GreenTimeSports WWE 2K18 Story: Chapter Thirteen – The Grandest Stage of Them All

Arena: Wrestlemania 33

When selecting Wrestlemania 33 as an arena, the game will ask you to choose the time of day since it’s outside. Day, Evening and Night are all options. You can choose whichever you would like, but we have listed the recommended choice in each match title.

The fireworks go off all around the stadium as the ring commentators officially welcome everyone to Wrestlemania!

NORMAL MATCH – United States Championship (Day)

(C) Curtis Axel vs. The Miz (with Maryse)

Objective: Win with The Miz

Elias is in Triple H’s office, thanking him for the opportunity to compete tonight. Triple H tells Elias he earned it, as the Drifter leaves. Stephanie McMahon enters and gives her husband a kiss, saying tonight they become the most unstoppable force in WWE history. Triple H tells Stephanie that Shane has not revealed his partner, and mentions that Shane got the idea for a partner while overhearing Stephanie on the phone. Stephanie is not worried, claiming she spoke with Mark Henry – who has agreed to help them. Triple H smiles and thanks his wife for her help. Stephanie says she brought Mark Henry back for herself, and that his knowledge of the different curses from Kama Mustafa is the only reason he has a championship match tonight.

NORMAL MATCH – Light Heavyweight Championship (Day)

(C) Hideo Itami vs. Neville

Objective: Win with Neville

Kevin Owens is in his locker room, as a knock at the door is heard. Kevin tells whoever it is to go away, but the person approaches Kevin anyways. Kevin gets up frustrated, only to see his former best friend Chris Jericho! Owens tries to speak, but every time he does Jericho replies with ‘quiet’. Owens finally screams at Chris, telling him he’s not going to let another former best friend try to ruin his Wrestlemania. Chris tells Owens to calm down, because he’s not there to fight. Jericho reveals he is the legend Shane added to the World Heavyweight Championship Match, and tells Kevin he is not angry at him anymore. Jericho shakes Owens’ hand and wishes him luck against Zayn tonight. Jericho leaves as Owens looks on uncertain.

8-WOMAN ELIMINATION MATCH – Smackdown Women’s Championship (Day)

(C) Trish Stratus vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella

Objective: Win with Nikki Bella

Nikki celebrates her new championship as suddenly a fireball shoots from the stage. John Cena appears coming from the flames. Cena runs to the ring and hugs Nikki. Cena says he’s so happy to see her, and that Kane & Undertaker found him in the past while hiding Wyatt’s lantern. They hug once more as Cena says ‘nice belt.’ Nikki tells John that the past few weeks, and even the whole year have been very trifling for her. Nikki says she lost her sister and her fiance, causing her emotional distress. Cena understands, and tells Nikki she earned a championship for all her trouble. Nikki says it isn’t worth it, and wants to leave WWE with John. Cena tells Nikki this is his life, and he can’t abandon his friends if that ‘psychopath’ wins tonight. Nikki says she is sorry, and breaks up with Cena. Nikki leaves her diamond ring in the wrestling ring and walks out crying. Cena looks back surprised Nikki has ended it with him.

Stephanie watches this backstage, pleased Nikki quit so that she has to vacate her Smackdown Women’s Championship. Divas Champion Sasha Banks walks in and tells Stephanie that she should cancel the match between her and Bayley. Banks claims Bayley doesn’t deserve a match, and the ‘boss’ has already proved she’s better this past year. Banks claims she can punish Bayley for as long as she wants. Stephanie tells Sasha if that’s the case, then she wouldn’t mind tonight’s match being a 30-minute Ironwoman Match. The crowd erupts as Banks claims that’s not what she meant. Stephanie says she likes the idea, because Sasha can ‘punish’ Bayley for 15 minutes. Stephanie says if Bayley gets an upset victory, Banks will then have plenty of time to fix her mistake. Sasha is clearly not happy, and leaves upset.

NORMAL TAG TEAM MATCH – Raw Tag Team Championship (Day)

(C) The New Day vs. Randy Savage & Eddie Guerrero

Objective: Win with Savage & Eddie

NXT Champion Aleister Black enters the arena. Black makes his way backstage, asking a WWE official where Triple H is? An official points him to his office, as Black makes his way there.

Shane McMahon is in his locker room, as John Cena enters. Shane is happy John is back, asking how he managed to make it back? Cena says Kane used a fireball to bring him back, running into the Brothers of Destruction in the past. Shane apologizes that Cena doesn’t have a Wrestlemania match tonight, but Cena is more upset that his fiance left him. Cena blames Triple H & Stephanie for striking fear into Nikki’s heart. Cena asks Shane to finish Hunter tonight, as Shane says he’ll try. Cena asks Shane who his partner is? Shane whispers into John’s ear, as Cena’s eyes light up. Cena claims, ‘not bad.’

NORMAL MATCH – Raw Women’s Championship (Day)

(C) Asuka vs. Beth Phoenix

Objective: Win with Asuka

European Champion Rusev is backstage with his wife Lana, as Drew McIntyre approaches. Rusev bucks up, but McIntyre says he only came to talk. McIntyre wants their match to be as fair as possible, and asks Rusev to leave his wife backstage. Lana is insulted, saying she would never interfere on her husbands behalf. Rusev looks at Lana, as she says ‘well maybe a few times.’ McIntyre laughs and says he knows what Lana is capable of. McIntyre claims Lana was directly responsible for Rusev being undefeated his first year in WWE. This angers Rusev, who tells McIntyre he’ll see him in the ring one-on-one. McIntyre leaves satisfied, as Lana is not happy she has to stay backstage for the match.

6-MAN ELIMINATION MATCH – World Heavyweight Championship (Evening)

Booker T. vs. Samoa Joe vs. Ric Flair ’91 vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Big Cass vs. Chris Jericho

Objective: Win with Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler handles the match pretty easily, with only a few mistakes that he could’ve lost. Triple H, watching in his office, notices this and believes that Jinder is at the same strength as Dolph. He says his match should be a cake walk, despite who Shane attempts to recruit as his partner. Mark Henry enters and says Stephanie wanted to see him. Triple H claims Stephanie is busy, and asks Henry what he knows about Papa Shango’s power? Henry claims a lot, as Kama Mustafa considered them family and wasn’t shy to share his secrets. Henry goes on to say that Mustafa actually gave a former Nation of Domination member the same power Triple H, Shane McMahon, Jinder Mahal & Dolph Ziggler all experienced. Triple H laughs and says that’s why Stephanie recruited Mark Henry, because he is the Nation of Domination member that Mustafa gifted with power. Henry says no, but Triple H isn’t listening and tells Henry to go get ready for his match. Mark Henry leaves as Triple H exerts even more confidence in his match later.

NORMAL MATCH – European Championship (Evening)

(C) Christian vs. Edge

Objective: Win with Edge

In the parking lot, a car flips over after an explosion underneath. Kane and Undertaker appear. They confirm they hid Wyatt’s lantern somewhere, and claim nobody should find it for a very long time. Kane sees the car he blew up and shrugs his shoulders. Kane says, ‘at least I didn’t hit the expensive limos.’ The brothers walk off as a bunch of limos are shown in the parking lot. One of the limo’s door opens. The door closes as suddenly an arena door nearby swings open. Paul Heyman runs through screaming, followed by Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar fighting each other…


Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

Strowman beats Brock down badly, and picks up Lesnar. Strowman carries Brock over his shoulder, giving a speech on how real WWE superstars are grateful to be part of this unique world. Strowman claims Brock only shows up when he wants to make some quick cash, saying he robs the WWE and their fans. Lesnar actually slips off Strowman’s shoulders and low blows him! Lesnar begins to laugh, telling Braun he doesn’t give a damn what he or the WWE universe think of him. Lesnar is suddenly low blowed by Paul Heyman! Brock, in pain, looks at Paul stunned. Strowman picks Brock up from behind and chucks him outside of the arena. Strowman turns to Paul Heyman, who is smiling with his hand extended to shake. Heyman says, ‘I think it’s time we joined forces.’

New European Champion Edge is walking backstage, as he sees Beth Phoenix crying. He goes over to comfort her, saying she should be proud of the effort she put forth. Beth says she always thought she was the best, and Asuka winning proves her wrong. Edge tells Beth he thinks she is great, even in defeat. Beth says ‘thanks,’ as Edge asks if they can talk about it more over dinner? Beth says  ‘thanks, but someone already asked me.’ Edge asks who, as Beth says ‘your friend, Christian.’ Edge claims Christian is not his friend anymore, as Beth says that’s not what he said. She says she has to go, and leaves as a disheartened Edge watches on.

NORMAL MATCH – United Kingdom Championship (Evening)

(C) Rusev vs. Drew McIntyre (with Aiden English)

Objective: Win with Rusev

Drew McIntyre approaches the ring with Aiden English, revealing his plan was to face Rusev with an advantage all along. Rusev overcomes the odds though, and delivers a massive Superkick to English before leaving victorious. Lana meets him on the entrance ramp as the two share a kiss.

In a dark room somewhere, three coffins are shown. A mysterious dark figure approaches the coffins and uses some sort of power to remove the coffin locks. Bray Wyatt exits one of the coffins, as Luke Harper & Erick Rowan exit the other two.

TRIPLE THREAT TLC MATCH – Cruiserweight Championship (Evening)

(C) Cedric Alexander vs. TJP vs. The Brian Kendrick

Objective: Win with TJP

Stephanie enters a locker room, where Mark Henry is getting ready to go out for his match. Stephanie asks Mark straight up if he can perform the ritual she has asked for? Henry tells Stephanie to find a chamber, and he’s good to go. Henry says that he must first go win the Hardcore Championship, and induct that ‘ungrateful punk’ Apollo Crews into the House of Pain. He goes to leave as Stephanie stops him once more. Stephanie mentions that her husband told her that Mustafa actually gave a former Nation member the same power Hunter possesses. Henry tells Stephanie he’ll explain more, but has a match right now. Henry leaves as Stephanie seems worried.

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH – Hardcore Championship (Evening)

(C) Apollo Crews vs. Mark Henry

Objective: Win with Apollo Crews

Renee Young is interviewing Ted DiBiase, as Bobby Roode is also there. DiBiase tells everyone that tonight he will take back his rightful championship belt, and there is no one more glorious for it than Bobby Roode. DiBiase asks Roode if he’s ready, as the two make their way out. Renee also leaves, revealing they are near the parking lot Kane & Undertaker were at earlier. The same limo’s door opens, and closes.

NORMAL MATCH – Million Dollar Championship (Evening)

(C) Dusty Rhodes vs. Bobby Roode (with Ted DiBiase)

Objective: Win with Bobby Roode

DiBiase helps Roode capture the Million Dollar Championship. Roode wants to use the briefcase to crack Dusty’s skull open, and takes it from DiBiase. Roode waits for Dusty to get up and swings at him with the case. Dusty ducks however, and Roode accidentally  drills DiBiase instead. DiBiase is bleeding as Roode is freaked out. Roode turns into a Bionic Elbow from Dusty, as Rhodes then picks Ted up and rushes him to the back.

The same limo is shown backstage. Bray Wyatt and his other two family members approach the limo, almost like zombies. The door opens itself, as Bray Wyatt looks inside. He smiles and says, ‘well I’ll be damned.’ Wyatt begins laughing as he, Harper & Rowan all enter the limo.

LADDER TAG TEAM MATCH – Smackdown Tag Team Championship (Night)

(C) #DIY vs. The Hardy Boyz

Objective: Win with #DIY

Stephanie is watching the match in her office as Triple H walks in. Stephanie reveals Hunter has a visitor, as Aleister Black is waiting. Black confronts Triple H, as Triple H claims he should send Black through a time portal right now for trying to kick him last night. Black tells Triple H he isn’t afraid of him, and came here tonight to personally tell Triple H he is not his lapdog. Black tells Triple H if he ever speaks to him the way he did last night, he’ll hit him with a Black Mass so hard that Hunter will send himself through a time portal. Black walks out of the office as the lights begin to flicker. Stephanie tells Hunter to control himself, but Triple H claims that wasn’t him. Stephanie asks who the hell it was then, as Triple H says it’s probably just Shane playing mind games. Triple H claims Shane is afraid and trying mind tricks in order to win. Stephanie leaves, as Triple H asks where she is going? Triple H says he already spoke to Jinder and his strength is still there. Stephanie says she is not going to talk to Jinder, but someone else to get answers. She leaves as Triple H seems unfazed.

NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH – Undisputed Championship (Night)

(C) Seth Rollins vs. Shawn Michaels

Objective: Win with Seth Rollins

Rollins waits for Michaels to gather himself after the match. Michaels slowly walks up to Rollins, yelling at him. Rollins only watches. Michaels acts like he is going to punch Seth, but extends his hand out instead. Rollins looks down, then at the crowd who is chanting ‘Yes!’ Seth, after a minute, shakes Shawn’s hand as Michaels raises Seth’s arm in the air. Michaels leaves the ring as Seth has the biggest smile on his face, finally winning the respect of a legend he’s been compared to.

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose is watching with Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Ambrose says he’s up next and leaves for his match. Reigns is approached by AJ Styles & The Club. AJ tells Roman he actually likes Dean, as they’ve fought through hell in the past. AJ claims that it’s a shame Roman might be the only Shield member to not have a championship after tonight. Anderson jokes that Ambrose has the odds against him, and will probably lose tonight too. Reigns says it look like AJ has all the numbers on his side, and tells Styles that the main event shouldn’t be tarnished. Styles claims his good brothers always have his back, so Reigns tells AJ to leave his ‘goons’ behind so they can truly see who the better man is. Styles claims he already knows he is the best, and believes Roman is just doing the same thing McIntyre did earlier. Reigns says he is a man of his word, and swears on his Samoan family’s legacy he will leave the Shield backstage. Styles says, ‘fine’ and shakes Reigns hands. He tells his good brothers to go enjoy Disney World, because they officially have the night off. Gallows wants to argue, but AJ silences him – motioning for them to leave. They do as AJ stares down his opponent for tonight.

6-MAN BATTLE ROYAL – Intercontinental Championship (Night)

(C) Dean Ambrose vs. Brutus Beefcake vs. Tatanka vs. RVD vs. Elias vs. Finn Balor

Objective: Win with Dean Ambrose

Stephanie is walking backstage and looks down to see Bray Wyatt’s fedora. She becomes concerned and says ‘where the hell is Henry?’

IRON(WO)MAN MATCH – Divas Championship (Night)

(C) Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

Objective: Win with Bayley by one fall

Bayley wins the match, a brutal one. Bayley walks up to Banks and offers her a hug. Banks looks ashamed, but finally hugs Bayley. They break up their hug to leave, but Sasha tries another cheap shot. Bayley sees this coming, and ducks into a Bayley-to-Belly onto Sasha. Bayley leaves the ring smiling as Banks lays unconscious in the ring.

A limo arrives at the arena. The door opens as someone gets out, as the camera doesn’t reveal who. The lights go out and turn on as Shane McMahon is waiting. He welcomes whoever it is, and confirms the person who arrived is his partner. Shane walks his mystery partner to the locker room. As Shane leaves, Stephanie sees this in the distance and looks like she found a ghost. A WWE official walks by as she grabs him. Stephanie tells the official to find Mark Henry now or he’s fired. The official runs off scared as Stephanie looks enraged.

NORMAL MATCH – WWE Championship (Night)

(C) Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

Objective: Win with Kevin Owens

Owens wins and celebrates heading up the entrance ramp. Sami is in the ring, as the boos are heard loudly. Zayn looks like he’s about to cry, then let’s out a loud roar in rage. Zayn begins to wreck the ringside area, tossing chairs and tables around. The crowd chants ‘sore loser,’ as Zayn heads to the back in a fit of rage.

The WWE official from earlier approaches Stephanie, claiming he found Mark Henry. She asks where, as he leads her to the trainer’s office. Stephanie enters to find doctors working on Mark Henry. Henry is pissed he lost and throws a pan across the room, scaring the doctors out. Stephanie asks Henry how he didn’t win his match if Mustafa gave him power? Henry claims Kama never gave him the power. Stephanie realizes that Shane’s tag team partner is the actual Nation of Domination member who did receive power. Stephanie says ‘oh no, Hunter’s walking into a trap!’ She runs out screaming for her husband as Henry moans in pain.


Triple H & Jinder Mahal vs. Shane McMahon & The Rock

Objective: Win with Shane McMahon & The Rock by pinning Triple H

The Rock is revealed as Shane’s tag team partner. Mahal mocks The Rock in the ring, claiming Rock doesn’t stand a chance. Mahal touches Rock as Rocky send Mahal flying across the ring into the cage. Triple H realizes The Rock was the actual Nation member who Mustafa gave powers to! Shane & The Rock win the match, as The Rock reveals the truth about himself. The Rock says he only got the name, the most ‘electrifying man in sports entertainment’ because it’s literal. Rock says the electricity that makes him so dominant is actually Shango’s power curse. Rock says that’s why he left WWE, because he thought he was too dangerous to be around. He forced Kama to give him the powers after Rock kicked Ron Simmons out of the group, taking over the Nation. Rock apologizes to the fans, and asks for their forgiveness. The crowd chants ‘Rocky!’ as Stephanie comes out on stage, realizing she is much too late. Triple H is passed out in the ring as Jinder and Stephanie try to help him out. Shane and The Rock shake hands then pose with the crowd, finally ridding the WWE of a power-filled Triple H and Jinder Mahal.

NORMAL MATCH – Universal Championship (Night)

(C) Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles

Objective: Win with AJ Styles

After the match, AJ Styles approaches Roman and raises the belt above him. Styles leaves the ring in a cocky manner, as Roman looks back at the belt he just lost from the ring.

The Rock and Shane are in the parking lot, as Rock thanks Shane for the phone call – but must return to Hollywood. Rock says Shango’s curse actually has elevated his movie career, claiming he does his own stunts which means more money. Shane thanks Rock for saving the WWE, as Rock says the WWE belongs to the people. Shane tells Rock he’s the people’s champion for a reason, as the two hug. Rock’s limo arrives as he waives goodbye to Shane. Rock hops in the limo and sees another person in there. The doors lock. Rock asks what is going on, as the limo driver turns around – revealing Vince McMahon! Rock says ‘Vince?’ in surprise, as the other person in the limo is revealed to be Papa Shango himself! Rock says, ‘Kama?’ as Shango laughs. Rock asks how the two are even here, thinking they were both sent into a time portal. Shango mocks The Rock, claiming Mustafa hadn’t told him everything. Shango reveals that he built a backdoor channel for the time portal, and it’s entrance is inside the chamber. Rock realizes the limo he is in is JBL’s, and tells Shango he is clever. Vince tells Rock it’s a shame no one will see his next Hollywood blockbuster. Shango sends Rock through the backdoor channel time portal, which happens to be the limo’s sun roof. Vince asks what they should do now, as Shango says they should wait for the Wyatt Family to return with their lantern.




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