team partner for tonight is? Triple H says he has no idea, but that he is becoming concerned with Zayn & Owens’ loyalty. Zayn says they haven’t been around because they didn’t want to interfere in Hunter’s plan. Zayn assures Hunter they are still very much WITH him. Triple H smiles and says Vince was right, Zayn’s brain is his strength. Triple H dismisses the two, as Owens & Zayn act like they just dodged a bullet.

NORMAL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka vs. Natalya

Objective: Win with Asuka

Stephanie enters her office and tells Triple H she was very impressed with Big Cass tonight. She says her opponent for Nakamura will be here shortly as well. Triple H is pleased to hear everything, and tells Stephanie that he and Shane have agreed to use their powers to send the arena back to the proper time period after the match card is over. Stephanie asks Hunter if the power is controlling him at all, but he says the opposite is actually happening. Stephanie says she worries after seeing the withdrawal Dolph is going through. Triple H says his plan is to harness the power forever, therefore he won’t go through withdrawal. Tyson Kidd & Natalya enter the office, upset they both lost and wanting rematches. Triple H quickly sends them through a time portal with his hand as Stephanie freaks out! She claims Natalya was one of their most loyal warriors and questions if Triple H really has control of his power? Triple H angrily claims everything is fine as the lights shatter in the office. Stephanie runs out scared as Triple H regroups, seeing what he has just done.

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Championship

(C) Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Tatsumi Fujinami

Objective: Win with Shinsuke Nakamura

Aleister Black comes out after the match! The ring commentators are stunned to see an NXT fighter here. Black says he was at Monday Night Raw to confront Shinsuke on challenging for his championship. He admits he never got the chance because of the time travel. Black says he is out here now to officially challenge Nakamura for his belt. Black says it’s actually more fitting he ask Nakamura for the honor to fight, while in Nakamura’s home country. Black kneels to show a sign of respect. Nakamura let’s out a loud ‘Yeoah!’ Black suddenly low blows Nakamura. Black admits he forgot to mention he was only there to challenge Nakamura because Triple H asked him to! Black begins beating Nakamura badly, and hits a Black Mass on the champion. The crowd boos loudly as Black walks away with almost no emotion.


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior & Sting (’91)

Objective: Win with Warrior & Sting

Warrior reveals Sting as his tag team partner, claiming he found him backstage since Sting competed in this event in 1991. Warrior invites Sting to come back to the future with them after the match ends. Sting declines – saying the time he lives in now may need him. The two shake hands as Triple H appears on the big screen. He sarcastically tells Warrior that was a touchy moment, but now the show is over and they are heading back to the present-day. Triple H opens his hands as a time portal engulfs the arena. Outside the arena are the Rock N Roll Express still knocked out.

Arena: Raw

The lights go out in the arena. They turn back on as Triple H is in the ring, saying he could get used to teleporting around. Triple H says that with Fastlane approaching this week, and Wrestlemania around the corner, he doesn’t want anybody ruining the company’s most important weekend. The lights go out and turn back on to reveal Shane in the ring. Shane says Hunter is the only one who has ruined WWE this year. Shane says that after his representative wins at Wrestlemania, Triple H will lose everything he worked so hard for in his career. Triple H laughs and says that if the stakes are this high, they should be in the match themselves. Since their power is on the line as well, Triple H wants to make it a tag team Hell in a Cell Match! Triple H says if one of them gets pinned in the closed infrastructure then they’ll lose their powers on spot. Shane thinks that’s a good idea, although reluctant to step back inside Hell in a Cell again. Shane eventually agrees to the new terms, and asks Hunter who his partner will be? Triple H says his wife is working on that for him.


The Brian Kendrick vs. Cedric Alexander

Objective: Win with Cedric Alexander

Cruiserweight Champion TJP comes out on stage and mocks Kendrick for losing to someone he has consistently destroyed. TJP continues to ramble about how he is the perfect Cruiserweight Champion until Alexander has heard enough. Alexander leaves the ring to confront TJP, only for TJP to run away behind stage.

United States Champion Mr. Perfect is hitting on one of the stylists backstage when Axel approaches. He is very excited, which scares the stylist away. Perfect is upset Axel ruined his chance with her, but Axel reveals he has good news. Axel says if he wins his match tonight, Shane is giving him a championship match at Fastlane. Axel claims he’ll then be perfect, just like his dad! Perfect is excited, and asks his son which championship Shane said he can fight for? Axel replies, ‘Well… It’s yours.’ Perfect looks stunned, as Axel says a little father-son competition will be healthy. Axel leaves as Perfect stares in shock.


Raw Tag Team Champion Akam (with Rezar & Paul Ellering) vs. Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods & Big E.)

Objective: Win with Akam

Backstage, Shane gives Undertaker & Kane Bray Wyatt’s lantern. Shane says he found it backstage at the WCW Japan show and asks them to disappear with it. Kane suggests sending it back in time, and they should hide it. Undertaker likes the idea, as he plans to use his urn to send he and Kane back with the lantern.

Christian walks into Stephanie’s office, as she called him in. She thanks Christian for ‘softening up’ Edge a few weeks ago. Christian says he has no problem betraying his friends to get ahead, and that Edge is arrogant anyways. Christian believes he was the superior of the two, and just wanted to prove it. Stephanie says that Christian will be rewarded with a championship match at Fastlane against Rusev. Christian is stoked to compete for the United kingdom Championship, but Stephanie says he will be competing for the European Championship instead. Christian doesn’t care, and leaves satisfied. As he walks out, Edge spears him out of nowhere!


Curtis Axel vs. Tatanka

Objective: Win with Curtis Axel

Tatanka appears, which makes the ring commentators believe that many superstars at the WCW Japan Supershow may have been sent through the time portal when the arena sucked through. United States Champion Mr. Perfect comes out and congratulates his son, but that’s short lived. Perfect drills Axel and begins stomping on him until The Miz comes out! Miz runs to the aide of his former assistant, as Perfect leaves the ring. Miz checks on Axel and helps him up.

Kevin Owens storms into Stephanie’s office, demanding justice for the way Sting & Ultimate Warrior treated he and Sami in Japan. Stephanie asks what he wants her to do? Kevin says anything. He screams for her possessed husband to use his stupid sledgehammer to bash their brains in. Stephanie tells Kevin he needs to calm down and leave. She suggests getting a game plan together with Sami for Sunday’s match. Kevin says he can’t find Sami anywhere, and he isn’t even quite sure if he can trust Zayn. Stephanie says that’s not her problem, as she is busy with her husband’s Wrestlemania match. Owens screams in frustration and leaves angry.


Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero vs. Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins & Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose

Objective: Win with Savage & Guerrero

Shawn Michaels comes out after the match and slaps Seth Rollins, prompting Seth to chase after HBK. Dean watches this from the ring, and turns around to a waiting Bobby Roode. Roode hits the glorious DDT, then grabs the briefcase DiBiase is holding. Roode begins to drill Ambrose repeatedly with the briefcase, as DiBiase tells Roode that’s enough. Roode continues to pummel Ambrose, but DiBiase yanks him off. He reminds Roode his briefcase is a voodoo cursed item, and it’s impact is like getting hit with a train. He claims it broke Beefcake’s nose one time and Ambrose might die if they continue. Roode doesn’t care and goes after Ambrose some more. Universal Champion Roman Reigns runs out to help his friend, but he is cutoff by Brock Lesnar. Lesnar demolishes Reigns on the ramp until Braun’s music hits. Strowman storms after Lesnar, as the Beast retreats to the ring. Roode and DiBiase hightail it out of the ring as Lesnar and Strowman enter. Brock tries to fight Braun, but ends up getting Running Powerslammed for his trouble.

Arena: Smackdown Live


European Champion Rusev (with Lana) vs. Edge

Objective: Get a match result of a double count out

There is no winner as the two men beat the hell out of each other outside. Christian appears from the audience and hits them both with a Killswitch, before giving Lana a big fat smooch. She slaps the spit out of his mouth. Christian grabs Lana my the back of the head and stick his tongue down her throat. Christian throws Lana to the ground and begins laughing, until Rusev stops him. Christian tries to run, but turns into a spear from Edge. Edge and Rusev Double Powerbomb Christian through the announcer’s table.

Shane enters Stephanie’s office, asking if she gave Bobby Roode an Intercontinental Championship match at Fastlane? She confirms this, saying Roode was impressive with his attack on Dean. Shane says he is then going to add Braun Strowman to Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship rematch at Fastlane, for the same reasons. The Natural Disasters walk in and ask Stephanie if Shane is bothering her. Typhoon grabs Shane shoulder, but Shane tosses Typhoon across the office by barely moving his shoulder. Stephanie tells Natural Disasters to stand down, because nobody knows what Shane is capable of these days. Shane says this all ends at Wrestlemania, and decides to book the Natural Disasters in a match tonight for touching him. Shane leaves as Stephanie looks on with some distaste.


The Brian Kendrick vs. Cruiserweight Champion TJP

Objective: Win with The Brian Kendrick

Kendrick wins, but is immediately jumped by TJP after. Alexander runs down to make the save, as TJP goes to attack Cedric. Cedric reverses with his patent handstand flip into a back elbow drop. He tosses TJP out of the ring. The lights turn off and on as Shane is on the stage. Shane says that Brian Kendrick just pinned the champion, therefore he will get the winner of the TJP-Alexander match at Wrestlemania 33! Kendrick is very happy as TJP is pissed off outside the ring.

Stephanie leaves in a limo, saying she will have Triple H’s partner soon. She tells her husband she loves him and she’ll see him at Fastlane. Triple H walks off and is approached by Sami Zayn. Zayn asks Hunter for a quick word, as Triple H says he is all ears.


The Natural Disasters vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

Objective: Win with The Natural Disasters

The Natural Disasters are about to seriously injury both Slater & Rhyno, until Smackdown Tag Team Champion #DIY come out to make the save. The Natural Disasters leave, but not because they are afraid. They walk up the entrance ramp, signaling that #DIY’s reign is coming to a near end.

Kevin Owens spots Sami Zayn backstage, asking where he has been? Sami says he was talking to Triple H about Sunday’s strategy, and he thinks that once they beat up Warrior he should just lay on his back for Kevin. Owens says he doesn’t buy Sami’s act, and wants the truth. Sami says it is the truth, and even got Kevin something else. Owens asks what Sami got him, as Sami says he got Kevin a one-on-one match with Sting tonight! Sami claims that despite Sting’s wishes to stay in 1991, he was sucked through the time portal while in the arena. Kevin is not happy, as Sami claims that’s what Owens wanted – to get his hands on Sting for embarrassing them in Japan. Kevin is speechless and unimpressed, as Zayn pats him on the back ‘wishing him luck’.


The Miz (with Curtis Axel) vs. United States Champion Mr. Perfect

Objective: Win with The Miz

Axel helps provide Miz with the win, which upsets Perfect. Perfect asks his son to come hug him, and forgive one another. Axel says he’ll forgive his father after he beats him and takes his title at Fastlane.

European Champion Rusev and Lana are walking backstage as Drew McIntyre approaches. McIntyre says Rusev has had quite a heavy burden recently, carrying two belts while losing his wife. Rusev takes offense to that, and tells McIntyre after he’s finished with Christian they can settle their unfinished business. McIntyre says that’s exactly the plan, blaming Rusev for McIntyre’s leadership failure. McIntyre reveals that Triple H has informed him that he will get another shot at Rusev’s United Kingdom Championship. Rusev asks when, as McIntyre says at the ‘grandest stage of them all,’ before leaving.


Kevin Owens vs. Sting ’91 (with WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior)

Objective: Win with Sting

Sami Zayn comes out on stage after the match and stares at the ring. Sting and Warrior celebrate as Owens rolls to the outside. Owens looks up to see Zayn watching. Zayn leaves almost disappointed as Owens calls out to his best friend.

Triple H gets off the phone with his wife. Shane walks into his office and asks about giving McIntyre another United Kingdom Championship match. Shane says there are some other deserving superstars like Neville, but Triple H says Neville wants the Light Heavyweight Championship. Triple H says he just spoke to his wife, and she confirmed his tag team partner for Wrestlemania. Triple H says his partner will be the Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal. Shane asks if he can even walk, since he seemed so drained of energy after Elimination Chamber? Triple H says a reliable source claims Jinder just bent his hospital bed in half, still feeling some of the withdrawals. Triple H admits the power will run out of Jinder eventually, but Mahal is still coming down from his high. Triple H plans to take advantage of it. Shane says he is going to talk to Dolph about being his partner, but Triple H says he already offered Dolph the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. Shane says Triple H is clever, but Shane claims he will find the perfect partner to defeat the ‘evil possessed’ team of Triple H and Jinder Mahal. Shane leaves as Triple H smiles with a ton of confidence.

Arena: Fastlane

The ring commentators welcome everyone to Fastlane as fireworks go off around the arena. Cole says this is the last stop before Wrestlemania, with the event about two weeks away! AJ Styles’ music hits as the crowd erupts! Styles and The Club hit the ring. Styles says it’s good to be back, and thinks some people forgot who is headlining Wrestlemania. Styles says while he’s been gone some craziness has gone down. Styles says he’s glad he missed the storm, but wouldn’t miss the party. Styles points to the Wrestlemania sign and says his party is in two weeks when he becomes champion. Styles says he will choose his Wrestlemania opponent tonight and remind everyone that this ring is the house that AJ Styles built!

NORMAL MATCH – European Championship

(C) Rusev (with Lana) vs. Christian

Objective: Win with Christian

Tatanka, Brutus Beefcake, Tatsumi Fujinami & Larry Zbyszko are backstage talking about Beefcake’s cutters. Beefcake admits it’s a voodoo infected item. His cutters have the power to cut through anything. He says that’s how he helped Shane at Elimination Chamber, able to cut through the Masterlock. Triple H approaches and quickly sends Fujinami & Zbyszko through a time portal. He tells Tatanka and Beefcake not to worry, because he has a past history with both of them. Triple H says that it’s only time before he rules WWE completely, and offers them a choice. Triple H says he will put them in Wrestlemania to compete for a championship, if they pledge their allegiance and loyalty to him. Beefcake asks what will happen if they refuse? Triple H says they will join their two friends that just left. Tatanka and Beefcake look at one another and then ask which championship Triple H had in mind?

NORMAL MATCH – Cruiserweight Championship

(C) TJP vs. Cedric Alexander (with The Brian Kendrick)

Objective: Win with Cedric Alexander

Kendrick helps Alexander win the championship, as the two celebrate in the ring after. TJP is livid and grabs a microphone, saying neither of them deserve to represent 205 at Wrestlemania. TJP says he will save the cruiserweight card, and claims he will use his rematch at Wrestlemania 33 to make the Cruiserweight Championship a Triple Threat Match. Kendrick drills Alexander in the back, reminding him they are opponents now, before locking in the Captain’s Hook.

Dolph Ziggler is puking in a bucket. Booker T approaches and says ‘tell me I did not just see that!’ Ziggler tells Booker to leave because Dolph is sick and dangerous. Booker tells Dolph he just came by to reveal that Triple H put Booker T in the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania. Booker says he would normally jump Dolph right now, but says he doesn’t want to get sick. Dolph gets up and in Booker’s face, saying Booker really just doesn’t want to find out what Dolph can do to him. Booker is ambushed by Stunning Steve Austin! Austin is upset Booker attacked him after their match, and calls this payback. Dolph grabs Austin by the throat and tosses him across the room. Dolph is clearly exhausted and leaves the locker room.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship

(C) Authors of Pain vs. The New Day

Objective: Win with The New Day

The New Day are jumped after the match by Randy Savage and Eddie Guerrero. They hit their patent Elbow Drop-Frog Splash combo onto each New Day member. They tell New Day that since arriving in the future, they have realized they are an unstoppable force. Eddie challenges New Day for the Raw Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania. Savage lets out an ‘OH YEEEEEEEAH!’ and leave New Day beaten in the ring.

Stephanie arrives in a limo. She meets her husband, confirming Jinder is losing strength but still has plenty of it remaining (much like Ziggler). Triple H says he already booked Dolph into a Wrestlemania match, so Shane’s partner will be out-powered by both he and Mahal. They kiss, believing their plan to be full proof. Stephanie says that after Wrestlemania, they will truly run WWE. She says no one can interfere with their actions – not Cena, Vince, the WWE Board or Shane. They kiss again and hold hands walking backstage. Stephanie thanks Hunter for not teleporting to meet her at the limo.

NORMAL MATCH – United States Championship

(C) Mr. Perfect vs. Curtis Axel

Objective: Win with Curtis Axel

The Miz runs down to celebrate with Curtis. Axel is a bit confused why Miz has been helping him all of a sudden, and decides to call Miz out on it. Miz admits he was jealous seeing someone who is clearly below him get a title match so close to Wrestlemania. Miz says that he has successfully groomed Axel into a champion. Miz wants his piece of credit for Axel’s success, and demands a United States Championship match. Axel laughs and says Miz can talk to Shane or Stephanie, because Axel isn’t the general manager. Axel leaves but Miz hits him with a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz leaves the ring upset he didn’t get the answer he was looking for.

Edge is talking with Smackdown Women’s champion Trish Stratus backstage. They both talk about how they are married now, and reminisce on the past. European Champion Christian walks by and gloats that he is a champion and Edge isn’t. Christian also winks at Trish, and recalls the time they turned on Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. Christian tells Trish to admit she enjoyed it. Trish is creeped out and leaves as Edge calls Christian a piece of trash. A WWE official runs up to Edge and whispers in his ear. Christian asks what’s going on, as Edge says his wife is here. Edge bolts as Christian admires his new belt.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

(C) #DIY vs. The Natural Disasters

Objective: Win with #DIY

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are backstage with many of the other women. They all give Nikki their condolences after Cena was sent into a time portal. Nikki says she knows John, and he’ll make it back okay. Stephanie walks by and says that John really left because he was afraid to marry Nikki. Stephanie tells Nikki and Brie to go home, because there is nothing here for either of them. Nikki says Stephanie is wrong, and she was asked back by Shane. Stephanie asks why, to which Nikki reveals Shane is putting her and her sister in a Wrestlemania match. Stephanie congratulates Nikki and Brie on their return, before commenting that it would be terrible for their fate to be similar to Cena’s.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – Universal Championship

(C) Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Roman Reigns

Braun and Brock are so obsessed with beating each other they continue to brawl after the match. They fight all the way into the backstage area, and even go outside the arena into oncoming traffic! Paul Heyman chases them out of the arena, screaming from Brock to come back. Roman is watching this from the ring, laughing. AJ Styles’ music hits as he comes out on stage. AJ points to the Wrestlemania sign, confirming he has chosen Reigns. Suddenly, The Club attack Roman from behind. They hit the Magic Killer on Reigns and then ‘Too Sweet’ before retreating to AJ.

Edge runs into the women’s locker room, which makes all the women scream and run. Carmella grabs pepper spray, so Edge closes the door. He is disappointed, and turns to see Beth Phoenix! He hugs Beth and says it’s great to see her. Beth stops him, and pushes him off. She admits Edge is cute, but says they barely know each other. Edge is confused, saying they are married and have children. This freaks Beth out as she runs away. Edge is confused as Stephanie approaches. She laughs and says Beth plays hard to get. Edge asks what is going on, as Stephanie reveals she brought Beth back to compete at Wrestlemania. Edge says his wife is done with wrestling, but Stephanie says the Beth Phoenix he just spoke to isn’t his wife… yet. Edge realizes Stephanie brought Beth through a time portal as she walks away.


(C) Ultimate Warrior vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Objective: Win with Sami Zayn by pinning Kevin Owens

Sami turns on Kevin again and wins the WWE Championship. Kevin is livid and asks Sami what the hell he was thinking? Zayn headbutts Owens and begins brutally beating him down. Zayn admits he told Triple H that Owens wanted to separate himself from Hunter. Zayn said he made a deal with Triple H, and that if he won the WWE Championship he would cut ties with Owens. Sami hits Owens with a Hellvua Boot before walking off with his new championship. The lights turn off and on again, as Triple H is in the ring. He smiles at Owens and begins to open a time portal with his hands. Sting ’91 runs down to save Kevin, but Triple H sends Sting through the portal easily. Triple H turns the portal to Owens, but Ultimate Warrior tosses Owens out of the way and sacrifices himself instead. This stuns Triple H and Owens both, as the lights turn off and on again. Shane appears and confronts Triple H. Shane grabs Owens as the lights turn off and on again, they are gone. Triple H is not happy Shane, Sting and Warrior saved Owens, but is intrigued that he sent Warrior & Sting away.

Arena: Raw

Triple H uses his teleportation to enter the ring, starting the show. Triple H reminds everyone that NXT Takeover: Orlando is this Saturday, the night before Wrestlemania. He confirms that NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura will defend his NXT Championship against Aleister Black. He also confirms that Ember Moon has elected to use her NXT Women’s Championship rematch for the event, taking on Peyton Royce. Triple H asks Billie Kay to accompany Peyton, to make sure Ember Moon stays down. Triple H says that he is also an emphatic man. He claims to be compassionate, so he announces a Fatal-4-Way match where the winner will be added to a Wrestlemania 33 match. Which match? Triple H says the winner will join Brutus Beefcake & Tatanka to take on the Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose! Triple H wants to address the vacant NXT Tag Team Championship, seeing how TM61 was tragically sent into a time portal (Triple H says this with clear insincerity). Triple H says The Revival will have a coronation at NXT Takeover: Orlando as the new NXT Tag Team Champion. The lights go off and on as Shane McMahon is in the ring. He tells Hunter that before he goes any further, he is going to stop him. Shane says that The Revival will compete for the NXT Tag Team Championship against a returning team. Triple H asks who, but Shane says he can find out Saturday just like everyone else. Hunter says he is not like everyone else, and is above them. Triple H says it will become official on Sunday when he and the Modern Day Maharaja beat Shane and whoever he chooses as his partner. Kevin Owens comes out to the ring and gets in Triple H’s face, screaming at him to send him through a time portal. Owens screams at Triple H, daring him. Shane backs Owens away, as Triple H gets a cheap shot in on Shane. Triple H vanishes.


Raw Tag Team Champion The New Day vs. The Natural Disasters

Objective: Win with the New Day

Authors of Pain come out on stage after the match, with Paul Ellering behind them. As they are walking towards the ring, the lights go out. They turn back on as Triple H is on the entrance ramp, between A.O.P. and the ring. New Day realize what’s happening, so they try to put on their unicorn horns quickly, but it’s too late. Triple H sends A.O.P. & Ellering through a time portal, then uses his telekinesis to pick up The Natural Disasters and send them through the same portal. New Day finally get their horns on, but Triple H vanishes. Cole comments that now would be the worst time in WWE history to try and ‘cross the boss.’

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose is backstage with his Shield brothers, Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins & Universal Champion Roman Reigns. They are approached by Beefcake & Tatanka. They thank Dean for the opportunity to fight at Wrestlemania, and say Triple H threatened them. Ambrose tells the two he doesn’t care who’s side they are on, because at Wrestlemania they are both his enemy. Stephanie walks by saying, ‘they won’t be the only ones.’ Stephanie reminds Dean about her husband’s announcement regarding the NXT match, where the winner will also enter the match. Dean says he hasn’t forgotten, saying he can take on as many people as they send after him. Stephanie smiles and says ‘great idea,’ scheduling a qualifying match tonight for the winner to be added to Ambrose’s match. Stephanie walks off smiling as Ambrose is not happy.


Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews vs. Eddie Guerrero (with Randy Savage)

Objective: Win with Eddie Guerrero

After the match, Eddie grabs a microphone and says that Stephanie confirmed their title match at Wrestlemania against The New Day. Savage says they will prove to everyone that the team of Latino Heat and the Macho Man will go down as one of the greatest in WWE history. Suddenly, Mark Henry comes from the audience and Body Splashes Apollo Crews! He picks Crews up and hits him with a World’s Strongest Slam. Henry grabs the microphone from Savage and says Triple H has brought him back for a few different reasons. Henry says one of the reasons was to teach this punk Apollo Crews a lesson. Henry opens up the Hall of Pain, and tells Crews at Wrestlemania 33 – he’ll be inducted. Henry leaves as Eddie and Savage are shocked in the ring.


The Usos vs. Finn Balor & RVD

Objective: Win with Finn Balor & RVD

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka is in her locker room. Beth Phoenix walks in. Asuka stands up ready for a fight, but Beth says she wanted to introduce herself. Beth shakes Asuka hand and tells Asuka she has heard a lot about her from Stephanie McMahon. Beth says she comes from a time where she was considered the best female wrestler in the world, and that she’s here to prove to Asuka that she’s not the best now. Asuka yells in Japanese before saying Beth is not ready for her. Beth laughs and says time will tell, because she has been scheduled to face Asuka for her belt at Wrestlemania. Beth tells Asuka good luck, although she’ll need strength and not luck to win. Phoenix leaves as Asuka looks back intensely. Phoenix exits the locker room as Edge is waiting. Beth freaks out and calls Edge a ‘stalker’. Edge tries to convince Beth she ends up becoming his wife, but Beth says his actions aren’t helping his case. She leaves as European Champion Christian walks by laughing, saying that was brutal. Christian hints at going to ask Beth out on a date, so Edge grabs Christian by the shirt and throws him up on the wall. Christian, scared, asks Edge to let go. Edge says he will let go, if Christian gives him a title match at Wrestlemania. Christian says no way, so Edge slams him on top of a table. Christian screams ‘alright,’ as Edge let’s go. Edge smiles and walks away as Christian recovers, rubbing his neck.


Carmella (with Big Cass) vs. Bayley

Objective: Help Carmella win by being Big Cass

Bayley loses thanks to Big Cass, as he and Carmella celebrate up the ring. Divas Champion Sasha Banks comes out on stage and makes fun of Bayley. Sasha says she proved to everyone that leaving her former best friend was the best career decision she has ever made. Banks recounts ending Asuka’s undefeated streak, while taking her belt. Banks says she has won the Raw Women’s Championship more times than any other female. Sasha also says that she is the current Divas Champion, and it’s all thanks to Bayley. Banks laughs as Bayley says ‘your welcome.’ Bayley says that her gift for helping Sasha should be a Divas Championship match at Wrestlemania. Banks laughs and says Bayley is the last person who deserves a title shot against ‘the boss.’ Bayley tells Sasha she is a coward, and that Stephanie deserves more credit for ending Asuka’s undefeated streak than Sasha does. This clearly upsets Banks, as she finally gives in to a title match at Wrestlemania. A large ‘Yes!’ chant fires up around the arena as Sasha hoists her belt high in the air.

Carmella and Big Cass enter Stephanie’s office, asking if she was impressed with her win over Bayley. Stephanie admits she had doubt about the Staten Island couple, but the last few weeks they’ve proven to be productive. Stephanie says she will add Carmella to the Wrestlemania match, which Carmella says she will beat Bayley & Banks. Stephanie says that’s not the match she was talking about as Alexa Bliss walks in, demanding her Smackdown Women’s Championship rematch at Wrestlemania. Stephanie says she was just getting to that, and tells Alexa she will have her rematch against Trish Stratus AND Carmella. Alexa is not happy and saracstically asks ‘if that’s it?’ Stephanie says no actually, and says Shane promised The Bella Twins a Wrestlemania Match – so Stephanie is also adding them too. Alexa says this is no way to treat a loyal – Carmella interrupts by saying ‘ass kisser.’ Alexa gets angry at Carmella, and throws one of her patent temper tantrums. Alexa storms out as Big Cass asks about himself? Stephanie says she is adding Big Cass to the World Heavyweight Championship match that already includes Booker T., Stunning Steve Austin & Dolph Ziggler. Big Cass and Carmella are thrilled and leave upon hearing the good news.


WWE Champion Sami Zayn & AJ Styles vs. Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins & Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Objective: Win with Rollins & Reigns via a Sami Zayn Count Out

Kevin Owens is watching the match backstage as Shane McMahon approaches. Shane apologizes for what Kevin has gone through lately. Kevin says he’s not pissed off about Triple H because Owens made his own bed. Owens is irritated Sami betrayed him and stole the WWE belt. Owens points out Zayn leaving Styles in the middle of the match and getting counted out. Shane agrees, and says he has an idea. He tells Kevin he is giving him Warriors WWE Championship rematch to take on Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania. Owens is thrilled and kisses Shane on the top of his head, claiming Shane to be the ‘best McMahon of them all!’ Owens runs off as Shawn Michaels approaches. Shane asks what Michaels wants? Michaels says Hunter has been a little ‘skiddish’ since he arrived, and says talking to him is like talking to a wall lately. Michaels asks Shane to do the right thing, and give him Seth Rollins. Shane asks why he would do that for Shawn since he has cared about nothing but himself since arriving? Michaels says he doesn’t hide who he is, and that’s just the way he is – arrogant. Shane admits he appreciates Michaels harsh honesty, saying it’s a missed trait these days. Shane agrees to give Michaels the match at Wrestlemania 33, but is letting Seth pick the match stipulation. Michaels is thrilled and kisses Shane on the top of his head too, before leaving.

Arena: Smackdown Live

In the parking lot, Shane and Triple H are both heading out early to make NXT Takeover: Orlando on time. Stephanie says she will handle the show tonight and not to worry about anything. Shane says before he forgets, he should tell Stephanie he scheduled some matches for tonight – knowing she’ll dictate everything. Stephanie is thrown off and asks what matches, but the limo takes off.


Booker T. vs. Stunning Steve Austin

Objective: Win with Booker T.

Samoa Joe’s music hit as the Destroyer comes from the audience. Booker is outside the ring looking at the stage, but Joe goes after Stunning Steve Austin. He puts Austin in the Coquina Clutch until he passes out. Joe says he isn’t missing Wrestlemania for another year, and enters himself as Austin’s replacement in the World Heavyweight Championship Match. The crowd cheers as Booker looks scared on the entrance ramp.

Heath Slater & Rhyno are in Stephanie’s office, asking to challenge #DIY for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania. The Usos enter, wanting a shot themselves. Stephanie admits her husband already scheduled an opponent for #DIY at Wrestlemania. The Smackdown Tag Team Champions enter, saying they haven’t been told anything. Stephanie says that’s because they brought a team back, and they need to finish the paperwork. Stephanie suggests The Usos face #DIY tonight, and if they win, then she’ll make it a Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania. Slater asks about him and Rhyno, to which Stephanie says they will have their own name plates at catering. Although the comment was meant to be insulting, Slater & Rhyno are ecstatic they will have name plates. Slater claims it’ll be fancy dining, like at the Red Robin. Stephanie rolls her eyes as the tag teams all leave.


Bobby Roode (with Ted DiBiase) vs. Tatanka (with Brutus Beefcake)

Objective: Win with Bobby Roode

Ted DiBiase grabs a microphone after the match and says his new formed Money, Inc is more ‘glorious’ than ever. DiBiase does his patent laugh, then claims that the only thing missing is his Million Dollar Championship. DiBiase reveals he asked and received a match at Wrestlemania for Dusty Rhodes’ championship, saying his client Bobby Roode will compete. Roode hits a glorious pose as DiBiase begins laughing.

Stephanie is on the phone with Triple H, revealing that Shane has made the Cruiserweight Championship Match a TLC Match. It’s also confirmed that Neville, who has been vying for a Light Heavyweight Championship match, will get one at Wrestlemania. Mark Henry walks in as Stephanie says she has to go, putting the phone in her pocket. The two hug, as Stephanie asks if Henry has been accommodated well since arriving? Henry says he has been treated like an A+ celebrity, but thinks Stephanie & Hunter want something from him. Stephanie admits the Hardcore Championship match was bait to bring him in. Stephanie pulls out Papa Shango’s hat, which startles Henry. Mark asked where Stephanie got that from, as she says Henry has clearly not paid attention to the WWE lately. Henry says they need to destroy that thing, then asks if ‘he’s’ here? Stephanie says Shango was sent into the past, along with The Godfather. Henry says, ‘Oh good,’ but Stephanie questions how Henry knows about the time portal? Henry is caught, as Stephanie says her husband’s theory was right, and that Henry knows about the voodoo curses. Henry admits that while in the Nation of Domination, they figured out Kama Mustafa was really Papa Shango in disguise. Upon learning his identity, Mustafa actually revealed all the truths to his faction. They agreed to never tell anyone, as Henry confirms they know all the curses Shango has performed in history. Stephanie says ‘wonderful,’ hoping Henry may be able to perform the curse on her, but Shane overhears this as Stephanie never hung up the phone. Shane says he knows exactly who his partner will be at Wrestlemania now, as he hangs up. Stephanie is not happy about her carelessness, and demands Henry be with her at all times on Sunday.


#DIY vs. The Usos

Objective: Win with #DIY

After the match, The Hardy Boyz music hits! Jeff and Matt Hardy hit the stage as the crowd erupts! A ‘Holy shit!’ chant breaks out as the brothers head to the ring. They enter the ring and extend their hands to #DIY. The two teams shake hands, revealing themselves as #DIY’s opponents at Wrestlemania. Suddenly, Jeff headbutts Ciampa as Matt screams ‘DELETE,’ drilling Gargano. The Hardy Boyz pull out a pair of ladders and use them to hit a Swanton Bomb and Leg Drop onto #DIY. Matt says their return to WWE will be WONDAFUL, and their match at Wrestlemania will be a ‘match of ladders!’ Matt leads a delete chant as the two returning brothers leave the ring.

Jinder Mahal arrives! He enters Stephanie’s office as the two hug. Jinder says he apologizes for his actions when he received power. Jinder says it’s like someone pouring a liter of acid into your brain. Stephanie says it’s okay, as their plan worked out – Hunter with the power himself. Jinder says excellent, as he believes Triple H is better suited to harness the power than Vince was. Stephanie asks Jinder if he is still feeling any stronger. Jinder admits most the power has worn off, but he has enough of it to get through Sunday. Jinder flips an office chair easily, as Stephanie looks satisfied. Jinder asks for a match tonight, wanting to shed his ring rust.


Charlotte Flair, Naomi & Becky Lynch vs. Carmella, Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

Objective: Win with Charlotte, Becky & Naomi

Charlotte is celebrating with her teammates when Ric Flair’s music hits! Ric Flair (’91) comes out on stage, marveling over his daughter. He enters the ring and hugs her, crying nonstop. Charlotte is confused at what’s going on. Stephanie comes out to the ring and tries to walk Ric away. Ric is confused, wanting to see his daughter all grown up. Charlotte asks what the hell is going on? Stephanie reveals her father was at WCW Japan Supershow and accidentally traveled with them back to the present-day. Stephanie says they were trying to keep it a secret from her, but that obviously failed. Charlotte is livid, considering they sent her father back in time right in front of her earlier this year. Ric is startled by hearing this, as Stephanie tells Charlotte to shut up. Charlotte goes on to reveal to Ric all the terrible things Stephanie has done the past year, so Stephanie silences her by adding her to the Smackdown Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania. Charlotte asks about her two friends, Becky & Naomi. Stephanie says what about them? Charlotte rattles off some more events Stephanie was responsible for, which clearly freaks out Ric. Stephanie says Becky & Naomi can be added to the match, which finally shuts Charlotte up. The girls hug in the ring as Stephanie orders Ric backstage. Charlotte watches on from the ring.


Jinder Mahal vs. Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins

Objective: Win with Jinder Mahal

Shawn Michaels distract Seth, which allows Jinder to steal the win. Seth grabs a microphone and tells HBK he doesn’t know what his problem is, but it ends at Wrestlemania. Seth accuses Michaels of harrassing him the minute he arrived, and thinks HBK has a crush on him. Michaels is offended and tells Seth to shut up. Seth reminds Michaels he gets to pick the match stipulation for Sunday, so he picks a No Holds Barred Match! The crowd chants ‘Yes!’ as Michaels is livid outside the ring.

Ric Flair is backstage asking Stephanie what’s going on? Stephanie admits the WWE is going through a wierd phase right now, but assures Ric he will be taken care of. Ric wants to go see his daughter now, but Stephanie distracts him with a title match offer. She offers Ric to be in the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. Stephanie tells Ric it’s the perfect opportunity to show his daughter what kind of a wrestler he is. Ric smiles at the idea and agrees to participate.

Arena: NXT Takeover: Orlando


Roderick Strong vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Kassius Ohno vs. Elias

Objective: Win with Elias

Shane and Triple H are watching the show backstage. Triple H confirms that Elias will take part in the 6-Man Elimination Intercontinental Championship Match at Wrestlemania. Triple H tells Shane he can leave to prepare for their match tomorrow night, saying Shane will need all the help he can get. Shane reveals he has already confirmed his partner after overhearing Stephanie’s conversation with Henry. Triple H says there is no one more powerful than the two of them besides Jinder and Dolph. He reminds Shane Dolph is occupied and Jinder is on his team. Shane understands, and tells Triple H he of all people should know ‘there’s always a plan b.’ Shane walks off as Triple H looks concerned.

Go to ‘My WWE’ and got to ‘edit teams’. Create the ‘Lucha Dragons’ under an empty slot. Add ‘Sin Cara’ and ‘Kalisto’. Team Name & Entrance Name > The Lucha Dragons. Go to the tag entrance. Change the following, Motion > The Lucha Dragons. Entrance Music, Titantron Movie & Wall/Banner Movie > Kalisto. Ribbon Movie, Stage Ramp Movie & Apron/Ring Post Movie > Sin Cara. Accept changes.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – NXT Tag Team Championship

The Revival vs. The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara & Kalisto)

Objective: Win with The Lucha Dragons

The Lucha Dragons return to win the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Triple H is not happy in his office, as Mr. Perfect & The Miz come in aruging. They both feel they deserve a shot at Axel’s United States Championship. Hunter sends Mr. Perfect through a time portal, saying Perfect had his chance and failed. Triple H gives The Miz Perfect’s rematch clause, and warns Miz not to mess it up. Miz claims his wife will be there to protect him. Miz leaves frightened as Triple H looks on annoyed. Tye Dillinger enters the office, as Triple H calld him in. Triple H admits Dillinger isn’t growing on the main roster, and says he will have a match next where his main roster spot will be up for grabs. Dillinger understands and leaves. Shane re-enters the office and tells Triple H he just spoke to a former talent that wants a Wrestlemania match. Triple H says too bad, because they already have an overly booked event. Shane admits they have a crowded card, but feels this superstar will add star power for the big event. Triple H asks who it is, as Shane says just a living legend he added to the World Heavyweight Championship match. Triple H warns Shane not to get used to this power much longer, because he will loose all of it after tomorrow.


Tye Dillinger vs. No Way Jose

Objective: Win with Tye Dillinger

No Way Jose goes to shake Tye’s hand after the match. Tye thanks Jose for a good match, as Jose wants to start dancing. Tye begins to dance too, and turns around into a Jose forearm! Jose beats Dillinger down, screaming he took his main roster spot. Jose chokes Dillinger with his shirt, as officials run down to break up the fight.

Aleister Black is in a dark, candle lit room meditating. The door opens as a shadowy figure appears. It’s Triple H. Hunter claims that Shinsuke Nakamura threatens everything he has created in NXT. Triple H says his Wrestlemania match has incredibly high stakes, so he needs Aleister to handle Nakamura for him tonight. Black doesn’t say a word, continuing to meditate. Triple H tells Black not to ‘fuck this up unless you want to live in a different time period.’ Triple H leaves as Black opens his eyes when Triple H closes the door shut.

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay) vs. Ember Moon

Objective: Win with Ember Moon

NORMAL MATCH – NXT Championship

(C) Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Aleister Black

Objective: Win with Aleister Black

The lights go off. They turn on as Triple H is in the ring. He laughs and shakes Black’s hand, then turns his attention to Nakamura. Triple H is about to open a time portal, but he’s hit in the back of the head. Triple H turns to see Aleister Black, who hits’ Triple H with a Black Mass. Triple H barely moves though, and begins to laugh. Triple H is about to open another time portal, but a laser beam is shot at his feeet. It’s Shane. Shane tells Triple H to get away from the NXT talent, clearly showing no respect for the brand he created himself. Triple H laughs and leaves the ring on his own, telling Shane he only has one more day – then it’s doomsday for him and the WWE universe. Shane helps Nakamura and Black, staring down at his adversary.  Triple H points to the Wrestlemania sign in the rafters.

Proceed to ‘Chapter Thirteen: The Grandest Stage of Them All’



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